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Re: Partnership
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Never mind that they were only just inside the ship, never mind that comfort was at least three rooms away from them both. Yana didn't know gentle when it came to intimacy; she barely knew intimate when it came to physical sharing. All she knew was taking and giving with equal fervor, and she was determined to do both, right now. His jacket was easily removed - her boots and leggings joined it - and she clambered up him, tucking her legs about his hips with an urgent moan, the long line of her tunic swaying to cover her smalls.

He caught her as she tucked her legs around his hips, even as he smothered her moan with hungry kisses, pushing off the wall and stumbling with her toward the nearest flat surface, which just happened to be a bed in the closest crew cabin. He didn't care whether it was hers or not - the whole damned ship was theirs, so what did it matter? He only stumbled once before he was lowering her to the bed, his hands sliding up her thighs, beneath her tunic, pausing only a moment as if waiting for permission to go further.

The pause stilled her, her eyes suddenly wide with the fear that he had changed his mind, that he didn't want her after all. But only for a moment. The warm passage of his palms along her thighs was enough to reassure her, answered by the hungry creep of her own hands beneath his shirt. Her lips brushed his once again, a softly keening moan of sound escaping her. "Please ..."

That was all the permission he needed, smothering her plea once again with kisses while he deftly divested her of the rest of her clothing, giving him further territory to explore, which he did in earnest, ignoring his own desire for the time being so that he could satisfy hers. She was unknown territory to explore - all the lovely peaks and valleys of her body ripe for his attention. He proved in more ways than one that he was not only an experienced lover but an unselfish one.

Both of which were utterly alien to the wriggling woman receiving the full benefit of that unselfish experience. And boy, did she wriggle, absolutely incapable of keeping still as he explored the petite form that was normally so well hidden beneath layers of hard-wearing cloth. Sex was something to scratch an itch, but this ...

"Wh-what are you doing?" she burst out eventually, torn between enjoying his exploration and trying to get him as naked as she was.

For some people, sex was something to be taken seriously. Not a chore exactly, but serious business - a sacred union between a man and a woman. But for two people who lived life on the edge and knew life was too short, it was more than that. After all, if they weren't having fun, then what was the point?

"If you have to ask, then I'm not doing it right," he replied, with a teasing smirk. Or maybe she had just never been with a man who knew how to please a woman.

"R -ight ...?"

She didn't really have much choice but to lie back and enjoy what he was doing, so unschooled in hands and lips that knew exactly what they were doing that he elicited what he was looking for far sooner than he might have expected. Her hand flew up to cover her mouth as she cried out, used to having to muffle herself, even as she shuddered, writhing under his touch.

He was certainly enjoying himself, as well as her reaction to his ministrations, almost amused at the way she covered her mouth to muffle her own cry, even though there was no one there to hear her but him. But even as she shuddered beneath him, he wasn't quite done with her yet, his kisses and caresses growing tender and almost loving, even as his body was reminding him of his own desire.

Shaken by how well he seemed to know her body, Yana sank back against the bed, close to whimpering at the unrelenting way he kept on. Her hands found purchase in his hair, pulling him up to her, lips demanding more kisses as she sought some way to even the exchange between them. Fair-minded, it seemed, even if he wasn't yet done with her at his mercy, she wanted to turn the tables, despite her obvious disadvantage when it came to getting her way.

He didn't object to her getting her way, now that he'd enjoyed his exploration of her, but he made no demands, allowing her to take things at her own pace. He made no resistance as she pulled him to her, his kisses matching hers as his hands moved over her body. It didn't quite seem fair that she was not only undressed but at least partially satisfied while he was still half dressed, but he made no complaints.

The body he had at his fingertips was slender and smooth, somehow having lived a rough life with no blemishes left behind to mar her skin. Sensitive, too, if her reaction to his touch was anything to go by. But it was the mind in charge of that body that was doing the driving now, and Yana had her own ideas about how to even the playing field. It was awkward, yes, but she wriggled and tugged until he was the one below her, and she was the one doing the exploring, her own hands as confident as his had been, if not as thorough. She went straight for the kill, as it were.

