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Norse To Meet You
« on: December 04, 2018, 12:52:58 PM »
"So ... why am I here again?" Ayden asked, looking over at her brother as she leaned against the kitchen counter. She had been asked to wear normal clothes for the season and location for once, bemused as to why this was necessary. Jo had left Dean to it, taking the children over to Sam and Becky's, just in case things kicked off when the new hunter introduced herself.

"Why do you think you're here?" Dean countered, assuming she had to have some inkling as to why they'd asked her to join them. He felt bad about summoning her here, away from her husband and young son, but it couldn't be helped. He didn't know this hunter from Adam, despite Bobby and Ellen's assurances, and he needed to make sure she was telling the truth.

"Well, I assume you want me to meet someone, and you don't want them to know I'm not human anymore," his sister commented thoughtfully, considering him for a moment. "I don't make a habit of prying into the future if I can help it, Dean. Knowing too much about what might happen gives me the mother of all migraines."

"It's not that," Dean assured her. He hadn't asked her to look into the future in months - not since the last time he'd wanted to know how many children he and Jo were going to have. He was half-tempted to tell her that if he told her what was going on, she wouldn't believe him, but this was a woman who had wed the Greek God of War. There probably wasn't much that surprised her anymore. "We're expecting someone and I need to know this someone is telling the truth."

"Right." Ayden grinned at him, reaching over to poke his shoulder playfully. "See, I told you it'd be handy having an Olympian for a baby sister. Even if I still punch like mortal child, according to my darling husband."

Dean flashed a brief and slightly sarcastic smile. "Your darling husband would probably say the same thing about Mike Tyson," he pointed out, though Mike Tyson wasn't actively boxing anymore.

"You know, one of these days, you two are going to admit that you actually like each other," Ayden predicted for her brother and husband, though she knew it was more pride keeping them from it than anything. She smiled faintly. "All right, so tell me more about this someone you want me to meet."

"I never said I didn't like him," Dean pointed out, proven by the fact that he'd given his blessings to his sister's marriage. Ares could be a bit of a jerk, in Dean's opinion, but he couldn't deny that the guy loved his sister. He shrugged briefly as he pushed off the counter to fetch himself a cup of coffee. "Not much to tell," he said, a questioning look toward the pot, in case she wanted a cup. "Brian called yesterday to let us know that there's trouble headed our way in the form of a hunter named Kristen. Apparently, she's tracking Loki. Before you ask, yes, that Loki. I assume he's the trouble headed our way, since it's him she's tracking. Not sure why though. That's what we're trying to find out."

"So you're going to try and find out why she's tracking him, and whether it's the real Loki or Gabriel she's after, right?" Ayden guessed. At least she hadn't forgotten how to have a normal conversation; it was easy to assume she knew everything before it was said these days, but Ayden refused to act on anything unless she was told aloud what she already knew.

"You already know about that?" Dean asked, brows arching upwards. He wasn't sure why he was surprised about that when his sister was no longer mortal. "I assume she's after the real Loki," he continued. "But we're not sure why. Gabriel seems to think Loki is after him, but that doesn't explain why this hunter is after Loki." Dean paused to rub away the dull ache that was forming behind his temple. "Does that make any sense?"

"Gabriel pretty much watched over me for a few years there," she reminded him with a smile. "I know he's an ass, but he was my friend. He didn't keep many secrets from me." She straightened up, tilting her head as the sound of an approaching engine signaled the arrival of the expected hunter. "It makes sense," she assured her brother. "Just don't start a fight."

Dean had to bite his tongue. He knew very well that Gabriel had watched over Ayden because it was Dean that had asked him to do it, but as far as Dean was concerned, whatever debt he might have owed the archangel had been repaid tenfold when Gabriel inherited Heaven. "It's been a long time since I punched a woman," he assured her with a straight face.

Ayden snorted with laughter. "So it's a woman, huh?" She grinned, nudging his arm as the engine outside died, followed by the sound of a car door opening and closing. "Does Jo know you're entertaining another woman in her house?"

