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Winter Wedding Presents
« on: December 15, 2017, 01:46:55 PM »
December 10th, 2014

December had brought snow to South Dakota, but in southern Europe, the weather was still warm enough to believe it was only early fall. Ares' villa in Porto Heli was the perfect place for a winter wedding - the wedding of Sam and Becky, to be precise. Despite their initial eagerness, they had been patient enough to let her older sister get married first, which had offered up a surprising side effect of its own - Jo was pregnant again, heavily so by the time December came around, and to everyone's surprise, it was twins. But even being heavy around the middle wasn't going stop Jo from attending her eldest son's wedding, despite needing to take a ride on the Olympian express, as Ellen had taken to calling being ferried around by Ares and Ayden.

If anyone was excited about this wedding, it was Dean. Sure, it was a little weird to know your eldest son was getting married, when in reality, he'd only been born a few years earlier, but weird was all part and parcel for the Winchesters and their extended family and friends. There were essentially two Sams now - their little boy who was affectionately now known as Bertie and the older version who'd hopped back in time and decided to stay. Sam had known things about the future, his own and his parents, but it seemed that future had changed. He'd never anticipated meeting Becky or joining the Men of Letters, and he certainly couldn't have predicated Jo was going to have twins. None of these things had happened in his world and timeline. In changing the past, they'd somehow changed his whole future - their future - for the better. And so, here it was December in the year 2014 and Sam Winchester, son of Dean and Jo, was getting married to Becky Hoffman.

They'd asked Ares to perform the ceremony for them, and the God of War had been talked into it by his own wife, a former mortal herself and the aunt of the groom. Ayden had been giggling to herself for most of the day; her natural psychic abilities had been heightened in becoming Olympian herself. It was safe to say she knew something interesting was going to happen today, but she was being very careful to keep it to herself. Still, that might have explained the presence of Hebe, lurking on the sidelines. So there they were, beneath the surprisingly warm sun in the gardens of Ares' villa, both families come together to witness the marriage of the youngest of their active number.

One couldn't have asked for a more perfect day, especially for December. It was warm and sunny - a perfect day for a wedding. Sam was dressed in a white tux, while Dean and Ares were contrasting in black. None of them had any idea what the day held in store for them, except Ayden, and Ayden wasn't talking, but it was a certainty this wedding wouldn't be a repeat of the tragedy that had befallen Dean and Jo's.

The ladies themselves were an interesting contrast of colors - Jo in black, her bunk-bed bump seemingly huge on her slight frame; Ellen in a muted shade of blue; Ayden in eye-popping red. And Becky, of course, in white; long lace sleeves on a gown that hugged her slender frame, her dark hair left curling about her shoulders. She didn't have eyes for anyone but Sam, her hands tangled with his as she smiled up at him, ready to be his wife.

The wedding ceremony itself was to be a fairly simple affair, which was far better than the three-day long celebration Ares had suggested that had been the tradition in ancient times. Of course, the ceremony would be followed by the traditional feast, but Sam and Becky had insisted the ceremony itself be kept short and simple, not only for their own sakes, but that of their guests. And so, Ares got past the introduction fairly quickly and moved on to the vows.

"Sam and Becky have decided to write their own vows, stating in their own words the love they share for each other. Becky, if you would go first?"

Decided probably wasn't the right word for the fact that they had ended up writing their own vows, but Becky wasn't going to argue semantics today. She'd written so many different versions of her vows, she was worried she might say the wrong one, but this was her moment in the spotlight. Flexing her fingers in Sam's grasp, she tilted her eyes to his.

"Well ... we've had milestones already," she said quietly. "Things that, for another couple, would have meant the end. You threw up on me; I stabbed your mother. But this is the world we live in. It isn't safe, it isn't calm. It is ours, and we're privileged to know the reality, rather than the safety blanket. I'm privileged that you chose me to stand with you here in the shadows. I know I'm pedantic, and annoying, and I don't always react the way that you need me to, but ... I love you, Sam. I don't believe that I will ever love anyone the way that I love you. You're a gift. I won't ever take you for granted."

Sam smiled, almost chucking at the honest, forthright way Becky said her vows. Neither of them were romantics - they'd both been through too much for that - but if nothing else, they were honest, and that was more then could be said for some couples.

Ares turned expectantly to Sam, once Becky was through and nodded his head to indicate it was his turn to speak. Sam drew a slow breath. He'd practiced what he'd wanted to say a dozen times or more, but now that it was time to say it, everything he'd practiced flew out of his head.

"Becky, I'm not supposed to be here. We're not supposed to be together, but here we are. I defied heaven and hell to be here today. Some might call it foolish, foolhardy even, but I know in my heart, I'm right where I'm supposed to be - right here, with you by my side. I know I'm not perfect. I'm stubborn and moody and I probably keep too much to myself, but I love you, too, Becky. I've never loved anyone the way I love you. Whenever I get lonely or feel like I've lost my way, you're always there to remind me that I'm not alone and that the choice I made was the right one. The choice I made was you."

"And here I thought he chose me," Jo murmured to Dean under her breath, flashing her husband a fond grin. She was a little thin-lipped, unusual for her, but whatever the reason, she was not going to let it interfere with Sam's wedding. Afterward was fair game.

In front of them, Becky's smile had deepened as she leaned toward Sam, touched by his words the way he had been by hers. They were honest with each, they always had been. Romance was where you found it.

Dean smirked a little at Jo's remark. Sam had chosen to remain in this time because of his parents, but he had chosen Becky to share this life with, so in a way, they were both right. "Semantics," Dean whispered back, reaching for her hand and linking his fingers to hers. He was too distracted by the wedding to have noticed anything out of the ordinary. The twins weren't due for another month yet, so he wasn't worried. He leaned close to touch a kiss to her cheek before turning back to find Sam and Becky exchanging rings.

Briefly distracted by the sight of Alexandros rolling down the aisle with Ayden in hot pursuit, Becky giggled as she slipped the ring onto Sam's finger. "Just like a circle has no end, my love for you has no end, either," she told him, raising her eyes with a grin. "And we should probably get on with this before your Mini-Me pulls Ares' pants down."
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Re: Winter Wedding Presents
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2017, 01:47:45 PM »
"Why? I think that would be hysterical," Sam whispered back as he slid the ring onto her finger.

"I can hear you," Ares remarked, just as quietly, standing no more than two feet away from the pair.

"I give you this ring as a symbol of my never-ending love for you," Sam told Becky, trying hard not to laugh at the goings on around them.

Ellen was laughing as Hebe caught Alex and tossed him back to Ayden, glancing over at Jo and Dean with a grin that slowly faded into a smaller smile. She nudged Bobby, murmuring to him with a nod to Jo, who was gripping her seat with white knuckles in an attempt not to squeeze Dean's hand tight and give away that a certain something was happening a little earlier than expected. It wasn't the staid, quiet ceremony most people would be happier with, but it was definitely a Winchester wedding.

Dean was mostly oblivious to everything going on around him, completely focused on the wedding and beaming from ear to ear. He hadn't witnessed too many weddings in his day, all of them just within the last few years, and he was in his glory, surrounded by more family and friends than he could have ever hoped for. If only his Sam could have been here to see it, but even the thought of his brother couldn't lower his spirits today. In front of him, Becky and Sam were looking at each other expectantly and Ares was just about to pronounce them man and wife, when he felt a tug on his trousers and turned around to find Bertie grinning up at him.

"I am not finished yet, Master Robert," he scolded the boy, sweeping him up in his big arms and turning back toward the couple. "I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may ..."

He broke off with a chuckle as Sam had already pulled Becky close and was kissing her as was his due now that they were married.

As Bertie giggled, throwing his arms around his Uncle Ares' neck, Becky went easily into Sam's arms, sharing a grin through that kiss as she heard her sister and grandfather cheer from somewhere behind her. They might not have wholly approved of the family she was marrying into, but they couldn't deny that if anyone could look after her, it was Sam Winchester.

"Congratulations! Where did you say the food was?" Ephraim was quick to ask, grinning as he rose to be among the first to properly congratulate the newly-wedded couple.

"Follow me, Ephraim!" Ares broke in, Bertie easily hoisted in one arm. "I'll have you know, I made the baklava myself ... with some help, of course," he boasted as he led the older man toward the feast that had been laid out a short distance away. Now that his part in the ceremony was over, he could relax and enjoy the party.

Jo raised her head, offering Dean a warm smile. "Why don't you get Henry settled, baby?" she suggested, nodding toward his grandfather seated close to them. "I'll take my time with my passengers."

"Are you sure?" Dean asked, seeing as how Ares seemed to have taken charge of their son. There were enough adults around to wrangle the two boys without much trouble. Dean had never even known about Henry's existence until recently. In a way, it was Becky and Sam who had brought them together, and Dean was enjoying getting to know his father's father at long last.

"Of course I'm sure." If Jo sounded a little strained, no doubt he could put it down to the weight of their unexpected twins pressing on as she sat down.

A gentle hand touched Jo's shoulder, drawing their attention to Hebe, Ares' mischievous but gentle-hearted sister. "I will take care of your wife, if you wish it," she offered warmly. After all, taking care of Jo was the sole reason Ayden had insisted on inviting her.

Dean looked from one woman to the other, a puzzled look on his face. Jo was pregnant, yes, but she wasn't due for at least a few weeks yet, wasn't she? "Why would I need you to take care of my wife?" he asked, curiously and just a little defensively. After all, wasn't that his job?

Jo glanced between the pair of them and sighed. "Because I'm in labor, baby," she told him gently, patting his leg. "Won't need to do anything for at least an hour yet. I didn't want to worry you."

"You're what?!" Dean exclaimed, loud enough for his voice to carry beyond that of just Jo and Hebe. Of course, they'd been through this once before, so he had a better idea what to expect, but he hadn't been expecting this today, of all days.

"A little louder, Big Bird, I don't think they heard you in Sparta," Ayden joined in, Alexandros perched on her hip and grinning his gummy grin at everyone around him. "Calm down, okay? Everything is catered for. What good would I be if I didn't see this coming?"

"Catered for?" Dean echoed, his one-track mind focused on his wife now and starting to panic. Why facing an imminent birth was a scarier prospect than facing a monster, he wasn't sure. "Why are you talking about food when Jo is in labor?"

Ayden eyed her brother for a long moment, and gave up. "Grandpa? Shall we go and have something to eat?" Ignoring Dean now, his little sister offered her arm to Henry with a smile as Jo let out a helpless laugh.

"Dean ... do you remember what your little sister's special gift is?"

