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The RhyDin Post: "War: It's Universal"
« on: August 18, 2009, 11:59:57 PM »
Stacked tall in the Marketplace today were the latest issues of the RhyDin Post. Page nine had the following story.

Terrans seem to get a lot of bad press on RhyDin. We are considered a borderline minority, and command relatively small influence in RhyDin politics. It is all the same, though, for the Earth most have grown up knowing is actually considered a Class B planet-- largely rural; Future: Uncertain. And who can blame extraterrestrials for designating it so? Terra I and II have a history of blowing its residents up with weapons of mass destruction, poisoning them with biological warfare, and treating the downtrodden with the respect one might employ scraping a cockroach off a shoe.

RhyDin, unsurprisingly, is a place riddled with conflict, crime, and corruption-- not unlike the Earth of the Milky Way Galaxy.  

Consider Asharan, a continent exactly 2400 miles west by northwest across the Great Western Sea, and adjacent to the RhyDin plateau. This is a conglomeration of countries that claim to honor negotiated peace agreements, yet still maintain their military forces in a state of realistic threat and containment. The politics inherent inside the continent?s borders are arguably communist, if not entirely totalitarian. Kos StormBlade, 26th High Warlord and Sovereign Ruler of the Asharan Imperium, went so far as to confirm this allegation.

?Asharan has had a long standing posture of military defense of its borders and of course a readiness to invade enemy territory,? Stormblade said in an interview thankfully far from the new Asharan Consulate. Stormblade, according to Mia Thellso?ok, a wheat agriculturalist in the northernmost part of the continent, is one of the most progressive thinkers Asharan has to offer.

Progressive? Here?s a progressive thinker for you, folks. Albert Einstein: ?One cannot simultaneously prepare for war and prevent one.?

 The fact of the matter is, Asharan is a land far too absorbed in its own armed efficiency. According to Stormblade, 200,000 troops have been stationed to protect its borders.  What is to be done, then, about the twenty-four million settlers within them? Settlers like Chor Ervee, who has changed apartments for the third time in six months, all thanks to a housing crisis in the downtown district.

?It has gotten ridiculous,? Ervee said. ?It?s not even a documented laissez-faire policy. The government just doesn?t seem to care about Asharan?s internal conflict.?

Conflicts such as the unjust court decision in Vrek'tah v. Shurvine. Vrek?tah was found guilty of embezzlement and first-degree manslaughter based on scant evidence, having been unfairly tried in the Mordoth District despite wide and iniquitous news coverage of the alleged crime. According to Stormblade, a gossip rag had been bribed to spread malicious content on the part of the accused. Its Editor in Chief was swiftly sentenced to fifteen years in a federal prison, hopefully to keep Shurvine cozy company. Bribery, indeed, but it remains curious how Judge Wrest, who happened to be handed over by Shurvine in league, is not currently under investigation.

As for the housing crisis? When asked if the government plans to intervene in the market, Stormblade quickly deflected the question. How very reassuring. Hopefully people like Ervee have the name of a good moving company, because it seems like many more unnecessary foreclosures are in Asharan?s future.

But with the bolstered defense of Asharan?s borders, international crime should be a distant memory, right?


The war on drugs is almost as low on the government?s list as immigration reform. Indeed, recent violent intercontinental drug cartels have left over twelve thousand dead. Asharan?s solution? Military, of course.

?Two legions of 200,000 troops have been allocated to stop all drug cartel activity in the Imperium. We do not waste time. Those that are caught are tried in the Courts and executed,? said Stormblade.

Capital punishment without trial by jury? Not much better than being hung out to dry by Asharan?s corrupt judicial system.

News flash! Asharan doesn?t need more soldiers. It needs a radical government makeover. The bi-party system and checks-and-balances legislative process on Earth is in place to designate suitable committees to deal with these kinds of issues, and to prevent tyrannical conduct! Sure it isn?t perfect, but at least Terrans have some voice in government-- that they contribute to the decision what happens to their goods and labors.

For instance: What will happen to the mana being mined in eight recently-discovered wells beneath Asharan?s foundation?

