Author Topic: The Air Apparent: Conversations with MB.  (Read 985 times)


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The Air Apparent: Conversations with MB.
« on: June 13, 2017, 09:18:04 PM »
Monday, June 12th, 2017
4:30 A.M. RST

There you are.
?Hello?? It had been some time since Kruger had heard a voice of air outside of the forge.
I?m not talking to you.
Be careful, they?d been the last things Matt had said after the challenge. Since taking hold of the yellow opal, Kruger hadn?t heard a peep out of it. Maybe it was just getting used to the new surroundings, though this was not the tone he?d been expecting from it. The room was dark, the evening?s celebrations had gone on long after both the challenge and the concert had finished. Private celebrations, true, but just as exhausting. Even that wasn?t quite enough to allow slumber to drag him into its embrace. He was used to not sleeping, but in this case the aches of the best of three had outlasted the adrenalized state his body had been in. Breathing hurt, hell closing his eyes hurt if he were being completely honest. The soft sigh of sleep next to him came with warmth as Ali nestled in close to him.
?Not talking to her either if you?re smart. She?s as likely to hurl you into oblivion than hold a conversation? plus she?s sleeping.? Both points were true, or at least he thought that was her opinion. He?d been wrong before.
You?re beneath her. Beneath me as well.
?You need to open your eyes wider. You?re on the nightstand and she?s next to me??
You know what I mean.
?I do, that doesn?t make it any less funny. You?re right of course, she is worlds above me, and yet she?s mine. As are you, for now at least.?
You should feel honored, I came to you because of her.
?Yeah? I suppose it?s reveal intentions time then. I went after you for two reasons. First one?s simple. Matt?s the best, and I wanted to face that man. Of course the other reason? you should feel honored. I went after you to piss off ShadoWeaver.?
I? What?
There was a long silence, but the prickle of the hair on the back of Kruger?s neck was enough to tell him that whatever, or whomever MoonBeryl was, they? it? he was still there.
This conversation is over.
Like a mental sigh the sensation was gone leaving Kruger with just Ali and his aches. ?Liar.?


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Re: The Air Apparent: Conversations with MB.
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2017, 06:05:18 PM »
Tuesday, June 13th, 2017
2:55 P.M. RST

Please stop doing that.
?What am I doing now??
Singing, in fact you haven?t stopped singing since the moment you picked me up. I can only assume it was that way before as it seemed I came in halfway through the Coconut song.
?I do like that song? I said doctor? is there nothing I can take? I said doctor, to relieve this belly ache??
Don?t start that again?
?I can?t help it, someone got it stuck in my head again. I?ll try.?
Humming the chorus doesn?t mean you aren?t singing in your head. Can?t you be serious for a minute?
?I?m sure I can, maybe even for a few minutes at a time. Pain, you made me a, you made me a believer.?
That?s not what I meant. Fine, I?ll endure a little while longer. You know they?ll be coming for you, right?
?Of course, I?m looking forward to it. Let the bullets fly, oh let them rain??
I don?t know what she sees in you.
?You know, when you get grumpy, you kind of taste less like a lemon, and more like an orange? It?s really kind of sweet..?
You said you could be serious.
?You said for a minute, you didn?t say it had to be this one.?


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Re: The Air Apparent: Conversations with MB.
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2017, 07:14:53 PM »
Thursday, June 15th, 2017
12:20 A.M. RST

