Author Topic: Ladies and Gentlemen: Pro-human Protests and Sit-ins  (Read 544 times)


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Ladies and Gentlemen: Pro-human Protests and Sit-ins
« on: December 14, 2016, 01:27:10 AM »
[size=18]"Ladies And Gentlemen"[/size]

The lessons had ended, not because there wasn?t more to do, but with the crowd building out front Kruger had to start considering exactly what he was going to do. It began with quick phone calls to the patrons who were supposed to come in to pick up their orders. He told them that they should stay out of the marketplace if at all possible. Most of them were already aware, the protests were being caught on news camera?s from the street as well as above in helicopters. A noise from the back of the shop had him turning. It was feint, but he knew his shop as any other keeper does. The back door had just been opened and closed.

Kruger turned to Nikolai, knelt down and stared him straight in the eye. ?Go upstairs, don?t come down until I say so.? The boy seemed oblivious to the danger, to him it was like a giant parade where the participants were dressed just like those watching. Niko nodded that he would, and promptly scrambled from the forge. Kruger?s hands fell to the first weapons within reach, a pair of wickedly curved Talwars.

?If you?re here for trouble, then walking into a weapons shop is certainly the place you?ll find it.? He strode towards the back entrance slowly, doing his best to assess the situation. A form moved through the doorway, a familiar saunter that Kruger hadn?t seen for a while. ?Damien, what are you doing here? You see what?s going on out there? You?re not with them are you??

?Came to try and warn you, but I got here too late. I ain?t with them, but gettin? around em has been tough. Back?s pretty clear though, you can get out.? Damien Richards was every bit a street kid, from the red bandana on his head to the scuffed up sneakers that looked like they were a size too big. He looked at Kruger, at the weapons he was holding. The gaze had Kruger putting them aside.

?You scared the life out of us.? Kruger watched Damien look around. ?My boy?s upstairs. You probably shouldn?t have come, but since you did? I?m going to need a favor. You up for it?? The teen shook his head in response, he wasn?t a kid to talk much. A nod for him was as much as a soliloquy for Shakespeare. ?Be sure, kid. This is important.?

?I?m up for it.? Four words from Damien, that could be an entire play.

?Niko! Come on down!? Kruger looked towards the door leading up, there hadn?t been enough time for Niko to descend the stairs. It was obvious to Kruger that he?d just gone part way to the apartment.

?Niko, this is Damien. He?s not as mean as he looks, and he has a really good heart. He?s going to take you to see Aunt Raven, and maybe even Addie.? Niko?s eyes went wide at Kruger?s words. He was definitely interested in seeing Addie again.

?Why come you?re not goin? too?? Leave it to the mind of a four year old to cut right to the chase.

?Those people outside, they might wanna do bad things. Right now, it?s just them. I can?t let them come in here where all the sharp things are. Then things would go very bad. Terribly bad, do you understand?? Kruger didn?t look away from Nikolai, he could see the boy trying to put it together. He didn?t really understand, but he grinned and nodded like he did. ?Good, I?ll tell Aunt Raven to expect you. Go get some extra clothes, maybe you can spend the night.? That had Niko rushing from the room, stomping up all the steps and thumping his way to the bedroom.

It also gave Kruger a chance to look back to Damien. ?I?m giving you my very life? Try to stay away from them, but? grab a few extra blades. No charge, just get him there. You might take to the roofs in New Haven. Might be safer.?

Niko must have been very excited to go, he was back in a flash. ?You packed underwear, and socks? pajamas, extra pants and a shirt? did you put your toothbrush in?? Nikolai must have been expecting this last question because he held up a Tigger toothbrush and then shoved it into the front of a backpack that had Captain America emblazoned across it.

Damien had been moving through the shop, picking up things testing their weight. ?You need more? What you?re taking with you, I?d give it all for.?

Damien secreted away what had to be the tenth throwing knife into that thick leather jacket of his. ?Don?t get me wrong or nothin?. You got some great stuff, but if it?s the roofs. That?s just gonna get in the way.?


Nikolai and Damien had barely stepped through the back door when Kruger?s phone went off with the text from Claire. He quickly fired off one in return, then a second to Raven. There would be more before he was done. He called up a familiar name in his phonebook. To most Jorje was just a faceless name, but to Kruger he was a person to depend on.

