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Re: A Day In The Life
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He'd already felt some inexplicable spark between them, so her words didn't really surprise him. It was her candor that surprised him, and the odd but brief flicker of fear he felt at the center of her words. What was she afraid of, exactly? That he'd reject her? He thought the opposite was far more likely. "First of all, you're not a kid. And, yeah, we haven't known each other long, but so what? I like you, Mira, and ..." He paused a moment to frown with a little fear of his own. "I've never felt this way about anyone before."

Just like that, the fear he'd felt flickering in her was swept away, replaced with a warmth that couldn't be called love, but couldn't be explained away as simple lust, either. Her fingers tightened on his as her smile deepened. "So ... we don't need to rush each other, do we?" she asked softly. "If we're both feeling this, then ... we've got all the time we need. Right?"

So long as her brother didn't disapprove anyway, but so far, so good, and Yana seemed to be on his side. "Right," he replied, giving her hand a soft squeeze. He was feeling that inexplicable connection to her again, like they were two parts of the same soul or something, though he couldn't quite explain it.

Mira's smile was warm and bright, and entirely focused on him, warmed to her toes by that same feeling of closeness. For all she knew, this was completely normal when you felt so strongly for someone, even someone you barely knew. She blinked as the waitress brought back the credstik, biting her lip as she ducked her head, almost shy. "So, uh ... Are we gonna dance?" she asked Gav, the flirtatious tone back in her voice now she felt confident that he did like her the way she liked him.

He mirrored her smile, relieved by the warmth of her smile, like sunshine breaking through storm clouds on a rainy day. "If you still want to," he told her, "but we have to go somewhere else for that." There was obviously no dancing going on at the buffet.

"I want to," she nodded, the excitement flickering in her gaze once again as she tucked the credstik safely back in her belt, reluctantly releasing his hand to rise from her seat. "I have no idea where I'm going, though."

"It's okay. I'll lead the way," he volunteered again, moving to his feet and reaching for her hand to lead her toward the door. It was starting to get dark out already, with the stars twinkling overhead amidst Rhy'Din's twin moons and the flickering lights of ships coming and going from 'port.

"Good," she teased, walking close against his arm once again. "Because if you don't lead the way, I'm just gonna find the nearest beat and dance to it, and that could get all kinds of embarrassing for you."

"That could prove interesting," he replied with a grin. Now that it was getting dark, there was a slight chill in the air, and his gaze flickered to her bare arms, before he shrugged off his jacket to lay it across her shoulders. "I think you might like this place," he told her, as he tucked his jacket around her.

Mira's cheeky smile softened as he tucked his own jacket about her shoulders, surprised by the unexpected gesture. "Thank you," she murmured to him, resolving not to mention to Kalen that he might have been right about a jacket. "Are you gonna dance with me?"

"Why would I take you dancing and then not dance with you?" he asked, as he took her hand again and started away from the restaurant. Maybe some guys preferred to watch from the sidelines, but not him.

"I don't know," she laughed, falling into step with him easily. "Some people don't like dancing. I wouldn't know if I didn't ask, would I? It's not like I don't want to dance with you, I just didn't know if you were the dancing type. You might be one of those people who just likes to leer from a corner."

"And watch other guys drool over you? I don't think so," he said, making it clear that he was marking her as belonging to him, whether they were officially a couple or not. Of course, if she wanted attention from other guys, that was another matter, but from what she had just told him a few minutes ago, he didn't think that was the case.

"Drool?" Mira laughed once again, giggling at the thought of being dribbled on by other guys - well, dribbled on by anyone, if she was perfectly honest. "Do people really do that?"

He chuckled to realize she was taking him literally. "It's a figure of speech," he told her, though that didn't really explain what he'd meant by it. "If you want to dance with someone else, just say so, okay? But I'm gonna warn you ... Sometimes people can get a little ... rude in places like this." And it was worse if they were drunk.

"Why would I wanna dance with someone else, if you're happy to dance with me?" she asked him. The question was mostly rhetorical; she didn't need him to answer it. After all, if given the choice, he was the one she wanted to dance with for as long as he would allow her. The warning didn't go unheeded, though. "What do you mean when you say rude?"

"Some people get to drinking too much and then they get rude," he said with a light shrug. The warning didn't just apply to men but to women, too, and not only to humans either. She'd seen a little of that in the cantina a few days ago with Kalen, though he'd handled it. "Just stay close, and you'll be fine," he told her.

"Would this be one of those times when Yana said I look like a cake that has eat me written on it?" she asked him curiously. She hadn't really understood what Yana was talking about at the time, but had nodded and smiled and said all the right things, just to make sure the other woman didn't try to give her The Talk on top of everything else.

Gav actually smirked at that question, or more accurately, at Yana's way of putting it. "Something like that, yeah. It's not a bad thing, but I just want you to be aware." Not scared, but aware. Even on an innocent date, the spaceport could be a dangerous place.

"I'll try not to invite any trouble," she promised hm faithfully, hugging his arm once again. "You're allowed to be a little rude to me, though." The flash in her grin told him she'd worked out what he meant by 'rude', and there was a definite invitation in those dark eyes of hers.

