Author Topic: ((Mature Themes Must Be Marked with NSFW))  (Read 218 times)


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((Mature Themes Must Be Marked with NSFW))
« on: April 12, 2016, 08:37:22 AM »
((Hello WestEnders!

Just a quick reminder:  All Posts with a Mature Theme must be marked with NSFW according Dragon's Mark Message Forum Guidelines:


6. The general guideline is to keep content within the bounds of a PG-13 movie, or what you would see on prime-time, network TV. However we also recognize the need to allow our adult participants a more mature level of creative expression. Forum threads may occasionally be published that touch on more mature themes and topics. In order to aid readers who may find these materials unsuitable, all threads that may contain questionable content must be marked with "[NSFW]" at the beginning of the post title. NSFW has become an accepted tag when posting in interactive discussion areas as a note that the following content is "Not Safe For Work". We feel this well known tag is an easy to use method that will fore-warn readers about the content of a thread.

    If a thread is found to have questionable content and is not properly tagged as [NSFW], the administration will either notify the original poster to edit their posting to include the tag, or add it at their discretion.
    Adult Content/Violence/Illegal Activity: Messages containing excessively sexually oriented or violent, images, content, or links to these things will be deleted. Out of Character messages with links to or suggesting illegal activity will also be deleted. Posting or linking to any of these could also result in a ban.

Post that break the rules may be edited or removed by DM's Administration without contacting the player.  We WestEnd Moderators have no control over this.

We appreciate your help keeping The WestEnd Board up to the standards of Dragon's Mark rules and regs.

Lan and Julie
Head of Blood House Onyx