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Massacre of Carcosa Village
« on: May 29, 2008, 09:40:09 AM »
The terrible riders of the Shadowtalons, would never make in time to see their wrath unleashed upon their target. Evil would descend upon this small village far too soon, and much to furious to be dealt with, the people never stood a chance against the titan, not even a shadow of a chance.

The nameless creature strolled into the village just after the rays of the sun graced it. Evil came with the light and nobody knew the wiser for the time being.


There was horror in the air, in the water and the very ground itself. The nightmares that day, that were supposed to be deflected by Bob's intervention, instead had been prepared and used the shield as an application to amplify it's own power. The children who seemed calmed seized and spasmed uncontrollably as soon as their dark savior left, the little bodies slowly began to destroy themselves one by one as they lost the will to fight against the unknown dream terrors that haunted them.  The parents looked on helplessly and emotion would not remain unrestrained, however a voice would echo through the streets. "I am the way, come to me and find eternal peace." It made no sense, but it's tone had been something out of their worst nightmares. Peace, what a subjective word to all who heard it, however its meaning was crystal clear. It meant nothing less then death.

The orange coated figure was the obvious source, the sunlight shined around him, but there was no shadow cast there. The sunlight was fading into the distance and the ground there was beginning to freeze over with a  black, and terrible ice of unknown origin. The affliction was easily known and the people wasted no time in trying to come after the source of the tragedy. The titan only smiled as they came running.

Above making the streets run red with the blood of innocents with his own hands, these things were only meant to be the primer to the much larger explosion, or chain of events. No, these mortals would be dealt with in a much simpler matter.

Solid Destruction--

The Titan raised his hand to the sky and it opened up, this was not magic nor science, only the essence of his true form and nature. A black and blue beam fell from the sky and struck the center of the town. The force was intense and there was no escape. The buildings would remain untouched and whole as they were. The people in all of their places, where  they would forever turn to stone that would bleed from now until the wear of time eroded them to nothing. It was a quick affair and it was nothing all too impressive, but it was more than enough to take down these people. None were spared to the solidifying power, no beast was saved from this fate. It was far from painless, however. The statues would be alive, and they would bleed forever from wounds unseen, connect to his life force the only thing that would free the innocent, now cursed souls of the village would be his death.


Pleased with his work the Titan turned and began to walk away. He could sense the coming of the would be vengeance seekers even from this distance. Now, the real fun would begin. Twenty minutes ago the Village was a promising place to live, now it was a necropolis filled with the eternally bleeding and tortured forms of once living people. "Now, it begins."

No other words were spoken and the destiny of many people would be changed by this one event in History as he walked away from it, he only smiled.


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Return of the monster.
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2008, 09:31:10 AM »
Bob would arrive there in record time, there was no time for hesitation. Horror, even for him, waited in its bloody silence. He would enter the village, now as he had before, but there were no words, thoughts. For the first time Bob could remember in a very long, long time he was actually shocked into speechlessness, he had no words, no reaction was to he had to this.

The signs had appeared, the methodology of the fiend behind this horrible destruction. They were his methods, his tactics and worst of all, they had all the tell tale signs of old power, like his own. He could smell it on the air, worst of all there were no signs of any form of resistance, or recovery. There was no way to reverse this, but then again Bob was no ordinary person. No, he had a heart of pure darkness, no he WAS the heart of darkness pure and you couldn't get more simple then that. The observed the people in their frozen states, bleeding and suffering quietly.

Retired or not this was work he could be proud of in any reality, but now things were complicated, he had people who some how saw him as heroic and merciful to others. He was not sure how this happened, but it had. He sighed. Evil, it seemed would call him out even if he had tried to stay away from the affairs of people and their world. It would seem somebody wanted him to come back.

Even still, this place would hold a memory for him despite his darkness, so he would preserve the village as it was, he knew that destroying the statues would end the torment and kill the victim, but no. Bob was evil. The torment would continue forever, he liked this place the way it was and it would stay this way.

The now ghost town of Carcosa would remain this way for the rest of time as Bob enchanted the place to become protected from time and any force, magical or physically. Although what the results would be if this sacred place was violated would hopefully remain unknown.

A sigh that caused the movement of no air came from him. " I can take a hint, but a letter works just as well, you know." He said to nothing and now, nobody.

Bob turned and faced the direction of the city, the hellish place he had escaped from to let it kill themselves slowly. It would seem plans had changed and the course would continue after all. It would be pointless to try and save the people of this town, it would be pointless to no try and save anybody. His monstrous personality had been hidden too long and he had caused time to pass differently here. While a short amount of time had passed him by here, it was hard telling how much had transpired in the outside world.

His thoughts returned to his "Family" and he decided that they could live for now. But things would change, of this he would be sure.

Bob turned his back on the village, on Cadence, and retirement. The monster had returned, but nobody needed to know right now, and with that last thought he took his first step back into his rightful place.


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Re: Massacre of Carcosa Village
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2009, 02:10:46 PM »
With the Being known as Mr. E taken out of this universe, the victims of Carcosa Village were freed from their statue state.

Was this part of the plan, or was it simple cause and effect. Knowing Bob, Anything was possible. And perhaps saving the people of this Village he called friend, was all part of the plan?

Either way, they were free from their prison and more importantly, alive.