He wasn't so worried about her inviting trouble as he was about trouble finding her uninvited, but there was no point in worrying about something that might not happen. He'd just have to stick to her like glue and make sure she was safe, or he'd have to answer to Kalen. "Not that kind of rude, Mira," he replied with a smile, just as he stopped in front of a large building with a bright neon sign outside that declared itself a disco. There was no mistaking it as their destination, if the low rumble of bass was any indication. "Well, this is it," he told her, guiding her around the steady stream of people coming and going from the place.

She snickered at his reply, her ears already catching the heady beat emanating from the club as they approached it. "What do we do with your jacket?" she asked, having never been anywhere like this before. "Are you going to wear it, or is there a place to put it?"

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Re: A Day In The Life
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"I'll take it," he told her, but made no move to take it from her shoulders just yet. He wasn't about to check it and then fight the crowd to get it back. He'd been to places like this before and knew what to expect. He knew the kinds of trouble they needed to avoid. "Stay close," he warned her again, as he started toward the door.

Clinging to his hand, despite the urge to push toward the music, Mira did exactly as she was told, proving that she wasn't quite as disobedient as she liked to make out she could be. It was a strange feeling, to be in a crowd and feel bodies pushing at hers, even if all they were doing was passing by. Mira had never been in the midst of such a dense pack of people before, a little relieved to find that the crowd was not as human dominated as she'd expected.

That was part of the danger, but also the excitement. Gav had always thought of places like this as sort of a meat market, where people came to escape the mundanity of their lives and feel free, if only for a little while. Freedom was something Gav had never worried much about. He'd managed to live his life by his own rules most of the time, even if it had meant scraping by with hardly anything to his name, but now that he'd met Mira all that had changed. Freedom had taken on a different meaning now, but tonight, it was about having fun. Once they got past the bouncer and made their way inside, Gav took hold of her hand and drew her aside so he could reclaim his jacket. There was a bar on one side of the room, crowded with people trying to procure drinks. A few tables were scattered about on the outskirts of the room, but most of the place was largely made up of a dance floor, upon which were countless writhing bodies moving with the beat of the music and the pulse of flashing lights above their heads.

It was difficult for Mira not to rush onto the dancefloor, forcing herself to be patient and stay close to Gav as he reclaimed his jacket from her shoulders. The air in here was close and sticky, fragrant with sweat and perfume, and other smells she was probably lucky not to be able to recognize. But the beat ... she could feel it vibrating through the floor, striking up through her legs, urging her to move with it and just express herself through movement. A heady change from dancing alone to the metronome BB-D2 could sometimes be persuaded to tick tock for her. When he was ready, she seized Gav's hand with a grin, pulling him out onto the dancefloor, into the crush of bodies, making use of her elbows to clear them a space they could move together in.

He'd hardly had a chance to get his jacket back on when he was being herded onto the dance floor. Though he had few close friends, he was no stranger to places like this. It got pretty lonely living and working alone all the time, and this was one place where it was hard to feel all alone. He was even a halfway decent dancer, letting the beat of the music guide his movement on the dance floor, turning a few admiring heads in his direction, while Mira did the same.

She wasn't even aware of the eyes on her as she swayed, caught up in the beat, arms high above her head. For someone who had lived most of her life hidden away in a scrapyard, there was a sensuality to her motion that could only have been innate, an invitation in the sway of her hips as she closed her eyes, surrendering to the beat and the noise and crush of the crowd around them. And at some point, she opened those eyes, looping one arm about Gav's neck to draw him close, and it was that kind of dancing Kalen had been worried about. A steady beat, like the beating of her heart and his, encouraged simulated sex on the dancefloor, and she responded to it without thinking, all her focus on Gav as they moved together.

There was a certain seduction in the way they moved together on the dance floor, his arms going around her waist as hers went around his neck. Despite the press of bodies and the murmur of voices, he somehow managed to tune it all out, his entire focus on her and the music. For a short time, at least, his whole world narrowed to just the two of them.

Seduction was a good word for it, this closeness of physicality, the trust they showed in one another as they moved together with an intimacy that declared to everyone who looked their way their status in each other's eyes. Some couples who had shared their lives for years couldn't radiate this kind of intimate territorialism, and yet for Mira and Gav, it came as easily as breathing. Her fingers curled into his hair, gripping tight, relaxing into a caress; her breath teased his lips as she rolled her hips ever closer, encouraging him without words to stake his claim as her hand came to rest over his heart. How long they danced was up for debate - it felt like a heartbeat and an eternity all at once.

So enraptured by the other, it was almost like a spell had been cast upon them. Gav was no stranger to the dancefloor, nor was he a virgin. He knew the difference between the two, but if there was a definition of "dirty dancing", this was probably it. Though Kalen and Yana were distant thoughts in his mind, he was glad neither of them was here to watch them. This was just about him and Mira, and he found himself happily trapped in whatever spell she had laid upon him.

