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Dregan Clawhunger

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Enter Dregan Clawhunger
« on: December 12, 2018, 02:03:12 PM »
Dregan steps out of the shadows, a group of men follow him. It is late at night, and the holiday market is empty. The only people around are a couple of guards. With a nod of his head two of the men in his group move quietly to ambush and kill the guards. The guards didn't see them coming, they never had a chance. Dregan's eyes survey the scene, his men stand quietly beside him.

"Well done." He says in a very low, almost whispery voice. "Take what you want. Make it look like a looting. Burn a tent or two when you are done."

He stands watching as his men go from one tent to the other, destroying merchandise and taking a few things in sacks. Once they are done they set a couple of random tents on fire and take off before anyone can see them.

Dregan stands far from the market, where he can watch the chaos. The alarm goes off and people run out of their houses with pails of water to try and put out the fire. Dregan watches this with a half smile that never reaches his eyes.

[size=9](Open storyline, posted with the permission of the holiday market creator.)[/size]