"I said her name is Kristen. Pay attention, Sis!" Dean teased, snapping his fingers. He moved the curtains aside to take a peek outside the window at the newcomer. "Of course Jo knows. She was the first one I told."

"Oh, so, not her idea, then?" Ayden teased him, ducking under his arm to look out through the window as well.

What they saw was a tall woman in a leather jacket, brunette hair pulled into a harsh ponytail, tucking a gun into the back of her jeans as she turned toward the house. Her eyes found them looking out at her, brows rising above an amused smile. Ayden waved, grinning back.

Dean rolled his eyes at the sight of the woman tucking a gun into the back of her jeans, as if they wouldn't notice. "Oh, great. A badass. Awesome." Thankfully, Jo had taken the kids next door to see Sam and Becky. He didn't want them there if there was going to be trouble.

"Oh, come on, Dean." Ayden straighted up, rolling her eyes. "It's not like she made any attempt to hide it. And if you were in her position, you'd do the exact same thing."

"Would I?" Dean challenged. It wasn't so much the gun that bothered him, but the fact that she was bringing a gun into his home - a home that was occupied by three small children.

His little sister looked him dead in the eye and dared him to try and lie to her. Not that anyone was physically capable of doing that to Ayden these days, not since Ares had declared her the Goddess of Truth. She smirked at him. "Answer the door, Dean."

And a moment later, there was a knock on the front door.

Dean sighed. "Getting pretty bossy lately, little sister," he grumbled, as he set his coffee cup down and pushed off the counter. He meant no harm by the remark, except to tease her. He was clearly feeling a little agitated, and teasing her was one way for him to release that tension. "Come on, then. You're part of this, too," he told her, waving her toward him as he headed toward the door.

"You're the one who gave me self-confidence, Big Bird," she pointed out, falling into step behind him as he moved for the door. "It's your own fault I got sassy."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm sure Ares had nothing to do with it," he murmured, but there was a hint of a smile on his face now, clearly enjoying teasing her. Before she could reply further, he pulled open the door to greet their guest. "What's the password?" he asked, though they didn't really have one.


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« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2018, 12:53:18 PM »
Kristen Rowe smirked back at him, apparently unfazed by this greeting. "Let me in, or I'll drink the whole bottle of 25 year single malt Brian told me to give you right here and now?" she suggested.

Behind Dean, Ayden snickered.

"Close enough," Dean replied with a smirk, as he pulled the door open. She was a friend of Brian's, after all, and he couldn't very well argue with that. "Mi casa, su casa," he remarked, standing back to unblock the doorway. "This is my sister, Ayden," he added, with a wave of his hand at said sister.

Ayden saluted with two fingers, stepping back out of the way herself. "Nice to meet you."

Kristen's smile gentled just a little as she considered the younger woman, then deepened as she nodded. "I see," she said, stepping into the house. Handing over the bottle, she held out a hand. "I'm Kristen Rowe. Bobby and Brian seem fairly certain you have information that I should be aware of."

Dean reached for the bottle first. "Dean Winchester, but you probably know that already," he told her, offering her his free hand. "I'd offer to share the bottle, but it's a bit early in the day to be drinking. Would you like some coffee?"

"Coffee sounds good." Kristen spoke with an unplaceable European accent, but her tone was warm. She seemed at ease, not expecting trouble in the slightest. "Thank you." Her gaze tipped toward Ayden thoughtfully for a brief moment before she looked back to Dean. "Ellen said something about you having small children?"

"Yeah," Dean replied, unsure how much information about his family he should reveal to a total stranger, and yet, it seemed Brian and Bobby and Ellen trusted her, so why shouldn't he? "Bertie is almost two, and the twins are a few months old," he volunteered as he led the way back toward the kitchen. He didn't volunteer a thing about his nephew, leaving that to Ayden, if she so chose to mention it.

"And they're elsewhere, because you don't know me," Kristen guessed, following them both to the kitchen even as she glanced around. "Sensible. Well, then ..." She reached to her back to draw her gun, and laid it very deliberately down on the counter, the barrel pointed at herself. "You have trusted me with your home. I will trust you with my life."