Gav wasn't sure how much time had passed while he and Mira danced together amidst the writhing bodies and the pulsing lights. It was only when the music came to a momentary halt that Gav realized he was not only getting hot and sweaty, but thirsty, too. "Would you like to get a drink?" he asked, having to half-shout over the clamor of voices around them, including that of the DJ's coming over the speakers.

It was only when he mentioned it that Mira realized she was thirsty, her mouth dry despite the cling of her body to his. She nodded in answer to his question, reluctant to step back, enjoying the almost taboo closeness they'd indulged in for what must have been at least an hour.

The shirt beneath Gav's jacket was clinging to his skin, but he hardly seemed to notice, as he took her by the hand and lead her through the crowd back toward the bar. The roar of the crowd and the thrum of the music was a little more subdued here, but still loud enough that he had to raise his voice a little to be heard. He pushed his way through the crowd to order them each something that would quench their thirsts but wouldn't muddle their minds.

"Hey, Gav!" he heard a voice call his name and turned just as he was about to hand Mira her drink.

This time, Mira stuck close to his side not because he'd told her to, but because she was deeply reluctant to be more than about a foot away from him. Something had changed out there on that dancefloor; something primal inside her wanted to claim and be claimed, and she wasn't going to deny it some manifestation. It showed in her smiles for him, in the way her arm pressed to his, the way her fingers stroked over his own as she took the proffered drink from his grasp. She did, however, hear his name called, her head turning in that direction as she gulped from her glass, some of that heat relieved by the cool liquid in her throat.

Though only one voice called his name, Gav recognized at least five faces all standing in a small circle not far from the bar. Though he smiled amicably enough, inwardly he groaned. This was exactly what he'd been hoping to avoid. "Dash," Gav greeted what appeared to be the leader of the group, purposely putting himself between the group and Mira.

"Fancy meeting you here," the other man replied with a grin. He seemed a few years older than Gav, with a face that was neither handsome nor homely, and a crooked nose that appeared to have been broken a couple of times in the past. "We're just on our way to the club. You wanna come along? We'll make it worth your while."

Another club? Despite having been set behind Gav, Mira peered around him to look at the people he'd greeted curiously. Perhaps she should have expected to run into someone he knew, but for some reason, she really hadn't. And why wasn't he introducing her to them? Were they people he didn't want knowing her name?

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Re: A Day In The Life
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"Who's the hottie, Gav? You been holding out on us?" another voice piped in from somewhere behind Dash.

Gav inwardly winced, though his expression remained friendly. He drew an arm around Mira's shoulder as he pulled her almost protectively closer. "This is Mira. She's my ..." He hesitated, but only for the length of a single heartbeat. "... fiancee."

It didn't take a genius to understand just why Gav was pulling her so close. Mira might not have been actively social for most of her life, but she could tell tension in the air, and Gav was thick with it. She didn't even blink when he introduced her as his fiancee, simply curling her arm about his back to tuck close into his side as she offered his apparent friends a polite smile. "Hello."

"Fiancee, huh?" Dash echoed with a smirk. It was hard to tell if he believed Gav or not, but he didn't seem too inclined to argue. "Nice to meet you, Mira. What's a nice girl like you doing with a guy like Gav?" he teased further, mostly for Gav's benefit.

The answer was on her tongue before Mira could stop it, a belligerent side to her personality not wanting to give this person a hint of the real story if she could help it. She didn't often instantly distrust people, but Dash was definitely on that list. "Making babies," she answered innocently.

"You gotta take your clothes off for that, sweetheart," Dash replied with a wink. He was obviously taunting them, but it was hard to tell if he was purposely trying to get Gav riled up or embarrass Mira or both.

"Not tonight, Dash," Gav pleaded quietly. "We're just here to have a little fun."

"When have I not been fun?" Dash replied, giving Gav shoulder a whack and looking a little insulted. "C'mon, Gav. I'll even let you bring your little woman along. Don't you want to make a few extra bucks?" This was followed by a few choruses of "Yeah, c'mon, Gav!" from the group.

Gav certainly couldn't miss the sensation of Mira bristling under his arm. Little woman? Not only an insult, but the clamor of voices trying to force him to agree with them was grating on her nerves. Her arm tightened around his back, not really wanting to spend time with anyone who thought they could push him into something he didn't want to share. "Yana said something about taking me home in good time," she heard herself say. Now why had she said that? Why hadn't she mentioned Kalen, instead?

"Yana?" Dash echoed, unable to hide his displeasure at the mention of that name. "She still playing babysitter? I thought she left Rhy'Din for good."

"She's not my babysitter," Gav pointed out, bristling defensively beside Mira, his tone of voice clipped.

"No, looks like you found someone else to take care of that," Dash said, with a pointed look at Mira.

"What, exactly, crawled up your ass and died?" Mira heard herself demand, tired of the innuendo and hints and badly disguised sneering. "Aren't you capable of enjoying yourself without giving someone else grief, or are your manly parts feeling slighted because someone you're already jealous of has a girl and you don't?"

