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The Huntress and The Outcast
« on: September 14, 2016, 10:24:17 PM »
There was a new prowler on the streets, recently just arriving it seemed. A rucksack was carried as she made progress down the streets, a mild attempt to get a grasp on her new surroundings. Not that she really cared where she was going. She'd get there at some point wherever there was.

He was lounging on the edge of the fountain, human this time, clad in nothing more than jeans and a tanktop, lazily laid out on his back, green-gold eyes staring up into the sky. One hand reached out to the side to trail his fingertips in the water next to him as he took a deep breath of the night air.

She heard water but on the night air there was a scent that seemed to yank her straight out of her thoughts and into the moment. Normally not one for water she still migrated in that direction, a brow crawling up when she saw someone laying on the fountain's edge.

He was waiting for one particular scent, one that most wouldn't be able to detect, n matter how sharp their senses. The one that caught his attention wasn't the one that he was hoping for, but it was enough to make him lift his head for a moment, brow furrowed slightly as he looked around.

The bag was adjusted to her shoulder while her other hand slipped into the pocket of the loose fitting jacket she was currently sporting. It did very little to hide the ghost white hair that reflected the moonlight or the gleam in her eyes as she focused in on the lounging man.

It only took a few moments for his eyes to find the source of the scent. To anyone else she might have seemed like any other person in the market square. To his eyes, though, she might as well have been wearing a bright neon sign. Hunters knew their own. With almost casual ease he levered himself into a sitting position, green-gold gaze fixed on the approaching young woman.

"Color me surprised to scent out one of my own. What are you doing here?" She carried no accent but the words were carried with a voice that practically purred sweetness with a hint of cinnamon sharp. For the most part she seemed well at ease in her own skin, hip jutted out as she stopped a few feet away.

The gold-green eyes remained on the woman, his voice soft, his gaze and manner slightly wary. The last encounter he'd had with his own people had not ended well. "I am waiting for someone. What are you doing here?"

She didn't know who he was. Yet. A catish smile was given at his question but it was the look he wore that amused her most. "Hunting." And that was all he really needed to know, now wasn't it?

Hunting. For his people that could have a variety of meanings. He chose the most innocuous of the reasons. "There is a forested area south of the city with plenty of game." He motioned in the general direction. "Other than myself, there are no other hunters that frequent the area."

She snorted at him. "I don't need you to tell me where to hunt, boyo, but if you are wanting to be helpful maybe you can help me with the target." She dug around in her pocket and there was a click of metal on metal before a slip of paper was pulled out and she flicked the picture his way.

The picture was snatched easily out of the air with fluid, catlike grace. The green-gold eyes fixed on it a moment, narrowing slightly, before he casually flicked it back at her. "I am certain I could. But I will not."

The picture was stolen from the air by her forefinger and middle finger and danced across her fingers before slid back into the pocket of her jacket. His response got him a raised brow. "Am I mistaken in you being a hunter?"

He arched an eyebrow at her. "You are not mistaken. But I am not a hunter like you. In this land, things are not so simple as you may think. And this one you seek is under my protection."

"Tch. It is simple. She is what we hunt. She's a monster that needs to be put down." Her lips quivered a sneer at him. "How can you protect that..that...thing?!" Her head drew back suddenly. "Wait. What is your name?"

He shifted his position, still seeming relaxed but very visibly no longer lounging, his features icily calm, as well as his voice, as he spoke. "Clayton Sheridan." His lips curled into a felinesque smirk. "I'm guessing you have heard of me."

She practically groaned out in distaste. Figures she would bump into the demon loving Y?mni. "I have and it is so gross that you bed with that abomination. You should go home and have them check you over for any spells or whatever force she has you under." Just talking to him made her want a hot shower just to get the feeling off.

He let out a purring chuckle as he rolled his eyes at her, shaking his head. "They did that already." He made a flicking gesture with his fingers at her. "Deluded into thinking you know everything you need to know, like so many others. Come back when you have learned a few things, little girl."

When he gestured at her like that she shifted heels but remained rooted. "I am getting paid to bring her back dead or alive and I am not so much as a stickler for traditions. So you can take your protection and shove it." She rolled her eyes. "If anyone is deluded it is you! How can you betray your own people? The sex can't be that good!"

He sighed, almost tiredly, as he looked at her. "And yet, here you are. Hunting someone that has done nothing to you, or me, or any of us." Her second statement got a hint of a growl from him, his eyes glimmering as they narrowed at her. "Watch your tongue girl. When you have trod upon the paths I have, you may feel free to judge and question." His gaze turned from her, towards those around the marketplace. "Your judgment means as little to me as theirs does."