"Fair enough," Dean replied, relieved she had relinquished her gun, even if he didn't seem to show it. "Make yourself comfortable. It's just the three of us," he told her, waving her into a chair. He had to turn away from her to fetch the coffee, but he trusted Ayden to watch his back.

"I'd be a fool to fight an Olympian, anyway."

Ayden's mouth dropped open as Kristen took up a comfortable lean against the counter, arms wrapped loosely at her waist. The older woman smiled.

"Lady, it's in your eyes," she told Ayden. "And I was told that Dean Winchester's sister married Ares and became one of the pantheon."

"No worries. We're the good guys," Dean assured her with a wary smile, looking between the two women. "How do you like your coffee?" he asked, as he poured her a cup.

"Black, please." Kristen's smile relaxed again. "Thank you. I appreciate that having a stranger hunting on your turf is not conducive to a good life."

Still mildly bemused that she was apparently that easy to out as an Olympian, Ayden was silent, still watching both of them thoughtfully. Her mere presence was enough to guarantee truthfulness in anyone these days.

"I don't know about turf. Are we talking South Dakota or the whole country?" Dean asked, catching a hint of an accent, but not sure how to identify it. He handed her a cup of coffee before turning to pour one for himself and Ayden. "Have a seat," he said with a nod at the kitchen table and chairs.

"Do you consider the entire country as your hunting ground, Mr. Winchester?" Kris asked, seemingly unfazed by the implication that she'd been trespassing since landing in the States.

Ayden took the cup Dean offered her, leading the way to the kitchen table to take a seat. It didn't seem as though this hunter knew exactly what the youngest Winchest sibling was capable of these days, which was probably just as well.

Dean shrugged. "Depends on what I'm hunting." She was the one who'd mentioned turf, not him. He had never claimed any turf as belonging to him or his. Hunters were supposed to be on the same side, though he knew from experience that wasn't always the case.

Kris nodded, letting that one go. It seemed as though she was going to have to begin the conversation. "I know that the Greek pantheon has resumed their place at the forefront of the rulers of his cycle," she said, leaning onto the table, hands cupped about her cup. "But there are other pantheons re-establishing their rule. Are you familiar with the Norse gods?"

Dean joined them at the table, taking a sip of his coffee while the hunter named Kristen started to explain. "Somewhat. I've met a few of them, but ..." He trailed off a moment, unsure how much she knew about him. "That was another time, another place."

"Baldur and Odin were killed by Lucifer during the year of the aborted Apocalypse," Kris told him, assuming that he either knew and wanted her to prove her credentials, or that he didn't know at all. "At the time, it was also thought that Loki had died with them. But it would appear that Loki lives still. He surfaced in Israel briefly about four months ago, making contact with the former King of Hell."

Dean neither confirmed nor denied what she was telling him, though he found it interesting that some events of his past seemed to have occurred in this universe, too. He took another sip of his coffee before setting it down, fingers curled loosely about the cup. "Beg pardon? Former King of Hell?"

She narrowed her eyes at him. "At the time, Crowley was the former King of Hell," Kris pointed out. She looked to Ayden. "Is that not so, lady?"

Ayden sighed, rubbing a hand through her hair. "She's right, Dean," she told her brother. "Getting Crowley set up in Hell took a lot longer than we thought it would."

"Just making sure we're talking about the same King of Hell," Dean explained. There had been one too many beings vying for that particular crown, and he wanted to make sure they were on the same page where Crowley was concerned. "Why would Loki make contact with Crowley?" He had a few ideas where that was concerned, but wanted to know what she had to say about it before he offered any suggestions.

"That, I do not know," Kris admitted. "But I believe it has something to do with his coming here. I was asked to track him down, and convince him not to start a war."

"Convince Loki?" Dean echoed, more statement than question, and sounding more than a little doubtful. "Just how do you plan on doing that? Loki thrives on chaos. He doesn't seem to like things neat and orderly," he pointed out.

"I have means at my disposal to convince him," she said, and it wasn't a lie - just an omission. If Dean wanted full truths, he was going to have to ask blunt questions. "Chaos is not what he seeks, only what he sows. I believe he seeks acceptance."


