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Repeated Guideline Violations Policy
« on: July 01, 2016, 08:14:19 PM »
The rules regarding profanity in both the chat and forum areas have been in place for quite some time now, and as of last year, the administration eliminated the majority of the words in the chat filter, leaving only ten words (and their variations) that are a no-no.

Over the years, we have posted repeated reminders, asking that users not attempt to bypass the filter by various means. Some of those means (and I am mostly thinking of the punctuation glitch here) are more often than not accidental, and our chat hosts are instructed to be understanding in that regard. Accidents happen, and we understand this. Many users have proactively striven to censor themselves to avoid even these accidents, and we are grateful for their efforts.

Despite these repeated warnings, however, there are a considerable number of users who insist on using asterisks to bypass the filter, or to abuse the punctuation glitch. This is especially noticeable on the forums, where you have time to think about your posts and can edit them (as opposed to live chat, where what's done is done).

The Guidelines have been in place since the beginning, as to what is and is not acceptable, and also to clarify what happens when they're repeatedly violated. It has been rare that we've actually gone so far as to invoke these consequences, considering. But for people who cannot or will not stop, that is going to change.

"Mild infractions would be, but are not limited to: using OOC in a RP chat room or posting inflammatory or questionable content in the forums, or using masked vulgarity (circumventing the profanity filters).

Moderate examples would be, but are not limited to: repeated mild incidents after receiving an initial reminder from a Host or Administrator, initial violation of our Harassment policy, and reposting of material removed from forums."

Bucking the filter is a minor thing. But when you refuse to stop despite the dozens of requests, reminders and warnings that we've sent out, then it becomes a moderate example.

"Moderate incidents may include a temporary suspension from the site, typically a minimum of 72 hours."

After a certain number of violations, you will receive an Official Warning - to the effect that the next violation will trigger a 72-hour ban.

It is regrettable that we have to resort to this, but given that people still continue to ignore the rules regarding the profanity filter (sometimes even in the presence of the staff), we are going to enforce this.
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