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« on: April 06, 2008, 07:48:26 PM »
After spending about a week in doing repairs to the roof of the stables, he was now getting ready to rip piece of that roof apart.

The winter had not been kind to the roof that covered the loft over the stables, and while cleaning out what was mostly an collection of un-used junk he realized just how nice, how large a space that loft was.

The stables themselves were not used as much of late, and most of the straw and oats that used to be kept in the loft were now in the lower area where they were more accessible. Some tools and things, most of which would fit in an but a quarter of the loft, were still kept up here. Thoughts and ideas played through his mind as he worked on the roof repairs, and by the time they were done a general plan had formed itself.

Walling off a bit more than half the loft, at where the stairs came up, he could create a rather nice living space. One large enough for a sleeping area, a bath, and even a sitting area and small hearth for cooking.

It was not as if he needed the space, his room in the Inn was fine enough. But more and more thoughts of more than just himself were at the forefront of his mind. This loft would be big enough for him, and for S'jira. She would have room to work on her sewing, there could be a small table for them to eat at. Maybe even a couch by the hearth as well.

To the western side, the full height wall would be fine once some windows were added. On the eastern side, the sloping roof would not be a terrible thing, but maybe a couple dormer to allow air to flow in the warmer months and a bit more light as well.

And that is what he was doing now, ripping in to that roof for the first dormer. One that would be in the sleeping area, near the end of the loft. Large enough to be a quiet place for S'jira to sit while doing her bead work.

He had planned to do the dormer first, but a bit of rain kept him inside for a few days. The rough framing for the bath was in. There was water that serviced the stable he could work off of, which was good. He had grown quite accustomed to his private bath. Especially the ones of late that were not-so-private.

A slip of a smile crossed his face at those thoughts, and once again he had to wonder how he had come to this place. How she had come to his life. They were questions that would ultimately remain unanswered, but that was ok.

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Re: Rebuilding
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2008, 09:40:02 PM »
There was no dance that day as it was one Althrae spent with one of the local merchant lords that she had found more than a little favor with.

Duties within the inn finished, hurried to change.  Slight form wriggled out of the dress and pulled on the tunic and britches meant more for a boy than a girl by all size and colors of brown and green.  The belt of leather that she often used about the midriffs of her dresses was drawn about the tunic to gather the garment that was a size or more too big on her.

She then pulled on her boots and headed out of Panther's room, closing the door behind her with a certainty that it was secured to lock.  As she moved down the stairs and into the common room, lengths of dark brown hair was being worked into a loose braid.  She paused long enough to pull the door open before she worked at tieing the braid off.  S'jira would not look like herself at first glance.

The direction of the stables was headed for after the steps and the porch both were left behind.  Minding her path from the ways of others, she was soon entering the livery.  

Scents of hay, horses, and leather bombarded her forefront and foremost the very moment she stepped inside.  But it was nothing that was seemed to mind.  

Noise that was not from the horses or the man or youth working with the horses was heard and followed.  She lifted her head.  The way up to the loft was easily managed and soon was poking her head up past the level of the floor.  Furthering upwards, she came to stand within the loft.

Soft footfalls sounded against the flooring of the loft.  Curiously, S'jira looked about with dark eyes until she found him working.  None too close yet, taking those moments to watch him before she finally drew near enough to him to touch fingerstips against his back.
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