"Has nothing to do with you yet she is under your protection?" She tsked him as she called him out. His own words made him sound as if he were lying. Her own eyes narrowed back and her lips peeled slightly as she hissed at him. "Don't speak to me as if you even know me, cub." She started scraping her tongue against her teeth. Talking to him felt dirty! Like he was shedding something she couldn't get off.

"I said she has done nothing to any of us. Not that she has nothing to do with me. In fact, she has everything to do with me. Or more precisely, my beloved." His gaze turned back to her, coolly amused, that smugly felinesque smirk back on his features. "Oh, but I was a hunter for our people once, too, miss. I know the life well enough, the thoughts that are most likely going through your head. You think I'm dirty. Contaminated. You might even feel like something might rub off if you get too close, or stay too long. I can practically see your skin crawling." A purring chuckle escaped him. "Hard to believe I thought that way once."

She nodded, agreeing with his assessment it seemed. "That is all true which is a shame because you are hawt." She swatted the air with a hand like he was an annoying fly. "Don't really give a crap of her involvement. Just that I get paid. Hell, if they pay me the right price I'll go after your baby brother, your beloved, your children," her head rolled a little as she looked his way, "Even you."

It was his turn to sneer, though that feline smugness on his features still, though the purr in his voice became a rumble. "You might want to consider bringing an army along, in that case."

Late as it was Katt was still trudging down the street, more tired than she had been in a long time but she wore it well. To check up on a few things before heading home was the goal... She wasn't expecting to see Clayton at the fountain. Wasn't expecting but at the same time was hardly surprised. She made her way to him but slowed when she felt the tension in the air. "Clayton?"

She smirked at him. "What's the matter? Afraid I'll beat you all by my lonesome?" Her glossy lips parted to say more but slowly turned into a look of disgust as she watched the female approach Clayton. If he could see her skin crawl before, she was practically having heebeejeebees now.

He scented her well before he saw her, his green-gold gaze turning from the woman in front of him to his beloved. Only a glance went to the white-haired woman. "No. In fact, I believe I would be the very least of your worries." And then he was starting towards Katt, a smile on his lips that was hers and hers alone. "Hello, Kathryn."

Sharp greens eyed the woman who was in Clayton's company. She wasn't a jealous type but she didn't exactly appreciate the way she spoke with the cat in manflesh. Tilting her head to Clayton she kept her eyes on the woman. It took her a moment or two to look to him though she tried to hide the question that lingered in her gaze. "Hello. Is..everything okay?"

Her hand clenched on the strap of her dufflebag. It took a lot of effort not to take the gun out of her pocket and shoot the demon spawn right between the eyes. She turned her nose to Katt, like a feline in complete disinterest. "See you around, Sheridan." It was a spoken promise as she continued to slink her way down the street.

The briefest of glances was given to the woman walking away, the growl in his voice evident once again. "You should hope such is not the case, huntress." His attention went back to Katt as he sighed, working hard to conceal the tension in his frame. She probably wouldn't be fooled. "I suppose "okay" is an objective term. I am well enough."

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Re: The Huntress and The Outcast
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2017, 05:07:04 PM »

45 minutes from the Red Dragon Inn

Rounding the bend of a building that had seen better days, Aliza all but prowled her way along with annoyance. Being called when she was enjoying herself wasn?t exactly how she wanted to end her evening. Even if it was idle conversation with strangers at least it was nice. Plus there had been booze, chocolate dipped strawberries, and chocolate covered pretzels! It was almost cruel to drag her away from such things lavishes she was not use to having.

The heavy rucksack, that held the disassembled sniper gun (as well as a few other assorted items), was released to land on the ground with a heavy *clunk* while she took to sitting on a large piece of wall that had broken any from the building. She never could understand why they chose such places as a meeting place but she could venture that it was to set as some sort of reminder to why she was even in Rhy?din to begin with.

?They could?a least been here waitin?.? she grumbled into the air while digging her cellphone out of her back pocket so she could check the time. There was a pause as she felt the other item in there and drew out the photo. Hell if she was still unsure what to make of it but she took some actual time to look at it this time, unlike earlier. When Jochin had handed it to her she had immediately written it off as something for her to deliver to the woman Janie so color her surprised when he told her to keep it. Not only that but message on back had seemed to be for her.

Now actually checking it out she nearly broke into laughter. Some photo of him winking, signed like she was some groupee. ?Cute. Real cute.? she mused at the photo. Okay so the guy had a cute smile and knew how to hunt but she knew damn well she wasn?t his type so why even bother? Still it would be interesting to see who could put down more steak. Thumbing the edge of the photo she entertained the idea for a few more moments.