Dash's expression changed from amused to annoyed. No one talked to him that way; certainly not some snippet of a girl, but before he could say anything, Gav stepped forward, putting himself between Dash and Mira and raising a conciliatory hand.

"Just let it go, Dash. We don't want any trouble," he reasoned. He didn't want to bring up Yana's name again and use it as leverage, unless he had to. He'd just as soon break Dash's nose again, but it was five against one, and he'd promised not to get Mira into any trouble.

Mira opened her mouth, but abruptly shut it again as Gav put himself between her and the group in front of them. Evidently her back talk wasn't what was needed in this situation. So she subsided, putting her empty glass down just in case she was going to need both hands free.

"Seems to me your little fiancee thinks differently, Rowan. Too bad. We could've made a killing tonight. It's on your head," Dash said, poking a finger at Gav's chest.

"Another night, Dash. Not tonight," Gav replied, without so much as a flinch as he stood his ground.

Surprisingly, the other man seemed to back down, glancing from one to the other with narrowed eyes. "This isn't over. Not by a long shot," Dash warned him, before turning to rejoin the group. "Let's go or we're gonna be late."

Mira watched all this from her station behind Gav, biting her lip as she realized that she might just have gotten both of them in a good deal of serious trouble. Her eyes lingered on Dash and his companions as they filed away, worry creasing her brows. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything," she blurted to Gav as soon as she thought they were relatively alone. "I just didn't like the way he was talking to you."

"It's okay," Gav assured her, though he was trying not to look worried. They still had a long walk before they got back to the landing pad, and he didn't trust Dash as far as he could throw him. "He just thinks he can bully me into doing what he wants," he explained, though he hadn't yet told her what exactly that was just yet.

"What did he want?" she asked in concern, twisting to lay her hands at his sides as she leaned into him. She was already berating herself for the way she'd acted - if only she'd played up to the sweet, innocent little girl look she projected, maybe Gav wouldn't be so concerned, so tense. He was obviously expecting trouble now.

"He wanted me to make him some money," Gav replied, a little clipped again. "Come on," he said, taking her hand in his and leading her back through the crowd, but not in the direction of the door. "We gotta be going."

She frowned as he drew her through the crowd, not wanting to question him any further, but not really understanding what he meant by Dash wanting him to make money. Still, it seemed as though her track record for leaving the ship for any reason other than work was holding true - just like last time, it seemed to be ending in discomfort rather than pleasure.

It seemed he knew this place well enough to find another way out, though it had occurred to Gav that Dash knew that, too. Hopefully, the guy really was in too much of a hurry to get to the club and make a little money to waste time waiting around for them to emerge.

Both Gav and Mira were a little too distracted to notice that a couple of others were following them - discreetly, or as discreetly as a Wookiee can get in one case. It seemed as though someone was keeping an eye on the crew of the Nemesis.

"I'm sorry, Mira," Gav apologized, as if it was him who'd ruined her night. The night was still young though, and there were plenty of places to go, but he wasn't sure it was safe to keep her out much longer.

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Re: A Day In The Life
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She shook her head, squeezing his hand. "It's my fault," she apologized in return. "I'm the one who should have kept my mouth shut. I'm sorry." She bit her lip, wondering where the fun they'd been having might have gone if she'd just played the part of the little girl Dash had taken her for.

"It's not your fault. Dash had always been a bully. I think he's scared of Yana, though. That's probably why he backed down," Gav explained, though it was likely Orsk that Dash was really afraid of more than Yana. Everyone who knew Yana knew she was under Orsk's protection and that messing with her was the same as messing with him.

"Why did he try to make you do something you obviously don't want to?" she asked, curiosity warring with worry as she looked up at him. "Doesn't he pick up hints very well?"

Gav frowned, as if debating how much to tell her. "Because he doesn't care what I want, Mira. He only cares about himself," he explained, glancing over his shoulder as if to make sure they weren't being followed. "Come on!" he urged as he tugged her toward an alley that served as a shortcut.

"Then you should have slugged him," she said fiercely, not caring for Dash in the slightest. Gav's glance over his shoulder made her blink in surprise, unable to look back herself as he accelerated, pulling her along as she let out a faint laugh. "Where are we going?"

"And get beat up by his thugs? No thanks!" Gav replied, as he hurried along. He would have stopped to give her his jacket, but he was in a hurry. "To my place!" he called back, as he led her through a couple of alleys toward the more seedy side of the 'port. They'd have to be more careful here, but he knew it like the back of his hand.

Giggling at his sudden change of mood, Mira skipped to keep up, scurrying along at his back, clinging to his hand. The cool night air was chilly but soothing on her hot skin, drying the sweat that clung to her neck and arms as she jogged along behind him. "You have a place?"

"Of course I have a place. Did you think I live at the scrap yard?" he asked, laughing a little. His place wasn't much to speak of, but it was a roof over his head and it kept him dry and warm in winter.

"You never said you had a place," she laughed in answer. "And besides, I lived in a scrapyard. Why wouldn't I think you would, too, smarty-pants?" She ducked around a corner in his wake. "Why are we running?"

