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Eye of the Beholder - The Wedding
« on: June 27, 2009, 10:17:05 AM »
The idea for Eye of the Beholder came back to me, in part, because of the wedding of Taneth and Tormay last night, and they have both agreed to let last night's event be used as our initial trial run.


If you where there last night, we want you to post! Tell us about the evening from your character's perspective. While it obviously will center around the wedding and festivities afterwards, you do not need to focus on "the wedding". Tell us about what your character was feeling, their thoughts, what they experienced while at this event.

If you need a refresher, here's links to the logs...


Those logs encompass from when thing started through when the happy couple left. You do not need to write about the entire period of course, or even the entire period your character was there. Pick something... well... it's your pick.

Now, if you were not there, you aren't being left out. If you would like, go through the logs and give us a "fly on the wall" perspective. Pick out some things that happened and tell us about them.

This is a chance to be creative, and kind of compare how you/your character sees things differently, even when looking through the same viewfinder as others.

You have one week to post your stuff... post them as replies to this message here... I'll "lock" the thread sometime the morning of July 4th.

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Taneth + Tormay's Wedding
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2009, 01:06:48 PM »
It was really just another day at the Inn, Jack piecing together more information about the land he now found himself occupying. From prior experience Jack has learned that the subtle differences usually make the biggest impact, so he was taking care to learn all he could without taking things for granted.

For example, Jack, a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages, was quite familiar with whiskey; however, the other night he was given a glass of Crown whiskey from a place called Urth. With a burn in the pit of the stomach like good dwarven spirits Jack was impressed. Yet at the same time he was surprised that the drink was as smooth as many of the fruit-filled weak drinks the elves foolishly call liquor. It was in this deep contemplation of the important things in life that Kairee caught his attention.

?Life, one party after another....come on, Jackie, Let's go crash a wedding.?

Jack had heard of the wedding taking place this night, but having not been invited really hadn?t thought about it much. Weddings weren?t exactly Jack?s scene. Jack just really didn?t see the logic of binding one?s self to a partner throughout life. Presented with the offer to go in this manner though, Jack couldn?t think of a reason not to attend. Tilting his head to the side he said with a shrug,

?Why not??

After checking to see who else wanted to go Kairee took Jack in one arm, Wolfeboro in the other and teleported Jack, Wolfeboro, Jade, Virgil and herself to the glen for the wedding. Appearing at the back of the crowd with a subtle shower of sparkles Jack couldn?t help but smirk. The abundant and seemingly common display of power here in RhyDin would take some getting used to.

?Here we are...the wedding of innocents before the infamous and notorious of RhyDin society.....such as it is?

Kairee said as she was waving and blowing kisses to those she knew. Jack glanced around at the plethora of people in attendance. Noticing the finery everyone seemed to be wearing, Jack muttered a few words under his breath. He nodded as his traveler?s garb shifted into a formal white tunic with black leggings.

?A fine turnout indeed.?

Feeling a bit out of place Jack followed Kairee and sat down beside her toward the back of the crowd. Kairee gave him a smile that seemed to be more teasing than sincere.

?A party is a perfect excuse to meet new people, Jackie.?

Jack nodded the corner of his mouth rising into a smirk.

 ?Aye that it is, though yer company is more than enough lassy.?

Their conversation ended as the marching music started and the bridesmaids began making their way toward the lady conducting the service. Everyone got to their proper places and Jack couldn?t stop the smile that crossed his face when he noticed the excited look on the groom?s face.

The tent that the bride was waiting in suddenly blew open, the drapes flaring out to reveal her. Almost timidly the bride began her walk down the aisle, perhaps the only point in the entirety of the wedding where the bride seemed timid. The reserved, timid attitude was very short-lived however, as moments after beginning her walk the bride started waving to guests.

A white ribbon sash encircled the bride?s waist over the pristine lace bodice of the strapless A-line gown. A handmade flower accent completed the sash whose ends fell over a full organza skirt embellished with lace appliqu?s. She was stunning, as were most brides. For good reason too.. Jack mused, his thoughts wandering to wonder about the price of such extravagance. He shrugged and glanced over to the groom who had a huge grin on his face, again for a separate, but still good, reason.