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« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2018, 12:53:39 PM »
"Acceptance," Dean echoed further, somewhat skeptically. Of course, he'd never met the real Loki; only his imposter. "Acceptance by who? What's left of the Norse Gods? Humans? Angels? Demons? Olympians? Most of the old Pagan gods want to be worshipped, but they've fallen out of favor with humanity. They've been replaced, mostly by angels, but they aren't much better."

"The Norse gods are a little different," Kris told him. "They are more elemental, more attuned to humanity than the Greek pantheon. They did not go into hibernation, they have been living among humans for these past two thousand or so years. Loki is not wholly Norse, either - his mother was one of the Aesir, yes, but his father was a giant, so it is said."

"Not necessarily," Dean replied. Mythology was a tricky thing. There were too many contradictions; nothing seemed certain, not even centuries-old lore could be taken as truth. "It was my understanding that Odin was Loki's father, though I realize that conflicts with the lore." At least, that's the way it had been in his universe.

Kris frowned thoughtfully. "To be honest, the lore surrounding Loki is murky," she admitted. "Some say Odin is his father, others that he was adopted by Odin and considers Thor his brother. Some say he is Norse, others that he is an immortal giant. I believe he causes mischief for the attention it gives him, which is why I say he seeks acceptance rather than chaos."

"So, what are you suggesting? Hug therapy?" Dean asked, trying not to sound too sarcastic, though that was obviously not the solution he had in mind. "And what if he doesn't agree? What then?" he asked further, wondering if she was prepared to do what as a hunter, she was trained to do.

"Then I kill him." Simple as that, it seemed. Kris shrugged, sipping her coffee. Then she seemed to realize what she had said. "I was not intending to tell you that," she said, turning suspicious eyes onto Ayden.

"You realize he's a Trickster ... and a liar. He might tell you one thing and do another," Dean pointed out further, though she probably already knew that.

"He is the original Trickster," Kris said, drawing her eyes away from Ayden, who was doing her best not to look guilty. "It is very likely that he will lie to me. But he is also a Norse god, and they have very ... simple tastes. He may be walking to his death with this battle he plans on having, and what do most people want to do in the days leading to their possible death?"

"Live," Ayden said softly, glancing at her brother. "He's going to be having fun."

"Are you suggesting seducing him?" Dean asked point blank, brows arching upwards in curiosity. He couldn't think of any better way of having fun than that, though he still thought the best way of handling a troublemaker like Loki was to just eliminate him.

"It is a possibility," Kris conceded. "And a male is never more vulnerable than when he drops his pants."

Next to Dean, Ayden snorted into her coffee, groping for a cloth as she spluttered through her giggles.

"That's a little evil," Dean said. "Remind me never to piss you off," he added, though it was unlikely she'd ever try that on him. "I have an idea what he might be after," he admitted at last.

"Well, killing him is the last resort," she pointed out, tilting her head curiously at his addition. "And what is that?" she asked. "I have yet to discover it myself."

The Dean of the past might not have been so generous as the Dean of the present, but having an Olympian for a brother-in-law had changed his mind a little. Still, Loki's reputation preceded him, and if his intention was to cause trouble for humanity, Dean would do whatever he deemed necessary. He didn't say so just yet though. He had a reputation of his own, after all. "I'm not entirely sure myself, but I think he's after Gabriel - as in archangel Gabriel," he informed her.

Kris frowned. "That makes no sense, Mr. Winchester," she pointed out. "Why would a Trickster be after the last remaining archangel? Surely he knows that causing trouble for Gabriel would be enough to bring the Greek pantheon down on his head?"

"Dean," he corrected. Mr. Winchester made him sound so old, and he wasn't even 40 yet, though at 36, he was getting closer. He shrugged at her question. "Loki and Gabriel made an agreement, and Gabriel broke that agreement," he told her simply, letting her do the math.

Her dark eyes considered this for a long moment. "Revenge," she said succinctly. "That complicates things."