Dean eyed her back, almost as if he daring her to challenge him. "Of course, I do! It's to annoy me!" he said, calling after his sister, a little too loudly. But it was all in good fun. He didn't really mean any of it, and hopefully, Ayden knew him well enough to know that. "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked, turning his attention back to Jo, now that Henry was in good hands.

Jo rolled her eyes, pausing for a long moment to let her contraction pass. "What good would it have done?" she pointed out to Dean fondly. "You'd have made me miss Sam's wedding, and you would have missed it, too, for what? Hours of watching me pacing around and swearing. We're in good hands here, you know. Gods and all."

"Yeah, it's not exactly Allstate," Dean said, taking a look around and quoting a car insurance commercial. Better than car insurance, actually. "So, are we doing this here then?" he asked, turning back to Jo. "I mean, what's the time frame here? Are we talking minutes, hours, days?"

"May I?" Hebe asked, her hand hovering over Jo's rigid bump. The woman in question managed a pained nod, and the Goddess of Youth laid her palm gently on the cresting rise for a moment. "An hour, perhaps a little less until your water breaks," she offered. "At most, an hour after that. I would not recommend eating anything until afterward."

Dean felt the panic rising, but thankfully, held it in check. It's just a baby, he told himself. We've been through this before. Everything will be fine. We're in good hands. Two babies! he inwardly corrected himself. Had Ayden foreseen that, he wondered? Sam sure as hell hadn't. "Okay, so, uh, what do we do until then?" he asked uncertainly, looking to Hebe for help.

"Until her water breaks, staying upright and moving is best," Hebe suggested, smiling at Jo's grimace. "You'll know when it's time to find somewhere to give birth, and I am sure Ayden has somewhere prepared for you."

Jo sighed. "At least someone knows what's going on."
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Re: Winter Wedding Presents
« Reply #2 on: December 15, 2017, 01:48:19 PM »
Dean moved to his feet, frowning a little. He wasn't unhappy, but he was a little worried and slightly annoyed he hadn't been told, but then his reaction to the news was proof of why they'd kept it from him. So, was he allowed to eat, he wondered, or should he abstain in support of Jo? "Can I get you anything?" he asked, glancing toward those gathering around the food. "Glass of water? Ice chips?"

Jo rolled her eyes at him, wrapping her hand into his. "You can put me somewhere closer to everyone else, and make sure you eat something yourself," she informed him. "And I swear to god, Dean, if you start hovering, I will black your eye."

"Hover? Me? Why would I hover?" Dean replied, with a straight face. He leaned over to take hold of her arm and held her to her feet. "You are starting to look a little like the Goodyear blimp, baby," he teased.

The look Jo gave him was possibly the most threatening she'd ever landed in his direction. "You wanna maybe rephrase that?" she suggested, prepared to give him a chance to rethink teasing her about her size when she was carrying his children in her womb and struggling with labor. Hebe, on the other hand, had discreetly slipped out of range.

Dean shrugged, feigning innocence. "I'm just saying," he said, though that was hardly an apology or an explanation. "Where do you want to go, Mama? I've got my eyes on the baklava."

Jo snorted with laughter, biting down on a pained sound as she leaned into him for a moment. "Okay, it's more painful standing up," she managed as the contraction faded. "Put me in a comfortable chair with a glass of water, and go feed yourself, princess. You're gonna need your strength if you wanna be holding two babies by this evening."

All teasing aside, Dean frowned worriedly again, as he noticed the way she was struggling against the contraction. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked, though she'd already warned him once not to hover.

"I will be when they're born," she informed him as lightly as she could, trying to offer up a reassuring smile. "C'mon, before Sam starts worrying, too." She gave him a gentle tug toward the rest of the party, aware that Becky, at least, had noticed they were straggling a little.

"Everything's gonna be okay, right, Jo?" Dean asked, as he led her slowly toward the gathering. Despite everything they'd overcome, he couldn't help but worry sometimes, especially when things were going too well. He wondered if he shouldn't have a word with his sister.

"Honey, this year I came back from the dead for, what, the third time?" she pointed out with a faint smile. "I seriously doubt birthing twins is going to top that, somehow. We still haven't decided what we're calling the other one, anyway, whether it's a boy or a girl."

"You haven't asked Ayden?" he asked, brows arching upwards. His sister had a knack for seeing the future, which had only gotten stronger after drinking the nectar of the Olympians. "I mean, one of them has to be Hope, right?"

"Well, obviously one of them is Hope," Jo pointed out, pausing to catch her breath. "God, I swear they're getting heavier ... We know one of them is Hope. But we don't know if she's got a brother or sister in there."

They'd been over this a few times already and had never been able to decide which it might be. "It doesn't really matter, so long as he or she is healthy, I guess, but we're gonna need a name," he said, repeating what she'd just said a moment earlier. "You have any ideas?" he asked, as he led her toward a comfortable-enough looking chair, just far enough away from the chaos so as not to be in the middle of it

"Ellen suggested something for a girl," she offered, throwing Sam a reassuring smile as Dean helped her to ease down onto the chair. "You know how the -anna Beth part of my name gets forgotten a lot? She suggested Annabel."

"Anna for short," Dean suggested because it was bound to happen. He frowned a little, another thought crossing his mind. It was something he'd been thinking about for a while, but had been hesitant to suggest. "If it is a girl, would you mind Mary for a middle name?"

"Why would I mind that?" she asked him pointedly. "If it's a girl, of course she should have Mary's name somewhere in her own. Go and get something to eat. I'm fine here."

His face brightened, looking relieved, though it was going to be a long day. "You sure?" he asked, feeling a little guilty about eating when he couldn't.

"Dean ... eat something, or I will get someone to force food down your throat," his charming wife threatened. "And make sure your son knows everything's okay. Both versions."

"Yes, dear," Dean replied, smiling finally. He leaned down to touch a kiss to her cheek before straightening. "Want me to send someone over to keep you company?"

"That would be lovely, thank you." She smiled as she relaxed back into the chair, careful to hide her wince until he'd turned away, rubbing her hand over her bump. "Just you two hurry up in there," she murmured to the unborn children. "That food looks delicious, and I'm not getting any of it, thanks to you."

Dean finally made his way over to the food, a few words said here and there, and it was Sam who was the first to make his way over toward Jo. Though he was the groom, he didn't think Becky would mind if he left her alone to check in with his mother a moment. They had the rest of their lives together, after all.

"Hey, Mom. Why didn't you tell us you're in labor?" he asked, crouching down in front of her, despite the tuxedo he was wearing. He handed her a glass of water, feeling bad she couldn't share in the feast. "We could have postponed the wedding."

Jo couldn't help laughing at Sam's opening line, taking the glass from him as he crouched down. "Little man, you already postponed this thing once," she reminded him. "I wasn't going to give you any excuse to do it again. Besides, it kinda fits, doesn't it? Hope smashing her way into the world the day you get married?"

He chuckled a little at a few things she was saying. Calling him "little man", for one thing. He wasn't so little anymore and had never been little to her, except for the smaller, younger version of himself that had yet to grow up. "It's just like Hope to crash a party," he remarked, though there was a hint of sadness in his smile. The Hope that was going to be born wasn't his Hope anymore than he was Bertie. Things had changed; he and Hope had changed them.

"Hey." Jo reached out, gently sweeping his hair back off his face. "She's still gonna love you, you know. No one's ever going to compare to you. Bertie's her big brother, sure. But you're his big brother, and you know her before her personality starts to make itself known. You'll know her better than any of us, and she'll love you for it. I promise you."

"I'll be more like an uncle than a brother," Sam pointed out, drawing comfort from his mother's touch, even if she wasn't that much older than him at this point in time. But he wasn't complaining. He'd made the choice to stay, just as Hope had chosen to return. He had no regrets, except that he missed her.

"You're family, that's all that matters." Jo's fingers curled to his neck as she bent awkwardly forward to kiss his forehead. "You did good, kid. I'm proud of you, always."

"Thanks, Mom," he said, smiling again. He wasn't sure what Hope had gone home to, but he hoped they'd changed the future for the better. It was what they'd come here to do. As for himself, he had no complaints. "I'm happy, Mom. Really, I am. I got married today. How can I not be happy?" he asked, with a small laugh. His life, like so many of those around him, was bittersweet, full of love and loss, but he tried hard to focus on the love and not so much on the loss.

Jo smiled at him, glad to see him so relaxed in his own skin. It had taken a long time for him to find this comfortable part of himself in this time, and a good part of that had been finding Becky. She was never going to be able to thank the girl enough for giving Sam her time and her heart. "Just, you know, no babies until I've finished with the vending machine routine myself, okay?" she teased fondly.
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Re: Winter Wedding Presents
« Reply #3 on: December 15, 2017, 01:48:53 PM »
Sam laughed. "I'm not sure Dad would appreciate that analogy," he told her, eyes so like his father's dancing with amusement. "Things have already changed," he said, weaving his fingers into Jo's. It didn't seem to matter much what their age difference was in this time; she was and always would be his mother. He'd lost her once, and he wasn't about to lose her again. "Far as I know, you never had twins."

"I don't think the change is that big," Jo tried to assure him. "Don't tell your dad this, but I know for a fact there's two girls in here, and they're identical. One tiny difference, sweetheart - one egg split in two. They're both going to be Hope, at least genetically."

"Two girls?" he echoed, arching his brows. "But what about Johnny?" he asked, wondering if his little brother would ever be born or had that changed, too? There was still time yet, of course, but there was no way of knowing if his parents would want a fourth child, now that they were having twins.

Jo's brow rose, though she had to pause before answering, not wanting to worry him with any strain in her voice. "You really think that there won't be a Johnny?" she asked gently. "Your dad's excited to meet him. So am I. Besides, we can't have Bertie outnumbered, can we?"

"I'm sorry," he found himself apologizing. "It's just hard not knowing what will happen sometimes and wondering if things will happen the same." That wasn't exactly what was bothering him, though. It was the fact that he often missed his younger siblings, Hope and Johnny, more than he cared to admit, but he'd always believed they'd join him here again someday, even if he did have to watch them grow up all over again.

Jo considered him for a moment. "You know Bertie said his first word earlier today," she mused, stroking her thumb over his fingers. "I'm willing to bet you can't guess what it was."

"Probably Da-Da," Sam remarked, with a smile. He knew how much Bertie looked up to his father - their father - because in a way, Sam was Bertie, just an older version of him. "I'm glad he'll grow up in a world that's better than the one we did," he said, meaning himself and Hope and Johnny. "I'm gonna make sure of that."