The congregation whispered of her beauty and several of the guests were already in tears. A mix of emotions stirred throughout the masses and Jack leaned back in his chair to take it all in.

Apparently the bride?s first impulse was to do exactly what the groom was grinning about.

?I can give him a kiss, Chryrie??

Chryrie quickly got down to business, grinned and started her probably well rehearsed lines.

?Ok, let's make this quick, since I know you two are bursting with energy. Tormay, do you take Taneth to be your wife?  To have, hold, and stick with until the end of your forevers?

And the kiss comes at the end, Taneth.?

The groom, Tormay, chuckled. Jack took note for the future to know the names of the people getting married before attending the wedding. He couldn?t help but chuckle at the beaming grin the groo.. Tormay had on his face.

?You bet! I will have, hold, and stick with Taneth until the end of our forevers!

Jack blinked, genuinely surprised when Taneth interrupted her husband to be.

?Me too!?

?And love her the whole time!?

To his credit, without a pause Tormay continued.. or he just added the last part to the vows, Jack wasn?t sure. Tormay then took the ring from Chryrie and placed it upon his soon-to-be-official wife?s finger.

From Jack?s seat in the back it certainly appeared at this point that Taneth attempted to kiss Tormay? then Tormay stuck his tongue out at his bride??? To make it more interesting Taneth seemed to be bouncing on her toes?

?Of course! Tormay is to be my husband for holding and snuggling and everything forever!  And I love him the whole time too!?

As Taneth was putting the ring on Tormay, Chryrie raised her hands creating a glow over the bride and groom.

?And now, as witnessed by all these people, and by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Fae and Wife! Now you can kiss him, Taneth!?

A bit of shock was apparent on Tormay?s face as it was quite obvious he thought he was the one suppose to initiate the kiss, but Taneth didn?t give him the chance as she threw her arms around him and locked their lips in a fervent kiss.

?Sweet, don't you think, Jackie??

Jack chuckled lightly as Chyrie shot fireworks out over the bride and groom?s embrace. He smiled and responded to Kairee,


He inched in a bit closer to Kairee and whispered.

?Though, I?m not the type fer bindin? myself ta someone fer all o? me forevers.?

Kairee chuckled.

Me either, babes. Ready to return to the Inn?

Jack responded with a half-bow and a bit of a mocking tone in his voice, a smirk running across his face.

?Ifin that's what ye want ta do then carry on lassy. Ladies first an' all.?

Kairee placed her hand on Jack?s arm and they vanished in a shower of sparkles.
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Re: Eye of the Beholder - The Wedding
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2009, 08:27:43 PM »
Tucker sat amongst a small outcropping of trees overlooking the Glen, a few hundred yards from the festivities.  The guests had arrived, were chatting amongst themselves in groups and eventually were beginning to find their seats for the ceremony.  Though alone, Perceval was wearing his suit; tie and all.  He still remembered the day he bought it.  The man at the store had asked him what the occasion was.  ?Weddings and funerals.?  Tucker had replied.  It was a nice suit.  It was the only suit he had ever owned?besides that one from a long time ago.

Adjusting his seating on the small stump, Tucker poured his glass full from the bourbon bottle he had brought along.  He wore the suit in case he mustered up the nerve to actually attend the Wedding.  The bourbon was in case he was going to watch the Wedding alone.

The sounds of laughter and music from the ceremony drifted across the Glen.  He smiled as he imagined Taneth?s face beaming during the entire ritual.  The smile faded when he thought of how she may feel when he didn?t show up.  These types of gatherings were particularly difficult for him; weddings.  He was to be married once, quite a long time ago.  But life and its unexpected events had taken that away.  This memory had always caused his thoughts to drift to what his existence might have been like had that come to pass.  His emotional aversion to weddings bound with other goings-on, Perceval was confident that he would be considered the proverbial ?turd in the punchbowl?.

