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A letter from Ebon
« on: March 24, 2018, 11:39:52 PM »
Dear Kruger,

I hope this letter finds you and your family well, my friend. It has been too long since you and I really spoke.

I am writing with an idea. Enclosed, you will find a copy of a letter that I wrote to Colleen. You may recall the abortive attempt to establish a coast guard for Rhydin, to defend our peaceful shipping against pirates and the like. Now there is a new suggestion for  rescue and emergency vessels, which would be based out of the new Dockside Emergency Center but would serve Rhydin's entire harbor and shoreline.

While these new boats would not be armed, I would still like your thoughts and suggestions about how they might be enhanced through construction or enchantments, or both, in order to better serve our city. I plan to meet with Colleen later this week, and hope to have more details for you at that time, if you are interested.

On an unrelated matter, my son Doran will reach his eighteenth year of age in a little over a year's time, and I would like to commission a gift for him. Although, as Maggie's squire, he officially wields an axe while dueling, like me his preference is for a staff. As such, I would like to gift him with one that has been created for and attuned to him personally. At this point there is no rush, but I felt it wouldn't hurt to start thinking about such a thing early.

Good health to you and yours!

Your friend,