"Actually ... it was "Sammy"," Jo told him with a grin, squeezing his hand. "I know you will, little man. We all will. Your dad and me, we're not going anywhere. We're going to be embarrassing you when your daughters are bringing home nice men or women to meet the parents."

Sam's eyes widened to learn Bertie's first word had been his name, but then he was rolling his eyes and laughing at the rest of what she'd said. "It should be fun trying to explain why our kids aren't much older than my siblings," he said, though it wasn't all that unusual when there was an age gap such as theirs between births. If anyone did the math, though, they'd wonder how Jo had birthed Sam at such a young age. "Wait," he said abruptly, as something else she said seemed to hit home. "Daughters?" He furrowed his brows quizzically. "Have you been talking to Ayden?"

She laughed, one hand pressing onto her bump as the amusement helped to weather through another contraction. "Sammy ... since she got hopped up on god-juice, has Ayden ever given anyone a straight answer to a question like that?" she asked with a wide grin.

Sam grinned, as he glanced over at the eclectic group of guests mingling near the food. There was his father, standing near Ayden while gobbling up the food on his plate. "How much do you wanna bet he's pestering her about the twins right now?"

"And losing," Jo agreed warmly. She squeezed his hand. "You should go and mingle, little man. I'm okay, I promise. And you get to hold your little sisters tonight before you two go disappearing off to some romantic destination for a week or two."

"I should probably go find Becky," he said, though he didn't want to leave Jo alone either. "May I?" he asked, lifting a hand toward her bump, but asking permission before he dared touch.

"Of course you can." She let her hand fall, hoping he wouldn't be able to feel the tension in her gravid belly between contractions. It wasn't the best sensation, even from the outside, but hopefully he wouldn't know what he was feeling.

Very gently, he laid his hand against his mother's bump, inside which his little sisters were getting ready to be born. "You two go easy on, Mom, you hear?" he whispered, leaning a little bit closer, so that they could hear what he was telling them. "Don't give her a hard time, or you're gonna have to answer to me," he warned them, with a smirk and a wink up at Jo.

"I'd listen if I was you," Jo added with a low laugh. "He's got a scary wife now who'll back him up if you don't do what you're told. She uses words longer than your legs."

Sam chuckled, giving Jo's bump a gentle rub. "I can't wait to meet them," he told her, leaning close to brush a kiss to her cheek. "I better go find Becky. Are you sure I can't get you anything?" he asked. Or anyone.

She pecked a gentle kiss to his cheek in answer. "I'm sure, kiddo," she promised him. "Go and enjoy yourself - it's your wedding day!" After all, she had her glass of water and was pretty sure she was under the watchful eye of at least one Olympian, not to mention more than one nosy mortal.

"I love you, Mom," he whispered, needing her to know that. Even if she hadn't really been the woman who'd raised him, in a strange way she was. It didn't much matter whether she was the Jo of the past or the future; to him, she was just Mom.

"I love you back, Sam," she promised him fondly. "Now shoo, before your aunt winds your dad so tight he explodes." She nodded toward Dean and Ayden - the newest Olympian on the block was grinning mischievously at her brother, quite deliberately keeping her mouth shut, it seemed. That surprise side-effect of no one being able to lie to her, and her not being able to lie to anyone, was resulting in some interesting conversations these days.

All Dean wanted to know was whether the twins were going to consist of a boy and a girl or two girls, as it was already assumed one of the babies waiting to be born was that of their daughter Hope. All he wanted was a yes or a no, but it seemed Ayden was being coy.

Sam glanced over at the pair and chuckled. "I better go rescue her," he said before turning back. "Thanks, Mom." What he was thanking her for, he didn't say, nor did he think it needed saying. She loved him and accepted him for who he was and that was enough.

Jo smiled, waving him on his way as she took a sip from her water. One hand rubbed over the tense crown of her belly - the main event couldn't come fast enough for her liking.

By the table, Ayden had managed to school her grin into something less teasing for her brother. "You do know that if I tell you this, you're going to think you can get answers about the future all the time, right?"

"What's the point of knowing the future if you can't tell anyone? I assume if you knew something bad was going to happen, you'd warn me, so why can't you share good stuff, too? I mean, it is possible to change things, if you know what's going to happen in advance, right?" Dean argued, though there were some things - like the birth of their twins - that couldn't be changed, nor did he want them to be changed. "Just how far into the future can you see?" he asked, narrowing his eyes suspiciously at her and wondering just how much she knew.

Ayden rolled her eyes. "The future is always changing, Dean," she reminded him. "It isn't a set stone path. I see all the possibilities. Which, you might think, would be why I don't talk about it."

"Well, there aren't that many possibilities here, Ay. It's either a boy and a girl, two girls, or two boys, but since we already know Hope is in there, it kind of narrows the possibilities. I mean, it's not like there's a chance they might be Siamese twins or something, right?" he asked, though the mention of that put a worried expression on his face. "They're gonna be okay, right? Healthy and everything?"
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Re: Winter Wedding Presents
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That, at least, was something she could reassure him about. "They'll be fine," she promised her brother gently. "A little bit smaller than you were expecting, that's all. Why else do you think I asked Hebe to be here today? I knew this was gonna happen, Dean."

"And Jo will be fine, too?" he asked, though he still didn't think the future was set in stone. He thought maybe she could see probabilities, but the outcome still depended on their actions. Wasn't that sort of what she'd just told him? He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to find Sam standing there with a grin on his face.

"My turn. Mom says you need to relax before you explode."

"Jo's going to be fine," Ayden promised her brother. It might take a while, but he was eventually going to put two and two together and realize that since she'd known Jo was going to go into labor today, she'd made all the arrangements to make certain it would go well. Sam's arrival was a relief, though.

"I'm not gonna explode," Dean countered. "I'm just worried is all."

Sam chuckled a little, though the apple didn't really fall too far from the tree - like father, like son. "Dad, stop worrying. Everything's gonna be fine."

"Easy for you to say, Future Boy," Dean muttered, which only made Sam laugh harder. "I'm only human, you know! No superpowers or time travel here," he reminded them both.

"No, you just popped through a portal from an alternate reality. Nothing unusual about that," Sam said, chuckling again.

"So ..." A new voice entered the conversation - Becky, coming to help diffuse the panic a little. "Does this mean I get to call you Dad now, Dean?" she asked sweetly, leaning up to kiss her new father-in-law's cheek as Ayden laughed behind her hand.

Dean spun around, surprised by the kiss, and eying Becky suspiciously before his expression softened. "I guess you can, if you want. Is it me or do I look a little too young to have a twenty-year old?" he asked, looking around at the group with an expression that was hard to tell if he was kidding or serious.

"Would you prefer it if we didn't call you Dad?" Sam asked, seriously.

Dean grinned back. "Nah, your Mom and I had you when I was twelve," he teased, slapping Sam on the back before departing to go check on Jo ... again.

Becky snorted with laughter, looping her arm about Sam's back. "At least he isn't panicking," she mused. "Would I be right in guessing you're going to have a couple of babies to cuddle in a few hours?"

"He's pretty close to panicking!" Sam remarked with another chuckle, as he wrapped his arm around Becky's waist. "Why don't you ask Ayden that question?" he added with a smirk.

She laughed, touching her cheek to his shoulder. "Because I'm not an idiot who thinks I can get an oracle goddess to say anything concrete?" she suggested in amusement. "Your great-grandfather just flirted Leah into blushing, by the way. I'm impressed."

"My ... what?" Sam exclaimed, turning his head to search the small crowd for his great-grandfather. Unable to locate him, he turned back to Becky. "Mom's in labor. I think she's been in labor all day," he told her, with a small worried frown, though that was good news.

Sure enough, Henry Winchester was comfortably ensconced with Becky's sister, applying a healthy dose of old-school charm to great effect. Becky pointed him out to her husband before gently taking his hands in hers. "Sam, do you think, even for a moment, that Ayden would risk anything bad happening to your mom?" she asked him pointedly.

Sam spied his grandfather finally, chatting Leah's ear off. The man was nearly 100 years old and was still pretty spry, but he knew no one lived forever. "I kinda wish Dad would get to know him better." He didn't bother to add, "before it's too late".

"With one in the bunker and one in South Dakota, that might be a vain hope," Becky warned him in a gentle tone. "But they're friendly with each other, that's more than we really expected. After all, in this timeline, Henry really did abandon John."

"What about in Dad's timeline, though?" Sam countered, not really knowing a whole lot about his father's real past, as he rarely if ever talked about it. He knew he was named for his uncle, but even that was a sore subject.

"He didn't have any choice," Ayden told him softly. "But our version of that Dean never found that out. He's lived his whole life with John's version of events - that Henry left one night and never came back. I think friendly is the best you can hope for, Sam."

"I guess," Sam admitted, as Ayden explained. "But that Dean died, didn't he?" he asked, not wanting to upset Ayden with that reminder, but it was a little confusing, and the fact that Sam was from the future only confused things further. "I wonder what it was like for my Dad." Maybe this wasn't the time to think about that though. They were supposed to be celebrating.

Ayden's eyes clouded over, but she made the effort not to let her sadness at that memory show itself too plainly. "Yes, he did," she nodded. "What I meant was ... this Dean, our Dean, he never found out the truth of what happened in his original timeline. So he has the same opinion. John ... was a hard man, and he blamed a lot of that on Henry, in both timelines."

"He never talks about it," Sam admitted, sorry he'd mentioned that other Dean's death. "Sorry, Ayden. I shouldn't have said anything," he told her, looking genuinely remorseful. He wasn't sure why they were talking about death when it was his wedding day anyway.

"He'd have been proud of you too, you know," his aunt said quietly. "Him and Sam. If things had been different, they'd have been the ones here today with you." In one possible timeline, anyway. She smiled, reaching over to hug him affectionately. "Stop worrying so much. Trust me, okay? Today is all about celebrating. Just make sure you tell your mom or dad whether you prefer Anna or Annabel."

"I'm not sure if I'd have even been born then," Sam pointed out, since it was the Dean and Jo from that other reality that were his parents. It was confusing at best and not something he liked to think about much. He hugged her back, drawing comfort from her embrace, even though the Ayden he'd known in his own timeline was twenty years older than this one. "Annabel?" he echoed, looking puzzled.

"The second one's gonna be named after your mom," Ayden explained with a grin. "Joanna Beth, Annabel. She's either going to be Anna or Annabel - you can swing them on the one you'd rather have your little sister called."

Becky laughed beside them. "Are you supposed to be sharing that?" she asked in amusement.

Ayden's grin broadened. "Hey, Jo only asked me to make sure Dean doesn't know in advance he's gonna have two baby girls on his hands."