According to Stormblade, the government has already made a rather generous claim of putting its quintessence on the RhyDin market for one-third the price per barrel Tulgey Enterprises (a company currently monopolizing the mana market) has set. Asharan: Corrupt, criminal, conflicted, and-- oh yes! BANKRUPT. Less than two million square miles of all of Asharan is designated farmland. Hopefully the government officials are sitting on a platinum surplus. Oh wait! Thanks to the over taxation of its citizens? THEY ARE!

Let?s back up a minute, though. The whole reason of this interview was to assure the RhyDin population that Asharan is making a deliberate effort to develop good relations with RhyDin. After all, they have sent the 26th High Warlord and Sovereign Ruler of the Asharan Imperium to busy himself with paperwork in the new consulate on RhyDin soil. They must have complete faith in his negotiating abilities!

Then again, they could have just been over-eager to faze the Dragonborn out, given the circumstances of his love life. Or should we say, love lives.

A recent source is not surprised: ?That one. Who married one woman, got her pregnant in the same week, and then after the same week, kicked her to the curb for someone else, who he has also apparently impregnated immediately on their wedding. He's arrogant, chauvinistic... and he kicked the new wife who he's gotten pregnant to the curb too.  The single women of this town better watch out.?

What has happened to the people of RhyDin? Where are the real progressive thinkers? People like Mahatma Gandhi, who said ?what difference does it make to the dead? whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?? Or Mother Teresa, who said: ?You can do no great things-- only small things with great love?? Instead, we are forced to neighbor with a totalitarian regime, run by someone who ?thinks fidelity refers only to audio equipment, and not to relationships.?

Stormblade, a progressive thinker? Tell you what: Westplace Community College starts its semester of Philosophy 101 next week. He can bring himself and a few friends in and learn about real progressive thinking, and real, humanitarian ideals. We?ll foot the fee.

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« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2009, 12:31:02 AM »
The following is a transcript of the interview with a one Kos Stormblade, his daughter Raven, and his nephew.

-   Darien Fenner:  All right. Let's just jump right in, shall we? Name and occupation for the record, if you please?

-   Planewalker:  "I am Kos StormBlade, 26th High Warlord and Sovereign Ruler of the Asharan Imperium of the Far Western continent of Asharan."

-   Yuki Densetsu:  "Dada's my advisor as well." *Raven said in a sleepy way before falling asleep.*

-   Planewalker:  "And that too."

-   Darien Fenner:  Mind if I call ya Kos? ::he didn't pause for an answer:: What is it exactly that you do, Kos?

-   Planewalker:  "Yes sure Darien, its fine, no need for formality this is not the Royal Court after all. I am the Supreme Military Commander of the Asharan Imperial Military and the Chief Head of State of Asharan."

-   Darien Fenner:  And pardon my poor geographical skills, but where exactly is Asharan located?

-   Planewalker:  "Ah no worries Darien. Asharan the continent is exactly 2400 miles west by northwest across the Great Western sea from this Land."

-   Darien Fenner:  Fair enough. How are relations currently between the two entities? What brought you to Rhy?Din?

-   Planewalker:  "Well Darien, we never really had any relations with Rhydin, some exploratory missions now and then, geographical surveys. Nothing more, now there is a colony, being built 20 miles to the south here for trade purposes and of course the Embassy and Cultural Center in the east quarter of this city."

-   Darien Fenner:  Trade, eh? What kinds of resources does Asharan have to offer?

-   Planewalker:  "Well for now, Darien... At this point, textiles, metal ores and wheat imports from Asharan, through our Trade Colony to this city."

-   Darien Fenner:  There has been some research published about the possibility of mana wells beneath some of Asharan's stronger foundations. Is there any basis to this publication, and if so, will Asharan be willing to offer Rhy'Din a lower price per vessel on the market?

-   Planewalker:  "Yes there are quite a few in fact beneath Asharan-- eight found to date, and five are being mined. And if there is a need for it and a buyer, we will sell the Quintessence as we call the semi-solid magical energy at one-third the price."

-   Darien Fenner:  That's awfully generous. How do you plan on putting a foot in when Aleister Tulgey already has a monopoly on the market?

-   Planewalker:  "Simple Darien, offer it for sale at the Colony's Trade market, he has no standing on Asharan Territory, such will be the preview of the Asharan Trade Guild Consortium."

-   Darien Fenner:  So it will be federally regulated? On that note, what kinds of governments does Asharan employ?