Tucker had spent the better part of the past year assessing his past and present; his military days, his failed relationship with Eva and now, his reclusive nature.  Reconciling with his military career was most difficult.  He had always felt unrest with the amount of pain he had caused throughout the years; with the amount of lives he had destroyed in the name of ?duty?.  His relationship with Eva was possibly a failure from the beginning.  Being happy with someone else meant first being happy enough with yourself and your own life to even go there.  He knew she was happy now, with Mason.   The only thing that troubled him was the emotional pain she had experienced at his hand during their brief time together.  In a way, he wished he could undo it all.  But he also knew that erasing that brief time he spent with Eva would be a great loss.

So now he watched from that stump on a hilltop near the Glen.  He watched as the warm glow appeared over and enveloped the wedding couple.  He listened as the crowd cheered.  Raising his glass, he toasted them, wished them happiness, and prayed Taneth would find it in her heart to forgive him for not attending.


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Re: Eye of the Beholder - The Wedding
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2009, 03:48:19 AM »
Travel by magic portal was not Salvador's transportation method of choice, but it would have to do.  Another business venture earlier that evening, only a few short hours before the ceremony of the century, had him cutting it a little close to the wire.  There was no time to change out of the rumpled and dirty suit jacket, the once white dress shirt now stained with mud and Lord only knew what else.  If he wasn't there, Taneth was going to be very upset with him, and the last thing he wanted to do was make his baby zebra sad on her very special day.

Salvador tumbled through that handy portal there, arms out to catch his balance. Bent over, wavering, and then righting himself to smooth out as many of the horrible tears and wrinkles in the suit jacket he had on there. He looked dirty and not at all fit to be attending a wedding, but he tried to look smooth by raking fingers through his hair.

Brushing some straw off his collar and wiping a smudge off his cheek, he looked around and went sneaking toward a chair in the back.  As far as he could tell, nobody had noticed his near tumble into the dirt, and that was good.  He had done quite enough tumbling into the dirt for one night.

The one person who did immediately notice him however had been clever enough to spot him first.  Fionna's dark eyes flickered on over to settle on him as he passed by, and feeling the burn of them gave him pause.  It was just his luck that they shared similar sentiments concerning where to sit, way back there in the back, and so he stepped around to drop onto a chair beside her at the end of that there row.

Nearby was the wolf man with the wings whose name he could never remember no matter how many times he heard it.  They may or may not have been introduced at least once.  He vaguely recalled Ali trading names on their behalf at some point, but this name like so many others completely eluded him.  All this meant, unfortunately, was that the winged wolf man was not yet important enough to register on Sal's radar.  Maybe that was a good thing.

There were enormous toadstools way over there that he was glad to be avoiding.  A good old fashioned, man made, solid chair was more to his liking.  The people who chose to sit on them were welcome to them.  And the people, they were aplenty.  Half of them he didn't even know.

Over there he caught a glimpse of Alain's eye.  The detective sent him a smile and he sent him an upward lift of his chin, as a nod, in return.  Somewhere over there he saw a masked man in a top hat, the tall ear-like appendages on his head gave Skid away, as well as the exuberant wave of his arm.  Sal grinned and lifted his arm in reply.  Somehow, he thought, that hat suited the monster man.

Everyone around him looked so elegant in their gowns and their tuxedos.  At the alter, there was Tormay, glowing with pride from his wings to his ears.  And here sat Salvador, looking like a bum bent on crashing the party, pretending he belonged.  Here he sat in a rumpled and dirty suit coat, a dress shirt that had once been white, wasn't even completely buttoned, and wasn't tucked into his jeans at all.

Beside him, Fionna was tense and fidgeting, while he sat slouched and perfectly at ease.  She was careful not to impose on his senses by taking his hand, though she strongly wanted to, he could tell, for some reason. Instead, she twined her fingers in the material of his sleeve for a moment.  Seeing no accompanying Ali, he figured it was a-ok to slip his hand in under hers and twine their fingers for a squeeze.

