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Ask The Staff is Moving! And more good stuff
« on: October 09, 2018, 11:32:32 AM »
Good morning, everyone,

In order to try and make things more unified with the RDI community, we are gradually moving towards combining the site and the site together into one unified website.
This is a long-term project, and as you can imagine, not a simple one. But to get everyone moving towards one combined platform, we're going to be creating a new "Ask The Staff" section in the OOC (top) section of the RDI site.  The idea is to gradually transition everything into one location, to make it less confusing and more efficient for us all.
The first step, mentioned above, will be the creation of the RDI-side "Ask the Staff" forum. We can also recreate and start fresh with sections like The Round Table, Random Thoughts, and so forth. Because they're separate sites, it's not technically feasible to move the existing threads - but we will archive the old ones, so that nothing is lost. They'll still be viewable (read-only) on the Dragonsmark site, but the new and active discussions will be on the RDI side.
There are other changes I will be talking about coming up soon, including a regular State of the Nexus address (yes, I'm shamefully stealing here) which will allow us to discuss current issues with the site/community, unveil possible upcoming changes and take feedback about all of it.

EDIT:   We've also created several other new OOC forums here along those lines.  "Community Open Discussions" is meant to be the new home for the old "Dragonsmark Open Discussions", "RDI Open Discussions" and "Round Table, to give people a one-stop shop for saying what needs to be said.  

We're also bringing Random Thoughts over, because ... well, everyone needs to be random sometimes.
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