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Sweet Dreams
« on: March 03, 2008, 10:16:20 PM »
The moonlight spilling in from the window cast a silver glow about the room, his own shadow falling across the foot of the bed as he stood behind the arm chair, his folded arms resting on the back of it.

Even without the moonlight, he would see her plain as day in his mind. Each curve, angle and line from the rounding of her ears to the splaying of her toes as she walked barefoot across the floor.

But right now, he just watched her. There was still enough light for him, even in this current form to plainly make out her features as she lay curled up, partially covered by the blankets. Her dark hair splashed across the lighter fabric of the pillow. Her chest rising and falling a bit with each breath.

He had no idea how things came to this point. He wasn't sure he cared. S'jira was so unlike any other woman he had let so close. Scratch that, in her own way, she was as strong or stronger than any of them, but she was also still discovering herself.

A bit of a shiver ran down his back. The cool night air is noticed much more when he is not wearing his 'coat'. A quick glance over his shoulder and he figures there is still a couple hours to go before the sun comes up, and a bit longer before either of them need to actually rise.

Moving from behind the chair he steps up alongside the bed, and careful to  not disturb her sleeping form he pulls aside the blanket and slides back under them himself. Her skin feels warm against his as he gets settled and she moves closer in her sleep.

He manages to slip an arm under the pillow her head is on, and a moment later she shifts again, an arm is draped across his chest and his shoulder becomes  her new pillow. He turns his head to press a light kiss to her temple. His eyes closing as he draws in a slow breath and drinks in her scent... holding it for a few moments before exhaling as he lays his own head back against his pillow, drifting back to sleep again with very pleasant thoughts still floating through his mind.

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