"Smarty-pants?" he echoed, chuckling. He was starting to relax a little the farther away they got from the disco, even though they were moving deeper into a more seedy area of 'port. "We aren't running. We're walking fast!" he corrected her, tossing another glance over his shoulder as he slowed his steps just a little.

"You're walking fast," she pointed out. "I'm running!" Still, she was giggling as he slowed a little, allowing her to catch up more comfortably. "Might not have noticed, but your legs are a bit longer than mine are." She grinned up at him, trying not to glance over her shoulder when he did.

It was times like these, he wished he carried a blaster, but his wits and his fists had never failed him before. "Sorry!" he repeated, though he only slowed down a little. "We're almost there." As sprawling as the Spaceport was, thanks to the shortcuts, it didn't take long before he was leading her up a small flight of stairs and into a building that looked like it had seen better days.

To someone like Mira, though, who until recently had been living in the open end of a defunct engine exhaust, the building didn't look so bad. It had walls and a roof, and doors that separated each private space from the others. It was practically luxury. "This is where you live?" she asked hopefully.

"Yeah. I know it's not much," he said as he entered a series of numbers into the keypad before pushing his way inside and leading her up yet another narrow flight of stairs. He slowed a little now that they were safely inside, leading up up three flights of stairs and down a hallway until he came to a halt in front of another door that declared itself "3C". "Well, here we are. Home sweet home," he said, punching another code into the keypad before hearing the click of the lock that would let them inside.

"It's more than I've ever had," she pointed out with a smile. "Well, when I was on my own, anyway." She was hugging his arm again, feeling him relax a little more as he unlocked the door to let them both inside.

He looked both ways down the hall as if to make sure they hadn't been followed before closing the door behind them and locking it. "It isn't much, but it's home," he said, shrugging his jacket from his shoulders and tossing it over a chair. His flat wasn't much to speak of - just one large room with a small kitchen and bath attached - but he was easy to please and had few complaints. It was better than living on the street anyway. "Make yourself comfortable while I make a pot of coffee," he told her, as he started toward the tiny kitchen.

"It must be nice to have a home," she murmured, watching him over toward the little kitchen before making her way into the large room before her. The touches of his personality were everywhere in here, offering hints and clues about the man she was increasingly aware of, increasingly drawn to. Though the place might have seemed small to anyone else, it was virtually a palace to Mira. It smelled of Gav and engine grease and food and coffee, all things she considered safe and happy smells in herself. It was absolutely perfect, in her eyes.

It wasn't so much a home as it was a place to eat and sleep, but there were definitely worse places to live. The flat was sparsely furnished, but though it wasn't fancy, it was neat and clean and comfortable enough for his needs. "It's better than nothing!" Gav called with a chuckle from the kitchen area.

"It's lovely," she assured him, returning from her exploration of the small bathroom to join him in the kitchen. She leaned against the counter, watching him with soft eyes. "It's home. You're lucky to have one - I don't think I've had a home since I was little."

"If I had a couch, I'd ask you to move in with me," he said, with the usual twinkle returning to his eyes. They had briefly discussed becoming roomies, but the reality was that he only had one bed, and he wasn't pretty sure Kalen would have a problem with that. Then again, there was nothing saying he had to live there forever. "Are you gonna live on the ship then?" he asked as he got a couple of mugs out of the cupboard, along with sugar and creamer, in case that was her thing.

Mira laughed, shaking her head. "Scared to sleep in the same bed as me, or worried I might prefer it on the floor?" she teased him, leaning forward onto her arms as she bent comfortably, watching him moving about his little kitchen space with ease. "Live on the ship? I guess so, until I have enough money to rent somewhere else. Or, hell, even buy somewhere. It'd have to be around here, though ... or maybe ..." She trailed off, her mind wandering toward memories she hadn't consciously looked at in a long time.

He arched a brow as she trailed off, curious what she was thinking. "Or maybe?" he echoed. Was she thinking about leaving Rhy'Din already when she'd only just arrived here? He was pretty sure her brother wouldn't be too happy about that either.

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Re: A Day In The Life
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She looked up at him, her lips curving into a softer smile once more. "On Ena'tar, with my mom ... there was so much green," she said quietly. "I remember the grass, the way it always smelled fresh and how soft it was under my feet when I'd play. There was a-a pond or a pool or something, too, with these huge fish that would rub against my legs when I was swimming." She laughed at the memory. "I guess I'd have to find somewhere with ships and grass if I was really going for perfect."

His expression changed, softening into a smile. "There's grass on Rhy'Din, Mira," he assured her. "There's a lot more to Rhy'Din than the Spaceport. If you let me, I'll show you." Though that wasn't going to happen tonight, when it was already dark out. He'd promised to get Mira back to the ship tonight, but now that they were safely at his place, he wasn't sure he should bother.

"Why would I stop you?" she asked innocently. But there was a flicker in her eyes that suggested she really wanted to see more, to see as much as he was willing to show her. "Are there really green places here, too? You can't see anything from Nemesis, so I never got a good look at the planet when we came in to land."