?What do you got there??

She knew this voice and a chill shot up her spine as she looked up, glossy lips drawn to one side in a sneer. ?Monica. Of course they would send you.? Her fingers curled to the photo in order to safeguard it from the other woman?s eyes.

?Since when does someone like you have personal items??
Monica?s piercing blue eyes followed the attempt to hide the photo from view.

?Oh **** you and the high horse ya rode in on, Monica. What do ya want?? It was hard not to keep the disgust from her words but god she could not stand this woman. The urge to leave was growing with each word the woman spewed from her mouth. The photo was held loosely between two fingers while the other hand dug around the pockets of her jacket. Likely for a cigarette or gum. Neither seemed to be found after a bit of moving around so that arm simply curled along her waist.

?It isn?t what I want it is what the higher ups want. You are still not finished with your task and yet here you are, fawning over some photo.?

?I was not fawnin?,? Aliza?s defense to that.

?Whatever. The higher ups want to know what is taking so long? It is just one demon spawn and yet you have been here how long?? Monica remained rooted in her spot several feet away with no intentions on getting any closer to Aliza. The disgust went both ways but for different reasons.

?They could always come do it themselves,? Aliza spat out, ?Seriously, do they realize who their target actually is??

?Of course they do. That is why they sent you and not one of the wolves.? Monica announced while looking past Aliza.

?Pff,? Aliza mumbled as she watched the other woman. ?I?m not just sittin? around on my ass ya know. And while we are talkin?. What the hell sendin? someone else after m?target? Sheridon thinks I took that shot, which I point out was a real crappy made shot.?

Monica simply shrugged at the question. ?You were taking too long.?

?You should do your job and move along before they grow tired of having you here in the first place. Then you will simply end up like the other freak.? The male?s voice came from behind Aliza as well as familiar click of a gun tapping the back of her head

Aliza groaned at the voice and there was some pinging in her chest because of it. ?Jordi.?

He pressed the gun against her head to make a point. ?You left yourself open.?

Aliza grunted and shifted the arm that had been at her side this entire time. Jordi would no doubt feel the end of her own gun pressing against his groin as she kept her attention on Monica. No she didn?t leave herself open. She heard him and smelled him long before he even made himself known. ?Listen. The target is practically followed by a number of people and that includes Sheridan. After the failed shooting by your second party I have had to deal with his accusations.?

?That is not our problem.? Monica waved a dismissive hand to Aliza?s complaints.

?Like **** it ain?t. How do you expect me to take out a target that is coveted like that?? Aliza snarled in annoyance.

The gun against her head clicked against her skull again, ?Just get it done.?

?Jordi, I swear by the blood moon. You do that again and I am going to hurt you so much your ancestors will feel it.? The words were shot back to the man not as a threat, not as a warning, but as a promise.

?Just get it done, Jordi, and lets go.? Monica did the dismissive gesture again and turned away.

?Get what done??

Just as the question leaves Aliza?s lips she felt the gun move from her skull and to the center of her shoulder blade, a few inches to the left. Sharp pain followed as the trigger was pulled. ?A tracker so we can keep tabs on you.?

?****ER!? She snarled and made a reach for her back but it had been implanted in a spot she just could not reach.

?Now be a good kitten and go kill the mouse.? Jordi?s hand patted her head, flattening the snow white hair.

That hand. Oh she wanted to rip it off. ?I swear,? she also wanted to unload her gun into the man and make him piss bullets for the rest of his life. But that would be a waste of much needed ammo.

?I would suggest getting it done soon. Unless you really don?t care about your brother?s wellbeing.? Jordi had withdrawn and moved around to join Monica. ?And I would suggest giving up any ideas of making connections in this city. Once they figure out what you are they won?t want you around.?

The mention of her younger sibling caused Aliza?s shoulders to deflate and the gun fell limp against her thigh. ?You would know, right??

A grin tore across Jordi?s face at the comment. His hand found Monica?s back and he lead her off into the warzone city.

Breaths were taken to calm herself down but once the two?s scents were not on the air Aliza released a growl deep from her chest. ?Assholes.? If given the choice she would of broken free of the Agency?s grasp but they did have a trump card to keep her in place. Now it seemed two. Granted she knew what would happen if she did actually try to break free. Her brother would surely be killed and she would be taken in, stripped, tortured for information, then left to bleed out. Like the other that they had sent.

Still that didn?t mean she wouldn?t be defiant. She was going to get that device out of her back but how was still a question.

