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Policy Change Effective Immediately
« on: December 02, 2018, 01:55:28 PM »
The Admins have never told people where they can play, chat, or post. We have never required exclusivity. Quite the opposite; we for years actively assisted Rings of Honor in finding new duelists by having dueling and duels-related events in our live chat (and calendar).

We have been told a group of players from RoH/RoD are pushing a boycott of Dragon's Mark. That is their choice. BUT they are also coming into our chat and lobbying players to leave this site. We know this is true because we have the logs. That is dirty pool, and it will not stand. We do not want another schism, but they apparently do. We have little choice but to protect ourselves.

So effective immediately, there will be no advertising here for activities not taking place here. The posting guidelines are being updated to that effect. Violations will be handled as they always have been.

Just to be clear: lobbying players, on our own site, to join a boycott is a violation.

We are still open and welcoming to all who wish to play with others. This most certainly includes RoH duelists. There have never been many rules covering behavior, but they are there and need to be followed for players to remain.
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