Sam mirrored his father's expression, looking a little confused, but if anyone knew the future wasn't set in stone, it was Sam. "Everything's changing," he murmured quietly, more to himself than to either of them.

"Which was the idea," Ayden reminded him, gently squeezing his hand as she stepped away, leaving him to Becky.

Sam's new wife knew that look on his face, turning to loop both arms about his waist as she caught his eye. "Are you really going to sulk on our wedding day?" she asked him with a teasing little smirk. "When I'm wearing stockings just for your enjoyment?"

That made Sam smile anyway, though he was sorry he'd almost made his Aunt Ayden cry. "No," he replied, turning to face her and circling his arms around her waist, too. "Do I look like I'm sulking?" he said, offering her a smile that was soft and warm and full of affection. "Are you teasing me, Mrs. Winchester?" he asked, that smile turning to a smirk.
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Re: Winter Wedding Presents
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"Maybe a little bit," she admitted impishly. "Question is, though ... is it working? Or do I have to drop more enormous hints about what's under this dress to drive you wild enough to find a closet and do a little consummating ahead of schedule?"

"Oh, is that your plan?" he asked, with a hint of amusement in his eyes. He took a quick look around to see if anyone was watching. "How long do we have to stay?" he asked, leaning close to brush his lips against the side of her neck.

She laughed softly against his ear, her fingers flexing with affectionate impatience in the folds of his tux. "We could slip away for an hour or so and come back in something more comfortable for the evening," she suggested, gently nipping at his ear.

"Think anyone will miss us?" he asked, though if his mother gave birth any time soon, they might not miss them at all for a while. He was trying hard to master his body, but his body had other ideas.

Becky laughed her softly husky laugh against his ear again. "Sam ... we just got married," she reminded him wickedly. "Even if they do miss us, they're not going to come looking. Your dad might yell a few tips through the door, but he's a little distracted, anyway."

Sam smiled, that mischievous gleam in his eyes again. "Where do you want to sneak off to?" he asked, obviously not opposed to the idea, though he was hoping his father wouldn't do as she said.

"There's a whole bedroom I got dressed in," she grinned cheerfully, nuzzling a slow kiss to his lips. "With a lock on the door and everything." A loud laugh drew the eye to where Alexandros and Bertie were investigating each other, holding the attention of everyone else gathered around. "That's our cue."

Sam's head swung toward the sound of laughter before turning back to his new bride. "Lead the way," he said, though he knew his way around Ares' villa almost as well as Ares himself.

As the newly-weds slipped away, Ayden tucked herself under her own husband's arm. "Coping with the strangeness of a mortal wedding better this time, gappy-toes?" she asked him, deliberately mangling the Greek endearment that was his preferred way to refer to her.

Ares furrowed his brows at his own bride, even as she slipped beneath his arm. "Why do you always insist on calling me that?" he asked, thinking she was purposely mangling his Greek, which was exactly what she was doing.

"Because you always rise to it," she informed him fondly, rising up onto her toes to kiss his bearded cheek. After all, she was perfectly capable of using the correct word these days; using that version was all about teasing her warlike husband.

"I could just as easily rise to something else," he told her, with a teasing gleam in his eyes, clearly referring to a different kind of rising. He hadn't yet noticed that Becky and Sam had snuck off, but it wouldn't have mattered much if he had.

Ayden giggled softly, hugging his arm. "We are hosting this party, darlin'," she reminded him in amusement. "It'd be very rude to just rush off and play, especially when Jo's about an hour away from having two new babies for everyone to cuddle."

"She's going to have them here?" he asked, glancing over at the woman in question who was relaxing in a chair, Dean right beside her, despite her warning for him not to hover. "I hope she has the good sense not to have them on the lawn."

"Did you not even notice that I invited your sister to Sam's wedding?" she asked laughingly. "Hebe knows more about delivering babies than I do, and the healing stuff, too. Everything's set up and ready for them in the guest room, and this way means that Jo doesn't have to spend the next three months feeling awful about the way she looks and feels. She's just going to be tired."

"No, I noticed. Of course, I noticed," he quickly replied, as if to cover his own mistake. "I just thought you were being polite in inviting her," he said, regarding his sister's appearance at the wedding. "What else do you know that you aren't telling me, wife?" he asked, turning to face her, his big arms going around her tiny waist.

Enveloped in Ares' arms, Ayden knew they made an odd couple at first glance. The frankly huge God of War towered over his significantly smaller wife, a goddess herself since the birth of their son. But Ayden didn't mind. She'd never minded being dwarfed by Ares, even right at the beginning. "Everything," she told him, as much an honest answer as a tease, and they both knew it.

"Can you tell me when Alexandros will have a baby sister?" he asked, that hint of teasing in his eyes again. He was careful to phrase the question so that she didn't have to answer it completely honestly if she didn't want to.

"Yes, I am very capable of telling you when that will happen," she informed him, giggling her way through an answer that she knew was just as frustrating as having her not answer at all.

"Does that mean it will happen?" he asked, as amused by this line of questioning as she seemed by answering. He knew the future was changeable and that she saw probabilities, and he was satisfied with that. Even the Gods couldn't predict everything.

Of course, giving a straight answer was a problem when it came to speaking with most people - the main side effect of her enhanced gift was an inability to lie. But Ares didn't really count as most people; he knew intimately that an answer given didn't necessarily mean the future would not change before it arrived. "Yes, it does," she told him, biting her lip with a smile.

"And do you know when this event will happen?" he asked, pressing her further, though he knew she might not want to answer that question. There was a smirk on his face as he contemplated having another child, now that Alexandros wasn't waking them in the middle of the night anymore.

"I would rather not put a date on it," she said carefully, not failing to answer so much as answering implicitly. She laughed, hugging him about the waist fondly. "You know better than to try and pin down the future, anyway. Enjoy your son while he's still tiny."

"Well, I was just thinking perhaps we could work on making that a reality," he said, not having to hint too hard about what he meant by that. If his sexual appetite was anything to go by, they might end up with half a dozen children before they were through.

"I thought we do that pretty much every night anyway," she teased with deep affection in her tone.

A little way away, Jo suddenly gasped softly, sitting straighter as she glanced at Dean, half-laughing at her surprise. "I think now is the time I should really go and get out of this dress, baby."

Attentive to her needs, Dean reached to help his wife up from the chair, as soon as she gave the word. "Ayden, it's time!" he called, though it should probably have been Hebe he called for. Several heads turned toward Jo when they heard Dean's announcement, not a single person wondering out loud where Becky and Sam had disappeared to. At least, not yet.

"I know, Big Bird, keep your wig on," Ayden told her brother. "Why don't you help your wife inside and into something more comfortable? You know where your room is - it's all ready for you."

"I'm not wearing a wig," Dean muttered, taking his sister literally, as he drew an arm around Jo's waist. "You okay, baby? Can you walk?" he asked, unsure if he should carry her instead. He knew Jo had her pride, anyway.

"Yanno, I don't think they heard you in Athens. Wanna try announcing that again?" Bobby remarked as he wandered over to see if they needed any help.

Jo rolled her eyes, grateful for the help as she stood upright once again. "I can walk," she promised him firmly. She lowered her voice to add something for his ears only. "At least until we're out of sight, anyway. Don't start giving Ellen ideas."
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Re: Winter Wedding Presents
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"What was that, Joanna? I didn't quite catch that," Bobby remarked as he got closer, just managing to overhear his wife's name being mentioned.

"Because you weren't supposed to, nosy," Jo countered to Bobby with a warm inflection to her voice. She did, however, have to pause rather quickly to weather through another contraction at that point.

"Teasing a woman in labor's a short drive to a black eye, Bobby Singer," Ellen warned her husband cheerfully. "But by all means, let the little girl with the big bump punch you. I'll laugh."

"No, thanks. I may be stupid, but I ain't that stupid," Bobby replied, just as cheerfully, though sometimes it was hard to tell. "What can we do to help?" he asked, the question mostly aimed at Jo.

"Just keep an eye on Bertie for us," Dean replied, already starting to help Jo toward the villa before she dropped the twins on the lawn.

"Enjoy the party," Jo told him, gently squeezing Dean's hand. Hebe was already on her way into the villa, apparently well aware of what was expected of her. Ellen nodded, understanding that there was a time and a place for hovering relatives. "And save me some of the food!" Jo added over her shoulder.

"We can do that!" Bobby called back, relieved he wasn't going to be called on to play catcher at the delivery. "You see where Sam and Becky got to lately?" he asked, with a look around but before Ellen was able to answer that question, he was making a beeline for Bertie who was just about to topple the wedding cake off the table.

Ellen laughed to herself at the sight of Bobby running after a small child. For a man who had been so certain he would be a terrible father, he made a very good grandfather. "Like we don't know where they disappeared to," she murmured in amusement. "More champagne, I think!"

It didn't take too long before Dean got Jo to their room, with Hebe trailing behind. "Can someone go find Hebe please?" he asked anyone within range of his voice, not realizing that the goddess had already beaten them to the villa until he saw her waiting for them outside their room.

"I'm pretty sure there's only one of me, but I could go and check, if you like," Hebe told him, stepping inside to shut the door behind her with a smile. "Help your wife get into something more comfortable, there's a good fellow."

Jo gripped the back of the nearest chair, one hand gesturing toward the chest of drawers. "T-shirt," she gasped through the contraction. "Any shirt."

"Mine or yours?" he asked, letting go of her only long enough to get to the chest and yank the first t-shirt out that came to hand. Unfortunately, it just happened to be an AC-DC Highway to Hell black concert tee - for a concert he'd never attended, except in his dreams.

"Right now, baby, I really don't care," she informed him in a pained tone. But she did get a look at that shirt, and knew he'd always resent their daughters for being born in it, even if he never admitted to it. "Not that one."

"What's the matter with ..." he started, as he turned to look at what he'd plucked from the drawer. "Oh." Okay, fair enough. It was his favorite t-shirt, after all. Suddenly, he was rummaging through the drawer in an attempt to find something that wasn't so dear to him. He'd only brought his favorites with him, but he finally managed to find one that he didn't mind sharing. He returned to her side with a generic black pocket t-shirt that could be easily replaced. "Better?"

Jo nodded, glad she was still able to laugh at his silly attachment to certain of his belongings even with their daughters eager to make themselves known in the world. "Better," she assured him, gesturing toward her back. "Undo me."

"You know, those are words I usually look forward to hearing," he remarked, as he tossed the t-shirt on the chair and worked the fastenings of her dress free with his fingers. Thankfully, he wasn't shaking. They'd been through this once before, but she had only been bringing one child into the world then, rather than two.