Ayden leaned forward. "Why are you doing this?" she asked suddenly. "You said you were asked to do it - who asked you?"

Kris clamped her jaw shut for a long moment, fighting against the words as she considered the pros and cons of sharing that information. When she made her mind up, the truth blurted out. "Artemis."

Dean arched a brow at the name drop. They were well acquainted with most of the Olympians, including Artemis, but what did she want with Loki? "Why?" he asked bluntly, though the answer seemed obvious. "Is Artemis worried Loki will upset the balance of power? He is the God of Chaos, after all. Kind of goes with the territory."

"A war between the Norse and Greek gods would be a disaster," Kris pointed out. "When gods fight, humans get caught in the middle. If Loki dies, Thor may retaliate. If he kills Gabriel, Zeus will seek vengeance. I don't know what his goal is here."

"Loki's goal?" Dean asked, assuming she was referring to him. "My guess is revenge on Gabriel, but if he knows Gabriel is in charge of Heaven, maybe he's hoping to take his place. I mean, he's a Trickster, right? He can shape change at will. What if he intends on killing Gabriel and taking his place ... as Gabriel?"

Kris swore softly in a language that was definitely not native to her companions, leaning back in her seat. "Convincing him not to do that will prove complex," she muttered, smoothing a hand over her hair.

Beside them, Ayden held up a hand, like a child in school.

"Of course, he's might be able to look like Gabriel, but sooner or later, someone will realize he's not what he seems," Dean remarked. After all, no matter how much Loki might try to resemble Gabriel, he wasn't an archangel and didn't possess an archangel's abilities. Seeing Ayden with her hand up, he smirked and gave her a nod. "The little girl in the first row?"

Ayden stuck her tongue out at her brother, snorting with laughter as she smiled. "I was just thinking," she shrugged, "but he's elemental, right? He's driven by emotions and needs? So ... maybe you don't convince him not to kill someone, you offer him something better than killing someone."


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« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2018, 12:54:03 PM »
Kris' curious frown flickered into life again. "What would be better than taking a life in the eyes of a Norse god?"

Dean shrugged again. "How the hell should I know?" he asked. He still thought getting rid of Loki was the best way to deal with the problem, but the hunter had a point. They didn't really want to start another war, this one between the Olympians and whoever remained of the Norse Gods. "Did Artemis say anything about the rest of them? Aren't they supposed to live in Asgard or something? Wherever that is."

Kris smiled gently. "Artemis is a hunter," she reminded him. "She told me only what she believed I needed to know."

Ayden glanced between them. "Doesn't that kind of suggest that you already have what you need to stop Loki from starting a rumble?"

"Uh, if you're talking about killing him, maybe. Otherwise ..." Dean shrugged. He didn't really like being put in the middle of what essentially boiled down to a conflict between the Olympians and Norse Gods, but he didn't like the idea of the two factions going to war either.

Ayden rubbed her neck, staring down at her mug. "Dean, d'you remember how, um ... how I got Ares' attention?" she asked, as innocently as she could manage, hoping like hell he wasn't going to explode the way he had done when she had eventually admitted to him just how she had met her husband.

"Uh, yeah ... You seduced him," Dean said, though that wasn't entirely accurate. "Wait, you're not  actually considering ..." He trailed off as he looked to the hunter, brows furrowed in confusion.

"No, I-I didn't seduce him, I promised him a baby," Ayden corrected her brother, without thinking how that was going to sound.

Kris' hand dropped to the table as her brows shot up. "Excuse me?"

"That's what I said," Dean pointed out sounding a little perplexed. What was the difference? To him, it was the same thing, considering what had to have happened between her and Ares to make a baby. "You do realize Loki is supposed to have a wife and children already," he said, remembering a little of the lore Sam had shared with them. Then again, no one really knew if the lore was correct or if his wife and children still lived.

"Yeah, Ares had kids before Alexandros was born," Ayden pointed out. "He still wanted a child from this era to be his legacy."

Kris was staring at the pair of them in shock. "I am sorry, excuse me," she said, waving a hand. "Are you suggesting that ... what are you suggesting?"

