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Sleepless Night
« on: December 15, 2017, 04:52:08 PM »
[size=11]That night she?d slept like crap, she was uncomfortable, if not in pain. She hid it well, as she always did, beneath a high pain tolerance and an assload of weed. They?d had one of their infamous video game nights which led to not cuddling, which led to cuddling. She?d laid on his chest as he drifted off, her own eyes rolling shut. She drifted off from time to time, but inevitably she?d wake with a jolt of pain. It was the final one that had her sitting up slowly, rubbing away at her chest just below her throat. Her nostrils flared, and she moved from the bed after planting a firm kiss to Davyn?s head, ?I love you,? she whispered softly.

She crept around quietly, if not stumbling every now and again. Noises that could be blamed on the tiger roaming around there somewhere and not her getting dressed. Orchid moved out into the kitchen and climbed onto the top of her counter, reaching above the cabinet for a stack of envelopes. She?d left them out, with Davyn?s envelope on top, sitting right on the counter. Then she was leaving, out into the night.

The village was hard to navigate in her current state, add on to the fact that she hadn?t a clue where she wanted to go. She supposed going off into the woods to die might be the best option. Her jaw clenched, and she shambled forward, holding her chest and breathing deep. She?d made it a little past the wood line before a hand on her back stopped her in her tracks. The girl turned slowly to peer back into the sterling eyes of Phoenix, who wore a steel expression. ?It?s time, isn?t it??

It wasn?t a secret that Phoenix and Orchid were connected. They?d been connected since the day Phoe brought her back to life. She was wearing a bath robe and a pair of pants beneath. ?I think so,? the reaper answered. ?I haven?t been able to sleep tonight,? her tone was soft, but robbed of emotion as she leaned down to look Orchid in the eye. ?I lived without a soul for a long time, Orchid. Mine wasn?t dead, it was?missing.? Her own jaw clenched as she gave Orchid?s shoulder a squeeze to demand her attention. ?I wanted to die every day. It?s? not a life.? A sigh left her lips. ?I?m?not telling you what to do? I?m just?offering to?? It was hard to say, really. What was she trying to say? I?ll kill you if you want? Even for the emotionally damaged reaper, this was painful.

Orchid raised a small hand and shook her head, ?I know,? she halted the already trailing off reaper. ?I?m not planning on that,? she whispered. ?Yeah, uh.. Do it.? There wasn?t much left for her to do. She could feel her soul crumbling as they spoke. Listening to Phoenix talking about it was like getting shot in the foot, and then having someone talk to you about it while you?re hopping up and down.

?For what it?s worth.. I?m sorry,? Phoenix muttered. ?I?m sorry that I couldn?t do more.?

?Don?t. Don?t apologize,? Orchid smiled.

?I?m,? Phoenix sighed and punched the base of a tree so hard it made her fist bleed. The wound instantly closed itself back up, ??glad I knew you..? The reaper struggled to say something nice, and when it finally came out, it didn?t sound so bad. Once you got past the bleeding fist anyway?

?Yeah, you too?? Those eyes closed for a moment. ?For a raging bitch, you didn?t turn out to be half bad,? she smiled.

?You have to admit, you can get pretty annoying??

?Yeah, that I can?? Orchid chuckled softly and let Phoenix lead her off into the woods. Going on one last walk that she wouldn?t come back from.

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Re: Sleepless Night
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2018, 01:21:52 AM »
[size=11]Within the safety of the village, Orchid sat alone near the graveyard. So many lives lost to the war, and yet she was still standing. It bothered her because she knew she shouldn't have been. She stared passed the meager fence, which had been destroyed and rebuilt countless times, as well as most of the village. Her presence wasn't the only one, though. A certain reaper had followed suit, though Orchid had a feeling she wasn't paying her respects. Phoenix stepped up behind her, looking down before she sat suddenly by her side and stared out next to her. "You remember how after I brought you back.."

" died?" Orchid cut her off, glancing over and then away. "...yeah, I remember.."

Phoenix gave her a look, and then rolled her eyes. "Well, yeah… but do you remember how I came back?" she didn’t wait for an answer. "They did the same thing to bring me back, as they did for you.."

"It wasn’t the same," Orchid muttered, hugging her knees to her chest.
"Your soul got put in another body that didn’t have one," she corrected. "The other Orchid's life was stolen from her," she spat. "You can’t justify that...nobody can.."

"I mean...she kinda sucked, so..."

Orchid had tried to hold back her laughter, which only made her raspberry slightly and shake her head. "Look, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but...the only thing I got out of it was that...bringing me back, also got you killed.."

Phoenix leaned back on one of her hands and shook her head, "I'm not going to tell you how to feel, I'm just going to say this.." Silver eyes locked on Orchid’s, "You didn’t choose this, it got chosen for you. Just like I chose to bring you back. You owe it to your alternate, and everybody that mourned for you, to live your life. It's a second chance--"


"Fine. Third. Whatever… The point is, whether you wanted it or not, you got it. Make the most of it."

"Why did you?" asked Orchid.

"Why did I what?"

"Why'd you bring me back?"

Phoenix looked at the tallest house in the village, one where Katan had surely been sleeping, with their two children tucked into their beds. "For him," she answered honestly. "It was for him," she admitted. She glanced over at Orchid, and shrugged a shoulder. "I'm glad I did, though. I know we had our differences, but… It was always hard not to...y' you, or whatever…"

"You like me..." Orchid made a proud little face.
"Well, you're feeling better," she stood up. "I'm gonna go now," Phoenix muttered.

“Aw come on… No hug?” Orchid asked, holding her arms out as Phoenix walked away.
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