You should have stayed in the car, I wasn?t done making Claire feel bad.
?That?s not very nice of you, besides I?m sure she wanted to get home.? The lights in the shop were still on, though briefly. One by one they fell dark in Kruger?s wake as his fingers found switches and pulled them downwards.
She?s here! Upstairs.
We?re back!
All the air was siphoned out of Kruger?s thoughts. Not all at once, the sensation had happened more than once recently. He had come to believe that this was just MoonBeryl sighing.
?Now what?? Kruger took the stairs slowly, still aching from his most recent fights with the yellow rock?s previous holder.
I find it frustrating that she will speak to you, yet not to me.
?Maybe she?s just not into you. She might go for one of your brothers, or your sister. That would be pretty hot. Suck it up Ol? Yeller.? Kruger snorted as he passed through the door to the loft above the shop. He knew that Ali could indeed hear the opal when it spoke, just the fact that she didn?t even wait for him to make a sound before telling him where she was evidenced the fact.
She talks to you, and you are an oaf. I am beautiful, wise and intelligent. That alone should make you moot. Do not call me Old Yeller.
?I don?t know your name, gotta call you something. I?m not going to stick to your title? it just doesn?t flow off the tongue. Besides, it?s a great story about a boy and his dog. Boy hates dog, until it proves itself, then boy loves dog, but something happens and he?s forced to kill it.?
Am I the boy, or the dog, because I feel more like the boy tonight.
I?ll miss you when you?re gone.
?Now you begin to understand her.?


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Re: The Air Apparent: Conversations with MB.
« Reply #3 on: June 18, 2017, 11:47:49 AM »
Friday, June 16th, 2017
1:07 A.M. RST

You chose to fight, rather than let her cool off. I am not sure there was wisdom in that.
?I wasn?t going to let her go, not over a misunderstanding. That would have done more harm. If she wanted me to, she would have fought harder.?
She left you bruised?
?Good bruises, each of them just reinforces what I said about her fighting harder. She didn?t stab me, or use her magic.? Kruger stoked the flames of the forge fire. He?d gotten behind in his work, partly from the aftermath of his successful challenge, and partly because he stole so many moments with Aludariel. His hand worked the bellows chain, raising the temperature in both flames and the surrounding air.
You know you could use me to do that, right?
He thrust a rod into the fire, a bare smile coming to his lips as he thought back on the evening?s grand finale. ?I do know that I could, but parlor tricks are beneath you. Besides that, doing so would make you part of this making, and I?m not sure you want that.?
And if you?d let her go, would it not have been simpler to talk about it later?
?Sure, we could have talked. That would only tell her the truth, she needed me to show her how much she means to me. I don?t always choose action over words. It depends on the situation, but words always require action to prove them. Why does this matter anyway? It worked out, though maybe you would prefer it didn?t.? Kruger worked as he talked, laying out the tools he would need was second nature to him by now. The intrusions of MoonBeryl wasn?t really foreign to him. The rock sounded different than the thoughts in his head. But its questions were much the same as the kind he would ask himself.
You?re interpersonal relationships are important for me to gage the kind of person you are, since you hide behind the oaf persona so often.
?Well, maybe. Stick around if you?re really interested. Otherwise there?s not much time left for you to observe.? His hands unrolled the plans for the weapon he would work tonight. Exacting details were splayed neatly across the schematic which he pinned to the table to keep it from rolling back up.
She will not talk to me, but she is happy, content? satiated for now.
?You still try though. Maybe she?ll give in eventually, but I don?t know. She might just break the silence long enough to say get stuffed. She definitely would if she knew you were talking to me about how she feels. Hush now, it?s time to work.? The conversation wasn?t hurting, but he needed his concentration on the work in order to meet the precise demands. In the silence Kruger could feel the opal?s scrutiny. It was silent for a while, waiting for its moment perhaps.
I think I understand what[/i] ShadoWeaver wanted. I would like to be a part of this? if you have no objections.
?Then let?s begin again??