"Kalen didn't tell you?" Gav asked, a little surprised her brother didn't tell her more about the planet he called home, but then, they'd been pretty busy making arrangements for this trip of theirs. Well, if Kalen was too busy to show Mira around, Gav would just have to do it himself.

Her brows rose at his surprise. "Tell me what?" she asked with vague suspicion. "Did I just uncover a not so subtle plan to keep me chained to the ship or something?"

Gav took a lean against the counter, just a few small feet from Mira, though it seemed like miles. Had it only been a few hours ago that they were holding each other close, as if nothing in the world existed but them? "Mira, there's so much more to Rhy'Din than the Spaceport. There are mountains to the south and past the mountains, woods as green as anything you can imagine. Beyond that is Rhy'Din City, surrounded by mountains and forests and water. And that's just the start of it."

She sighed, imagining all those views he was describing. "Oh, I'd love to see it all," she breathed hopefully. "But it's not gonna happen for a few weeks. We've got so much work to do and then we're off-world for however long it'll take to do this run to Illium." She shrugged. "I guess we'll just have to make a date for it."

"Mira, I promise you ..." Gav started, taking a single step closer. "When we get back, I'll show you everything," he said, suddenly wanting - no, needing - to give her hope, to show her the beauty of Rhy'Din beyond the 'port, and maybe, just maybe, to build a life around and with her at the center.

It was just a promise, like other promises she had been made in her lifetime, but this time, Mira believed it. She had plenty of reason to doubt, and yet she believed Gav in a way that she hadn't believed anyone before. Not even Kalen. She straightened, rounding the counter to wrap her arms about his waist, pressing her face against his chest to breathe him in deeply. "Thank you."

Gav blinked in surprise as he suddenly found her in his arms, though he wasn't sure why he should be surprised, considering how they seemed to be drawn to each other, like twin flames, one incomplete without the other. His arms found their way around her to hold her close, and he smiled as a thought arose. "Do you still want to dance?"

She raised her head, her fingers flexing against his back through his shirt as she offered up a warm smile. "With you? Always." It was a corny line, and usually reserved for the man in the vids she'd grown up watching, but it fitted them perfectly in her opinion.

"I have an idea," he told her, a smile on his face, as he untangled himself from her embrace and led her by the hand into the main room. He left her in the middle of the room, gesturing with a hand for her to stay there. "Wait here," he told her before moving over to a small console where he punched a few buttons to bring up some music.

It wasn't the same kind of music she'd heard in the disco. There was no pulsing beat, instead a melodic piano introduction before a woman's voice started to sing. "Unforgettable, that's what you are. Unforgettable, though near or far ..."

Bemused by the way he drew her into the middle of the room and left her there, Mira laid both hands on one hip as she watched him move away to his console. The music that emanated from the speakers was like nothing she'd ever heard before, more used to drum and bass than delicate vocals and single melody lines. "Can we dance to this?"

"You've never slow danced before?" he asked, knowing the answer to that question almost as he opened his mouth to ask it. He returned to her side and reached for her hands, placing on his shoulder and holding onto the other. "Just follow my lead," he instructed as he started to sway slowly in place.

"You're the only person I've ever danced with," she pointed out with a low giggle, her eyes following his hands as he positioned her against him. Her palm smoothed over his shoulder, slithering higher to tease her fingertips in and out of his hair as he swayed with her, feeling small and protected and wanted in a way that their other dance had only hinted at. "Who gave you permission to be gorgeous and sexy?" she demanded in a playful tone. "That's just not fair to the female of the species, you know."

Despite trying to create a little romance between them, Gav couldn't help but laugh at her question. It wasn't the first time he'd been told he was good-looking, though he'd never really believed it himself, but it was the first time he was hearing the words gorgeous and sexy in the same breath in relation to himself. "Are you sure you aren't drunk?" he asked with a smirk, his feet leading her slowly around the small room in time to the music.

She giggled quietly, stumbling only a little before her feet caught on to the pattern of steps he was using. "I might be, I don't know what was in that drink," she pointed out impishly. "So if I am, Gav Rowan, it is entirely your fault. And if I'm not ... then this isn't you taking advantage of me." The hand in his hair drew him down to her, letting her lips brush against his almost tenderly. One thing he could definitely say for Mira - she didn't let the grass grow under her feet.

It wasn't the first time they'd shared a kiss, though that hardly mattered. It hardly mattered which of them was taking advantage of the other either, since they both seemed to be equally enjoying the moment. It was hard to say which was seducing the other, and Gav didn't much care either way. It had been a long time since he'd been with a woman, and even so, he had never been with anyone who made him feel the way Mira did.

But, as with all good things, it had to come to an end. Engrossed as she was in the feel of Gav, in the taste of his lips and the heat of his skin, Mira couldn't ignore the repetitive vibrating alarm that was the comm link in her belt. She drew back from Gav a little way, her smile rueful. "I think Grandma wants a word."