-   Planewalker:  "Yes in a manner Darien the Trade Guild regulates what is sold and bought, and sets the prices. Which is approved by the Imperial Ruling Council, the High Captains and then me. The Ruling Council is a Senate if you will, which represents the People, The High Captains are the Chief Military Commanders of the Imperium and with me, the High Captains and I form the Military Ruling class of the Imperium. Now there are of course there is the Guilds, the Theocracy which represents the 14 Churches of Asharan and the Mages Guild."

-   Darien Fenner:  A source claims that Asharan has, of late, adopted an aggressive posture of Communist expansionism, and that perceived relations with Rhy?Din are merely a step in the ultimate annex of the Nexus Heartbeat. Care to emend or expand on this?

-   Planewalker:  "No no, we have no desire to conquer Rhydin, we have more then enough territory and resources. We are expanding out to the Outer Planes and Inner Planes."

-   Darien Fenner:  Ah. I have it under good authority that, though Asharan claims to be at peace, its forces are still mobilized in a state of realistic threat and containment. Now, while contact with foreign nations is admirable, how can you expect international, intercontinental, and interversal alliances for that matter to cooperate when the continent you represent is setting so inconsistent an example as being poised to defend its borders, or invade, at any given moment?

-   Planewalker:  "Asharan has had a long standing posture of Military Defense of it Borders and of course a readiness to invade enemy territory. We in the spirit of mutual friendship sign and honor any and all non-aggression treaties. That with the Embassies we put in place to allow for free flow of contact and information with allies and neutral powers."

-   Mikial: 'That's sounding slightly like an accusation'

-   Planewalker:  Raises his hand.."Now now Mikial, I admire your passion nephew, its alright, its a valid question."

-   Darien Fenner:  So you are more than willing to patrol your borders against foreign invasion, but have done very little about immigration reform? How does Asharan?s government plan to deal with the influx of immigrants between nations without so much as a border crime check?

-   Planewalker:  "We have stepped up our policies recently, the Reform passed the Ruling Council, now its being debated in the High Captains. We are to agressively check all immigrants who pass through our ports of entry. And all Illegals are to be shipped back to their Lands of Origin."

-   Darien Fenner:  Well put, mate. ::a few words were jotted down before he added:: Does Asharan plan on handling other illicit activities in the same fashion? For instance, the recent violent intercontinental drug cartels that have left over twelve thousand dead?

-   Planewalker:  "Yes we do and have, the Cartels have tried to intergrate into Asharan, some gets through, not all, two legions of 200,000 troops have been allocated to stop all Drug Cartel activity in the Imperium. We do not waste time, those that are caught are tried in the Courts and executed."

-   Darien Fenner:  Executed upon being found guilty, or merely executed?

-   Planewalker:  "Executed on foundation of Guilt, we try all criminals in a fair, but swift system of Justice. Sentence depends on the Crime."

-   Darien Fenner:  How do you respond to the allegations of racial injustice in Asharan's trial system? Say, in the case of Vrek'tah v. Shurvine? A slip-up of the rudimentary judicial system, or merely poor insight on the government's hiring policies?

-   Planewalker:  "Unfounded rumors, The Imperial System of Justice is not racially motivated, it is to the letter and spirit of the Law alone. That was overblown by a Gossip newspaper, that was found to be taking money by the Shurvine party."

-   Darien Fenner:  Ah. Poor journalistic integrity on their part, then. Random demographic question: What is the average total population of Asharan?

-   Planewalker:  "Indeed Shurvine lost the trial on the basis of the bribery and the Gossip Newspaper was shut down, its Chief Editor and Chief Writing staff were sentienced to 15 years. As for the population its roughly 24 million at last census."

-   Darien Fenner:  Twenty four million? That's a lot of races to be occupying so average a continent. On that note, what does Asharan have to say about the housing crisis? Do you plan to directly intervene in the market, or continue to let contractors hoodwink impoverished families into selling their lands for a third of the plot's original value?

-   Planewalker:  "Actually Darien the whole of Asharan's landsize is over 5 million square miles."

-   Darien Fenner:  With at least one and a half million designated for organized farming, of course. ::Darien added flippantly, as if to suggest Kos had been lying about his wheat exportation::
-   Planewalker: "Yes this is true, closer to two million in the organized Farming sector."