She'd also been in a hospital, but they'd still had to race against time to get her there safely before their son made his appearance. This time, there was no need for rushing, but somehow, it felt more urgent. Still, with both of them working at it, Jo was soon enough in the t-shirt, on the bed, and pushing as though her life depended on it, with Hebe offering only what little verbal encouragement was necessary. Dean was definitely the one in command of this situation, whether he wanted to be or not.

Maybe that was what made it feel so much more urgent - because they weren't in a controlled hospital situation with doctors and nurses rushing about to keep an eye on both Jo and the baby. Dean had been expecting Hebe to do most of the work, or maybe Ellen, but when it came down to it, it seemed it was up to him and Jo this time around, and that's what made it seem so urgent. He had somehow found time to wash up, shed his tuxedo jacket, and roll his sleeves up in readiness for this birthing business.

"Aren't you gonna do anything?" he asked the goddess with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"I am doing something," Hebe assured him. "I'm going to catch." She gently patted Jo's knee, softly urging the woman to give one long steady push as her hands disappeared between her legs. "When it comes right down to it, Dean, no one does anything much at a birth except the mother," she added. "How else do you think women are capable of giving birth entirely alone?"

"What am I supposed to do then?" he asked, since Hebe was taking over as catcher. He wanted to be there for Jo and to help in some way, but he wasn't quite sure how.

"Just being here with her is enough," Hebe promised him softly, her eyes intent upon the small head filling her palm. "And perhaps not whining so much. Try being encouraging to the woman birthing your children."

Dean grimaced, not particularly liking being told what to do, especially when it came to his wife. In a few minutes, he'd have plenty to do if he could just be patient until then, but at the moment, he was feeling antsy with too much nervous energy.

"I'm not whining," he muttered under his breath, though this wasn't the time to start an argument. Instead, he turned to Jo and took her hand in his, focusing his attention on her, though he didn't really know what he could say or do that might help. "You're doing great, baby. It'll all be over soon." He didn't think he was very good at offering comfort, and he thought this only proved that fact.

"You are kinda whining," Jo informed him, but the grip she had on his hand should have been enough to assure him that he was exactly where he needed to be. She wasn't a screamer; years of being a hunter, her experiences of violent death, they had all prepared her for giving birth in a very unique manner. She had her own way of detaching herself from the pain, able to push without expressing aloud any of the natural discomforts the action brought with it. There was a tiny cough from the end of the bed, and a small pair of lungs made her displeasure known loudly.

"It's a girl," Hebe told them gently, looping a loose bracelet of colored wool about the baby's wrist before tying off the cord and setting her gently in a warmed blanket to wait.

Dean had to bite his tongue when Hebe announced the baby's gender, since they'd already known at least one of the twins was a girl. As far as he knew, there was a 50-50 shot that the remaining twin would be a boy, but he had no preference so long as they were healthy. Dean's gaze followed the movement of their new daughter, anxious to hold her and make sure she had all her fingers and toes, but it wasn't their daughter that needed him right now - it was Jo. "One down, one to go," he murmured, only in part to his wife. "Nothing wrong with her lungs anyway."

Breathless, Jo leaned her head against his shoulder, glad that most of this was over and done with. "Least she did all the hard work," she gasped, managing a weary smile for Dean. "Hope ... Hope's the oldest." A gentle touch on her ankle prepared her as her body wound up for more pushing, her grasp on Dean tightening once more as she bore down.
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Re: Winter Wedding Presents
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Dean's expression sobered further as he watched Jo struggling to birth the second twin. It hurt to see her in pain, even when that pain had a purpose such as the birth of a child. What he wouldn't give to trade places with her, to suffer that pain for her, instead of watching helplessly, but this was the way things were and had been since the beginning of time. "Okay, whatever you want, baby," he told her, pushing her hair away from her face and pressing a kiss to her forehead. "Almost done. Just a few more pushes," he encouraged, though he had no way of knowing whether or not that was true.

He was right this time, though. Just a few minutes later, there were two little voices making themselves known as Hebe employed just a little of that Olympian power of hers to wash and dry the girls. "Come here and meet your daughters, Dean," she told him. "Jo and I have a little more to do yet."

"Daughters?" he echoed, surprised to learn Jo's instincts had been right - or maybe Ayden had spilled the beans, but right at that moment, he didn't much care. "You gonna be okay if I check on the ... the girls?" he asked of Jo, never letting go of her hand for a second.

Panting but smiling, Jo nodded, finally allowed a breather while her body prepared for that last expulsion before she could be healed up. "Go and say hello to your girls, Dean," she told him affectionately. "Before they summon everyone in here to look up my hoohar."

"Our girls," he corrected, smiling at long last. He brushed a kiss to her hand before letting go to look on the newest members of the family for the first time. "Jo?" he said, blinking in astonishment as he took his first look at the tiny babies. "I, uh ... I can't tell which is which. I mean ... They both look alike." Twins he was expecting, but not identical twins.

"That'd be because they're identical, princess," Jo told him with a smile, resting back on her elbows for the time being. "Future doesn't change that much. I figured, once we knew it was twins, that it was one egg split in two. Two Hopes for the price of one."

"I put a bracelet on your firstborn," Hebe told him in amusement. "Believe me, I know the difficulty around having identical children until they start to show their differences."

Both girls were screaming indignantly at being born into the world, and Dean wanted to scoop them both up in his arms and comfort them, but it wasn't that easy. Instead, he leaned close and caressed each tiny red face with a finger. "Shhh, it's all right now. No one is gonna hurt you ever. Your mama and I are gonna take real good care of you. Promise," he whispered, remembering promises he'd made before and had been unable to keep and pushing them from his mind. Things were different now. Everything was different.

"Need a hand?" a voice asked - Ayden, having made use of her newly-mastered teleportation skill, or whatever it was, to get inside the room without opening the door or announcing to everyone outside that was where she was going.

"Yeah," Dean replied, sniffling suspiciously as he hovered protectively over the newborns. "Identical girls, but I assume you knew that already," he told his sister.

"Still not pleased that I let you find out for yourself?" Ayden asked with a smile, moving forward to help him tuck the babies securely in their blankets so he'd be able to hold both at once. "It wouldn't mean as much to you if you'd known in advance."

"I don't blame you for not telling me, if that's what you mean," he replied, tucking a blanket around the one with the bracelet - the eldest that he assumed they were naming Hope. "Explains why Jo never fussed over a boy's name much, though."

Ayden rolled her eyes. "Yeah, well ... she threatened to cut her name into my arm with that Hind's Blood Dagger if I didn't give her straight answer," she smirked, knowing perfectly well that Jo wouldn't have done it. "I figured it was probably best not to push the hormonal hunter too far."

"So, did everyone know but me?" he asked, feeling a little left out, though it hardly mattered now. He couldn't have asked for a better surprise, and it was almost Christmas.

"I only told Jo," Ayden assured him, lifting the younger into her arms. It wasn't a lie, as such - she hadn't actually come out and told Sam and Becky that both babies would be girls. "Get Hope settled in one arm, Dean, then you can cuddle both of them. What did you decide to call this one, in the end?"

Over on the bed, the women had finished with the messy end of the business, Hebe working on making Jo calm and comfortable and clean after her long afternoon.

"Jo suggested Annabel ... Hope Ellen and Annabel Mary," he told her, though he wasn't sure if that was still what Jo wanted. He settled Hope in one arm, easily and naturally, like he was born to it. This wasn't his first day with a newborn baby, after all, and he'd taken to it like a duck to water.

"Sounds good to me." Ayden smiled, gently settling Annabel into his other arm, taking the opportunity to kiss her brother's cheek before stepping back. The twins were already starting to calm now they were being held.

"Well, look at you," Dean said, his expression softening as his daughters settled down now they were in their father's arms. "Wait 'til your brothers see you," he said, a soft smile on his face. "Jo, you wanna say hello to your daughters?" he asked, though unlike him, she'd been carrying them inside her for the last nine months.

Jo chuckled from where she was now sitting on the edge of the bed. "Give me a couple of minutes to get changed, baby," she told him. "And take a picture of you, because you look so cute like that." Ayden and Hebe were already gone, that helpful ability to vanish coming in very useful right about now.

He blinked as Ayden disappeared, practically right before his eyes. He wouldn't have minded if she'd stayed. As for Hebe, he was grateful for the goddess' help, but immortals still made him uncomfortable sometimes. "Are you okay?" he asked, looking over at Jo, a little surprised to see her recovering so quickly. He supposed he had Hebe to thank for that, too.

"I ... feel pretty fantastic, actually," Jo admitted as she rose to her feet. "I don't know what she did, but I don't feel like I just gave birth." She didn't look like it, either. In fact, apart from the natural swell of her breasts, she didn't look as though she had been pregnant at all.

"You look fantastic, too," he said, looking her over and noticing the change. "I guess I should thank Hebe for her help, huh? And apologize for being whiny," he added with a smirk. Now that the twins were born and all was well, he could relax a little.

She laughed, rummaging for pajamas in the chest of drawers. She didn't think anyone was going to mind that she wasn't getting dressed up again for the rest of the party. "I kinda think she already knows, baby," she assured him, shucking out of the soiled shirt and into a fresh t-shirt and shorts. "Seems like they already know you're the boss."

"Am I?" he asked, looking from one daughter to the other. "I kinda thought that was your job," he teased, as he watched her get dressed. But now was not the time to let his mind wander to that of sex when she had just birthed twins. "You think we can handle three kids under the age of three?" he asked, though it was a little late for that. He took a seat on the edge of the bed, still juggling one twin in each arm.

"It's too late to give them back now." Jo laughed, returning to sit herself on the bed with him, stroking her fingers over Annabel's soft head as she leaned close to kiss his cheek. "One more, in a few years. I think these two came early."

"One more?" he echoed, brows arching upwards. He knew what Sam had to say about the future, about his siblings. They'd met Hope in the flesh, but not even Sam had foreseen twins.

"We still need Johnny to complete the set," she reminded him with a fond smile. "But definitely in a few years. I have a feeling these three are going to be a handful for a while."

"Johnny, right," Dean replied, unsure if he believed the future could really be predicted with any real accuracy, even though the proof was right in front of him. "What if ... what if we'd decided not to name her Hope?" he asked. It wasn't that he didn't trust Ayden's visions of the future, but that he wasn't sure if they were truly set in stone.
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Re: Winter Wedding Presents
« Reply #8 on: December 15, 2017, 01:51:56 PM »
Jo tilted her head curiously. "She'd still be the girl we met," she pointed out. "But that girl would have been like Sam - a different version. Like Sam is Sam, but the little boy we have is Bertie, and he'll probably be Rob when he gets older. It's confusing, baby."

