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Wizard Wednesday
« on: November 16, 2016, 09:16:26 PM »
Lirssa preferred the matinee performances for going solo.  After enjoying lunch at Incredible Edibles, she made her way to the theater flies, claiming a chair with a quiet smile of thanks to the stage tech.

It felt like she had been absent from the theater forever.  Leaning on the railing, she watched the enchanting performances manifest the story of Dorothy seeking The Wizard of Oz.  There was nuanced chemistry that had jokes and puns sparking audience laughter and the poignant moments aching the soul.

She should have known better, of course.  Lirssa knew the story and had seen the flicker show many years ago.  Home.  Every time her mind wanted to divert to thinking about the loss of her ship, her most solid home for the past few years, she would drag it back by studying the performances until she was swept up into the story again.

But more than that longing for home was the bond of briefly met, fiercely devoted friendship, and good defeating evil, or at least melting it. Not the first time, Lirssa thought the witch should have whipped up a gown and cape made of some water repelling material.  If she was so dried up as to melt away at the very touch of water, take precautions.  Or don't dry up.

Lirssa applauded the performance, but did not go to the dressing rooms to praise them all in person.  She slipped out as quietly as she came.  There were her own preparations to make and an inn bar to tend.
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