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Re: The Air Apparent: Conversations with MB.
« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2017, 08:28:39 PM »
Friday June 30, 2017
5:00 P.M. RST

?Why did the deer need braces??
Your question doesn?t make any sense.
?Because he had buck teeth!? Peals of laughter burst forth from Nikolai. The joke was so obviously hilarious. He?d been telling it to everyone, and it still made him laugh every single time. Then there was the funny yellow rock on dad?s dresser. It seemed far from amused.
There are no words to express how impossible that is.
?Do you get it?? He stood looking at the opal, talking to it like it was anyone of his millionteen friends. ?Buck teeth, cuz boy deers are call bucks.
I am aware of the difference between bucks and doe?s.
?So you do think it?s funny!? It had to right? If it knew what a buck was, then it had to think the joke was funny. Niko sat down on the bed, he kept his eyes on the opal. His dad had been right about where Nikolai was on the night he?d won the thing. His little lips pursed up into a moue that he pulled right and left across his face.
?How much does a Polar Bear weigh??
Male?s average around 900 pounds, females around 550.
?Enough to break the ice!? Niko flopped back on the bed, a loud thwump coming from the impact.
I suppose, if it?s thin enough. These questions might be better answered by your parental unit, assuming he?s stopped pretending to be a pirate captain.
?I think he?s cooking dinner, but we might play that again later... ? Nikolai inhaled deeply, he could smell food, hotdogs and maybe some macaroni and cheese. He hoped that his dad didn?t try to hide vegetables in it again. It was a lot of work picking those off and putting them to the side. Especially the corn, it was yellow too which meant that sometimes Niko accidentally missed a piece. Niko?s eyes went round as saucers. He pushed himself up, then stood on the mattress.
?If we do? You can be the PARROT! I bet you?d make a mazing Parrot, flying around? landing on the captain?s shoulder! Talking with that parrot voice! Do a parrot voice! I bet you could sound just like one! Raaawk? shiver me timbers!? In his excitement, Niko started to jump on the bed like it was one of the trampolines down at the gym.
I?m not doing that. It would serve no purpose.
?Mm? you maybe right, but it would sure be fun. Just think of all the grand things a parrot could do on a pirate ship. Why if Avy were here, you could fly to the crow?s nest an help her keep watch for lands ta ho? and treasures under the sea?? There was more, but the sudden presence of his father leaning against the door stopped him.
?Go get washed up for dinner. I want to hear the twinkle song? so be real loud.? His dad held out his arms, that could only mean one thing!
Nikolai grinned at his dad, stepped to the edge of the bed and leaped at him. ?Krugey Krater!!? His dad caught him in mid air, but he was sure it had almost worked that time. He?d even made his da say ooof. Once his feet hit the floor he was gone, a four year old streak towards the bathroom sink singing the twinkle song at the top of his lungs.
The boy is like you.
?How do you mean??
Excitable, and confusing, bordering on annoying with his inability to be serious and with his questions.
?What kinds of questions do you mean??
How much does a Polar Bear weigh?
?I dunno, how much??
Enough to break the ice.
?Ha! That?s hysterical! You should tell that one to Niko, he?ll love it!?


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Re: The Air Apparent: Conversations with MB.
« Reply #5 on: July 02, 2017, 03:34:16 PM »
Sunday, July 2nd, 2017
2:00 A.M. RST