His body wasn't as unblemished as hers, an old scar here and there, but nothing left of the beating he'd suffered just a few days ago before she'd come back for him. That body was reacting to her touch just as hers had reacted to his, but that was not the end he had in mind. "Yana," he called to her before she got too far, before she reached the point of no return. It wasn't that he wasn't enjoying it - his body spoke for him there - it was only that he wanted to claim her completely, and this was not the way he wanted to do it.

If being the focus of her partner's attention was alien to her, hearing her own name spoken in such a setting was just as strange. Strange enough to pull her up, her head rising to meet his eyes with that same suggestion of wary fear deep in her gaze. Was this the moment when he pushed her away? If it was, he was a very strange man indeed, to give and then refuse to receive. "What?"

"I want you," he told her, as simply as he could, his eyes perhaps expressing more than mere words could say, as if his body's reaction to her wasn't enough already. "Please," he added, perhaps his turn to plead, as much as it hurt his pride.

Please? She'd never heard a man say that in this sort of situation before, either. But then, she'd never really met a man like Kalen Dain before, she was beginning to realize. Urged in some way to gentle herself, just by the tone of his voice, she crawled over him, her hair falling in damp strands about his face as she stared into his eyes for a long moment. "I want you," she whispered back to him, her fingers clenching in the musty sheet beneath him.

"I want you, too," he told her again, repeating what he'd just said a moment before. Was she giving him permission? He'd never really had to ask before, but he found himself caring what this woman thought of him and wanting to please her. He had a feeling she was no virgin, but had she ever had a lover who really cared for her before?

"I know." A fleeting grin touched her face as she caught his lips with her own in a bruising kiss, dragging one hand down over his shoulder, his chest, his side, skating his hip to the promised land. She definitely wasn't gentle with herself, that much was for sure, but he was more man than she was used to, and it had been a while. Her kiss stilled along with the rest of her as she moaned at the feel of him, her limbs already shaking before they even began to move together.

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Re: Partnership
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He savored her touch and her kisses, allowing her to take the lead for a short while before he took over, unable to hold himself back from taking charge. He rolled her onto her back, covering her body with his, as they moved together in the oldest dance known to mankind. He took her slowly at first, his lips finding hers before trailing kisses against her neck and down between her breasts. He didn't say anything, but only let his actions speak for him, as their bodies crashed together until they were both breathless and spent.

Falling back to the bunk, for the first time in her life Yana didn't feel the need to rise and escape as soon as she could. For the first time, she welcomed the weight of his body against her own, the feel of his breath against her skin as they struggled to gather some semblance of control over themselves together. She wasn't entirely sure what had just happened. It hadn't gone the way she had expected; far from what she had experienced in the past. For a start, she was naked, and she hadn't been naked with anyone since she was a baby.

He hadn't been expecting this either. Oh, he had certainly thought about it, even fantasized about it, but he hadn't really expected to end up with her like this, and he sure as hells wasn't disappointed. He seemed as comfortable being naked as he was clothed, so long as she was there beside him - or more accurately, beneath him. When all was said and done, and they were both lying breathless in each other's arms, he found himself kissing her again, tenderly this time, almost lovingly. He brushed her hair back from her face and kissed her brow, almost protectively, lazily enjoying the warm weight of her against him.

Resting against him, she found herself returning the kiss he touched to her lips more gently than she'd kissed, or been kissed, with anyone. Despite the satisfying sing of her body, she couldn't help the confusion rippling through her mind, compounded all the more by the lazy way he kissed her brow and gathered her close. She wasn't used to being so still, so vulnerable, in someone's arms, and it showed in the growing tension of her frame. As much she was enjoying this unexpectedly soft interlude, she had no idea how to react to it.

An awkward silence seemed to settle between them, now that they had scratched that mutual itch. While some lovers might simply enjoy the quiet closeness and others might whisper sweet nothings, neither Kalen nor Yana seemed to know what to do with the quiet interlude that had settled between them. As for himself, Kalen seemed content to simply lie close with Yana in his arms, almost as if he was wishing the moment would last, and yet, it seemed it never did. Not with anyone he'd ever known, and maybe not with Yana either. That brought a frown to his face, and he found himself wishing for something more than just a quick and meaningless fling just once.