"True," Dean admitted with a thoughtful nod of his head before turning back to Kris. "Don't look at me!" he said, throwing his hands up. "I'm not suggesting anything. She is!" He jerked a thumb at Ayden.

"It's just an idea!" Ayden said defensively. "But, you know ... making a life rather than taking one, it could work, right?"

Kris looked mildly horrified. "And if he doesn't want a legacy, if he just wants chaos, what then?"

"He's an immortal. They all want something, and most of them seem willing to bargain. If we can figure out what he wants more than revenge, maybe he'd be willing to negotiate," Dean pointed out. "There's something else that's bothering me though - Ragnarok. If I remember correctly, Loki was supposed to be held prisoner, until he breaks free and starts the war that's considered the Norse Gods' apocalypse. Sound familiar?"

"Yeah, but according to Greek legend, Hades was supposed to be a kind and benevolent god," Ayden pointed out. "We can't trust the lore that closely. I mean, I could ask Ares. Maybe he knows Thor?"

"I'm talking about Lucifer," Dean said. "It almost sounds like the same story. Evil immortal bound for ages until he breaks free and starts an apocalyptic war. Except Lucifer is dead. So, what if the lore is wrong? What if Loki doesn't want that at all? What if they confused Loki with Lucifer?" Dean suggested further.

"You think they released Lucifer rather than Loki?" Ayden asked in confusion.

Kris was nodding slowly. "That would make sense," she said thoughtfully. "Odin is dead, but he was not devoured by Fenrir. I mean, Fenrir is supposedly Loki's son as well ..."

"I think someone - probably humans - confused the lore. Or maybe someone somewhere did it on purpose. Hell, maybe Loki himself. The point is, the lore might be wrong, which means all we really know about Loki is what Gabriel has told us." Dean paused another moment, unsure if he should continue with his line of thought. "Have you ever read Marvel comics?"

"No, I have never read the comics," Kris admitted with a low laugh.

Ayden grinned. "Seen the movies, though," she told her brother. "Loki's hot in those."

"Er ... You do realize it's a movie, right?" Dean asked, furrowing his brows at the two women. Of course, he was the one who'd mentioned the comics, and he'd done his fair share of drooling over Black Widow.

"Yeah, and a comic's a comic," Ayden pointed out in amusement. "Are you saying that Marvel Loki might actually be closer to the real thing than the lore Loki?"

Dean shrugged again. "Didn't Ares say Homer got it all wrong?" he asked. If Homer didn't get the Greek legends right, maybe whoever had recorded the Norse legends hadn't gotten it all right either. "All we know for sure is that Loki and Gabriel made a deal, and that Gabriel broke that deal. We also know that Odin - the leader of the Norse Gods - is dead. What would happen if Zeus was dead?"

"Yeah, you're right." Ayden chewed her lip. "I mean, if you took Zeus, Poseidon, and Hera out of the equation, there would be nothing holding the Greek pantheon together. I don't think Odin had a queen, did he?"

Kris shook her head. "Not in the same way that Zeus has Hera."

"We might need to dig into the lore more," Dean murmured with a distasteful frown. He really didn't relish research much. He considered himself more of a "hands on" kind of hunter. "You said something about Ares," he said, looking between the two women. "If anyone knows anything about the Norse Gods, it's probably the Olympians. I'm not sure why Artemis didn't tell you more, but I'm sure she had her reasons. Maybe Ares knows more, but if Loki is nearby, we may not have much time to figure it all out." So, it seemed they were back to square one. "What does Artemis expect you to do exactly?"

"And if he knows he's being hunted, he'll find out by who and he'll be watching you," Ayden added, nodding to Kris. "Maybe we should exchange numbers here so you're not in immediate contact with Dean and the others after this one visit."

Kris nodded back in agreement. "That is sensible," she agreed, looking to Dean. "She told me to track him down and to stop him. I cannot disobey my goddess."

"But she didn't say how to stop him," he intimated, more question than statement. "Seducing him is all well and good, but what about after that? How are you even supposed to find him? I mean ... If he can change shape, he can look like anyone - even like me or you."


