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Fading Flame
« on: May 17, 2018, 03:36:22 AM »
The city had done lost its mind again and Foxy found herself right smack dab in the middle of the crazy. With bags full of groceries, clothes, and other assorted items, she managed away from the chaos without so much as a scratch. At least this time the crazy was over some sort of festival. Flowers, ribbons, people obviously getting frisky with one another - it was an interesting sight to say the least and something she found she would have to eventually ask about. For now all she wanted to do was get home and hopefully before a certain someone showed up. It would be hard to set up a surprise with him present!

Everything was planned out. Well almost all of it. With the way the man came and went that meant there was always that varabile that he may not even show up that day! Didn't mean she wasn't going to go through with her plan.

A nice dinner of shrimp over peruvian quinoa and brown rice blend, sauteed red onions, spinach, seasoned tomatoes, and drizzled with a light oil and lemon glaze. For dessert some beignets that she had purchased from a place that was supposedly 'Rhydin's Best'. On top of it, after being warmed in the oven, strawberries and whipped cream as well as a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Once dinner was out of the way she had planned for some hands on time. Not in the sexual means, though that was likely to happen down the line. More to the ways of her hands, some massaging oils, and him melting into the bed as she kneaded away all the daily stress away. Maybe more than just daily. Monthly? Year? Lifetime! Once he was all gooey she would make sure to leave him exhausted and content or rather they would most likely attempt to exhaust each other out, laid out on the bed sheets that somehow ended up on the floor.

It was a good plan as far as she was concerned and one that they both needed.

Juggling the bags she fumbled for her keys, managing them out of her pocket before ramming it home. Once the door was opened she dumped the lot down on the floor next to the door and pulled her key free. She barely had dropped the key in the bowl that was on the table at the door when she caught his scent. Eep! She may have very well been caught!

Oh well!

Kicking off her shoes and making sure the door was closed, she quickly darted off to find the man to whom the scent belonged to. From behind she spotted him on the couch and with the quickness she jumped onto the back of the couch and slid down onto the cushion next to him. “Honeeyyyyy! I’m homeeee!” she chirped cheerfully and rolled so she was resting against Elitia’s side. It was only once she had settled that she had noticed his posture and her heart sank.

Sitting rigged in his place, his eye staring forward unfocused and dead. Nobody was home. It was not the first time she had seen him in the condition - a byproduct of his overall condition that was obviously growing worse.  It was a haunt that hovered over their lives. A life’s flame slowly dimming and spluttering toward the end that was far too soon. As the days went by she was seeing the signs of it more often than she liked but it wasn’t just the signs. It was the way he acted, attempting to set her up for a cushiony life once he was gone. She felt like a mooch at times but he insisted otherwise every time she brought it up.

Sighing she pushed herself up with her hands to the couch long enough to graze her lips against his cheek before flopping down back into place. “I’m here, Elitia,” she murmured and settled her cheek against his thigh. The plan was to remain like that until he woke. It gave her time to think about things. Like this strange, new life.

It was strange to her, this new life. Things she had lived her entire life without now she felt she couldn’t ever do without. That included the man that introduced her to such a life. It wasn’t the life of the rich but it had its own riches - more than money could ever buy.

She wanted to pull her own to some degree, even if the income was made into a nest for future uses or be able to buy him gifts without using his money. She managed to find a job at a little tavern as a wench during the oddest hour, doing her best to match her hours to when Elitia was off doing his thing or working. Over the past two months she had been sneaking out for said little job, not yet telling him. Not because she wanted him thinking she didn’t need him but because when it boiled down to it she was going to need to be able to do things out of her normal skill set to make money one day. He made it a habit of reminding her of that more than she liked.

It wasn’t a particularly hard job. Serve drinks and chow, clean up - hey she got smoke breaks whenever she wanted though with the days as cold as they were, those breaks were short. The days seemed abnormally cold in fact, as if if Jack Frost was unwilling to stop the frosty fun and games. That was fine and dandy with her as the cold normally meant blankets and snuggling. Soon, though, it would start to warm and the world would start to blossom. It was a nice thought, seeing the little garden he had created be green and lively once again. Grass warmed by the sun and flowers giving color to a once dreary rooftop. They could sit outside and watch the city sky at night or doze during the warm summer days.

Nuzzling her face against his thigh she sighed and drifted off to sleep. She was still there! But working as hard as she had been, and trying to hide it! Was exhausting.


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Re: Fading Flame
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Next Day

*Beep. Beep. Beep*

She whined at her cell phone, swatting in the direction that the sound came from. Oh, her pocket! Which meant she was slapping at her hip, fumbling, searching, and eventually finding the stupid electronic thing that Elitia insisted she had to have! Peering at the large numbers on the front she blinked. “Oh s***!” Bolting upright she took a moment to wake only to realize what had happened. She had fallen asleep with Elitia zoned out. He was gone now, having apparently moved her to lay across the couch and even placed a blanket on her. She could only guess that he had been embarrassed that she had found him in such a way and retreated from the apartment as fast as he could.

Sighing she looked at the spot he had been a little longer before realization kicked in. Her alarm went off because she had a job! “Crap! I am going to be late!”

