Author Topic: The Heart Matters: Oh Baby!?  (Read 730 times)

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The Heart Matters: Oh Baby!?
« on: July 26, 2016, 02:10:44 PM »
June 23rd, 2016. - Early Afternoon. - 3:47 Pm.

?Miss Spencer??

The huntress looked up from the magazine that she had been leafing through at her last name. She had been there a while. Anxious and driven by military habit, she arrived thirty minutes early, and checked in when she arrived. Then she sat, and leafed through magazines, or fiddled on her phone for nearly forty five minutes. Now that her name had been called though, she was closing the magazine and tossing it back on top of the pile that she had dug it out from.


?If you?ll follow me.? The woman paused for her to start making her way, and once she reached the door, she stepped back and through. The huntress followed the woman down a short hall ways and around a corner to a small examination room. ?Wait in here. A nurse will be here in a minute to take down your vitals, ask you a few questions.?

?Alright.? She blinked a couple of times then slid past the woman and into the room. As the woman pulled the door shut, she moved to hop up onto the table, and waited?. And waited. And waited. She remembered why she hated doctors. So much waiting. With no magazines, she resorted to pulling out her phone, where she proceeded to play Angry Birds.

She beat six levels by the time there was a gentle knock a the door. She glanced up, and dimmed the screen of her phone. ?You?re good.? Simply as she set the device aside, and the door was pushed open.

The nurse that stepped in was a small mousy woman with round glasses that rested on the bridge of her nose. Though her eyes were brown, they were slitted like a feline?s. Flat chestnut hair was pulled back into a bun, and out of her face, and she was looking down at a clipboard. ?Miss Spencer, Right?? The nod the huntress gave was all she needed, before she stepped in and closed the door behind her.

?How are you feeling??

?Like I may have to dive for the trashcan soon.?

She blinked and didn?t say anything. She just casually sliiiid the trashcan closer to the huntress. It would mean that there would less of a chance that there would be a mess for her to clean.

?Anything else??
?Nuuh. Not really. Just gonna hug the trashcan. Oh wait, Uh. I noticed the other day that my boobs hurt too, but I dunno, they do that sometimes.?

?Uh...Right.? There was a brow that arched upwards of the Nurse?s face, as she moved, pushing the monitor to check all her vitals with. ?How long have you been experiencing these symptoms??

?I dunno. Two, maybe three weeks ago??

?You should have come in sooner!? Soft and chidingly, while the huntress ducked her head and blushed. ?Yeah, but doctorsss.? She hissed. Having a childhood where she was constantly in and out of the ER because of her of her friend?s stupidity had turned her off from ever liking them.

?You wouldn?t have been saying that if you had had an infection or worse. So, hopefully that means whatever the issue is isn?t too bad.? Sternly as she set about checking her blood pressure, body temperature and other such things.

?Do you smoke or drink??

?Both, but I haven?t done too much of either lately thanks to the feeling like crap part.?

?Right. And You know it is advised that you-?

?Quit smoking. Yeah. I?ve heard that before. But I?m certain a little tobacco isn?t gonna be the death of me.?

?Mmhm. You never know. Tongue up.?

She made a face at the thermometer that found its way under her tongue until the device beeped. Once it was removed, her face only got worse. Her mouth felt invaded.  She gave a snort though, and didn?t argue.

?When was your last monthly cycle??

?Huh? My last? Oh! Uh. I dunno. A few weeks ago. I guess. Got a few cramps, and some spotting. Like normal.?

?Like normal??

?One of the benefits of the potion I gotta take every day. Less mess.? She rolled her shoulders, and the nurse regarded her with an arched brow.

?Very well. Alright, Miss Spencer. Have you considered the possibility of you being pregnant??

She stared at the nurse. ?Nah. Not really. I mean I?m always careful. Y?know? I don?t want a baby. Haven?t forgo-...? She fell silent, something dawning on her it seemed.

?Only one bout of unprotected sex can indeed get you pregnant, Miss Spencer.?

?Sunava bitch.? The words were hissed, and the nurses brows went up.

?I?m certain, Miss Spencer, the doctor will order blood and urine tests to make sure. I?ll let you be. He?ll be in soon.? Then, before she could say anything else, the nurse was slipping out the door to leave her wallow in her thoughts.

She watched the nurse disappear out the door, before she flopped back and sprawled on the examination table.

?God damnit, Zayden. Of all the people it could have been. It had to be you.  Damn you.?
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