She exhaled a deeply grateful sigh for that, though didn't thank him audibly.  She didn't need to.  He knew, she was feeling disconnected.  Maybe she didn't feel like she belonged here either.  They were perfect company in this crowd of mostly strangers, then.  Oh sure, he knew a few of them.  Skid and Alain, Chryrie and Tara, and even Lucien and Maranya over there.  But the majority were nothing more than faces.  He hardly spared anyone a glance at all.

The reason for this was mostly due in part to the fact that there was just so much fairy dust in the air.  Maybe it wasn't a visible thing, but with all the fae creatures that were mingling in this crowd, it was everywhere.  It didn't help that the location of the ceremony happened to be in the middle of an ancient fairy circle.  One he intended to stay just on the fringes of.  Though he hugged the outskirts and kept a grip of Fio's hand, there was no escaping it.

To Salvador, it was a sweet scent, like a freshly baked hot apple pie, sprinkled with cinnamon, and left to cool on the neighbor's windowsill.  The enticing aroma wafted up out of the crust and wormed its way through the air, closer and closer to his living room, crawling in under the cracks and luring him out the door.  It wasn't easy to keep himself rooted to the floor, to not give into the temptation, keep himself from salivating.  His sinuses backfired and had him sneezing instead.

He could feel the magic swarming around him, like chocolate covered ants that were still animated.  A couple of pieces of heather dropped nearby him and that didn't help at all.  At first he had restrained it, subdued the sneeze.  Still he tried to keep the urge in check but couldn't hold it back.  Until his olfactory senses adjusted to the overwhelming, deliciously abundant aromas, he was just going to have to deal with it.  Thankfully, by the time the ceremony actually started, he got things under control, but he still wasn't breathing very easy.'

Then the procession started, shortly after Fio asked him if he was all right.  He assured her that he was, but she had to tug on his arm to get him to stand up.  Salvador had never been to a wedding before in his life.  The only reason he had come to this one was because of Taneth's great big irresistible puppy dog eyes.  He wondered why everyone was standing, turned to look down at the back of the row, but it all made sense when Fionna pulled him up to his own feet and he followed the will of the crowd to look that way as well.

"Yay, Rekah!"  Of course, he heard her before he saw her.  Salvador couldn't resist chuckling, but he kept it low and under the sound of the bridal march.  That was his little baby zebra, being completely unconventional from the confines of her super secret tent.  She could make a lion proud.

The tent's drapes blew open from the inside, coming to flair out so that all could marvel at Taneth, and marvel at Taneth did just about everyone.  Except for Salvador Delahada.  Oh sure, she looked prettier than he had ever seen her look pretty before, but no gasping or oh'ing or ah'ing came from his lips.  He only watched with a vague yet appreciating little smile tucked neatly into the corner of his mouth.

Taneth emerged wearing some fancy designer gown that he just really couldn't appreciate.  Salvador had no sense for fashion at all.  His choice of attire for this occasion probably testified strongly in defense of that fact.  But there she was.

Out she came, walking with old man Tass on her arm, and wearing a strapless A-line gown with a pristine lace bodice and a white ribbon sash encircling her waist. A handmade flower accent completed the sash whose ends fell over a full organza skirt embellished with lace appliques. She and her dress were both airy and angelic.  At the very least, he could admire just how beautiful she really looked, more beautiful than he had ever seen her before.

Instead of marveling, he had to choke down another sneeze. One of those annoying restrained ones. Last thing anyone needed was someone shouting achoo during the middle of all this happy time, so he kept it in check as best as he could.  Fionna did all the marveling for them both, he figured, and what a fine job of it she did while patting his arm in commiseration.

Salvador was a little lost as to why this was such a big occasion for people.  Everyone oh'ed and ah'ed at the sight of her, and up there at the altar Tormay was speechless.  There were even people crying, crying!  That didn't make any sense at all.

He was very glad, way deep down inside, when the crowd was told to sit. Salvador immediately took advantage of this and rolled back down onto his chair.  He propped one arm up on the back of the chair and slouched, relaxing, closing his eyes.  A static buzz was starting to invade his ears and he submitted to its insistence to capture his attention.  For this he missed the entire ceremony, all the beautifully unique and heart-felt vows the couple shared.  He was brought back to reality by the roar of applause, and opening his eyes he joined them all in clapping, albeit with not quite so much enthusiasm.

