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Snow Angels: December 25, 1994
« on: June 26, 2006, 10:04:52 PM »
1994-DEC-25 by Mika Leigh
Note: This is taken from an email I found in my archives, back at a time when Panther and Mika Leigh were parents to the twins Majellan and Myrielle, and before they disappeared from his life. Some of this involves Panth's former relationship with Kitiara.

~~Propped up on the windowseat in 'Ella's and Elan's nursery, Mika traced patterns with her fingertips on the frosted glass window, watching as silver-grey clouds massed and churned over their snug cabin in the middle of the frost-covered glen.

It was early in the morning, far too early for the twins to wake, and her lover was still asleep in the next room... Still, she hadn't been able to sleep very well, as she kept remembering the events of the night before. Again and again she'd woken in the night and early morning, reaching out for Taziar, lightly running her fingertips over his well-formed features... trying to sort the fairieworld of dreams from the reality of the night before... trying desperately to remember whether or not he'd truly asked her to marry him.

And then she'd remember the ring he'd given her, and she'd suddenly feel the weight of it on her left ring finger... and again, she'd touch the cool metal, feel the ridges of the cat-like claws that held the diamond in its grasp... and she'd remember. Awash once more with the same feelings of wonder and awe, of a happiness so deep it ached within her...

Standing, pushing away from the windowseat, she moved to Elan's crib first, and adjusted the blankets about his just so... leaning *way* over to press a gentle kiss on his downy head..

Then, she moved to Ella's crib, tucked the blankets about her once more, and leaned *way* over to give her a sweet kiss. on her raven-black curls... ~~

(w) "My little snow angels... Mommy and Daddy love you so..."

::turning to the door that leads to the master bedroom, and opening the door, slowly, trying not to make any noise... and slipping into the room, leaning against the doorjam for a bit, to simply take in and study, admire, and memorize the form of her lover, sprawled on the bed before her...::

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