As much as he was enjoying the silence, however, the longer it went on, the more uncomfortable Yana seemed to get. It felt as though something was expected of her; something she didn't know how to give, something she couldn't even identify. "So, um ... what happens now?" she asked quietly, addressing her question to the hair on his chest, rather than to his face.

His frown deepened at her question, unsure how to answer that. He'd never really been asked that question before or considered that there could be something more than just a fling between himself and a woman. Not until now, and he wasn't sure why. What was it about her that was different from anyone else he'd ever met? "I don't know," he replied, as honestly as he could. "What would you like to happen now?"

"Am I supposed to know the answer to that?" she asked, her voice still very small. She hadn't taken her eyes off his chest, either, reluctant to admit that she was afraid to look up and see for herself whether or not he actually wanted her there or not. "I, um ... I've never been with anyone - like this, I mean. You know. Naked and on a bed."

He sighed a little, as he considered her answer - or lack of answer. Had they made a mistake in throwing caution to the wind? What harm was there in a little meaningless sex? But maybe that was the problem - maybe it wasn't as meaningless as either of them wanted to believe. Her confession gave him pause, wondering if he'd taken advantage of her lack of experience somehow, though she'd seemed to have been agreeable. "I haven't been with anyone like this in a long time," he admitted, as unsure of what to say as she was, it seemed.

"What was it like with her?" The question came from nowhere, fueled as much by jealousy as it was by genuine curiosity. Yana was beginning to realize that she might be getting attached to this pilot, who had pretty much reordered her life in the space of three days after annoying her for almost a month beforehand. She wasn't sure if she was pleased about that attachment. Surely friends ... lovers ... they were just another way of getting killed.

"Short," he replied, with a frown of regret that she might not see but would hear in his voice, even given such a brief reply. He hesitated a moment before he went on. "She was with the Rebellion," he added, the past tense hinting at what might have happened. "She wanted me to join them, but ..." He shrugged again. "There was a bounty on my head already, and I like it where it is. She thought me a selfish coward, more interested in collecting creds than in fighting the Empire." It was a harsh assumption for someone to make who didn't know everything about him, but it had obviously come between them.

Yana frowned, unconsciously inching a little closer to him. She didn't need the hints laid out for her; with the turmoil in that galaxy, life was fleeting. "I know you're not selfish, or a coward," she offered thoughtfully. "But some people have to have a cause. Personally, I'd rather live a long life than die for something that might never happen."

"It was a good cause, but I didn't want to die for it," he said, his voice quiet, lost for a moment in a memory he'd rather forget. "Maybe she's right. Maybe I am a coward," he admitted. Or maybe his life had just taken a different turn.

"It wasn't that good a cause," she objected. "I get the whole Evil Emperor thing being bad, absolutely. But turning to terrorism to bring down a system that provided galacticized transport, health service, and education, rather than, I don't know ... getting a good assassin to remove the problem and then dealing with the fallout through the political channels already available? It seems like a terrible decision to me."

"It's not that simple, Yana." It wasn't simple at all, and that was partly why he'd stayed the hells out of it. "You're lucky. You were born on Rhy'Din. You knew your father. He raised you. You didn't have to wonder where you came from or if you should go back there."

"My father didn't raise me." She shook her head, though she wasn't exactly prepared to share exactly what she meant by that. "And nothing's ever simple. The Rebellion weren't the good guys just because they were fighting an Empire that seemed evil to them. Shades of gray, Kalen. Everything's in shades of gray."

"I'm sorry, Yana. I'm sorry about your father," Kalen said, not wanting to seem morose after what they'd just shared. It had been a very long time since he'd opened up to anyone, but he found himself wanting her to know him better and vice versa.

She was quiet for a long moment, her mind racing. Her father was always going to be a touchy subject, but perhaps there was something else she could offer up to him. "My mother was from that galaxy," she ventured, a little wary of sharing even this about a woman she'd never known. "She was from somewhere called Dantooine."

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Re: Partnership
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"In the Outer Rim," he said, knowing a little more about that galaxy than he might have mentioned. "I was born on Fest. Rhel brought me to Rhy'Din after my parents were killed," he told her further. It was the first time he'd mentioned that part of his past to anyone in years. Not even Trethin knew that about him.