Beside him, under the noise, Fionna was murmuring.  She asked him a question that put a frown on his face, an expression that didn't at all belong at such a joyous occasion.  They shared secrets with one another under the flood of voices and cheer.  He upset her with his answers to her questions, even though all he told her was the truth.

"Why is it okay for them but not for us?"

"Because they didn't spring it on everybody as a sudden surprise."  Maybe he was still bitter about it all, but did it really matter anymore?  What was done was done, and that was what he told her.  He didn't care that they were married.  Though he still thought it had been a stupid decision to make, so abrupt and completely unexpected.  How could he be happy for them when he was still trying to accept it as fact?

No, he thought, marriage didn't change anything at all.  They were still two people.  Fionna Helston and Ali al Almat.  Tormay Eludes and Taneth Mercer.  Or had she changed her name?  Not that it mattered.  As much as he could determine, everyone made a huge fuss over nothing at all.

The crowds were moving, then, and Fio tried to drag him along with her, but he couldn't make his feet move in that direction too.  There were too many people.  It was far too much to take in all at once.  So he retreated back a step, several steps, grateful for the interruption of the ever-cheerful and bouncing Rekah coming his way.  Seeing her, he had to smile.  She really did look pretty when she was all cleaned up.

"You look very pretty, Rekah," he told her.

"Thank you! I took a bath." She said this as if that were big news, and for Rekah it really was, this he knew.  "I am glad you are here!! Taneth looked so very pretty!"

That made him grin a little, reaching out to ruffle her hair. "Yes she does," he agreed.  Salvador hovered there for a time with Rekah at his side, staring at the crowd that was moving in to smother Taneth and Tormay with their congratulations.  Eventually he edged back further, closer to the fringes, and began treading a path around toward the buffet table where he thought he had seen a masked man in a top hat.  This was just way too much for him to endure.  All this cheer, and all the fairy dust in the air.  The scent of it still made him anxious.

Rekah followed him.  "There is a lot happening right now," she said, somewhat quietly. "Do I need to be doing anything?" If she had her way, he knew, she'd be chasing fireflies.

"Isn't the bridesmaid supposed to stick by the bride's side or something?" he wondered while he walked.

"I dunno! Are they?" This was just as new to her as it was to him.

"What if people get too excited and trample her with all their joy?" He turned to point back at the surrounding crowd. "Maybe you should protect her from crushing."

"I..." There were a lot of people, she realized. "I suppose I should keep them from that!"

"I think you should, yes."

Determinedly, she stalked towards Taneth and Tormay. "Don't trample them!!" This was something she was going to take very seriously. She didn't want to see anyone get trampled. Never mind she'd probably be the one to end up underfoot.  Salvador smirk at his cleverness and continued on.

Once he got there, to the tent he had been trekking toward, he reached out to clap a hand to Skid's shoulder from the side. "Oye, amigo." He lifted his chin an upward nod to Chryrie too, who he was trying valiantly not to look at hungrily at that particular moment.

"Sal!" Skid hardly even jumped. "You made it to the food side of things. Perfect." The monster man grinned. "I saw you eyeing my hat. Suits me, doesn't it?" There he snerked.

Chryrie nodded to him with a smile, and leaned closer to ask him very quietly, "Want some dust?"

"It does," he agreed, grinning up at the hat. But then he blinked at Chryrie, shaking his head and lifting a hand to protest. "No, no. Gracias. Right now I wouldn't be able to stop at dust. Actually..." He trailed off and looked back at Skid. "I was going to ask if I could raid your stash."

Skid's eye flickered, but his grin just spread. "Hrm? Which stash, exactly? You're welcome to most of them, after all."

"The one everybody keeps stealing from for me."

"Is it candy?" Skid blinked that one visible eye of his. "People've been stealing my candy?"

"Don't make me say it, amigo," Salvador muttered, withdrawing his hand. He looked down and to the side. "All this crap in the air is making me want to eat even the grass." He started wringing his hands like a junkie looking for his next fix. Nearby he heard snickering, and looked over to see Tara.  The look he gave her clearly stated: shut it.