The gun in hand was shoved down into her jacket?s pocket and she rose up. Apparently she had forgot about the photo in hand until that point but after a moment it too was stuffed in her jacket. Sure she could ask him for help but what point would it be to get him involved? Who else could she ask? That list was very limited to who she trusted.

?****,? was grumbled under her breath as she slumped back down, this time on the ground next to the fallen rucksack. Arms folded and head bowed she would rest there for now. As long as it didn?t rain she could catch a few much needed winks. That is if her brain allowed it.

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Re: The Huntress and The Outcast
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2017, 03:37:53 PM »
Journal Entry #225
Date: 3.1.17

I haven't done a lot of writing over the past few months. There just hasn't been much to write about. Maybe I should get back into it if only to pass the time in this wretched city.

When you need help, who do you turn to? Family? Brother-in-Arms? Friends? In Rhydin, I have no family, few friends, and even fewer that I would think are able to understand my 'job'. Maybe that is why when I needed help I turned to the one person who was in the same field as work  and I thought was a friend. Boy was that an eye opener.

Approaching Jochin had been a mistake right off the bat. I had never felt so easily dismissed by someone. No concern in the man what so ever as he brushed me to the side in order to flirt with another pretty face in the inn. Did it surprise me? I guess not. It was his nature and I knew that from the moment that we had met at the inn. I'm nothing to the guy and I wouldn't even say friends. At least as as someone who shared in the same field, he would of understood. Oh well, whatcha going to do?

I couldn't go to Senka -  she has more on her plate than she knows what to do with. I didn't want to freak her out and add to it. She is a little ray of sunshine and damn if that girl can't make me laugh. I wanted to keep it that way. I couldn't go to what's his face either. That would of been bad for him and the company he kept.

So what did that leave me with? Me, myself, and I. Nothing new there. I've never really had someone to fall back on in a time of need. I tried a few things to get the device out of my back but with where they placed it, it made it impossible for me to get to so all I ended up doing was really messing up my back. Good thing Y?mni heal quick, right? Wrong! I managed not only to **** up my back but break whatever vial was with the tracking device. I felt it, too. The snap under skin and the unmistakable feeling of Bane began to work into my bloodstream. Without a doubt that had to be the most douche move they could of done.

With the Bane in my system, my body's regeneration and even my ability to shift, was shot. It made for some long, painful nights and even longer days. I stayed out of the places that were heavily with public traffic and resided myself to some place called the Teas n Tomes for sanctuary. There are these private little nooks upstairs, I guess for reading or book reading groups. I had another use for it. Sad, sure, but where else could I go?

I did leave a few times if only to hunt for food. Only so many sweets this girl can take. I need meat, damn it!

I bumped into Danny. Nice guy and good with animals which might be why I like him. Him and Senka really know how to make me laugh. Just like before he was friendly smiles and greeted me like very few in Rhydin have. Like I exist. Like someone actually gave a s*** I do exist. He even seemed to of noticed that I hadn't been around the inn and was quick to point it out.

I don't know why I told him what was going on. I think I am just going to blame blood loss clouding my judgement and move on. I ended up telling him what was up and the next thing I knew he was freaking out. He all but demanded I allow him to help out. I got to admit, it surprised the crap out of me.

I do still kind of regret telling him and putting him in that position though. Really it looked as if everything was right over his head.

Regardless of that he came with me back to the Teas and proceeded in removing the device from my back. I don't remember much after one point but I do remember he was thorough as if he had a practiced hand at something like this. I am going to take a guess that it was due to his time working with large animals. Plus he said something about having to remove shrapnel from his person at one time. At least I think that is what I had heard. Blood loss makes for crappy conversations and even crappier memory of said conversations.

I don't even remember falling asleep. Just waking up some time close to night fall and my stomach growling. Thanks to the anti-agent I had Danny inject after the device had been removed my healing properties were back in full swing. Faster healing meant more energy was used. More energy used meant my body needed substance. I had just managed off of the sofa in the nook and down the stairs when Danny showed up, apparently checking up on me and damn if he didn't bring food. Not enough to sate my hunger but enough to tide me until I could go hunt. It was nice of him.

I gotta think of some way to pay this guy back for his troubles but seriously I think he is all up in heaven with his gal so it may be hard to do much of anything.

What I do know is I need to finish this god damn job. In the next couple of days I plan on getting s*** together to take the target down before the end of this month. While my stay in Rhydin has, maybe, changed my views on demons I still need to get this job done. My brother's life is on the line and they have made that abundantly clear.

When the job is done and over I find that there will be very little I will miss of this city. And If they kill him then what do I have left? Not a god damn thing.