MoonBeryl had required time to find comfort within the chaos of Kruger?s mind. It had come, only through the realization that his holder?s thoughts blew like spiraling dust devils. They touched on feelings long enough to acknowledge them and then slipped right on past to the next one. Yes the constant sound of one song or another had been difficult to deal with at first. Now he understood it better, the rising crescendo fading into diminuendo. It was the only real order to the man, and MoonBeryl discovered that it was the only way that Kruger could manage to function on a daily basis. It was a testament to the man?s resilience, it had become something more to the entity locked within the confines of a yellow rock.
With a little effort, MoonBeryl was able to become one with that wind of thoughts and emotions, unleashing more of himself than would normally be advisable confident in the man?s capacity to keep everything harnessed in that constantly swirling maelstrom. He could have lived like that for some time, and not grow weary from the effort. Kruger?s own internal pressure system keeping things on the move, never lighting on one thing long enough to let it take hold and become him. The entity was just beginning to spread himself wider when all at once the diminuendo of Kruger?s song turned into an abyss. Everything became darkness, even the music was lost to isolation as the void grew and MoonBeryl could sense only himself and a deeper presence that was Kruger stripped completely bare of everything. He was the darkness at the heart of the maelstrom within.
As unsettling as the sudden change from seeing everything to experiencing nothing was, the image within that darkness which slowly came to solidity was even moreso. Kruger stood there, barely more than a child still strong, though that seemed more a vulnerability. The darkness washed over his feet, like waves on the sand seeking to claim him as it would a sandcastle. The figure of the smith either didn?t notice or just didn?t care.
MoonBeryl approached the apparition, only then noticing that something about this place had given him form. When he reached for Kruger, it was with a hand. When he touched, it was solid contact between his extremity and a thick shoulder.
What?s wrong? Something was, that much was obvious even to MoonBeryl who didn?t understand why he cared. His answer came in the form of sight and sound. The world around this part of Kruger may have been nothingness, but within the figure there was plenty to see.
?...but why does it always have to be you? There are others who could do it, should do it. Mela please, tell them you changed your mind.? MoonBeryl recognized the dark haired elf that pulled out of Kruger?s hold and put some distance between them. It was her, and even this version wouldn?t talk to him. Then again, could memories speak anything but what already was?
?You know I can?t, that I won?t do that. This is too important for me to rely on anyone else.? She mounted too quickly for Kruger to catch up, a brush of callused palm on her leather clad leg broken abruptly as she kicked the horse into a slow canter. The look she cast backwards was hard to read. There was determination within it, though whether that was toward the job ahead, or to keep herself from giving in was impossible for the rock to determine.
?Aludariel? Wait!? She did the opposite of his call, pushing her mount to greater speed. What followed threatened to remind MoonBeryl what it was like to be torn from life and imprisoned. The sensation had him pull away from Kruger in a mind jarring flinch.
He reached out, not knowing what kind of response he would receive, or even if he would get any from the form that rested in the darkness. I know you don?t want to talk to me? he needs you now though.


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Re: The Air Apparent: Conversations with MB.
« Reply #6 on: July 12, 2017, 01:20:50 AM »
Tuesday, July 12th 2017
Midnight RST

Are you living after midnight?

Stifling a loud snort, Kruger couldn?t help but be amused at a joke from MoonBeryl. He knew that there was a possibility that the stone was saying it to make fun of him as much as anything else. He?d never had a problem laughing at himself though. ?I probably deserve that.?

There was no probably about it, he did.

No? you?re beating yourself up again. You?re awake once more watching over her like she?ll disappear with the darkness. Touch her, she?s real and she will respond.

Trust a rock to cut straight through the bulls*** and crack Kruger over the head. She was there, less than an arm?s length from him, and had he but touched her she would come alive again. ?I know, and I will. But it?s in the dark that I know her best? a thousand dreams just like this and sometimes I?m just afraid that? I?ll reach and wake to a life where this is just another dream.?

You do have odd dreams then if you decide to include me. Remember? I did not seek you out, you came for me. I would not intrude on your dreams. I cannot say as much for some of the others.

?You?re just trying to make me feel silly, and relent. I?d be lying if I said I didn?t want to.? He fought the need to tear up. She made him happy, made him want the things he?d rejected before. She, with her soft sighs and strength of will, made him believe. That was what scared Kruger. That he would believe so fully once more only to realize he?d tricked his mind again.

What is your other option?

?Taking you downstairs, and firing up the forge.? It surprised Kruger how much the stone seemed to enjoy taking part in such labors. He?d kept his promise to MoonBeryl, not using him like a toy or plaything. In the ring was different, that?s what he was for. Outside, the uses he put the stone to were practical and consensual. Perhaps that consent came because the opal knew that he didn?t need him for the work. That he was perfectly willing to do what was necessary on his own.

Would it hinder to wait a few more hours to be the good smith? Face the dream, wake her and know that you?re allowed a little happiness.