Oh. Skid nodded, then spoke jovially. "Of course. I'd been wondering about that. Thought..." He shook his head, and straightened. "Nothing. I could use something myself, actually. Were you thinking now?"

"Yes now, or else I might be forced to make things much less happy around here." He glanced out over the crowd. "Plus things'll probably thin out by the time I get back, and Fio's mad at me. Gracias, Skid." He turned about to creep back toward the portal.

Thus it was that Salvador Delahada and the masked man more commonly known as Skid missed out on the rest of the party.

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Re: Eye of the Beholder - The Wedding
« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2009, 08:05:17 PM »
Blue fire, that was Lilliana's presence at the glorious, fairy-tale spectacle that was Taneth and Tormay's hand fasting. Just one flickering star among the many. Inspired by a precious bit of blue, rainbow beads that made up the little purse Mira had so graciously labored over, the flame kissed buxom had chosen to wear watery colors as a complimenting contrast to her ardorous nature. Strappy, short heeled sandals sank mildly into the grass as she crossed that great ring of fungi that encircled the wedding grounds, the flyaway kinks and curls of her bright hair like a flare in the oncoming twilight that dusted the evening...

It was a magical night, something out of a child's book of tales, at least this is what the witch thought. Molten eyes were practically aglow with contentment, subduing the fire kissed woman into uncharacteristic bout of silence as she claimed a seat in the farthest row back. Unfortunately she did not know the bride and groom personally, but she could not deny the fair couple the open plea for folk to celebrate their union. In truth, it was her second wedding since she'd breezed into Rhydin, but the first she'd time to stay and observe. So many lovely figures graced the event, and though not all of them boasted a fae background, the collective presence was like a grand Regalia of Fair Ones.

Life was everywhere, even amongst the few undead and eternals she felt amongst the area; love was life, joy was life, people were life, tears were life, and it was all the witch could do not to dance with the exhilaration of it all.

It was a great pulse, a powerful filigree of joy and heart that filled her from where her feet touched the earth. Though an exuberant creature when in public, when in the thrall of her witchier side, Lilliana was aloof and near otherworldly in her calmness. Greetings were given to her friends, the infamous BCU gang that'd adopted her raggle-taggle self into their ranks. The little neko lad whom inspired her more maternal side... Though faces played their part in her evening, and she went through the boisterously friendly motions, inside the fiery gypsy was singing.

Perhaps, she thought; this is why she chose to stay instead of carry on with her family the morning after Midsummer? The realm was so full of life, all walks of it, from those that drained and stole the precious essence to those that echoed it. Her magic had felt much strong now than in recent years... Yes, it all was making sense now. And as the crowd rose to cheer and clap their vivacious congratulations to the kissing couple, Lilliana followed suite, feeling herself blossom just a little brighter.
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Re: Eye of the Beholder - The Wedding
« Reply #5 on: July 03, 2009, 12:49:03 PM »
Maranya Valkonan rushed from a last minute emergency at Riverview Clinic to the fairy circle where the wedding of Tormay and Taneth would take place.  She sat in the audience with her friends and watched the final preparations.  Her thoughts drifted to the other weddings she had attended previously that year.  For those three, she had been accompanied by either Antonio or Alper.  This time however, because both of her fianc?s were unavoidably detained by business matters, she was the "scandalously alone spoken for single woman" at a major event.

She pushed that traitorous thought to the back of her mind, and focused on the ceremony instead.  The vows were brief and to the point for the blissfully innocent couple.  Maranya dabbed at her tear filled eyes with her forest green silk handkerchief, a treasured memento from her fianc? Antonio.

When Tormay and Taneth kissed, a familiar presence, like a gentle breeze on the air, left a token on the chair beside her.  Two perfect white roses, bound together by a golden ribbon, and adorned with a single teardrop pearl.

"Spasibo," she whispered.

"Ne za ctho," the familiar, spectral female voice replied softly.