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Re: A Day In The Life
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Lost in her kiss, Gav didn't notice the comm link vibrating in her belt. He didn't notice anything but Mira - her scent, her taste, her warmth demanding all his attention. As she drew away, he found his heart was beating a little faster, his breath coming a little quicker, and he knew if they stayed there much longer, they might cross a line he had promised not to cross for some months yet. The music that had already stopped playing had said it better than he ever could. As far as Gav was concerned, there was no other word for Mira but Unforgettable.

Reluctantly, she withdrew one hand from him, fingers dipping into her belt to pull out the comm and activate it. "Yeah?"

Yana's voice came through the link. "Just checking in. Any ETA on getting back for you guys? Big brother's getting a little antsy."

Gav breathed an audible sound of relief when he heard Yana's voice. "We ran into Dash!" he called, leaning closer so that she could hear his voice, in addition to Mira's. That should tell her something, at least.

"Huh. Need a pick up, or are you staying put for the night?" Trust Yana to get right to the meat of the problem there. She remembered Dash and his little friends well enough; it would be wiser to stay in company, or out of sight, until morning.

"We're at my place," he told her, knowing Yana would know where that was, even if Kalen didn't. "It might be safer to stay the night, but ..." Gav slid his gaze to Mira with a small frown, knowing Kalen would never approve. "I'll have her back in a bit. Call you if we need help."

"Not on your own, you won't," Yana pointed out. There was a thoughtful pause. "We'll send BB-D2 to you. He's a good enough chaperone, isn't he?" This clearly wasn't aimed at Gav and Mira; evidently Kalen had walked in on the conversation.

"BB-D2?" Gav echoed. "What good will that ..." He trailed off as he realized she was telling him to stay put, and that she was sending BB-D2 to them to appease Kalen, not to assist in a possible fight against Dash and his thugs. "Are you sure?" he asked, needing to know she'd smooth things over with Kalen without asking as much.

"I'm su - we're sure." It sounded as though Yana was going to make sure Kalen was as sure about it as she was, too. "Just be back here in good time in the morning, okay? And call if you need us."

If there was anyone Gav trusted, it was Yana. She'd had his back since he was four years old, and he had no reason not to trust her now. She was, in a lot of ways, the only family he'd ever had. "Okay, we'll be back first thing in the morning. Thanks, Yana."

"Say good night to Kay for me, would you?" Mira added, knowing her brother wouldn't be happy about this, but that Yana was likely the only person who could talk him down from storming out here for no real reason.

"Will do," Yana promised, her smile audible. "Take care, guys."

Though Gav was glad to have a few more hours alone with Mira, he wasn't smiling and for good reason. "Your brother is going to kill me," he said, wondering if he was over-reacting to the encounter with Dash, but then, he had promised to keep Mira safe, and he was doing his best to keep that promise.

"No, he won't," she promised him, tucking the comm away once again. "Reason being, you're only doing what you told him you'd do, which is keep me safe. He's not an idiot, Gav. He'll work through it all tonight - he's not gonna hold this against you unless we show up with me bleeding out or suddenly nine months pregnant."

"He will when he finds out I took you to a disco and ran into some old friends," Gav said, wandering off to check on the coffee. The fact was the 'port was never going to be a safe place for her so long as she was with him, unless he did something to make it that way.

Left alone in the middle of the room, Mira let out a long, heavy sigh, one finger scratching her head as she turned to follow him. "Where did he think you were going to take me dancing, an old folks' home?" she pointed out. "Is this where you turn into some boring old nerf-herder who puts me in a closet and never lets me see or do anything interesting or fun just in case something might happen?"

"No," Gav replied, wincing a little at the insult, intentional or otherwise, as he poured himself a cup of coffee. It wasn't like he'd brought her here to have his way with her or anything, but he couldn't help admitting he'd been enjoying the solitude. "And it takes nine months to get nine months pregnant, by the way," he reminded her, though he didn't really want to argue.

She stared at him for a moment, disappointed that he cared more about what her brother thought of him than about what she thought. "Fine," she sighed, not wanting to argue either. "I guess it's late, I should probably make a bed for myself."

"Why don't you just marry me then, and we don't have to worry about it anymore?" he blurted, as he turned back to face her, a cup of coffee in his hands. From the look on his face, he was perfectly serious. Yes, she was young. Yes, they'd just met. But stranger things had been known to happen, and Kalen couldn't possibly object to him then.

She blinked, her body snapping to attention as she spun back to face him. Yes, he was serious; she could feel how serious he was about it. It wasn't just a suggestion born of frustration and anxiety - he wanted to marry her, to make a life with her. And to be fair, on Rhy'Din, it wasn't exactly unheard of for people to marry within hours of meeting each other. "When?" she asked, just as serious as he was.

"Now, tomorrow, next week, next month. Whenever you want," he replied, setting the mug aside and closing the distance between them to take her hands in his. "I love you, Mira. I know it sounds ridiculous when we haven't known each other long, but my heart knows what it wants, and it wants you."