-   Darien Fenner:  Mmhmm. ::he flashed a wolfish smile, not failing to notice how Kos deflected the housing question. A few notes were added to his pad before he continued:: Let's talk security. How does the government feel about the fact that the crime rate in Rhy?Din has escalated over sixty-three percent in the past year? Ten confirmed murders of missing persons were filed within eight miles of the Embassy. Are you planning on beefing up the security? Aiding the guard?

-   Yuki Densetsu:  *Raven glares and promptly says a swear word at Darien.*

-   Darien Fenner:  ::at the child's outburst, the journo merely smiled, and scribbled a few more notes on the pad, winking in her direction::

-   Planewalker:  "Now now Raven.." Back to Darien.."Asharan by law cannot interfere with the Local Laws, unless a crime is committed on the Embassy land. Of course we abhor such acts."

-   Darien Fenner:  So am I to understand you are unwilling to allocate a single percentage of that two-hundred thousand-man border force to assist Rhy'Din's dilapidated armed forces?

-   Yuki Densetsu:  *Raven was tense. She was reaching back for her bow and arrow*

-   Planewalker:  "Raven... now stop it, or I am telling mama."

-   Yuki Densetsu:  *Raven calms, but still glares at Darien.*

-   Planewalker:  "We cannot interfere unless asked to by the Government or unless our citizens are attacked."

-   Darien Fenner:  Spoken like a true politician. ::he leaned casually back in his seat:: And being a politician, one is to set a proper example, yeh? In one's family life?

-   Yuki Densetsu:  *Raven let out a soft growl, but kept reading*

-   Planewalker:  "Yes of course Darien, I try to set a good example.You have to forgive Raven, she is a very dutiful child, and loves her dada very much."

-   Yuki Densetsu:  "Dada's the best. He is very supportive and gives me advice when I need it."

-   Darien Fenner:  Glad to hear it, love. ::nodding his head to Raven as he addresses Kos:: Is she related by blood? ::the resemblance was a touch lacking::

-   Planewalker:  "No Raven is my daughter by adoption, she is Serena my wife's adopted daughter. But I see raven as my own child."

-   Yuki Densetsu:  "He's my dada. No matter what blood says."

-   Darien Fenner:  What about your last relationship? How did that end? ::a knowing smirk plays his lips::

-   Planewalker:  Stonefaced as ever.."My last wife, left me, the responsiblities of her being High Royal Princess were too much, so Shamil left, while pregnent with her and my child. Back to her homeland of Ravenlock, I had the Marriage annulled by the Courts and the Church of Chronepsis."

-   Darien Fenner:  And how soon after that marriage was annuled were you engaged to your second? ::professionally::

-   Planewalker:  "The marriage was annulled a day before hand, I already knew Serena, my current wife."

-   Darien Fenner:  Nice rebound, mate. ::he responded calculatedly, writing extensively on that last answer::

-   Yuki Densetsu:  *Raven seemed to want to attack Darien*

-   Planewalker:  He gave a kiss to Raven, hand on her little shoulder.

-   Darien Fenner:  All right. Last thing I'm going to ask ya. As Ambassador to Rhy'Din, what do you hope to accomplish 'eah?

-   Planewalker:  "Good, and lasting friendship with Rhydin, trade of course and hopefully clear up the Mystery of Asharan, as it seems that most in this land have never even heard of Asharan."

-   Darien Fenner:  ::looking over his notes carefully, he then glances back to Kos:: That concludes our interview. Anything ya want to add on the record, mate?

-   Planewalker:  "No Darien, I just hope you well give a fair and balanced piece on all I have spoken to in this Interview. But it seems my daughter wishes to speak. Go ahead little one, speak your mind."

-   Darien Fenner:  ::aquamarines tracked carefully over to Raven::

-   Yuki Densetsu:  *Raven glares back with her steely grey eyes.* "Don't make my dada look bad."

-   Planewalker:  "And there you have it sir, the truth of a daughter's heart laid out in words of the heart."

-   Darien Fenner:  All's well that ends well, love. ::sweetly to Raven as he flips the pad shut and shoves it into his pocket. A hand went over the table to give the bloke's a firm shake:: Ta, mate. I appreciate the time you took for this interview.

-   Planewalker:  "Very well Darien, fair eve to you sir, and thank you." Stands up and places hand out to shake Darien's hand.

End interview.