"I don't know anything about it," she admitted. "Just a name." Finally, she raised her eyes to his, still wary but somehow less afraid. "What was he like ... Rhel?" There was real curiosity behind her question; he spoke so fondly of the man, she felt sure he must have been more of a real father than she'd ever had.

"He was a good man, a friend of my father's," Kalen replied, unsure what else to say of him. "My parents asked him to take me away, someplace safe. That was before ..." He paused a moment, the memory obviously still painful. "Before they were killed. I don't know much about them. Rhel said they wanted me to have a better life. I am not sure this is quite what they expected."

"I'm sorry." Without knowing quite why, she brushed her lips against his shoulder, tucking herself closer. She didn't understand what it was about this man that made her so responsive to him, so eager to comfort him when he seemed to be in pain. So willing to risk her own neck to save his life in the first place. "Guess he wouldn't have approved of me, huh?" she offered with a wry smile. "Smuggler trash with a big mouth and pretty much nothing else."

Her question put a smile on his face, for some reason, as he considered what Rhel would have thought of her. "I think he would have liked you very much, querida," he told her, that term of endearment slipping off his tongue. "We are both smuggler trash," he added, oddly proud of that fact. It was better than some other things, anyway, and at least, they were both alive. He pulled away from her for just a moment to grab hold of the blanket and draw it up over them both before she got cold. "I like being here with you," he admitted quietly, almost as surprised to have said it as she might be to hear it.

"It's our ship, of course you do," she answered easily enough, assuming he meant the odd feeling of home. She couldn't quite hide the way she subtly relaxed against him as he covered them both over, glad to be a little less vulnerable in his arms. "You're the captain, I'm the crew. Nemesis belongs to you."

"No," he disagreed, turning his head to face her, needing her to know he meant what he was about to say. "We are partners. She is ours ... together." He might have only been talking about the ship and the partnership they'd agreed upon, whether temporary or otherwise, but he found himself almost hoping against hope that perhaps it was the start of something more.

Yana offered him a glimpse of a teasing smile as he held her gaze. "We're going to drive each other utterly insane, you know," she pointed out. "You're never going to be able to control my temper. I should know, I've been trying to for about ten years."

"Your temper is part of what makes you who you are. I do not wish to change who you are, Yana. I only want to know you better," he told her, turning to face her, his gaze drifting downward with a small smirk on his face that hinted at what he might mean by that statement.

Much to her embarrassment, she blushed as his eyes wandered, one hand splaying over her chest as though she could hide from him even when they were pressed this close together on a bunk made for only one person to sleep in. She couldn't hide the surprise in her eyes, though. "You want ... again?" she asked, uncertain quite what to make of that. "No one's ever ... Well, I ..." Huffing an impatient breath, she sighed, pulling herself together as her splayed hand turned to boldly lie against his chest, a shy smile sparking on her lips. "I want to know you better, too."

Though he wasn't only talking about knowing her better in a sexual way, he couldn't deny that he wanted her again and couldn't imagine ever not wanting her. He smiled up at her, appearing a little amused at her stammering response. "Then, what are we waiting for?" he asked, his arms going around her again.

Her shyness melted away as he drew her closer once more, a little more at ease with this than she was with words. But it was abundantly clear that she did not know how to be gentle, or tender. Everything she knew about carnality was rushed and hasty, and given how awkward she was, apparently upright and clothed as well. The third time she knocked her head on the bunk above them, she drew back, rubbing her head with a frown. "Guess I'm not as good at this as I thought."

"It's a good thing I am, then," he replied, that smirk on his face widening as he carefully rolled over on top of her, which was no easy feat considering the size of the bunk. He didn't waste any time getting started, but this time, he was in less of a hurry, intent on taking his time and showing her that there was more to the act of lovemaking than just a race to the finish.

"Oh, thanks a lot," she drawled, easily turned onto her back as he turned his attention to giving her a lesson in just what this was supposed to be like. He couldn't say she wasn't a quick study, but she still seemed utterly shocked that he could play her so well without knowing her inside and out.

Still, one thing was for sure, something they had definitely proved to one another over the last few days ... this partnership was never going to be boring.