Author Topic: out of the cupboard?  (Read 903 times)


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out of the cupboard?
« on: February 20, 2008, 12:13:02 AM »
The rascal popped out of the cupboard, a spritely manuever of her body past the packs of teas, so rich that her head spun as she rose and closed the cabinet door behind her, smiling brilliantly and chewing on a piece of licorice.  The town was kidding itself to think she wouldn't pick up on its secret paths!

She wanders out into the quiet of the store, the closed sign turned to the glass, shadows mingling with the moonlight, folded tea towels on the edge of the bar, and again the sweetest aroma a child can imagine, and her smile only grows, as she takes one step, heel to toe, heel to toe, arms outstretched, as she noisily chews on her strap of candy, hanging from her mouth.

It was her favourite place to be, where she shouldn't be, and that could be anywhere, anytime, and she lived being there at the time she wasn't meant to be.  Her mischivious mind ticked over as slyly, gray blue eyes haunt the perimeters of the silent store, and though not a sound or a peep is made by her, she creeps, bending some and passing beneath the torch light, to climb onto a stool and from the stool onto the counter, where she grins toothily and reaches underneath to peg herself an eclair, a line of whipped cream down the middle, beneath that, rich chocolate-caramel paste.  Swinging her feet she happily bites into her treat, and looks about the store, enjoying herself immesensely.  On her head was hat she had found, on the hat a pinned button in a heart shape she'd discovered in the inn, and in her pocket a gift bestowed her from a man the size of a tree.  She was a collection of things that weren't hers but were ownerless, so she believed they waited for her, no one else would seize them, and she loved her hat, even if it sat too low, too big, its brim hooding her eyebrows and making it difficult to look up, which she was always doing, at adults and the sky, mostly the sky though, as best she could.  She was a ragamuffin, an urchin, a ragtag youngin' who was content to have the world her own playground, a giant maze she savoured the journey of puzzling out, this came in the form of conversations with adults, with flowers and stones and seasaws, because to her, everything had a life.

It smelt and felt different in this town to Gotham, which is why she navigated the underground channels after walking through a portal to get here; it was a fire escape from a city that she didn't belong to anymore, and she would be a runaway for as long as she wanted to be, no one knew her whereabouts when she left the room of a mansion, leaving only the maid in a huff, where she stayed in squats or cubbyholes hastily constructed in abandoned places.  She liked it here.  It was a place she could get used to.

Dropping off the side of the counter in a stretch of arms and legs, she exuberantly paces, arms thrown back and forth in a determined fashion, as she walks to the door and reaches up, with the very tip of a few fingers, to flick the sign around to 'Open'.  Satisfied, she grins, and seeing the sunrise out of the window, made her next escape route, out through the bookcase, which revolved, dontchaknow.


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The trappings of winter
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2008, 07:27:43 PM »
Jolie loved the snow.  Like any child, there was so much delight to be found in it, it was so versatile, it could become snowball or a snowman, a snow rabbit, or ice, on which she liked to run and slip and slide.  When she knew no one was looking, she would tip toe onto the ice rink and slide around on her boots, running and skittering, leaving tracks all over the crusted icefall, laughing and squeling as she had her very own havoc.  She would run through the first section of the woods, leaving breadcrumb trails of snowflake behind, following adventure and collecting acorns for fun.  She would then return to her cubby hole smelling of the woods, that thick, heavy scent of bark, of wet leaves, and she would smile and fall asleep dreaming of those adventures, with the lullabye an incense of a childs joy, filling the sheets with the smell of the woods, and sometimes smoke from the inn.

That was her day today, out under the big cold blue sky, with the air that felt tight to breathe, chill and thin, like mountain air.


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Re: out of the cupboard?
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2008, 08:34:10 AM »
Jolie comes sprinting across the stone footway with a giant purple streamer waving in the air behind, legs racing and racing, the streamer whipping and flying wide in the air, settling only as she came to a stop, its tail gutted and shy, curled against her wrist and pulled through her fingers as she huffed and puffed and bent over, catching her breath.  Then she straightens, and wraps the streamer about her middle, letting her gaze tilt over the giant archways of the more ornate buildings that skirt the markets border, grey-blue eyes sparkling in awe.  Her hair is lank and soft, silvery in the light of a blue night sky, some ghost-like child, ethereal and whimsicle to look upon.  

She runs again...

Coming to a stop, still her breath deeper from all her exertion, she twists the streamer up from around her, and watches with a wide, toothy smile, as it wiggles across the dark before her eyes, she is absorbed by the shapes she makes with the tail of the streamer from simple cloth, seemingly oblivious to anyone or anything but it.  Her chest swells in a open-mouthed sigh, her face still as it was only moments before, all surprise and mirth and enchantment.

She runs again, heading for West End freely, until she finds sleep, in her cubbyhole.


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Re: out of the cupboard?
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2008, 01:58:04 AM »
A snapshot of a night in Rhy'Din.


