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The Gift
« on: June 20, 2009, 11:14:34 PM »
He had spent a good portion of the afternoon finalizing the purchase and delivery of S'jira's birthday gift. It kept him away from the Inn and the loft much longer than he had anticipated. For better or worse, S'jira was not at the loft when he arrived back to the stable.

The gift was put in one of the empty stalls that had been made ready and he left some instructions that nobody was to go in there until he returned.

Heading in to the Inn through the back, he was able to quickly pick out her scent among all the others. It was not in the Inn, but was fairly strong... and lead to the stairway for the Arena.

He found her there, watching the couple of duels taking place. He moved up behind her, his hands finding her shoulders and his cheek finding hers as he leaned in over her to greet her. Lips found her neck for a brief moment as his hands massaged her shoulders and he stood upright again. They talked a bit as the current duels finished up.

She asked where he had been and he could feel the warmth from her smile as he mentioned he had been getting her birthday present. After a bit more conversation he suggested that maybe she could have her gift early.... and she nearly burst out of her seat. In short order they were on their way out of the Arena and back towards the Stables and their loft.

He paused outside one of the stable bays where both halves of the door were closed. After grabbing a carrot from one of the feed baskets he broke it half and offered it to S'jira, telling her she may need it.

"Do we ride tonight then?" she asked?

"Maybe..." was his answer, then bade her to look inside.

His gaze remained locked on her face as she opened the door and looked inside. Her eyes went wide and she said nothing for a moment... then two... before finally at barely a whisper she asked "mine?".

"Yes. His name is Trygg" he replied.

She turned and nearly lept up against him in a hug, one he readily accepted and returned, before turning back to offer the carrot to the large black stallion waiting patiently inside the bay.

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