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« Reply #4 on: December 04, 2018, 12:54:26 PM »
At this, Kris looked uncomfortable. "How wedded are you to the hunters' traditional views of witchcraft?" she asked carefully.

Dean shrugged again. "Depends on the witch and what kind of magic she's using for what purpose." His gaze flickered to Ayden briefly before returning to Kris. "I've been known to use a spell or two myself when necessary, but ..." He trailed off a moment, as a lightbulb went on in his head. "You get your power from Artemis," he said, with sudden realization.

Kris relaxed a little when he didn't immediately accuse her of working with a demon. "The women in my family are traditionally been dedicated to a goddess when they are born," she explained. "My father gave me to Artemis, and all she has ever asked of me is my worship. She has never even mentioned my soul."

"Wow." Ayden sounded impressed. "So you have some sort of magic thing to find Loki with?"

Kris nodded, turning back the sleeve of her jacket to reveal a small pin marked with a complex rune. "This is a Norse rune, a shield and eye. It allows me to see through illusion."

"Well, then, you know we're not him!" Dean said with a chuckle - the first one since they'd made her acquaintance. He leaned in a little to take a closer look at the rune that was etched into the pin, but not too close.

"Exactly." She smiled, raising her wrist to allow him to get a better look at the rune etched into the metal. "As soon as Artemis told me I was to track Loki, I went looking for Norse magic that I could use against him. That is how I know that Sigyn does not exist - the woman who was supposed to be his wife. There was no one to catch the venom from the serpent's fangs when I found it."

"Wait ..." Dean started, brows furrowing again, either in confusion or awe or a little of both. "When you found what? The world serpent? Jormun-something or other? I thought he was one of Loki's kids or something." He wasn't too sure. Sam hadn't had time to tell them everything, and Dean was a little rusty on his Norse mythology.

"Well, it's not the world serpent," Kris admitted with a shrug. "I needed to find something that would kill a Norse god, and the only thing the lore states Loki is susceptible to is the venom from those snakes, so I found one and milked it. I did not enjoy the experience."

"Uh, okay, I'm game ... What kind of snake is it and where did you find it?" Dean asked, more curious than anything else, though he sounded a little doubtful that mere snake venom could kill what was probably best defined as a demi-god.

"It's a warm-blooded cobra," Kris told him in amusement. "About ... twenty feet long? The head and hood is about two and half feet wide. And it was in Greenland."

"That's a ... big snake," Ayden muttered, quietly shocked. She still didn't like snakes.

"Jesus," Dean muttered, stifling a shudder. Though he'd faced worse foe than that, just the thought of a snake that big gave him the creeps. "Why'd it have to be snakes?" he murmured further, quoting Indiana Jones.

Kris nodded slowly, her smile distinctly uncomfortable. "It was not the most fun I've ever had on a hunt," she said, in a beautiful display of calm understatement. "So ... you think Loki knows he is being hunted? How long, do you suppose, before he knows it is me?"

Again with the shrug, almost as if Dean had a twitch. "Hell if I know. You plan on summoning him or what? I get that rune of yours allows you to see through his illusions, but how's it gonna help you find him?"

"Oh, I know where he is," she said dismissively. "He's in Canton, arrived last night."

Dean arched a brow. Canton, South Dakota was about twenty minutes south of Sioux Falls. Almost too close for comfort, but that wasn't why Dean was arching his brow. "And you know that how?" he asked, curiously.

"I ... have a small amount of Fenrir's blood, and I have been using it to scry for Loki whenever I stop," Kris told him a little awkwardly. Explaining witchcraft to people who didn't really use it could be a bit of a minefield. There were a lot of unsavory ingredients used.

Dean didn't even flinch an eye. Though he wasn't a witch - or warlock, for that matter - he had used enough spell work in the past not to be too shocked by anything she might tell him where that was concerned. "Fenrir. Another supposed son of Loki's. And I thought Greek mythology was weird."

"Well, he gave me the blood, so I don't think he's seen his father in a while," Kris pointed out. "It is not my intention to bring trouble to your home, Dean. If I can, I will draw him away before making the choice to kill him or save him."