His hand touched warm flesh, his fingers curled their way through ebony strands, and his mouth urged life back into the sleeper. Perhaps a few hours wouldn?t hinder him so much after all.


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Re: The Air Apparent: Conversations with MB.
« Reply #7 on: August 11, 2017, 06:17:53 PM »
July 25th 2017
2:13 PM RST

?I don?t remember you being so quiet? Not even just after we started our partnership. Why exactly did you abandon me?? The yellow opal sat on the bar in front of Kruger. It had stopped talking the moment he?d put up the final points against Hope the previous Sunday at the Diamond Quest.

You tried to leave me.

It came across, clipped, and Kruger might have said that the stone felt...hurt. ?Is that what I was doing??

Of course, just like all the others have. Last time I was left to rot for nearly an entire season. What?s wrong that no one wants to keep me around?

?Maybe? no, you?ll believe what you want, and it doesn?t really matter what I say to you.? He looked down the bar, if anyone thought it odd that he was talking to himself, no one showed it. Then again, he was Kruger and that came with certain Anvilicious quirks.

Go on? maybe what? What am I doing wrong?

?Did you ever think that I might be trying to do something else completely? How many times have you said to me, That?s not what Claire would do? Koy never acted that way? or any of the myriad others who?ve held you. I know what it means, you think I don?t deserve you.? It was Kruger?s reason, whether MoonBeryl believed him or not.

It wasn?t a lie, you act? strangely sometimes, or do things with little to no finesse. You?re a brute at times, and somehow manage to make that work. In part, that surprises me.

?I went there intending to win, I?ll admit that, because it would mean that I faced and defeated every holder that had you who came out to try for the diamond. It would mean that I did deserve to hold you? even as I was forced to let you go.? There was a pause, long enough to drink a little. Long enough to reflect on things a little more.  ?And I did, I beat them all except??

...except Andrea. Clearly she was on her own mission, but I never said you didn?t deserve to hold the title. If anything, I find you.. Interesting. You act like an oaf, go to great lengths to call attention to yourself. Often you attack when you should be moving, relying on your power to overwhelm your opponent. When a soft touch is all that?s necessary, you swing a hammer. It shouldn??t work, you shouldn?t work? but you do. Outside you?re different, and maybe?you defy reason sometimes.

?I don?t know about any of that. I like to fight, and the pummeling that I take is rarely felt on a level that will drive me from the ring. It doesn?t matter, just stop being so quiet. I need you to help me work on something that I?m making? It?s for her.? Kruger swept up the opal with one hand, the other shoved into his pocket to retrieve the money for his drink and lay it atop the bar.

?Assuming that kind of thing would interest you.?


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Re: The Air Apparent: Conversations with MB.
« Reply #8 on: August 24, 2017, 01:08:34 PM »
August 24th, 2017
11:30 AM RST

You?re under Challenge

?Am I? Took a bit longer than we figured it would. You know who?s coming?? Morning was generally a quiet time for him, after Niko had gone off to school and before the sounds of a hammer rang through the building.

I do

?Not going to share?? Word games had become pretty normal over the last few months. MoonBeryl refusing to offer anything not directly asked for, and Kruger perfectly happy to drag out conversations as far as possible.

I?m happy to share

?Oh good, any idea when you plan to do that? I honestly don?t care about the who so much, but it will save me a trip down to look at the boards.? It was always best to be completely honest with the stone.

Feeling lazy today?

?Not so much really, more like what?s important is what you?ve got in mind for this. I think it would be more important for me to ask if you?re finished with me...based on whoever?s issuing challenge.? Kruger swept up the yellow rock and carried it with him to the kitchen, it was close to lunch, and suddenly he was starving.

Would it hurt you if I wanted to move on?

?A bit, yeah. Kind of like having you around even if your presence makes Ali feel uneasy.? Uneasy was a word, it might not be the right one. Kruger was being nice.