?Hey? yeah I?m okay, for now. I need a couple of things from you though... ? Kruger was heading up the steps to the apartment above. He would need to change into something more appropriate, of that he was sure. He pulled free some of his old faithful ring gear. The black spandex with the team logo on them, a t-shirt that he knew was too small but it would stretch just fine. It too had the team?s logo on it, but it also had a huge anvil on the chest.

?I know.. I know? Look brother? Niko?s out there, and Claire with her kids, and who knows how many others. It?s just two things.? He stripped as he talked, time was not something he thought he had a lot of. ?Maybe three. If Annabeth?s upstairs, tell her to stay out of the marketplace?? He paused, putting the phone on speaker as he got dressed.

?I knew that one would be easy. Second, go to the arena, and tell Raye, that Kruger needs her to watch the news.? Boots, which ones were best? It was always the hardest part of the outfit to get the best match for the boots. He settled on a pair that he hadn?t worn for a while, the rest of the outfit was Rock Hard, the boots should be too right?

?So, third thing? can you bring it online from there? I?m really going to need it.? He cinched the strings down tight, and strode from his room, deviating his course from the doorway down to move towards the kitchen instead. He opened the refrigerator lifted one of the panels in the door and pulled free a syringe and several vials containing a blue liquid, placing them on the table. He took the syringe and inserted it into one of the vials, pulling back on the plunger and loading it up.

?So you can? Okay, one more thing then. Someone needs to let the Governor know about an improvised display.? Kruger flicked the needle with his middle finger, depressed the plunger until all the air was gone. Then he took a band, and tightened it around his bicep, checking the veins before injecting himself with the blue liquid.

?It?s not important.? He pulled the tubing from his arm as he slid the needle free. ?Me? I?m going to do what I do.? Kruger laughed at the jibe that came from Jorje. He looked at the five remaining vials, then reluctantly grabbed a second. ?Gotta go Jorje, be careful out there.?

Four vials went back into the hidden panel, the needle tip of the syringe would go directly into the forge fires. As he headed down the steps he sent one text to Annabeth, begging her to listen to Jorje and where he?d sent Niko as well as why. No sooner had he disposed of the needle than he began one final text. This one was more difficult, not just because it was longer. It went out to someone that he?d once called friend, and now had no idea what they were anymore.

Kruger hit send on the phone, then closed out the text messenger and pressed an app simply called Anvil. A numbers began to countdown from thirty, he slid a blue tooth attachment over his ear, pushed through the front door to the shop, turned and set the magnetic lock. He looked left and right at the people who were in a rising state of agitation over his appearance. He said nothing, but the grin that he gave them promised much. He strode forward to the street, traffic was stopped, protesters were blocking the street, pulling anyone from their cars that looked like a non-human.

Kruger bypassed it all moving to the center of the road and walking the double yellow line towards the Owl. He looked at his phone as it scrolled slowly downwards from ten to one. He was standing beneath a pair of street lamps, one on each side of the street when the countdown hit zero and all hell broke loose.

Pyrotechnics went off in huge bangs, above Kruger a shimmering waterfall of light cascaded its way downward over him. Speakers that hadn?t been used since he?d put on the carnival in the marketplace blared to life.


Want by disturbed filled the air. Shock filled faces that had turned towards the loud blasts, now looked around as the song began and The Anvil stepped out of the blaze walking slowly down the street between the cars. He climbed onto the back of a flatbed semi trailer and walked along the empty expanse of the bed. Almost everything had stopped as people tried to figure out if they were being attacked, or the watch was coming. The Anvil leaped from the flatbed to the top of the tractor, he looked up at the sky, grinned once at the camera crew that was above and airborne and gave them his signature pose. He turned his attention back to what was left of the disturbance at The Sassy Owl.

?Ladies and Gentlemen!? He shoved the phone into an inside pocket of his pants. His voice carried from the mic on his earpiece to the speakers above. He really did love to hear himself talk.

[size=10]Ladies and gentlemen please
Would you bring your attention to me?
For a feast for your eyes to see
An explosion of catastrophe[/size]


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Re: Ladies and Gentlemen: Pro-human Protests and Sit-ins
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2016, 02:10:48 PM »
Kruger had their attention, or The Anvil did at least. He?d grown used to performing in front of crowds. It made him a little sad to recognize a face or two that he?d seen in the crowds at the fights. He would use that though if he could. Right now every second counted, and he would use everything he had to make as many go by as possible. The phone vibrated against his center, it was finishing yet another countdown. That was another half minute gone, this display had been intended for other things. Those likely would need to be postponed now.

