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Bedtime Stories: December 27, 1994
« on: June 26, 2006, 10:07:34 PM »
1994-DEC-27 by Mika Leigh
Note: This is taken from an email I found in my archives, back at a time when Panther and Mika Leigh were parents to the twins Majellan and Myrielle, and before they disappeared from his life. Some of this involves Panth's former relationship with Kitiara.

~~Stretched out on the couch, resting her head on Taziar's lap, with both little rugrats crawling all over her tummy and legs, Mika grunted softly, as another sharp elbow, another little knee caught her in the ribs and her tummy...

Two adorable little faces scrambled up her, their impish grins and twinkling eyes, one set a deep saphire blue like her daddy's, the other set an ever-changing hazel color, much like his mommy's.

Taz brushed a kiss on each of their foreheads... Jelan's, Ella's, and lastly, Mika's, who smiled up at him, and tugged at him for yet another kiss, this time on the lips, as both twins giggled.

Ella clapped her hands together, and traded a grin with Elan, announcing to her parents...~~

"Red!.. Kit!.. Kiti!.. Boo... "

"Storytime, is it?... mmmnn.. ::smiling fondly, thinking of her many sisters... Siera Red, Kitiara, Dansr, Beth, Lyrelle, 'Chenda.. the twins had been raised, from the time they were in their mommy's womb, on stories and legends of their aunties::

What's it to be tonight, Taz?.. ::tilting her head back abit, looking up at her lover, a smile touching her lips:: They've all but memorized every feat their aunties have(and might not really have)done... their aunties have saved handsome men and sweet children from certain doom, been kidnapped by a wicked pirate and escaped, ridden dragonback through the sky... What's left to tell?..

:::both Mika and Taz lost, for the moment, in memories of various other adventures and times they'd spent with each of the twin's "aunties"... :::

"Ma!!" ::two imperious little voices reaching a crescendo, and in their parents' minds, the little girl painted an image of a certain pirate captain...::

"Once upon a time, a certain sea captain sent 'invitations' to the most powerful, intelligent-"

"And lovely... " ::Taz broke in, with a chuckle::

"...And lovely women in all of Rhy Din. And thus began a time many still remember as... (drum roll, please...)..the Disappearance. "

~~And on went the storytelling, until both children were yawning, their eyes drooping closed, continuing even, after both babes were asleep, and only Taz was left awake to listen, and remember... ~~

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