Why? Because of the accolades the title brings you?

?Accolades? Some of them are better than others, of course, but I wouldn?t give them up just to save money at the bar. I?d say it?s never been about that for me, but that would be a lie. I came after you because of what Harris said. If you want my complete answer, I need this challenge in order to keep that going. Rule number three, right? How Many Opal Defenses Do I have? Currently I have none, because this is the first time I?ve come under challenge. I?m not quite ready to give you up, so I?ll fight like I always fight. Still don?t know if that means you?re ready to give me up yet. I?ve kept my promise, you?re not a toy, but you have been useful. I?ve never made you participate in anything you haven?t wanted to? but you?ve always wanted to. I don?t know if that will continue if? Who did you say was challenging me??

I didn?t

?Oh, right. Do you plan to, or is this a test to see how badly I want to keep you??

Do you require testing?

?No. I?ve said what my preference is. Is it Koy? I?ve been kind of looking over my shoulder for her.?

It?s not her.

?Matt coming back for it? I did kind of blindside him when I challenged for you, so I wouldn?t blame him in the least.?

It isn?t Matt either.

?Claire...maybe Harris? Those would be some excellent fights.?

Glutton for punishment, eh? But no it?s neither of them.

?So...who is it??



Not Xeric, Xerzes Maureen

?Huh, another X M name. Did you know that is nine hundred ninety in those Roman Numbers? Do I know him??

Of course I do. You?ve called some of his fights

?I call a lot of fights, and I?m barely coherent during those...especially if I have the right company on the couch. So, rule number three? How many Opal defenses does he have??

One, for Ice Dancer, then he went on to become diamond.

?Interesting, you?d think I would know that. I guess that brings me to rule number four. What?s his overall challenge record??

One win, nine losses

?Well? that?s not good.?

Are you being disparaging, Anvil?

?What? Not me, it means he?s probably hungry. I?m hungry too, mostly for this sandwich. Turkey and Ham with a slice of cheese. I could sit on this challenge for a bit, make him wait it out. You think he knows that I?m vulnerable? because of the Diamond Rule Ten on spandex restriction??

[quote:1eac57c282="Apple"]10. For the remainder of the cycle, spandex in outrageous colors (or just spandex in general) is banned. Sorry Kruger.[/quote]

Waiting has never really been your style. If he paid any attention to your last fight, I?d say it?s on his mind.

?I could make it my style this time! I mean I waited a whole thirty days to challenge for you? that was hard. Maybe I can get Andrea to repeal that for one night only??

What will you do if she doesn?t?

?Ever seen a naked Anvil fight??

Wasn?t that what you did last night?

?Uhmmm? we weren?t fighting.?

It?s hard to tell sometimes

?Never mind, I?ll walk down and see what?s going on...just as soon as I finish this sandwich.?


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Re: The Air Apparent: Conversations with MB.
« Reply #9 on: August 30, 2017, 11:31:44 PM »
August 31st, 2017
7:22 AM RST

The hand in Kruger?s was small, and difficult to hold onto with the hopstep that Niko was doing as they walked to New Haven Elementary school. No matter what it looked like, it was not skipping. Nikolai did not skip. ?Are you gonna to win tonight, Da??

?I?m going to fight my hardest. If I do, then we won?t have to say goodbye to Moonberyl.? That was what he?d said, Niko only heard the last bit though.

?It?s air, right? What happens to the air if we say goodbye?? Kruger took a breath, and looked down, ready to answer Niko, but the boy wasn?t looking at him, a sure sign that he wasn?t asking him either.

Why would anything happen to the air? Besides you still have the lady.

?She helded my hand the other day? it was warm.? The hop step changed to something a bit more excited. ?An she?s got this horsey with real wings! IT FLIES! Billy Thompson doesn?t believe me, but it?s true! Billy Thompson doesn?t believe lots of things that are true.. Like that you talk? or that I know Aunt Claire. He?s always calling me a liar and making fun of me? but I don?t mind, cuz it makes the girls chase him away. Then we play Hops scotch.?

