Author Topic: A surprise for Aurthur  (Read 614 times)


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A surprise for Aurthur
« on: February 22, 2018, 10:28:29 AM »
Wanting to surprise her mate, the little dragoness snuck from their bed and chambers, slipping toward the kitchen. All while trying not to wake her beloved.

Once there, she'd speak with Chef Shimmerscale. He could do the cooking that she could not due to the heat.

Soon she would return to their chambers after Chef finished making breakfast, bearing a large platter on a tray. Settled upon the tray was a large plate filled with pancakes, sausages, eggs and toast. Finishing off the tray were a few hash brown potatoes, and a large bowl of fruit.

The plate would be settled on the side table beside her beloved, then momma slid off to see that the little ones too each would be fed.