She watched the attendees flock in droves to congratulate the happy couple.  Included in their number was the Infamous Gossip himself, Marc Franco.    His flamingo pink hair made him a standout in any crowd.  Poisonously jealous thoughts churned their way up to the surface of her mind.

I doubt he will even bother to attend my wedding.   It's "disrespectful to the institution" of marriage, after all, for me to marry both of the men I love.
Bound and determined to have a good time at this wedding, Maranya stubbornly and successfully forced those negative thoughts back to the dark, dark recesses of her mind where they escaped from.  Part of her also watched to see how things were done at the reception, in order to glean ideas to use for her own eventual wedding.

One wedding tradition caught her completely unawares while she danced with Neo at the reception.  Taneth's tossed wedding bouquet hit her on the head.  After their dance, Maranya scooped up the gorgeous flowers.

With a bit of Matter manipulation on her part, the flower mementos from the event retained their beauty, protected from harm by the ravages of outside forces.

The magic of the happy memories of Taneth and Tormay's wedding, however, would last for the Good Doctor for a very long time.
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Re: Eye of the Beholder - The Wedding
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Colleen slept the sleep of the innocent. She was still being watched by her children and, perhaps, by two others, twins whose lives had long been entwined with her own. Her memory still failed and it troubled them to watch what was going on. While she slept, the part of her that remembered things in history that had long ago faded into the mists of time as legends rose to wander. It, no, she wandered to the glen to watch the union of two people that The Sleeper might not have remembered. The old one remembered and so she mingled among those people.

Familiar faces and not were present. Some were missing that she had hoped to see; others, she hoped might not notice. It was hard to hide from those that knew what she was. Those like Salvador that had the sight in some form or other. And, so, Sal received the first gift from the wandering specter, sprigs of heather. Magical things around him made him sneeze, perhaps the flowers as well.

The woman sitting with Sal, so pretty, a sensation of kindness seemed to radiate from her. Maybe it was only for Sal, but the ghostly woman suspected it was more. And so, a gift was left for the lass, soft purple lilacs. Fio, had that been her name?

The bride walked with an another of the old ones. One that The Sleeper and The Wanderer both knew well, Tass was what the people called him, but he had other names, those unspoken. As part of her gift to the bridal couple, the specter lit the path with stardust to give the bride and her company a safe passage, but someone had refused the gift and the pathway was darkened again.

The Wanderer faded into the crowd until she spotted the one she oft called Sprite having difficulties. The tiny redhead was unable to get a clear view of a wedding she had long awaited. A young woman she claimed as a daughter was the bride. And so a third gift, something for Tara to see better. A faery kiss and blessing was passed along before she slipped away again. Two among the assembled, women, had seen or felt The Wanderer when she was near Tara. She would leave something for each of them, a remembrance or gift or thanks.

She paused near Maranya, who had been weeping joyful tears. Two white roses tied with a golden ribbon and hanging from it, a single teadrop pearl were carefully place near the doctor. Whispers of thanks and welcome passed between a pair of dear friends before the specter glided along her pathway.

In passing the candy girl, a silver charm bracelet was dropped near her feet. The lass had not noticed right away.

The ghostly form moved along on its way to Tass and Kitty. Whispered words of thanks to the old one. Of all those present he had known her longest and best. A gift was left for Kitty, a sapphire gem. The Wanderer had no time to explain its meaning, but she hoped Tass would remember. While gemstones were a gift in themselves, this one was imbued with the healing power of the creature that had been bound to both Sleeper and Wanderer. The gem bore its image and they were rarely given outside of the warder's bloodline.

Onward to the two women that had seen her floating about. She must have seemed a lost soul to some. She knew those two faces from some point in time. One she knew as Bel from times long past that Mourne had spoken of as other lives and other lifetimes. The Wanderer left behind was a single white rose tied with a red ribbon and an oval shaped ruby tied to it. The only sign of it having been left was a gentle clinking sound as the stone gently brushed a wine glass.

The crowd outside one of tents was likely unaware that a gift was being blessed and left for the bride and groom. Something to warm them and blessing of happiness. She would not visit them in this form.