You didn?t answer my question flame holder

?Yeah??t?s cuz I don?t know, zactly. I mean being without air, that?s kinda scary. ?Cept to my Da, cuz nuthin really scares him.?

?If only that were true.? Kruger spoke the words, but Niko was using that selective hearing he?d begun mastering.

?I know this song ?bout it? well parts of it? Da knows it better? If I sing the first part? he just autumnatly starts singin? the rest.?

I?m shocked, I didn?t know your father sang.

At least Sarcasm was lost on Niko at this age. ?He sings lots? watch? I?ll make him do it?. [size=9]Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air?[/size]? Niko tugged on Kruger?s hand a couple times, and looked up at him with dark expectant eyes. The opening words had already started music in his head, but this song was personal to him. It?s what he sang to Niko during his episodes when the fires inside did not wish to be contained anymore.

[size=9]If I should die before I wake
It's 'cause you took my breath away
Losing you is like living in a world with no air

It was just a song to Niko. A simple truth, the same as the one that had Kruger reaching down to lift the boy up. He was right though, Kruger did start singing the song softly.

[size=9]I'm here alone, didn't wanna leave
My heart won't move, it's incomplete
Wish there was a way that I can make you understand[/size]

For the smith, The Anvil, the lover and father, every word was a nightmare in which he lost everything.

[size=9]But how do you expect me
to live alone with just me
'Cause my world revolves around you
It's so hard for me to breathe[/size]

No, not everything...he could lose all of that and nothing would change. Everyone, that was true anguish.

[size=9]Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air
Can't live, can't breathe with no air
It's how I feel whenever you ain't there
It's no air, no air[/size]

Halfway through the chorus, he was joined by a voice that was sweet and high as Niko found words that he remembered well enough.

[size=9]Got me out here in the water so deep
Tell me how you gonna be without me
If you ain't here, I just can't breathe
It's no air, no air[/size]

The opal was quiet, Kruger would have sworn it was holding its breath.

[size=9]No air, air
No air, air
No air, air
No air, air[/size]

There were people everywhere, other parents moving in the same direction, and maybe they looked at the pair of singers curiously. As far as Kruger was concerned they might as well be alone on the streets.

[size=9][Kruger]I walked, I ran, I jumped, I flew
Right off the ground to float to you
There's no gravity to hold me down for real[/size]

They took turns on the verses, separating not quite seamlessly, but it didn?t matter. The only one who might have noticed would have been Addie, and she?d never say anything.

[size=9][Niko]But somehow I'm still alive inside
You took my breath, but I survived
I don't know how, but I don't even care[/size]

It may have become obvious to the rock that they?d done this often when the chorus rolled around, and the harmony slid together easily.

[size=9][Both:]So how do you expect me
to live alone with just me
'Cause my world revolves around you
It's so hard for me to breathe[/size]

Unfortunately for Niko, and perhaps fortunately for both Kruger and Moonberyl, the school loomed over them before they could continue much further. Niko trotted off towards his classmates, and the prim teacher who was getting them into line. Niko wasn?t done though, continuing the song with a brightness that was the complete opposite of how it made Kruger feel.

[size=9]No air, air
No air, air
No air, air
No air, air
No more
It's no air, no air[/size]

Kruger waited until the line of children had filed through the double doors and disappeared from site. He wasn?t alone, there were many others. They smiled, said their hellos, and received them right back. They watched, and left? all but Kruger. He sat down on the steps, and closed his eyes just breathing and holding onto the railing in a vice like grip.

I?m sorry.

?For what? The truth, or the fact that I?m not going to let you go.?

[size=9](Song No Air, composed by: James Fauntleroy, Harvey Mason Jr., Steve Russell, Mike Scala, Eric Griggs)[/size]


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