[04:24:38] NorseLady: ::Keen gaze meets his eyes, and she stares hard at him ... deciding if he truly meant the apology or not::
[04:25:50] JolieWilde: ::Wee Jolie peeked her head through the curtains of an upstairs room at the sky outside.  She's sleepy faced, sleepmussed of hair, yawning and stretching and rubbing her eyes.  Then she breaks away and todders along the floor, yellow tunic breezing against her frame as she turns the handle and begins a drifting flight of feet down the hallway, to the faded glow of the inn below::
[04:26:00] VonZrucker: ::Certainly seemed that way, anyhow. He went from Talky McTalkerson to snubbed student in a blink::
[04:26:33] NorseLady: ::Once her decision is made, says::  Very well then.  I accept your apology.  Do not let it happen again, Bjorne.
[04:27:42] VonZrucker: Good then.
[04:28:09] VonZrucker: ::He dusts at his shirt... feeling a little misplaced, and clears his throat::
[04:28:16] JolieWilde: ::Sticking to the very side of the staircase, where bannister gives way to wall, her shadow leaning out ahead of her in faint landing lighting, she makes her way down to the commons, head bowed as she peers with a squint where the ceiling fell to the open::
[04:28:17] VonZrucker: So, then..
[04:30:18] NorseLady: ::Uncrosses her arms and places her gloved hands upon the porch railing.  Glances out into the darkness, checking the area::  (s)  So then hva?
[04:30:27] Zelda and Navi: :: Eyes move to the new girl and a wave given. The little fae flutters over to give the girl a proper inspection.:: <Navi.> Hello.
[04:30:53] VonZrucker: I think.. eh.
[04:32:27] VonZrucker: ::He bows:: I think I will call this good night, Shylah.
[04:32:35] JolieWilde: ::Bending away until shoulderblades grazed said wall, she shies away from the scrutiny of the face, frowning as only a child can, animatedly and with vicious fear of being harmed, twiggy wrists hiding behind her lower back to grip the railing.  She is frozen, rigid, neck askew at an angle as she shakes her head::
[04:32:38] VonZrucker: I feel akward now.
[04:32:58] NorseLady: ::Arching of one eyebrow as she turns her gaze upon him::  Hvorfor?
[04:33:04] JolieWilde: fae^
[04:33:34] VonZrucker: ::He shrugs:: I do not know. Hard to describe. I am not normally the type to apologize.
[04:33:48] Zelda and Navi: :: The tiny blue girl frowns some and shakes her head.:: Dont worry i am not going to harm you. My name is Navi.
[04:34:00] NorseLady: ::Smiles::  Well na, there always be a first time for e'erything, Bjorne.
[04:34:54] VonZrucker: ::He turns::
[04:34:59] VonZrucker: Indeed.
[04:35:09] NorseLady: And tis true hva you said a bit ago ... you do not know me that well.
[04:35:11] VonZrucker: Indeed, you are right. But I will not make habit of it.
[04:35:34] NorseLady: Not make a habit of hva?
[04:35:35] VonZrucker: Well, I would certainly like to know you better.
[04:36:09] VonZrucker: Apologizing. I am not normally in situations where an apology is needed.
[04:36:34] JolieWilde: ::Her wan face growns solemn in the eerie delicacy of her.  Hurries down to the main floor, where chairs and tables were allie, and she traces footsteps of remembered pattern behind a set of two, and shrinks down behind it, bending, leg out, for running, and then she quickly, lightly on her feet, climbs onto a bar stool and looking over to the drinks::
[04:36:53] NorseLady: Be you sure you wish to know me better?  ::Chuckles::  Hva you experienced this natt be not my full anger.  ::The truth being told::
[04:37:23] VonZrucker: ::He gives her that crooked grin:: It takes a lot to get me angry.
[04:37:50] Zelda and Navi: :: Slowly the hylian rises and moves behind the bar. The little fae fluttering over and landing upon green cloth.:: <Navi.> What ould you like to drink?
[04:38:15] NorseLady: Truly na.  Be that a challenge?  ::Wolfish smile forms::
[04:38:57] JolieWilde: ::She watches, stiffly, eyelids falling for a moment to not cover her eyes but change her expression; she is tentative:: "A pink lemonade!", it is chimed, soft and direct::
[04:39:26] JolieWilde: ::Ohhhhh, she loved red cordial::
[04:39:30] NorseLady: ::Smile held as she continues::  Methinks you should know something, Bjorne.  Do you wish to hear hva I have to say about apologizing?
[04:39:53] VonZrucker: Yes.
[04:40:55] NorseLady: ::Tells him her thoughts::  If you do not wish to make a habit of apologizing to me, then do not put yourself into the position of having to do so.  If you e'er be going to accuse me of something again ... make sure you can prove it.
[04:41:20] VonZrucker: Very well.
[04:41:26] VonZrucker: ::He nods::
[04:41:27] Zelda and Navi: :: He nodded and slowly moved to the icebox. Opening it up a bottle of tropicana was pulled. Cap twisted off and a glass was filled wit hice. Pouring the drink into the glass, and setting it before her.:: <Navi.> Here you are. Now.. can we have your name?
[04:41:39] VonZrucker: Perhaps I will see you soon. For now I must go.
[04:41:39] NorseLady: ::Dimples appear::  Na we understand each other, ja?
[04:41:55] VonZrucker: ::He bows again, then turns:: We do, indeed.
[04:42:06] NorseLady: Farvel for na, Bjorne.
[04:42:16] VonZrucker: Getakka, no'jerr. And good evening.
[04:42:32] NorseLady: ::Gloved hand lifts in the departing::
[04:42:33] VonZrucker: ::He moved to his horse, mounted and rode off::
[04:42:59] JolieWilde: ::Silently she is, but her dainty hand reaching for the glass.  She steers it over to herself, and then, as though she had considered something, looks across to Navi and shakes her head a few times, pursing her lips, frowning again, and then taking a large sip, more of a gulp really::
[04:43:17] NorseLady: ::Once he has ridden off, the female Viking moves down the steps to cobblestones and heads Northward, into the forest::
[04:43:57] JolieWilde: (that night was OOC)
[04:44:34] JolieWilde: ::She gives away her details to the Russian Mafia, but not a fairy; how curious!::
[04:46:37] Zelda and Navi: :: Link just shrugged and looked over to navi.:: Well she is shy isn't she?
[04:47:56] JolieWilde: ::Shy was something the rapscallion would have argued, had she been willing to speak.  Maybe it was a game for her, like hide and seek with words, or maybe it was just the wrong question to ask the tired girl?  Most likely it was knowledge that came with growing up a little over the last few months::
[04:48:37] JolieWilde: ::Jolie tucks her legs up under herself and looks to the kitchen door; if a child demonstrated a look of longing, she did right then::
[04:50:21] Zelda and Navi: You hungry? :: Eyes move to the lil girl, and then to link.::
[04:51:32] JolieWilde: ::Poking a finger into her glass she churns the bright fuschia soda till its is whirling, ice tinkling in its glassy way:: "Yes", her eyebrows rise and crinkle as she looks to Link, speculatingly, and then to the fairy::
[04:55:23] Zelda and Navi: <Navi.> ::Looks to link.:: Well i guess you will have to make sandwhiches. i sure cant do it. ::Link nods and gives a one moment finger with a gloved hand. Moving off into the kitchen, and then after much time comes out with a few peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches. Setting a pair infront of the young girl and lifting up one for himself. Taking a bite.::
[04:56:46] JolieWilde: ::Swallowing, hunger rife in her belly, a hand falls to her stomach presses it.  She is ribby and lean:: "Is it jelly?", she scrunches up her face, curious, tilting her head, and reaching for one, as though an answer didn't matter.  She bites into it and chews till there are only crumbs, and a giddy, toothy smile::
[04:59:25] Zelda and Navi: <Navi.> See. we are nice people. ::Pats link.::