"You're planning on doing this alone then," Dean said, possibly stating the obvious. It was his instinct and his job to hunt down anything that might pose a risk to his family and to humanity, and right now, that seemed to be Loki.

"I would rather do that than draw his attention to you and yours," Kris answered. "At this moment, if he is watching me, all he sees is me checking in with hunters in the area. If he sees you with me again, you become a target."

"Well, I've killed bigger fish than Loki, just so you know," Dean said, with a sniff of pride. He understood she was trying to keep his family safe, but he was no coward. "Will you keep in touch and let us know if you need help?"

"You are the Godslayer," she nodded in agreement. "Which is another reason to keep him from focusing on you. He spreads chaos, and you have young children. There are worse things he can do than kill you." She sighed. "But I will keep in touch. You deserve to know when the danger is passed."

"Godslayer," Dean echoed, trying that title on for size. "I like that. Dean Winchester, Godslayer." He flashed a grin at his sister, risking an eyeroll in response. It only lasted a moment though before he was turning back to Kris with a more serious expression on his face. "Just one question ... You have that rune to help you see through his illusions, but we don't. How do we know he won't kill you and then come here pretending to be you?"

"Oh, that is a very good point." Kris rummaged in her pocket and produced a couple of pins etched with the same rune. "I gave a pair to Bobby and his wife as well," she told him. "As far as I know, the illusions don't work on Olympians at all."

Dean extended a hand so that he could not only take a better look at the pins, but in anticipation of her giving them to him. If illusions didn't work on Olympians, then it stood to reason that Ayden wouldn't need one. "If you're giving out presents, I'd like to give one to Jo."

"Of course." Kris dropped the two pins into his hand, and tugged another couple out of her pocket. "Bobby said something about you being in contact with another hunter in the area as well, so you should probably pass these onto him."


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Ayden grinned, glancing at Dean. Explaining the interfamilial relationships to strangers could be fun.

Dean was about to tuck the pins into his pocket when she pulled out two more. She could only be referring to Sam when she mentioned another hunter, but he wasn't so trusting that he was going to tell her what the hunter in question was his son. "Will do, thanks," was all he said, as he closed his hand around the pins and tucked them safely away inside a pocket.

"Loki's pattern so far has been to stay in a small town for a couple of days before moving on," Kris added. "I'm going to make contact tonight, if I can. And if you are right ..." She nodded to Ayden. "I think I am going to have to dress up a little to do that."

"I still don't think seduction is the way to go, but it's your rodeo," Dean said, lifting his hands in the air again, as if to say he was keeping his hands off this one for once. "I will tell you this though - if you're wrong, and he tries to cause my family any harm, he's free game."

"He is," she agreed with a nod. "And if he does try to hurt your family, I will hand you the knife." Her eyes were harsh as she said this, a hint toward her own history in how very ready she was to protect a young family. "But I will do whatever I can to keep him from approaching you and yours."

"Long as we understand each other," Dean confirmed. "I need to go pass these pins along before it's too late. Can you handle things here?" he asked, turning to his sister. It was up to her if she wanted to touch base with her husband and see if he knew anything else, but it seemed Kris had things pretty well in hand.

"You know I can," Ayden assured him. "I'll lock up after you and see if Ares knows anything else. Kris, can I have your number in case I need to pass anything on?"

The other hunter nodded, pulling her phone out of her pocket.

"Keep in touch and happy hunting," Dean told the other hunter, before moving to his feet and sliding over to kiss his sister's cheek. "Be careful," he whispered, too quiet for the hunter to overhear.

Ayden's hand tightened on his side as he kissed her cheek, her silent promise to do just that. Kris pretended not to notice the sibling affection, tapping her number into Ayden's phone as Dean took his leave.

Dean took one last look at Kris, hoping he had put his trust in the right place, before leaving to find Jo and Sam and Becky. If Ayden needed him, they were right next door.

As he stepped out, Kris raised a brow in Ayden's direction. "He doesn't trust me, does he?"

Ayden smirked faintly, taking her phone back. "Should he?"