"It is and it isn't," he said. He didn't have any trouble understanding it; he only wondered what the future might hold now that it had been changed, especially where their children were concerned. "They shouldn't have to be hunters, Jo," he said after a moment's thought. "You know, Sam wanted to be a doctor ... He could have been a doctor if I hadn't dragged him back into hunting." He wasn't talking about their son Sam now, but his brother.

"We can make sure they have the choice," she told him firmly. "I never wanted to be anything but a hunter, but I don't want to force our children in that role. We'll make sure they know how to protect themselves, but if they find something they would rather do, something they believe in and love, then we'll encourage them. Hell, I'll march them onto campus myself to sign them up."

He chuckled a little, turning to face her again. "I bet you will, and I'll be right there beside you." He leaned toward her to brush a kiss against her lips, more affectionate than passionate. "That's what I love about you, Jo. What I've always loved about you." Though he didn't say exactly what that was exactly, unsure if he could put it into words.

"My convictions are so sexy, I know," she teased fondly, nuzzling to him for a moment. "Mind if I cuddle one of the girls, or are you going to defend your right to the death?"

"I don't mind, so long as I can cuddle you later," he replied with a teasing grin in return. "Which one you want? Thing 1 or Thing 2?" he asked, lifting each twin in turn a little to indicate which was which.

"You keep Thing 1, we know for sure she's a Daddy's girl," she told him, chuckling as she carefully lifted the younger out of his arms to cuddle her close. She might have been carrying them for eight months or so, but nothing really compared with cuddling a baby. "Hey there, Anna," she murmured. "How're you liking the world outside? No more getting squished in the face with Hope's big feet."

Dean had to chuckle at Jo's first words of greeting to their youngest child - a daughter neither of them had ever expected. "Did Ellen know ... That we were having two girls, I mean?" he asked, though in a way, she had already answered that question.

She shook her head. "Ayden told me, I told Sam," she told him. "No one else knew, and not before today, either. You don't really think I'd do that to you, do you?"She unwound her arm from the baby to gently stroke her fingers through his hair. "How do you feel about just Anna, rather than Annabel? It's a big prissy name for a baby with the -bel on the end there."

"Well, it is kinda like Christmas," he said chuckling as sort of compared the twins' birth to a surprise Christmas present. His expression sobered though as soon as her fingers found their way to his hair. There was something about her touch and the way she looked at him that plucked at his heartstrings every time she did it. He smiled at her question, thinking nearly the same thing but not wanting to say it. "I like it, Jo ... Anna."

She snorted with laughter, poking at his cheek with one gentle finger. "You know better than most not to call me that," she chuckled, lowering her hand to let the now properly named Anna tug on her finger. "You know, we really should let the newly-weds get a look at them before they disappear off to the guest house by the water."

"Oh, they already disappeared," Dean said, unable to hide his smirk. "They snuck off a little while ago when they thought no one was watching," he told her. "Can't say I blame them. Like father, like son," he said, obviously proud of his boy, both the present and future versions.

Jo grinned, resting her arm against his. "They'll be back," she predicted. "I can't see Sam missing the chance to say hello to his sisters. If we're lucky, he might even have his shoes on the right feet."

"I'm glad he met Becky. She's good for him. I was worried about him for a while ... after Hope left," Dean admitted, though they'd discussed this before. Becky was probably the best thing that could have happened to Sam, who'd been floundering badly after his sister returned to her own place in time.

"We've got Ayden to thank for that, too," Jo admitted ruefully. "She poked and prodded him into calling Becky in the first place. But you're right - they're good for each other. They got through that mess with the Furies and came out of it stronger than ever."

"I suppose I should try to get to know Henry before it's too late," Dean mused aloud, though he wasn't too sure how he felt about that. He was glad Sam had had the opportunity to get to know his great-grandfather, but somehow he didn't see himself getting too close to the man that had been John's father. He rarely brought it up for discussion and had only mentioned it today because the man had been invited to the wedding.

"You don't have to force the issue, baby," she reminded him in a gentle tone. "You both have reasons not to want to get close, reasons that are embedded in who you are. But friendly, you can do that." She glanced up at the sound of footsteps outside the room and grinned. "One of them had better have brought Bertie with them."

"Bertie's in good hands," Dean said, knowing Ellen and Bobby wouldn't let their little man out of their sight, but he did have to meet his new sisters sometime. He said no more about Henry. Maybe it was enough that at least one Winchester in the family had made peace with the old man. Today was a day for celebration, not a day for picking at old wounds.

"He's gonna have to get used to having baby sisters," Jo pointed out, gently shifting Anna back into Dean's free arm as a knock sounded on the door. "Who is it?"

"Big Sam and little Bertie, one nervous and one excited," Becky's voice called back to them, sounding about an inch away from laughter herself. "Can we come in?"

"But which is which?" Dean wondered aloud, assuming it was Sam who was nervous and Bertie who was excited. "Yeah, everyone's decent!" he called back, chuckling a little when he glanced at Jo in her t-shirt and shorts. "Well, almost decent."

"What do you mean almost decent?" his wife demanded as the door opened. "I'm covered up."

"Mamama!" blocked out any response for the time being as Becky put Bertie down. The little boy toddled erratically but at speed toward the bed, snatched up off the floor into a warm hug by the intended recipient.

Becky grinned, reaching back through the door to take Sam's hand and pull him inside.

Pulled inside, Sam wasn't sure why he was so nervous, except that he was meeting his little sister all over again, as a baby. She wouldn't know him or grow up with him, but she would grow up with Bertie, and Sam hoped their childhood would be better than his. Wasn't that in part why he and Hope had come here in the first place?

"Hey, little man, come say hello to your baby sisters," Dean said to Bertie as he toddled his way over to Jo.

Hoisted up onto Jo's lap, Bertie peered over at the babies in Dean's arms, held just far enough away that he couldn't poke at them. He wasn't exactly verbal yet, but Ayden had assured them that wouldn't last.

Jo lifted her head to smile over at Sam and Becky. "Worst they can do is spit on you, you know," she pointed out warmly. "C'mon over here."

Sam followed Becky's lead, staying just behind her, as if he was almost afraid of the newborns that were his baby sisters. He hardly remembered Hope's birth, and it was a little strange to watch Bertie grow up, but he was slowly coming around to accepting the little boy as his own person and not a clone of himself.

"They won't bite, you know," Dean teased.

Becky wasn't as wary of the babies as Sam was, pulling him with her to go and greet the newborns. "Which one is which?" she asked Dean curiously. If they hadn't already guessed what the bride and groom had been up to, there weren't many clues. Sam's jacket and tie were gone, and Becky's hair was looser than it had been earlier, that was about it.
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Re: Winter Wedding Presents
« Reply #9 on: December 15, 2017, 01:52:37 PM »
It was enough for Dean to know what the couple had been up to, but he didn't hold it against them and at least knew better than to mention it. "This one is Hope," he said, lifting the older twin up a little to indicate which she was. "And this one is Anna," he said, doing the same with the other twin.

"Oooh, gimme Hope," Becky demanded, fingers flexing in the universal symbol for "gimme". She flashed a grin at Sam. "I think it's about time we met."

Jo chuckled, grunting a little as Bertie adjusted himself on her lap to cuddle in. The little boy had had a long day.

"Actually ..." Sam started a little tentatively. "Would you mind if I held Hope?" he asked, looking to his mother and then to Becky, as if for permission before turning back to his dad.

Jo grinned. "I don't think we can say no to that, really," she said, biting her lips to keep from laughing as Becky nodded enthusiastically from behind Sam before schooling her own expression when his eyes wandered back to her.

"Can I cuddle the other one, then?" the bride asked hopefully, giving in entirely too easily for her initial demand to be anything but designed to get Sam to ask for himself.

"Be my guest," Dean replied with a chuckle. "My arms are getting tired!"

Sam stepped forward to very carefully take Hope from his father's arms, while Becky took Anna.

Dean couldn't help but give Jo a knowing smile as the pair said hello to the newborns for the first time. "Now, little man!" he said, turning to Bertie. "How about a hug for your Dada!"

Bertie crowed happily, lunging off Jo's lap to throw his arms around Dean's neck, hugging close with the familiar "D-d-d-d-d" that was all he was managing of Dada just yet. So close, though.

Becky giggled, dipping her head to smell little Anna as she cuddled the younger twin close. "Babies always smell so nice," she murmured. "So what did you call this one in the end?"

"Anna Mary," Dean replied, watching a moment while Sam and Becky snuggled the twins, even as he caught Bertie in his arms. "He's so close to saying it!" he remarked on Bertie's attempt to say Dada, laughing at the little boy's efforts.

"Whaddya wanna bet as soon as he masters Dada, he'll be a big talker?" Jo suggested, crossing her legs comfortably as she watched her youngest children being cuddled by three people she loved most dearly.

"Maybe," Dean said, though he wasn't so sure. Sam wasn't a big talker, but this younger version of his son was different. The only thing the two of them shared was their DNA, almost like twins born twenty years apart. "Hope and Anna might look alike, but they're two different people, just like Sam and Bertie."

Jo was watching Sam with Hope, wondering what was going through her eldest son's mind as he cuddled with a baby sister who had arrived almost two years early and brought an unexpected twin sister with her. She almost wished she could send him into the future to see what the world he had created looked like, how happy their family would be. She refused to accept any other future herself.

There wouldn't have been much point to Sam and Hope's journey here or to Sam's decision to stay if their future wasn't a happy one, but he doubted there was any way to know for sure. Dean was a little too busy juggling Bertie to pay much attention to what was going on with Sam and Becky, but Jo would likely notice that Sam's expression had softened and that there were tears in his eyes as he held his baby sister close.

It was sad to see Sam so touched by this first chance to embrace his little sister; sad, too, to know that he was still struggling with his decision to remain, despite all the good he knew he had done. Jo frowned thoughtfully, waiting until Becky had engaged Sam in quiet conversation before leaning over to Dean.

"We really need to find a way to show him that he made a good decision, baby," she murmured. "It's getting harder for him to accept that he's not quite the big brother he wants to be."

Dean paused a moment in his snuggling of Bertie to glance over at the little boy's older counterpart. He hadn't really noticed that Sam was having a problem with it; it was confusing, to be sure, but he was glad Sam had decided to stay and he was proud of him, too. Maybe he didn't tell him that often enough. He wasn't sure if there was any way for Sam to know for sure that he was right where he belonged. It had been Sam's decision to stay, knowing Bertie would grow up to take his place in Hope's life, but it had to be hard. He was likely missing his sister the same way Dean sometimes missed his brother. There was only one thing he could think of that might help, and it was a long shot. "Should I talk to Ayden?"