When she returned from delivering her gift to the newly wedded pair, The Wanderer sought out the second woman, Melantha. Those that guide dreamers are too often overlooked, but not this night. The specter left behind a peach colored rose and what looked like a tear made of crystal tied to it. It was a fey tear, the stuff of Earthly legend. A simple thanks in tangible form, a gift of a tear that could heal.

While her companion seemed seemed ready to hunt the giver of that gift, the Dream Witch spoke in whispers, "There are ways to find the bridges back."

The Wanderer knew this to be truth and answered in whispers floating in the wind, "My time will come."

The woman standing near, her face was somewhat familiar, a place called Red Star. The Wanderer did not speak to her, there was little time remaining.

Again Melantha spoke in calming whispers, "Do not forget the measure of time, yours is longer than some you hold dear. Their dreams call your name to come home. They miss you."

Her kindness would be remembered. Such things must be and such kindness must be passed along to others. That circle is best not broken, good things must be continued. Melantha's companion commented on lawyers. All The Wanderer could ponder on the matter in nearly silent words was... Where the blazes is Cheatum? We've got Dewey 'n' Howe! Again her words flowed toward Melantha's ears, "She sleeps and dreams. She has forgotten what once was."

As she passed the candy girl again, she gestured to the bracelet at her feet. The gifting finally made, she moved along to another face known to her. G'nort the ever dashing flirt. He never changes, always charming, always delightful. Quips were exchanged, he had always been wonderful at verbal sparring! A kiss was given and she moved onward.

A feeling of warmth came from the next person she visited, Aja. Words of welcome and compassion. The Wanderer had often suspected the woman was an old soul.

There was still something undone, The Sleeper could not do so, but The Wanderer could. Her gaze paused on the face of a handsome man. What amounted to an ancient trinket box made from soapstone was left near him. It bore the Eye of Horus on one side and a lotus on the other. The box was from the Eighteenth dynasty from an expedition run by a man called Carter. The small figure made of lapis lazuli, a cat, was revealed when the box was opened. It had been gifted to her when she had last visited part of this man's homeland. Or least the Cairo on the Earth she knew. She had little voice left this night.

His words came to her ears, "Five hundred years, more or less."

He remembered. He knows. So much to say, so much lost. So much that was unsayable.

"Thank you."

You're welcome.

"I do hope you're doing well, wherever you are."

And finally, she was able to answer, "Live your life well, be happy." A whisper of words and a gentle caress of fingers, "She sleeps..."

She wanted to tell him how lovely his bride was, how glad she was to feel that he was happy, so much to say... no time left. And she was gone.


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Re: Eye of the Beholder - The Wedding
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She still had bad days.

She couldn't choose when they came, couldn't anticipate the triggers that would send her spinning into that state of disassociation, of otherworldliness. When it happened, she might be as insubstantial and transparent as the dustmotes that hovered in the line between light and dark. Touching nothing, connected neither to the living nor the dead.

The gift for the bride and groom had been chosen with such joy. Ali had helped her select two pairs of skates and accessories that they'd been sure the couple would enjoy playing with together. She'd wrapped them with care, dressed and collected his promise to join her as soon as he could, and went on her way.

What happened between the apartment and the glen really didn't matter. It was only that she'd been doing so well, had gone so long without an episode that the sudden lurch of detachment, when it came, was more than upsetting. All the subtle voices, the ones that made her question her own existence, whispered their poison into her ears and fed her doubts. She shouldn't be here. She shouldn't --

It was a blur.

Somehow, she managed to hang on through the ceremony, clinging like a drowning victim to Salvador's hand until things began to feel more solid and she slowly came back into herself. Taneth was inutterably beautiful. Tormay was radiant. Rekah's entire being was an exclamation of joy. Life went on and sprang up all around her.

A marriage was a good thing. Promises grew into realities, like magic. She was married, and her heart reaffirmed it: a good thing. And as magic spun and danced in the air around them, as the stars wheeled over their heads, as Lucky twirled her on the dancefloor while Ali kept watch nearby, she remembered who she was.

And it was very good.