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Urijah Bradley

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The Valravn
« on: May 21, 2017, 11:31:52 PM »
?Your destiny is beyond the stars. ?

Urijah wasn?t sure what that meant when he was first told it as a child. Brought up in the lap of luxury on the moon named Mani, he was the child of an Elite Vanguard and therefore bred to be his successor. He was not a progeny in school, but he didn?t need to be ? not with his natural athletic talent and penchant for just understanding how things worked, especially if they were mechanical. Beyond that, it was the potential he carried in his lineage to carry the powers of his father, and even have them evolve beyond his father?s own. Only it wasn?t supposed to happen so soon.

The star system Polaris is unique in the universe. Wormholes form in this system regularly, and all lead to other populated systems. The planet named Horizon is tidal locked with the red sun it orbits, with the only habitable area along the terminator. This is how it earned its name, as the sun always rests on the horizon for those who live there. Its moon, Mani, supports more life and is where the government of the system resides. Due to the advanced technology and the enhancements genetically engineered into some of its habitants, Mani was also able to become the central government of all star systems on the other side of each wormhole. Conquest is not the goal, as peaceful negotiations have led to a blossoming trade between all connected systems. Everyone prospers, and the enhanced champions from Polaris help maintain the peace.

That peace is currently under threat by a terrorist group called The D?sir -- Enemies of Polaris and all other galaxies connected by the wormholes. This group claims that Polaris subjugates each new system to its will, and uses its collection of enhanced individuals and stolen technology to accomplish this goal. Worlds opened to the wormholes are stripped of any autonomous governments and brought under the autocracy of Polaris, with Mani as its base of power.

When the new wormhole opened, the government of Mani was already stretched thin due to pressure from the D?sir. Urijah?s powers had begun to blossom, and both he and others were eager to put them to use. To ease him into his role and curtail the young man?s desires of hunting the D?sir ? a task he was not prepared for ? Urijah was assigned the relatively simple task of accessing whatever was on the other side of the wormhole. Resources would be limited, but the probes had returned reports of a habited planet. There would be some danger, but much less than if Urijah were to attempt to confront the D?sir.

Urijah Bradley ventured beyond the stars of his home, and destiny followed.