Jo nodded slowly, stroking her fingers through Bertie's hair as he cuddled into Dean's chest. "I think she might be the only one who might be able to find a way to prove to him that the future is a better place because he's here with us," she murmured thoughtfully.

"I don't know if the future is a better place," Dean pointed out quietly. "But our lives are better for it." It was his way of saying how much he'd miss Sam if he left, and how much he missed Hope. The beauty of Sam's decision was that no one was really making a sacrifice by his decisions to stay, except Sam, but they'd known that all along.

"So maybe there's a way for Ayden, or someone she knows, to show him what his place in the future looks like," Jo mused softly. "I think that's the problem. He doesn't know where he fits in their lives, and he might start pulling away because of that."

"Yeah," Dean agreed, looking over at the newlyweds and the newborns again. There was some irony to be found in that somewhere, but he wasn't quite sure where. "But he's got us and he's got Becky," he pointed out, as quietly as he could, not going on to point out everyone who cared about Sam. "Maybe he just needs to find his place in this time," he suggested, though he'd hoped Sam was already doing that with the Men of Letters.

"I think seeing how everything fits together in a future that's better than the one he came from would help," she suggested quietly. "Yeah, I do think you should talk to Ayden about it. Maybe we could sort something out as a Christmas present or something."

"After they get back from their honeymoon," Dean said, which would give him time to talk to Ayden and see if such a thing was possible. "They are going on a honeymoon, right?" he asked, just loudly enough for the other pair to overhear.

Becky's head snapped up, recognizing that the quiet conversation on the bed had come to a point where it was safe to be hearing it again. "Yes, we are," she informed Dean with a grin. "I'm going to drag your son all over Crete and Santorini, and we're gonna go to Turkey and take a look at Troy, too. Because I am a nerd, and proud of it."

"Sounds romantic," Dean remarked, a sarcastic smirk on his face, but not every couple needed romance. He couldn't really see Sam and Becky cavorting in the sea and surf when they could be exploring some ancient ruins or other instead.

"Romance is where you find it," Becky reminded him with a grin. She'd tipped Anna up onto her shoulder, holding the baby girl safely in place with one arm as she swayed automatically, her other hand rubbing gently against Sam's back.

"You're a natural, Becky," Dean said, seeing how comfortable and natural she seemed with the newborn. "You two gonna make us grandparents before we turn forty?" he teased.

"Dad, we only just got married today," Sam reminded his father, a little more timid with the newborn in his arms, but that was only because it was Hope.

Becky snorted with laughter. "You let me practice on Bertie-boy, figures I'd be a bit more confident with these two, right?" she defended herself, wondering how strange it looked to see a bride jostling a very newborn baby in one arm, anyway.

Jo chuckled. "Stop wishing grandchildren on us," she told Dean fondly. "We have enough trouble with the children part right now!"
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Re: Winter Wedding Presents
« Reply #10 on: December 15, 2017, 01:53:15 PM »
"I'm not!" Dean exclaimed, holding one hand up in his own defense. "I'm just saying Becky looks like a natural mother."

Sam rolled his eyes, though he looked a little amused at his father's attempt to dig himself out of a hole. "I already promised Mom we'd wait until you're finished before we get started," he said, hoping that Becky wouldn't get angry with him for making that promise.

"That sounds fair to me," Becky agreed with her husband cheerfully. "That way, no one's calling anyone uncle and older than them at the same time." She glanced over at the older couple. "You want this one back at some point? She's kinda heavy for such a little thing."

Dean looked down to find Bertie asleep in his arms, which didn't really surprise him much considering how busy his day had been. "Well, that's one down for the count," he said, as he laid the little boy on the bed and tucked a blanket around him.

"We should probably let the others in for a peep," Jo admitted ruefully. "So long as they bring food. I'm starving!"

Becky blinked, sighing. "I knew we forgot something," she declared, rolling her eyes.

"Why don't you stay here with your mother and I'll go grab some food," Dean suggested, since he'd already eaten. Of course, he wasn't opposed to eating again, but he knew Jo was probably starving, and it was his job to take care of her. "I'll see if Ellen and Bobby can take Bertie for the night, so you can get some rest," he told Jo, with a kiss to her cheek.

"I'll come help you," Becky offered, neatly maneuvering Sam into sitting on the bed with both twins in his arms and a kiss to his temple. "Back in a bit." Bossy didn't even begin to cover Becky at times; Dean was surrounded by women who would push, poke, and prod him into doing as he was told, and if that didn't work, bulldoze over him, too.

Sam opened his mouth to protest as Becky handed over the other twin, but he knew there was no use. It wasn't just Dean who was poked and prodded into doing what the women around him wanted, but Sam, too.

Dean chuckled as he got to his feet and started toward the door. "Masterfully played, Mrs. Winchester," he praised Becky, knowing the two of them had just manipulated Sam and Jo into a mother-son talk.

"I learned it from your wife," Becky replied impishly, pulling the door shut behind them, leaving Sam and Jo to keep an eye on the babies while food was found for the hungry mama.

"They did that on purpose, didn't they?" Sam said with a sigh as he took a seat on the bed, a twin in each arm. "I'm fine, Mom. It's my wedding day, for God's sake," he said. "You know what's funny, though? Hope wasn't supposed to be born yet."

"Maybe she knew you needed her," Jo suggested, rescuing him from having to hold both at once by taking the nearest twin from his grasp. "Or maybe the three of them are going to be the Three Musketeers, and Johnny's going to show up early as well to be their D'Artagnan."

"Nice analogy," Sam said, smiling as she relieved him of one of the twins, which just happened to be Anna. "Things are changing. Hope and I figured they would, but ... I wasn't expecting twins. It's just weird knowing she's gonna grow up to be Hope, but not the same Hope, you know?"

"I can imagine it a little," she agreed with a gentle nod. "On the plus side, though, means that she's not going to be outnumbered." To be honest, Jo could think of any number of plus side reasons to be pleased about having twin girls, but she didn't think any of them really mattered to Sam.

"I'm not sure she minded so much, but it'll be nice for her to have a sister," Sam admitted, trying hard to separate himself from the equation. Bertie wasn't him anymore than this Hope was his Hope. "It's good they'll grow up in a better world than the one we did." And presumably with their parents alive and well.

"I know it's hard to separate the Hope you know, and the little girl you're holding," Jo told him softly, needing him to know that she did understand. "I have trouble separating Ellen from my mom. But just because they're different people, it doesn't mean either of them loved me any more or less. You have a place in this family, Sam. You just need to try and accept it a little."

He understood a little about his parents' pasts and that they had not grown up in this world either. His father wasn't the Dean that Bobby and Ellen had raised as their own, and yet, they loved him just the same. Was it any different for him? "It's not so much that, Mom. It's just trying to find my place in this time."

Jo considered this for a moment. "And it's harder to find that place when there didn't seem to be room for you in the past you remember?" she asked, making a guess that she hoped was at least partially accurate.

"Something like that. I mean, this ... time isn't the same as the time I grew up in. Hope and I were gonna be hunters, like you and Dad, but now things have changed. I met Becky and I'm working with the Men of Letters, but there are still monsters out there. Angels, demons, gods. We might have peace now, but who knows if it will last?" Sam replied, betraying some of his own worries about the future.

"It never lasts, Sam," she told him gently. "But we're out in front of it this time. We're in a position to know very quickly when things happens, to be able to deal with them before they get out of hand. The war's never really over, but Bertie and the girls, and Johnny - we'll make sure they have a choice. They won't have to come into this world if they don't want to. If they find something else that lights them up, then I'll sign them up myself." Her eyes sobered. "I know I'm not the mom you remember, but I know she never wanted you to be a hunter. It's different that you've made the choice to stay and be a hunter, but Bertie deserves to make that choice for himself."

Was that what he'd decided? He wasn't all that sure. He knew he'd do anything to protect his family and those he loved, but did he really want to be a hunter? The Men of Letters didn't think much of hunters, but Sam thought they should pool their resources and be allied. After all, they mostly wanted the same things. With any luck, maybe he could build that bridge himself, but that wasn't what his mother was talking about. "Bertie will make that choice himself," he insisted. Maybe it was too late for him, but it wasn't too late for his siblings.

Jo knew that tone. She wouldn't argue with him, though - the decision had been made, whether it had truly been by him or not. She shifted one hand from Anna, reaching over to stroke his hair affectionately. "You know what? I'm glad you're here, Sam. I'd miss you, if you were gone."

"I'm glad I am, too," he replied, smiling faintly as she touched his hair. He would always be his mother's son, even if this mother wasn't much older than him. "Hope and I came back because of you and Dad. Because we didn't want Johnny to grow up without you, and because ..." He trailed off, unsure how to explain himself exactly. He and Hope had simply not been able to accept their parents' deaths, and like the Winchesters they were, they managed to find a way to change things. "I missed you, Mom," he admitted at last, though it probably wasn't the first time he'd said it. "And I wasn't ready to say good-bye."

"We'll find where you fit, little man," she promised him fervently. "You're as much my son as these two are my daughters, no matter how old you are. And I'm going to look after you the best way I can. Okay?"

"Not going to spank me when I misbehave, are you?" he teased, giving her arm a gentle nudge. Not only was he a little too old to spank, but he was also old enough to make his own decisions in life. That didn't mean he didn't appreciate her advice though.

She laughed, rolling her eyes. "Honey, you're bigger and stronger than me," she pointed out. "I'll just have to settle for the disappointed face and hope it works."

He chuckled with her, but added, "I hope I never disappoint you, Mom." His father was another matter, but he hoped he never disappointed him, either. He leaned close and touched a kiss to her cheek. "Love you."
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Re: Winter Wedding Presents
« Reply #11 on: December 15, 2017, 01:53:56 PM »
Jo smiled, risking squishing the twins for a moment to hug him one-armed. "Love you back, Sammy," she promised softly. "And congratulations on getting married. I'm sorry I stole your thunder on your big day."

"We shared the thunder," he replied, mirroring her smile. "Best wedding present ever," he added, looking down at his little sister in his arms. "It'll be weird watching them grow up together," he murmured, more to himself than to Jo.

"Double the trouble," she warned in amusement. Jo wasn't going to admit it out loud, but she was looking forward to seeing how Dean dealt with two little girls. She had a feeling he was going to either take to it like a duck to water, or be totally out of his depth.