Sometime later, alone, she falls asleep...

08:18:42] JolieWilde: ::Awakening, she crawls up onto her knees and hangs a leg from her stool, turning with a squint to face the door.  Her lips and fingers were sticking together from the soda, and her mouth was dry.  The door was near open, and it's there she watches::
[08:20:28] JolieWilde: ::Silvery hair is blown from her forehead by draught and a drift of fingertips over the cheekbone beckons frail strands away.

Jolie awoke on a quiet night, evenings later, so quiet that the wind could be mistaken for the ocean and it made her feel suspense, one that lived in the small of her back and the top of her pelvis, not quiet butterflies, but a river within, a feeling of mounting, intrigue.  She could not manufacture what she felt out of nothing, play pretend she had not played, not so lucky, or of the luxury.  Instead she was visceral, touching broken twigs and making friends with pebbles.  Dilapidated greenhouse, shattered glass, careful feet, but she returned to sleep, adventures to wait.

In her sleep she saw seahorses and that tall stranger with that gift, of ocean glimpse on wood.  She smiles in her sleep.


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Re: out of the cupboard?
« Reply #4 on: July 09, 2008, 11:25:51 PM »
Understanding that it might rain today, Jolie sat staring at the clouds with that all encompassing will and hope she could make it stop.  Squinting fiercely and even climbing trees to help undo the stormy mechanicals of up there, she reached but could not pull down much more than the air her fingers could grab, though they tingled with something.

It had been a long time she hadn't wandered into town through tunnel way and cubby hole.  She liked Gotham a bit better.  She was able to go out in public alone, for walks near the mansion, but still part of her missed the Rhy'Din town.

Down a slide that moved like a channel behind some westend hydrants, Jolie exited with a wide grin.  She would go and wander.  See how great the sun shone on this side of the coin.  Maybe visit Antonio and Elessaria and Bear, and have some ice cream.