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(Another) Filter Reminder
« on: September 25, 2016, 01:10:00 PM »
There seems to be a lot of confusion lately, about 'why the filter doesn't work'.

I have looked into each and every example recently and it is the same thing every time. It is the same thing we've told people for years now, but I will say it once again.

Punctuation can break the filter. In almost every case I have seen, a Quotation Mark or a Period, directly adjacent to the word in question, will cause the filter to allow it through.

I have said in the past that accidents happen, and we try to be as understanding as we can of that - particularly since quotes are used for dialogue by a large % of players.

But I am seeing people (and it seems often to be the SAME people) abusing this glitch lately. Accidents happen, but I have personally warned some of these people repeatedly - when that happens, it's no longer an accident, it is an abuse of the glitch and of our patience.

So let me spell this out clearly - if you see a word on our filter list get through, it's almost always because of the punctuation glitch. You know it, we've made it clear.  It's no mystery, and the list of words is there for everyone to see under Site News. If you're using one of these words, you need to be a little more careful:

There is no excuse for repeatedly violating a rule that is there to see, and that I have explained uncounted times. We have the list of filtered words posted publicly, as we were begged to do for years. We have pared that list down to only ten words and their variations. And that still does not seem to be enough for some players.

Now that I have had to warn the same people/person repeatedly, the next step is going to be an official warning. And if that isn't enough, then there will be a 48-hour ban, per the rules this site has had for ten years+.  

So before it has to come to that, I will ask one last time. Please stop abusing the rules and abusing the filter's punctuation glitch.
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