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Re: Baby Makes Seven
« Reply #15 on: June 14, 2020, 03:22:18 PM »

"Oh, a bath!" Adam said, smiling over at his youngest daughter. "Of course, you can have a bath, sweetness," he told her. "Before the movie though, in case you fall asleep."

Oliver shrugged, murmuring under his breath, "But she said barf."

"M'kay, Daddy." Amy wriggled in her seat, keeping her eyes down in embarrassment.

Joey bent his head to Ollie. "Yeah, she did," he murmured back. "Just like Ana does when she's sleepy."

Ollie frowned, face flushing a little. "Sorry, Amy," he murmured, his turn to bow his head in shame.

Adam said nothing, waiting for Amy to respond. The pair of them were usually the best of friends, but sometimes Ollie got a little carried away.

"S'okay, Ollie," the littlest girl at the table said quietly.

Gina glanced between the group, sighing softly. "I guess everyone stayed up a lot later last night than usual, huh?"

"We were excited about the baby, Mama!" Oliver pointed out. He did sleep ... eventually ... after talking half the night away with Joey and Laura and Amy.

"So everyone's just a little bit tired and easy to upset, got it." Gina grinned at them fondly. "Which is fine, isn't it? Everyone has days when they say the wrong thing or take something the wrong way. Doesn't mean you don't love each other anymore, does it?"

"I love everybody!" Ollie said, reaching over to take Amy's hand. At least, as far as his family was concerned. He hoped his little sister wasn't mad at him. He hadn't meant to make fun of her; he'd just found the word funny.

"I love everybody big as the moon," Amy said, her little fingers linking with Ollie's easily. "But I still want a ... a bath before moobies."

"Tell you what ..." Adam said, finishing up his burger before wiping his hands on a napkin. "Joey and Laura can clean up here, while I give you a bath, and then Ollie can have his, and we'll all watch a movie together. How's that sound?" he suggested. At least, until little heads started nodding with sleep.

"Okay, Daddy!" Amy was more than happy to agree to this, pausing just long enough to hug Ollie in case he wasn't sure she had forgiven him before sliding off her chair expectantly.

Gina leaned over to Ollie. "I think your dad's forgotten we've got more than one bathroom," she whispered teasingly. "Want to get that over and done with quicker?"

Oliver grinned at his mother and nodded his head. The sooner the baths were over, the sooner they could watch a "moobie". He wasn't nearly as eager to take a bath as his sister, but he thought he might as well get it over with.

She winked at him in agreement. "And you two are okay to clean up?" she added, looking to the older pair.

Laura glanced at Joey before she answered. "Sure," she agreed. "I can get my jammies on after so we're all comfy, too."

"Sounds like a plan," Adam said, rising from the table. "I can handle the baths," he assured Gina, since she had her hands full with the littlest member of the family.

"Thank you." She smiled as she, too, stood, brushing a kiss to Adam's lips as David burbled against her shoulder. "Looks like I'm just going to have to sit down for once, huh?"

"Relax," Adam said, smiling as he returned that kiss. "You deserve it." She had, after all, just given birth a few days ago, but he knew how hard it was for his normally busy, active wife to do so. "I can handle these two, right?" he asked, reaching for Amy and Oliver's hands.

"Yup, yup!" Amy was bouncing on her toes as she took Adam's hand. "And I want to wear my unicorn jammies and my bumblebee socks!"

Laura bit down a little late on a quiet chuckle at the enthusiasm as she rose to start clearing away.

Adam chuckled, "As you wish, Princess," he said, with a wink at Laura as he quoted the movie they were going to be watching together in a little while.

Oliver grimaced at his sister's choice in clothes, but she was a girl, after all. "I'm wearing Spiderman," he said, matter-of-factly.

"Because you're awesome," Joey agreed with a grin. "Mom, go and sit down. We got this."

Gina chuckled. "Geez, everyone's so pushy," she laughed. "Fine, I'm going."

Adam chuckled as he escorted Amy and Ollie up the stairs for their baths. Though it might seem mundane and even boring to some, he couldn't have been happier. He knew he was one of the lucky ones, and he thanked the Powers that Be every day of his life for the gift of this precious family who he loved with all his heart. It might not have been ideal for some, but for Gina and Adam, it was perfect.
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