"Double the fun," Sam added with a chuckle, just as the door opened and Dean returned with a plate full of food.

"I'm back!" he announced, as though they needed warning. "And I've brought dinner!"

"Have I mentioned recently that I love you?" Jo asked her husband, rising to swap the baby in her arms for the plate he'd brought with him. She was ravenous; not being allowed to eat for most of the day had not been a fun experience.

Dean set a glass of what looked like apple juice on a table before swapping the plate for the baby. "I told everyone they have to wait until tomorrow to visit. You need your rest," he told her. He was going to stand firm on that decision, too.

"I guess Ellen and Bobby are going to swing by to grab Bertie in a little bit then, huh?" she asked, perching back on the bed to devour the contents of her plate. She glanced at Sam with a grin. "Since, yanno, big bro there has more important things to do this evening."

"Except for Bobby and Ellen!" Dean corrected, though he thought that kind of went without saying. "And Ayden and Ares might pop in, but I mean, it's their house!" he said with a smirk and a shrug. "Where's that pretty wife of yours gone? She was right behind me!"

"I'm coming, keep your toupee on," Becky groused from behind him, flashing Dean a bright grin. She flourished Bertie's pajamas in one hand. "I made a stop on the way so the littlest little man can get comfortable before we haul him off to sleep with his ass on Bobby's beard all night."

"I'm not wearing a toupee, smart ass," Dean corrected, though he had a feeling she was kidding. He couldn't help chuckling a little at the mental image her remark put in his head. "I'm glad I don't have to be there when he wakes up in the morning."

"Dude, you're going to be wide awake long before he is," Becky predicted, gesturing to the twin girls. "Won't be long before they want feeding, will it? Did you guys bring formula, or does Ayden have that covered?" This was all a little muffled; she was working on carefully undressing Bertie while not disturbing the toddler's sleep.

"Uh ..." Dean replied uncertainly, looking to Jo for an answer. Formula wasn't really his department, and he'd had other things to worry about, like keeping Bertie out of trouble and making sure Ares had enough beer.

Sam chuckled a little to himself, not really surprised by his father's behavior. "I hope you brought diapers," he remarked.

"You two should probably go see to your guests. This is your wedding, after all," Dean suggested, though he wasn't trying to get rid of them.

Jo snorted with laughter. "Ayden had everything covered," she pointed out in amusement. "Pretty sure we've got everything we'll need. She can't resist being right."

Becky laughed quietly, gently lifting the now pajama'd Bertie up onto her shoulder. "We should hand this little guy over to his grandparents for the night, too," she agreed. "You know, before we go and make you grandparents."

Sam frowned a little at Becky's remark. He'd have to tell her later that he'd promised his mother not to make any babies until Johnny was born, but when would that be? Everything was changing, and he couldn't rely on his knowledge of his past to foretell the future anymore. He very carefully laid baby Hope back in her mother's arms and brushed a kiss against her cheek. "We'll come by tomorrow before we leave for our honeymoon," he assured her, whispering "Love you," just for her.

Setting her mostly empty plate aside, Jo took Hope into her arms with a smile that softened just for Sam as he made his promise to say goodbye before he and his new wife set off on their own personal adventure for a week or two. "Don't forget to have fun," she told him impishly.

Becky grinned, wriggling her free hand in a silent goodnight to her parents-in-law as she moved toward the door. They needed to hand Bertie over to Bobby and Ellen for the evening before they could get back to the fun.

Dean stepped forward to give Becky and Sam a hug in turn, congratulating them both, but to Sam, he added quietly, "I'm proud of you, son."

Nothing Dean said could have meant more to Sam than that, and he returned his father's hug, careful not to squish Anna. "Thanks, Dad," he said, before joining Becky at the door. "I can take Bertie," he told her, reaching to rescue her from having to lug the little boy around.

"Good, 'cos your mini-me is really heavy," Becky laughed, gently manhandling the baby boy into Sam's arms and ushering them both out of the room with a last smile for the new parents. Drawing the door closed behind her, she turned to Sam. "So ... delivery for the Singers, and then we get to concentrate for a few hours, huh?"

"If that's what you wanna call it," Sam remarked with a smirk. "Okay, little man. It's time to go see Gramma and Grampa," he said as he took Bertie into his arms, not quite as effortlessly as his father might have. "You don't think they're gonna want us to stay a while, do you?"

"Who, Ellen and Bobby?" Becky asked, falling into step beside her husband with a fond smile. "I think they know we're a little bit impatient for some quality time together, honey."

"What, a quickie isn't good enough for you?" he teased further, though he was looking forward to consummating their marriage slowly and thoroughly, once they were alone - so long as neither of them passed out first.

"Sugar muffin, that was just to take the edge off," she assured him teasingly in return. "You're going to need help walking by the time I'm done with you tonight, husband." She winked wickedly at him, knowing perfectly well that she was likely going to be a little jelly-legged, too.

"Sugar muffin?" he echoed with a chuckle. "That sounds more like something I should call you, don't you think?" He adjusted the little boy in his arms, as they went in search of Ellen and Bobby. "You think they're still celebrating or they're in their room?"

Becky paused, tilting her head thoughtfully. "It sounds like the party's broken up," she mused. "Their room, then? I mean, they're probably going to go and visit your mom and dad, but Ellen's gotta want out of those shoes, at least."

"Yeah, I'm sure they'll want to see the twins," Sam said, feeling weird saying that, though they'd known for months that his mother was having two children, not one. "You don't mind sharing our anniversary with them, do you?" he asked. As far as he was concerned, it was just more reason to celebrate.

"Why would I mind that?" she asked in answer, her smile brightening. "I think it's amazing that your little sisters couldn't wait just one day, they absolutely had to crash your wedding!"
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Re: Winter Wedding Presents
« Reply #12 on: December 15, 2017, 01:54:24 PM »
"Some people might mind," he said, though he knew in his heart that Becky wasn't one them. "Their birthdays will probably overshadow our anniversary, but it doesn't matter."

"To be fair, this is pretty much our second anniversary really," she pointed out in amusement, pausing to knock on Bobby and Ellen's door. "So long as someone's happy to celebrate this day, I don't think it really matters who gets the most attention. Kids should always come first."

"Agreed, but we should never forget to celebrate our special day together, too," he replied. They didn't need anyone to celebrate that day with; all they needed was the two of them and the memory of today. "I meant what I said before, Becky. I know we hadn't met yet when I decided to stay, but I feel like it was meant to be, you know?"

"I know," she promised, her smile soft as she reached up to kiss him tenderly. Bad timing, perhaps, because Ellen opened the door at that point.

"Could be wrong, but I don't think you're supposed to have a kid until after you get pregnant," she drawled to the smooching pair in front of her.

"We have a delivery," Sam said, caught in the act of being smooched as Ellen opened the door. "Where do you want him?" he asked further, the little boy getting heavy in his arms.

Ellen chuckled, reaching out. "Hand him over," she told Sam. "Way past time you two should be practicing making one of these yourselves. Only practicing, mind," she added. "No babies for the under 24s." Which suggested she'd worked out when Johnny was likely to be born.

"I promised Mom we'd wait a while," he told her, echoing something he'd said a little while ago, but hadn't had a chance to explain to Becky yet. He didn't think his parents were ready to be grandparents just yet, but it was really more about what he and Becky were ready for.

Becky, on the other hand, snorted with laughter. "You really think it's only going to take four years for me to ready to look after a baby?" she asked in amusement, neatly removing any need for Sam to feel anxious about it. "I'm impulsive, not stupid."

"I think Ellen means not to be too impulsive about having a baby," Sam pointed out, carefully handing the sleeping Bertie over to Ellen's far more capable care.

"Both, probably," Ellen agreed, taking Bertie easily into her arms, soothing him gently as he whined before settling down again. "Trust your wife there, kiddo. She knows what she's ready for and what she isn't, and I don't think there are babies in your immediate future."

Becky grinned, tucking her arm about Sam's back. "A lot of practicing to make one, though."

"We might have trouble walking tomorrow," Sam remarked with a grin. They weren't taking off for their honeymoon for another day or so yet, so there would be plenty of time to say their goodbyes tomorrow. For now, it was time to do a little private celebrating of their own. "By the way, Mom and the twins are doing fine."

Ellen chuckled, swaying gently with Bertie on automatic. "Glad to hear it," she nodded, grateful to be told. "Gonna drop by and see for myself, of course, but thanks for passing that on. Dean streaked out of sight too quick for me to ask."

"I hope he had his clothes on," Sam said, laughing again, though he didn't want that image in his head. His father wasn't particularly known for his modesty - at least, he hadn't been in his own time.

"Give him here, and I'll tuck him in," Bobby was heard saying as he came up beside Ellen and reached for Bertie.

"Not that kind of streakin'," Ellen laughed, twisting to hand Bertie over to Bobby with practiced hands. "You two go and shoo yourselves. Busy night ahead. Take snacks, keep hydrated."

"Don't do anything we wouldn't do!" Bobby called back as he took charge of Bertie and disappeared from view.

Sam laughed again. "I'm not sure what that means!" he said.

"It means don't make a baby," Ellen translated laughingly. "Congratulations, and shoo."

Becky laughed as the woman then shut the door in their faces. "I guess that's us told, huh?" she said in amusement, squeezing her arm about Sam's waist. "C'mon, my hunka burnin' love. You and me have an appointment with that sinfully huge bed."

"Not to mention the bath," he added with a grin, a hint of mischief in his eyes before he moved in to sweep her off her feet and into his arms. "Isn't there some kinda tradition about carrying the bride over the threshold or something?" he asked as he started toward their room with her in his arms.

"Baby, you can carry me anywhere," she laughed, nuzzling to him as he bore her along. "So long as it involves getting naked and squelchy in double quick time."

"Squelchy?" he echoed, unsure what that meant. "That's the first time I've heard it called that. Are you sure you're ready for double quick?" he asked with a smirk, that hint of mischief in his eyes again.

"Slow, slow, quick-quick, slow," she teased, pressing her lips to his cheek. "Make a woman of me, if you dare, Mr. Winchester."

Sam laughed, loud enough that some of the people behind the closed doors he was passing probably heard. Let them hear - it was their wedding day, after all. "I think I did that already, Mrs. Winchester," he said, tossing her over his shoulder with one smooth motion and sprinting toward their room.

The last anyone heard of the newly-wed Winchesters that night was laughter cut off by the click of the door snapping shut behind them. Thank goodness for Olympian sound-proofing, or no one would have had any sleep on that very special night.
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