She scrambled off the couch and quickly ran to the bathroom to freshen herself up. A quick change of clothes, teeth brushed, and she actually brushed her hair before she was making for the door. She almost forgot her shoes on her way out the door but managed to slip back in before the door closed so she could put them on. Shoulder leaned to the wall she struggled with the shoes until finally she was stumbling out the door with phone and keys being shoved into her pockets.

Hurrying her way from the apartment she made two blocks before she got that old familiar feeling of being followed. Hunted. Slowing her steps she snuck a few glances over her shoulder and her surroundings as she walked. After a few more blocks she stopped all together and raised her chin a bit in order to sniff the air. “Who are you?” she spoke out, hoping at worse it was Elitia. At best, maybe her being too nervous.

“Well, well. Aren’t ya senses as sharp as every?” A gravelly answered,  bouncing off of the brick walls of the buildings. It was without a doubt a male’s voice and one she was familiar with.

“Jori!” She knew that voice alright and she was scampering her way down the street to tackle the near eight foot tall man. Okay so he was more like 7’3” but damn if it wasn’t like tackling the trunk of a tree.

He laughed and caught her in his big hands. A quick hug was given to the small woman before she was planted on his shoulder and he started to walk in the direction of the tavern. “The boys told me ya was settlin’ down but I had t’ come see it wif m’own eyes.”

Her hands patted at Jori’s hair while he walked, “The boys? Oh. Yeah. Hey. Why are you here?”

“Other than seein’ thangs for m’self?”


“Tch. Always could see through m’thick hide. Ain’t ‘ere t’ take ya back if that is whatcha worried ‘bout.”

She melted with relief. It would have sucked if she was carted off when things were finally fitting. Well almost everything.  “So you been sneaky watching me?”[/color]

“Somethang like that.”

She could tell he was hesitant about something but what? “Jori? What is wrong?”[/color]

“The Order killed the boys.”

Well that was enough to still her joy at seeing the beast. “Wh-what?”[/color]

“Aliza is next on there list.”

“But I’m-”[/color]

“Not,” he assured her with a pat to her thigh, “They didn’t like that they just letcha go scot free but they ain’t plannin’ on catch ‘n retrievin’ ya.”

She nodded slowly. “What about Aliza? Does she know they are after her?”[/color]

He shook his head, “Not yet. She be a hard’un to find. Kinda like ya. Took m’better of a month t’ catch a wiff ‘n ya don’t quite smell like yaself as much.”

She exhaled loudly and dropped her chin on Jori’s crown. “They died because of me.”[/color]

“Naw. They wanted t’ give ya freedom ‘n by looks ya gots it. But really? A human? Ya know dem kind don’t care fer us. Ya not worried ya just a play thin’ t’ this boyo that ya wif?”

It was a question that was reflected several times at her, not just by outside sources but herself. By now, however, she knew the answer and was quick to smile. Raising a hand she settled her fingertips over her heart, her shirt hiding away the tattoo that was under it. “I’m sure. Sure enough that he unwittingly wears a heartstone.”[/color]

“OI!” Jori barked out at her, “Ya gave the boyo a heartstone?!” He gawked up to her with a stupid expression. “Why ain’t ya tellin’ dat boy wot he got?”

“He already seems like a flight risk. If I tell him he may really run away. I don’t want that, Jori. I-I don’t know how I would handle if he would do that. I am-”[/color] she was already losing him as it was. Him running would only add injury to a growing wound.

“Can’t say I ever thought ya t’ find a fella ‘n settle. Figured ya’d marry a gun.”

She snorted a laugh and turned her eyes to the afternoon sky. “He-,”[/color] she thought of what she could say, “He is different that is for sure. He makes me happy though!”[/color]

“Do I get t’ meet him?”

“Hell no! You may try to bear hug him to death!”[/color] she started to scowl but ended up laughing instead.

“Maybe a little. Just t’ see wot he is made of.” Jori agreed with a throaty chortle. Foxy was plucked off of his shoulder and placed down on the ground, apparently transported to the side door of the tavern she had been frequenting for her job. “Gunna go in and ya gunna have t’ serve me beer!” A ruggish grin was sent to her as he started for the front door.

Sighing she shook her head and started to tie back her hair. It was going to be a long afternoon of work but it was good to see an old familiar face. Even if he brought along with him bad news.

“Foxy?” Jori turned to look at her with a somber expression.

“Yeah?”[/color] She fluffed out her hair and looked over. She didn’t like that look on his face.

“M’sorry, Kiddo.”


“Ya’ll see soon nuff. Just know m’sorry.” He rubbed at the thick of his neck while watching her.

“Why are you being so cryptic? ****. Is the Order going to try to find me? Are they going to hurt-”[/color]

“Nah, Foxy. Told ya, they don’t want that anymore.”

“Are they going to hurt or attack Elitia?!”[/color] Her shoulders hunched forward as she snarled, “They come after him and-”[/color]

“No.” He quickly answered, “Ya fella is safe from them.”

“They want me dead then.”[/color]

He didn’t answer but instead headed through the door, knowing fully well she would not continue the questioning with people present.

Well that didn’t bode well if he was apologizing for something ahead of time and it left her on nerves end. “Jori!”[/color] He was right, however. She didn’t follow him nor would cause a ruckus as she headed inside as well. The towering man did get some heavy glaring when nobody was looking as she went through her shift.