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Games Of Love
« on: June 19, 2009, 08:23:03 AM »
~Games Of Love~

Aja carried the crate down the docks heading straight for the Harbinger. On occasion she?s look around and make sure Padriq was not on his way back from wherever it was he was heading.

Aja had been searching for ways to surprise him, and this was one of those plans. Her plan took some patience, not something Aja was known for, but she was finally rewarded when he went strolling past the boat she was hiding on, and into town. Probably lunch, she thought given the hour of the day. She waiting till he was out of sight, thanked the owner of the boat again and made her way to his ship.

As she walked up the gangplank, she noted several of his men gave her a curious glance.  An older crew member stood tall as she neared him heading to Padriq?s quarters.
?You just missed the Captain, miss.? One of them ventured to speak.
?I know I did, doll. Now if you?ll all be so kind as to not mention I was here, I?d be grateful.? She gave the man a smile, which he returned knowingly.
?Aiming to surprise him, Miss??
?Yes.? She gave him a wink and continued on her path.
?Get the door for her, you lazy cur.? The man she was speaking to yelled to a younger man who was standing staring at her. The younger man snapped to and went to open the door to Padriq?s quarters.
?Thank you.? She said with a smile walking in to the quarters and setting the box down. She stepped back to the deck and yelled. ?Now back ta work, all of ya.? In the voice that made her crew snapped to, it had a similar effect on his crew too. She shot a wink to the older gent who gave her a nod and she went back inside the quarters to set upon her mission.

Operation Crazy, Rico had called it. Aja called it evening the score a little. That man has had the drop on her since day one, and that was fine while she settled it in her head, but now, it was time to show him she wasn?t above a little romantic shenanigans herself.

Looking around, she smiled. The room smelled like him, for just a moment she got to imagining what he would do when he got back to find her surprise.  
?Oh quit bein silly and get yer arse in gear before he comes back.? She scolded herself, picked up the box  and got to work.

When she stepped out of the quarters, she was grinning like mad. Shutting the door firmly, then turned to the crew.
?Any of you value yer neck, you?ll not go poking yer noses in there.? She warned.
?I?ll see that they don?t, Miss.? The older man spoke up again, Aja was starting to like the guy.
?Call me, Aja.? She said as she stepped closer, glancing down the dock.
?Keegan, Miss Aja.? The man replied. ?Best be gittin?, Captain will be returnin? soon.?
?Yer an absolute doll, Keegan.? She patted the man?s shoulder and headed down the gangplank humming a little tune.  ?Take that, Captain Kidd.?  She grinned and headed back to the yards.

When Padriq returned to his quarters, he?d find it smelling like her perfume,  a rose in a vase on his table, with a cooler holding ice cream, the entire room covered in rose petals and a note from her that read,


There are many things I wish to do for you,
To give you warmth, and vanquish your pain
To be your companion, and your desire
To protect your precious heart and to set it free
To cater to you and stand up to you
All those things and so much more.

Till we are together again,
All My Love
~Lady Aja Bird~
Falling through your sphere, All I know is you and here. Your tongue is fire when you speak But you make me sing