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[size=11]Orchid stopped in her walk, those nearly black eyes narrowed ahead, and a smile cracked over her mouth. Too light to be Davyn, but she had a few ideas. ?You don?t have to sneak up on me, you know~? she tried to coax out a response and get a better feel for who was behind her. She was on her way back from Daemien?s, standing in a pair of chucks, skinny jeans, and a blue t-shirt. Fingers scratched the side of her head. She began a slow walk, waiting and listening.

?Oh yeah?? the voice asked. ?You afraid I?m gonna stab you in the back?? amusement lacing it.

The short stack recognized the voice immediately, but that flirty smile was lost and replaced with something sour. ?Aviana,? she spoke softly. ?You know, if it were a while ago, I wouldn?t have thought twice about it,? Orchid muttered. ?But now?... I don?t know anymore.?

Aviana stepped out of the shadows, and smirked lightly.  ?I?m guessing you?ve heard some things,? she smirked. ?What a pity, and here I thought we were still friends.?

?Yeah, I?ve heard some things,? Orchid hissed. ?I heard what you did to Keirra,? she spat. ?You were doing so well, Aviana? You spent all that time trying to get away from Solaris, and be different from him,? she looked at the ground, not turning around. She looked disappointed, maybe a little sad. ?How can you just throw it all away? For what??

Aviana smirked lightly, ?You?re really gonna preach to me about the benefits of being good?? she couldn?t help but laugh. ?You? Orchid! You spent your whole life on your side, fought for the damn good side since you were what? Five, is it? Look at you now! What has it gotten you? You got killed, and now? Now if there?s a heaven or hell?will you even get to go? Where will you go? What place takes broken souls?? She leaned in to speak against Orchid?s ear, ??is that what good gets you? Aren?t you scared?? Avi stood up to her full height and stared at the back of the smaller girl?s head. ?If you want to tell me that it?s screwed up, do it?but don?t claim that I?m doing myself harm.. Good didn?t save your soul, it certainly won?t save mine??

Orchid stood there and didn?t speak against Aviana the entire time, just listened and glared at the ground as her jaw tensed. ?I know what side I?m on,? she muttered. ?I don?t blame it for what happened to me, and if I could go back and do it again?I would,? her words were spoken in a tense tone. ?I would rather turn to ash knowing I was a good person, knowing I fought for that side, than live forever as a bad person. A person who helps destroy lives. You?re better than that??

Aviana paused for a bit when Orchid spoke those last words, she swallowed hard and rolled her eyes as if to make up for the consideration she gave to them. ?You?re going to make me sick,? Aviana muttered and rolled those eyes. ?Stop that,? she spat. ?I?m not here on a personal call? It?s business,? she began to circle to the front of Orchid. ?I?m looking for something, and I?m pretty sure you know where it is??

?I doubt I?ll want to give you anything, but... What is it?? asked Orchid.

?It?ll be easier if you just look me in the eyes, wouldn?t want to risk you lying to me,? she smirked.

Orchid scoffed lightly, ?You think I?m stupid..?? Brushing her hair from her face, ?You lost my trust, Aviana?and I will not be your little puppet.?

Aviana reeled back a moment and frowned, ?That hurts?? she pouted. Then grinned, ?I really don?t care if you trust me or not,? she spat. Grabbing up Orchid by the collar, she slammed the tiny thing into a tree. ?You have two choices, Orchid. You can look me in the eyes, or I can kill you early.?

Those eyes squeezed shut and didn?t resurface, refusing to look at her. ?Then kill me early,? Orchid hissed. "I don't give in to bullies, and if I were stronger, I'd fight you.. But I won't give you what you want," she said, her hand wrapped around Aviana?s wrist and pushed it harder against her chest. ?Do it!? she bore those teeth.

A smirk, ?Look at you~? she was almost proud. Then she scoffed, ?Come on, we both know I?m not gonna kill you early,? setting Orchid down. ?I owed someone a favor, I just wanted some information, but if you don?t trust me, you don?t trust me.? Aviana turned away and began off.

When Aviana set her down, she looked confused, eyes blinking low. ?You?re?? she sighed as Aviana started off. ?Wait,? she put up her hand. ?You look for the information, and you move on.. Don?t screw with anything up there..? Her eyes would be seeking out Aviana?s when the girl turned around.

Meeting the gaze, she smiled. ?Of course not~? she scanned her eyes and took in a sharp breath. Breaking contact, ?Thanks,? muttered Avi as she turned away to walk.

?Well??? asked Orchid, puffing up some.

?You helped,? Aviana called over her shoulder and then worked to disappear into the darkness.