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The loner.
« on: February 13, 2017, 09:22:21 PM »
[size=11]?Hey, it?s?Beck, right?? a young handler asked, sitting next to her on the bench. She had dark brown eyes and blonde hair which seemed to make them sparkle. Beck barely slid her eyes over to the girl who had been following her around from a distance, since an attack on the village a few days ago. They?d been cornered, and she?d stepped in the way telling them to run while she took out the enemies. Beck had made a point to walk away from her each time, hoping she?d get the hint. Apparently, she had not. A scoff escaped her lips, and she stood up, moving for the forest. Not a word said to the young woman. She wasn?t all that surprised when the handler followed. ?Hey, wait!? she cried. ?I uh? I don?t want to be annoying or anything, but? You?re really cool, what you did was amazing! The guy broke his hand over your face! You?re kinda like a legend around here, and...?

?I?m going to stop you right there,? Beck spat, spinning around to face her with a cold stare. ?I saved your life, and I get that you want to be all buddy-buddy now, but it?s not going to happen. Ever. So? Stop. Following. Me.?

Despite the words, the na?ve girl just smiled and laughed some, ?Gosh, you?re even cool when you?re not fighting! You got that tough girl thing going on? I think I could learn a lot from you.?

Beck softened a bit, ?Oh? You want a mentor? I get it? I train you, and we become friends. Right?? she asked with a smile.

?Well, I mean? I?m not gonna lie, it?ll be a dream come true!? the girl chirped. ?Seriously, could you imagine? We could get matching tattoos, and get me some extra tattoos. My eyes aren?t like yours, but? You got the dark hair light eyes thing going on, and I got the opposite. That?s cool, right? We?d be like??

While she began that ramble, Beck yanked off her glove and touched a tree near the girl. It completely shattered, splintering off, the force of which knocked her off her feet. She whimpered lightly, trying to scramble backwards as Beck stalked forwards, reaching out her hand toward the blonde. ?You know what happens if I touch a person?... Their bodies harden to stone, and then completely bust apart. The only evidence of them that?s left is a beating heart?? Beck said, a twisted scowl on her face. ?You still want to be friends? Because THAT?S what happens to my friends??

The girl cried out and scrambled off, running back to the village with tears in her eyes. Beck watched after her and slipped her glove back on her hand. She sighed, ?All of them??
Maybe I am better off alone
Because I crush everything..
Everything I want, I take
Everything I love, I break
Every night I lie awake