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Giving Thanks : Panther
« on: June 21, 2022, 04:42:15 AM »
It had been a long time.

Far too long since, since he had walked these streets. Streets that were as ever familiar to him, as his own body. Strangely, now—not so.
For either.

Some sights were recognized with such little effort, while some took a good moment, or three. The streets still quite active, yet—it didn’t seem to hold a candle, to that which was then.
Vendors, hawkers, solicitors and more, lined the cobblestone path. Ever the mixed of ‘Ye Olde’ and ‘Modernity’, which drew a faint smile from him, as he made his way, keeping to himself enough, while still being polite enough to offer some nods in greet.

Typical, Rhy’Din mannerisms. You can take someone out of Rhy’Din, but Rhy’Din can never be taken out of someone, once they’ve been a part of it.
No matter how much time had passed…

Rounding the corner, his eyes landed upon the ever familiar landmark, one which always pointed the way home, on so many occasions. A landmark, which remained ever the same, despite all that would be changed, damaged, torn down and built anew around it. Ever stalwart.

The Marketplace Fountain.

Pausing in his stride, as his hand lifted to those antique spectacles he was so very fond of, adjusting them a bit. As he did so, a smile once more took form, his eyes taking in the wondrous sight before him.

Softly, he spoke. “We’re here…”

“Where’s here?” asked a young man, just off to his right side.

“Here, Dominick?” A chuckle escaped him, his blue eyes came to rest upon his son, which wasn’t too hard to do, considering the young man was easily as tall as his father, looking pretty much the spitting image, of what said father had been back when. The long dark hair, sapphire eyes of blue, not to mention a penchant for long coats of the dark variety.

“Home, Son.” The elder Ravenlock, replied.

Fingers sliding down, as he adjust his vest a bit, he continued. “Home for many, many years, for us and so many others. You may not remember as much, you were very young when we left. But here, Rhy’din… This is where it all began.”

“I know that, Pop. It’s not like we don’t have it all over the house, with your books and journals and Gods know what else. Come on, gimme me some credit.”

“Oh so you’ve read a bit, yeah? Alright, I’m gonna make myself sound old here, son. But reading it can only do so much. You had to live it to truly understand. It was the best, and worst of times, and we’d have it no other way.”

“I know that book,” Dominick replied with a shake of his head.

“As you should, if you didn’t your mother and aunt Storm, would be cross. Anyways, let’s move on, I need to sit a bit. That fountain is the perfect spot.”

Smiling once more, Brian moved towards the fountain.

Taking a second to glance around, Dominick followed suit.

Soon, the pair were seated on the edge of the fountain, watching the happenings around them.

“You didn’t say why we came here, Pop.”

“We’re headed to the Inn, son.”

Dominick glanced to Brian, a somewhat raised brow as he asked. “The Inn?”

Brian nodded, “The Inn.”

“The Red Dragon Inn?” asked Dominick, in an unsure tone.

Quickly Brian replied, “Is there any other?”

“Yeah, Pop I can name a good few.”

Brian laughed.

“What the hell is so funny, Pop?”

Brian shook his head, “You are… Son, you have no idea. For many of us—there is no ‘other Inn’. That’s where it all began, so countless souls. That’s also where it ended for others. Anyways, that’s where we’re headed.”

“Alright, I get it, Pop. So why after all this time. I mean it’s not like you and Mom, talked about this place a lot at home. Or the girls, either.” Dominick, asked as he looked to Brian in question.”

Glancing to the sky a moment, Brian looked back to Dominick. A faint smile once more took hold, as he reached over, placing a hand on his son’s shoulder. “To thank someone, and that’s the best place to do so.”
“Who, Pop?”

Moving to his feet, Brian replied. “One of the absolute best of us, Son. One of the founders, a cornerstone of all you see here and then some. Most importantly, he was a dear friend. Not only to us, but to so many others as well. He was recently taken from us, but he’ll never truly be gone, ever. I want to say thanks in person, properly. In the place where it all began.”

“Who’s that, Pop.”

“Panther, son.”

Dominick nodded, “Alright that checks out. I read a lot about him in yours and Mom’s journals. So let’s getcha there then, an do this proper.”

“Let’s shall, Dom. Let’s shall.”

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