Author Topic: Checking on Matthew  (Read 610 times)


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Checking on Matthew
« on: February 07, 2018, 12:13:59 PM »
Slipping down the halls, momma poked her head into a few of the rooms to check on the little ones, but a few of the rooms were empty. That was strange, but she didn't worry. In fact, she had a feeling that she knew where they'd be...

Slipping into their nesting chamber, where she'd tucked their son Matthew in the night before, A smile forming on her snout at the sight that greeted her.

Many of the youngest hatchlings, and even a few of the older lay within the nest, all snuggled around their little brother. Othala even had covered her little brother with a wing as if covering him with a blanket.

Carefully, she'd move within, coiling around the nest protectively, and careful not to wake any of their children resting within.