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The Cat's Eye of Aldune:(p3) A Delivery made.
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-The trio, the half-orc and two elves, had found that cave in the woods, an old hidden smuggler's route. Down under the ground they would walk, the path would soon led them to a series of tunnels that would lead them back into the city, the half-orc, Div'ro carried the half-elf female over his shoulder as if she were a sack of goods to be traded, a grin on his lips as he moved-

-For what seemed like hours, Cynthiana's mind swam in and out of consciousness, at one point she remembered waking enough to open her eyes, she saw rough stone walls of a cave and felt a rough hand holding her over someones shoulder, she remembered that she was being carried, her body ached from being in the same position for so long, staying quiet, so not to draw attention to herself, she moved her fingers attempting anything she could to help slip from the tightly fitted manacles locked around her wrists, the cuffs had made her wrists raw and sore, it hurt to move them much, after moments she fell back into darkness once again-

-When the half-elf woke it was to the sound of voices, she heard a rough human voice yell with a bit of annoyance- "... You have to rough her up so much Div'ro?!.." -it was a vaguely familiar voice, then she heard the half-orc speak, he wasn't yelling, though his voice seemed annoyed as well, he remained cool in tone- "...not every catch I bring in is going to be undamaged....especially if they are going to fight back" -he chuckled darkly- "but I got her here didn't I?...not like you lot won't rough her up some more...right?"  -another dark little chuckle-

-there was a moment or two of silence before the jingle of coins in a pouch could be heard and the human spoke up- "here.....yer pay and more for bringing her back alive and more again for the dragon.....Tell the elves their pay is with Theros..."

-the bag was tossed to the half-orc who caught it. He would snort- "That dragon...should make Theros happy or bring in much coin.....The dogs can find their pay own their own...I'm no milk nurse or messenger boy..." -the sounds of footsteps could be heard approaching the table where she lay, the half-orc paused next to Cynthiana, then gave a grunt- "Kiptrin you know where to find me if you have more work" -he soon exited the through a door which he slammed after going through-

-Cynthiana could feel the cold hard surface beneath her, she had been laid on a wooden table, she could smell the old wood that it was made of, while hearing them talk she did her best not to move, her arms and shoulders ached from the way she was bound, she could feel the metal cuffs digging into her wrists, moving her hands caused a flare of pain, so she ceased that movement, she may have been startled when the door slammed. She felt more of a need to get free and tried to move her legs, her ankles were still bound together by the boleadora, she attempted to move her knees and her feet but could get no use out of them to do her any good, she found how stiff she was and groaned out in pain-

-the human had heard the groans and other little sounds coming from the prisoner, who had been so roughly deposited onto the wooden table. He was a man somewhere in his thirties, wearing black and grey clothes and leather armor beneath a black trench coat. He also wears a thick leather belt which holds a selection of bands, collars and a length of small black metal chain and a couple weapons, He wears black pants and black leather boots as well. He stood from his place at a nearby desk, scooting the chair back across the floor. A dark grin came across his somewhat handsome face, It would have been handsome if not for a long scar from the right brow down over his eye and ending at his jaw. He took slow steps over to the table and would take a handful of the half-elves brown hair into his fist as he pulled her head up and back so she could see him- "Well..well...If it's not the little thief..." -he chuckled as his cold eyes watched her face- "and without the trinket she stole.." -he tsked at her-

-He was called Kiptrin, she had heard Div'ro, the half-orc call him by name, she took it to memory as he pulled her hair and forced her head up, those mint green eyes flickered with hate as she looked up at him a low growl came from her lips- "' gem be back wit' it's right'ful owners....yer noth'n but scum on m' boot" -she spat up at his face as she tried to pull away from his grasp, wanting nothing to do with him, she tried again to pull her hands through the tight metal cuffs or get her legs loose from the ropes-

-watching her test the cuffs and ropes that bound her, he found it comical, his laughter rang through the room, a deep laughter aimed at her and the words she had spewed. His free hand coming up to wipe her spit from his left cheek, then he took a tighter hold on her hair and yanked her head closer to his face with that other hand- "oh we have a fiesty one here.... now do we?.....well ye'll learn your place soon enough.." -he brought a hand up and while he had her hair tight in his grasp, he backhanded her hard and then tightened his grasp again as he forced her to look at him-

-Cynthiana could smell his breath, she struggled to get away from his grasp on her hair to no avail and grunted when she had been struck. The slap had caused her face to sting and she could feel just where his hand had landed, she looked up at him with a sneer on her now cracked and bleeding lips, when he forced her to look his way-

-the man spoke roughly- "..Let me...lay down the basics for you..half-elf!" -he growled- " lost my boss the Catseye of Aldune....yes a pity.." -he swallowed as the grin returned to his lips- "...but now Theros will have his...'merchandise'.....a fine sell you will make...along with that copper dragon." -his free hand would move to her cheek to caress there, it would have been a gentle touch, but he'd let it glide down her neck to her now filthy shirt and fingers stopped just at the neckline there he'd drop his grasp on her hair, letting her head fall as he stepped away from the table. the man moved over to a nearby shelf, picking up another set of chains, which rattled as they hung and swayed once they were taken from their resting place-

-hearing his words she remained quiet, hate boiling through her.  She was no prize to be sold, nor was Argyle, her thoughts went to the copper dragon now, wondering where he was...what these vile apes had done with him.  She felt his rough hand on her cheek, Soon she was free of his grasp and laid her head on the table top, a frown on her lips once the man could no longer see her face, somewhat thankful for the coolness of the wooden tabletop, she listened to the rattling of chains nearby, her mind filled with thoughts of what was to come and how she was going to make her escape as she closed her eyes and waited-
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