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Quiet Evacuation
« on: February 13, 2017, 05:27:04 PM »
The plan had started to form in her head days before but putting it into motion took a lot of umph to do. It wasn?t just the idea of evacuating but it was the idea of making sure it was justified. Quite frankly with the way that some people had lost their ever loving minds and common sense it was a surprise she hadn?t considered it long beforehand.

Thursday was the day the plan was placed into motion, having left the city to venture to a handful of cities and towns alike in order to seek out an extended hand of assistance. The idea was simple in form - moving the children of the orphanages, the shelters, and the wounded (if deemed available to move) from medical wards to the cities that had agreed to sponsor the refugees for the requested period of them. She had no desire to keep them from the city forever but at least until she knew it was safe to bring them home.

More private homes and businesses were left to the care of other organizations, such as the Scaths sisters and GrangerGuild, that were planning on guiding those who wanted or needed sanctuary but adding them to the evacuation list would?ve only made security more difficult. As much as she wanted everyone?s safety it was hard to do that.

The evacuation was quiet and was done in sections. Friday morning, under the guise of the night, those from the orphanages were guided to the Tower by Claire?s ?bruisers?, along with Velen and Jochin. At the tower Gory and Rhi waited to escort people into the Tardis and while Katt still had no clue what it was, or how it worked, she trusted them. Once transported to the city they were met by the Batten Security Team and Kai who would guide them to where they would be housed for the days to come. While the children were woken from their slumber, during the travels they cooperated rather well for sleepy little people. Some even viewed it as a playful quiet game.

By the time the sun rose enough to stir the city from its slumber, that part had been done.

Saturday morning, roughly the same hours, the city shelter and safe havens were evacuated in the same fashion, minus the muscles that Jochin had been before. These people were separated and sent to two more cities but she made absolutely sure that no families were separated for any reason.

Sunday morning was by far the most difficult. Moving wounded with care was of course a concern and many had been hurt in the riots and lashing out. Really she had to wonder how it had gone so far. They were brought to one city that she knew had medical aid that could help keep the wounded comfortable.

It was a long, tiring weekend, but all the work of keeping it on the downlow had paid off. The evacuation had gone smoothly and as Sunday crawled on supplies were sent to the cities that were aiding the refugees. Thanks to the GrangerGuild there was plenty of  blankets, spare clothing, and such to spare. Provisions came from various places as Katt did her best to limit the use of the city?s funds. That in itself was an interesting feat as it was a lot of people to accommodate and comfort.

When asked how long they needed to remain from the city she had no answer so instead she guess-ta-mated a week or two but no more than a month. Truly she hoped that it was only a few days and she could get these people to their day lives.

Come Monday she would make no efforts to hide what she had done as surely people would notice.

However, where these people were now she would keep to herself and she made sure that all those involved did the same.

And Katt was good at keeping secrets?



For playable purposes people are welcome to acknowledge the lack of people or the bustling line super early in the morning. Any attempts to disturb the refugees going to the Tower would be shielded off by CE?s security team but peacefully done. The whereabouts of these people will be unknown due to the fact that once they are in the Tower they will be transported.
I am not claiming all orphanages, shelters, hospitals, clinics, or safe havens were evac?ed. As it currently stands only the city based ones were moved. If you would like to play that your privately owned has been evac?ed as well you are welcomed to.
Any questions, concerns, etc, you are most welcome to contact me
Many thanks to: Jochin, Claire, Ebon, Gory, Rhi, Velen, and the GrangersGuild for the co-op!
My apologies for not having this out on Friday like I originally had intended. Feeling a tad under the weather didn't help =x
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