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It had been a long while.   When Llewyss died she took him back to Middle Earth, his home and was laid to rest in the crypt at the city of Gondor.   But back in Rhydin she put up a stone with his name and dates and a small saying ?Much loved husband and father and a good friend to others? was carved in the granite stone.  More of a remembrance than anything.  A touchstone a place one can honor the dead in the Rhydin Cemetery.
She visited it often before she left for earth but hadn?t been there since her return back to Rhydin.  Why she came back to Rhydin, is she missed the craziness but mostly to return to where she loved the only man she ever cared so much for.  She honestly would have died for him.  Gwyn was not yet a year old when Llewyss died but Murelle kept his memory alive as much as she could.  

Treasuring articles of his she couldn?t bear to part from.  She gave his star brooch to a dear friend of his, Seeker, but she kept his cloak, worn boots and journal as treasures.  

The boots remain next to the fireplace and the cloak hung on a hook near the door as if he would grab it on the way out.  

One night after getting Gwyn to bed she was suddenly reminded of Llewyss and the memorial because the boots were moved.  Gwyn moved them maybe?   As Murelle replaced them she was brought up short.  She had been so busy since her arrival she hadn?t visited the site.  She should go and take Gwyn with her.  

The next morning Murelle informed Gwyn of where they would be going.
?We?re going to a small memorial today at the cemetery.  I put it there when your father died because he was laid to rest in Gondor, far from here.?

Gwyn tilted her head.  ?You never spoke of this before.?

?I?ve been busy with so many other projects? I just didn?t think of it.  I should have.?

?Okay.?  Gwyn dug into her breakfast as Murelle sipped her coffee.   Gwyn was mature for her age.  At 14 she had the understanding of most adults.   Gwyn broke the silence.  

?Mom, why don?t you find another husband??  

The question startled her.   It was amazing what this kid could think of.

?I tried to date as you know, but?  ?Murelle?s voice trailed off.  ?I think I buried my heart in Gondor with your father.   Someday I?ll find someone.?  

Gwyn didn?t answer but looked at her mother.   Later that day Murelle did as she promised and took Gwyn to the memorial.   They cleaned the stone and laid fresh flowers at its base.  Murelle was quiet.  
She wondered if she?d ever get over his death.  

Perhaps this is why she had a hard time with anyone making a pass at her.  She still felt a loyalty to her Llewyss.  She doubted he would want her to go on like this and find another man.  

That would be hard.