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Re: A Day In The Life
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"Now? Is that even possible?" She laughed as she said it, but it wasn't a laugh that signified her disagreement. More her incredulity that it was possible to be married so quickly at all. Her hands curled into his as she looked up into his eyes. "I ... I know what you mean," she admitted softly. "I know you somehow, like you're a part of me. Like I need you in my life, in my heart, and I never knew you weren't there until we met. I-I love you, Gav."

"Then marry me, Mira. Whenever you want," he pleaded, relieved to know she felt the same. More than relieved; overjoyed even. He drew her closer, taking her face between his hands before he bent his head to kiss her, to prove his love for her without any words. It didn't matter if they got married today or tomorrow or next month or next year, so long as he knew she loved him and would never leave him behind.

"Tomorrow," she breathed, as much a promise as a prediction, wanting to have their family there when they did this together. Her lips were soft beneath his, her hands confident as she curled her arms about him once again. There was just one thing, though ... She drew back just a little, nuzzling to him. "I, uh ... I did mention the virgin thing, right?"

"Why should that matter?" he asked, reluctantly letting her draw away a little, even as he held her close. BB would be there soon, and then they wouldn't be alone anymore. Gav was certain the little droid would have plenty of questions. He wasn't sure why Mira was so concerned about being a virgin. Did she think that made her any less desirable?

"Because ... I-I don't think I'm ready for, you know, all the way, yet," she offered shyly, biting her lip. She didn't want to disappoint him, but even she knew that there were certain things expected when you got married.

"Okay," Gav said, trying not to look too disappointed, though he would have gone slow with her - as slow as she wanted. "We'll get engaged then, and when you're sure you're ready, we get married." And what he'd told Dash earlier would no longer be a lie.

"No, that's not what I mean," she told him, shaking her head. "I want to marry you, Gav. I just ... it's going to take me a little time being close to you, getting to know you and your body, before I'm ready for your ... access node to enter my dataport. Never said anything about mouths and hands and all the other fun stuff."

He furrowed his brows, looking more than a little confused. "Okay, so you want to get married, but you don't want to ..." How had she put it? Go all the way? He realized suddenly just how young she really was, and he frowned worriedly. He was only a few years older than her, and yet, sometimes he felt ancient. "Whatever you want, Mira," he told her, touching his fingers to her cheek in a tender caress. "Just ... Don't leave me."

"I'm not leaving," she promised him faithfully. "I just need to go slow with the physical stuff, that's all. I'm not going to change my mind or my heart when it comes to you, Gav. I just don't want to go too fast and end up having to back up. I love you. I trust you. And sometimes, it's like I know what you're feeling, too. Why would I ever want to turn my back on that? It's something special, and I haven't had a whole lot of that in my life. Don't expect me to throw this away."

He nodded his head, though he still looked a little worried or maybe just confused. He wasn't too sure what had even caused him to say that. He had no reason to think Mira would change her mind, except for past experience. He had few friends, except for Yana. He wasn't sure why he'd let Mira get close, but like her, he felt some kind of connection to her that he couldn't explain. "Sorry, Mira," he found himself apologizing again. "I've just never felt this way before, and I'm not sure what to do about it."

"Getting married seems like a pretty good step forward," she pointed out in a gentle tone, brushing her fingers against his chest as she leaned into him. "Seems like both of us need a little time to take things slowly. You need to learn to trust that I'm not going anywhere. I don't lie, Gav. I don't take stupid risks. I wouldn't have agreed if I didn't think we can make it work."

His arms went around her to hold her close, and he rested his chin lightly against her hair, slowly breathing her in. "I've been alone for so long, Mira. It feels strange to belong again. I just don't want to screw it up."

She let him pull her close, delighting in the wrap of his arms about her, the way she felt utterly surrounded by him as her own arm slithered about his waist. "You're never going to stop second-guessing yourself if you look at everything as though it's going to go wrong," she told him quietly.

"This is too important to go wrong," he murmured, trying not to go over the mental list of all the things that had gone wrong in his life. But some things had gone right, too. He'd made a good friend of Yana, and he'd learned how to survive on his own. He wasn't bitter or hardened, but grateful for all his blessings in life, which now included Mira.

She lifted her head, inching her hand up to draw his eyes to hers. "It's not going to go wrong," she told him, absolutely confident in that. "Us, we're meant to be together, I just know it. Doesn't mean we won't fight sometimes, and it doesn't mean that we'll always agree with each other. But we'll always make it up. Always."

"Promise?" he asked, leaning even closer so that he could touch his nose to hers. He'd never really let anyone see this side of him before, not since he'd been a boy - the fears he kept hidden deep inside. Yana knew him best, and she knew why had such fears, but he'd never shared them with anyone else until now.

"Promise," she whispered back to him, rising onto her toes to kiss him softly, tenderly, wanting to ease the tense uncertainty that seemed to be driving his inability to simply accept that she was there and his. BB-D2 would be rolling up to the door any moment now, but this was important.

There wasn't much to say to that, and anything he might have said was cut off by her kiss, but who was he to argue with that? At last, after all the years of loneliness, he'd found where he belonged - right here, with Mira.

And if anyone tried to prevent it ... well, they'd find out that some legendary things in certain galaxies were very, very real.

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