?Ladies and Gentlemen? Welcome to the marketplace, home to The Anvil! I?ve got to say we love the lengths you?ve gone to just to show your appreciation!!? When in doubt about how to proceed, just open your mouth and say whatever comes to mind. Kruger watched as people got out of the area, leaving behind things that had suddenly become less important than survival. Now he was buying time, not just for Niko and Damien, or Claire?s little quartet. He?d buy it for those around him as well.

[size=10]Like nothing you've ever seen before
Watch closely as I open this door
Your jaws will be on the floor
After this you'll be begging for more[/size]

?I must say I?m a little confused.? He looked across the protesters, taking in their signs and their demeanor. ?Can I see that sign, honey?? He reached down from his perch to a young human girl who gave him the sign she was holding. ?Am I reading this wrong? Humanity Unite Against a Common Enemy?? Kruger looked from the sign to the sea of eyes that remained, all of them were human. ?When sickness spread through the city, we were allies. When zombies attacked, we fought together. When men like Raven sought to oppress us, didn?t we stand as one against him? When did The Anvil become your enemy??

?Ladies and Gentlemen, have we not fought and bled together too many times to?? Voices began to cut him off, though he did see that a number of the protesters were breaking off. It was much as he?d suspected, not everyone wanted it to be what it had become. Mob mentality can be contagious, perhaps those few were grateful for the way out.

[size=10]Welcome to the show
Please come inside
Ladies and gentlemen[/size]

?What about the thefts of family! What about you freaks and baby killers!? Stones flew towards The Anvil, who used the sign he held to shield himself from them.

?Baby killers? Has someone here killed your children? Do you believe that a member of this community would want that? I was born in this city, how many of you can say the same? Look around you? we are the ones who make orphanages, who hold carnivals to aid small businesses. We want all to succeed,  we sponsor children? offer scholarships, mentorships. We?? More stones flew his way, the agitation was growing. He wouldn?t be able to buy much more time, it would have to be enough.

?Stop wasting our time with your words FREAK! You know all about the evils purveyed by people like The Empress, and those inhuman barons of hers!? That call came from a large man who was at the center of a group of men that looked more like soldiers than the other protesters. Obviously, this was the man in charge.

?Now you?re talking about friends of mine?people you don?t even know, but you are right. The Anvil has indeed been wasting your time.? That grin crossed Kruger?s lips once more, the one he wore before the opening round of any fight.

?Ladies and Gentlemen, look around you. You?re prey has flown to safer places. You should see the looks on your faces. There is only you, and me. Now it?s time for you to see. Come forward all at once or at your leisure, let The Anvil show his displeasure!? Time for the innocent to get away, but he?d been buying it for himself as well. He could feel the effects of the serum he?d injected, it made his skin burn but it that was just a side effect. He felt stronger as well, vastly stronger and wasn?t that the point? Outwardly he looked no different, but inside dense muscle was enveloped fiber by fiber enhancing what was already there. It easily doubled his strength, with a single dose, he?d taken two. His phone buzzed against him one more time, marked with yet another of those loud explosions of pyrotechnics as all hell broke loose.

Do you want it?
Do you need it?
Let me hear it[/size]

Kruger turned off the bluetooth device in his ear and shoved it into his boot for safe keeping, the explosions were all sound and no damage beyond the rattling of windows. It was enough to give him time to drop off the cab of the semi truck and start towards the group of a dozen men. The mob however had other ideas. The began to flood through and around the stopped vehicles towards him. A demonstration of their zeal that was promptly met with one of his own. He planted his foot on the side of an SUV, and pushed with everything he had. Rubber screeched on the pavement as the vehicle slid to the side and cut off access to his flank. It was a temporary measure at best. Already there were people climbing over the thing and trying to get at him. He pulled free of hands, receiving claw marks as they did their best to hold on.

Kruger picked up speed, a juggernaut of momentum that kept any from getting a good hold on him. He was a bare dozen feet from his goal when the tidal wave of people swarmed over him and swept him away. The group that had so incensed the protesters were lost from sight. He wouldn?t see them again as fist, foot and long handled signs rained down on him.

[size=10]Ladies and gentlemen
You've seen that seeing is believing
Your ears and your eyes will be bleeding
Please check to see if you're still breathing

Hold tight cause the show it?s not over
If you will please move in closer
You?re about to be bowled over
By the wonders you're about to behold here[/size]