Author Topic: ((OOC - The Renovation Has Commenced!))  (Read 217 times)


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((OOC - The Renovation Has Commenced!))
« on: April 02, 2016, 12:45:01 PM »
((Hello Fellow WestEnders!!!

This is Lan here.  Over the next few months we will be reorganizing the information for the WestEnd to make it clearer that this is indeed a Player Created Area with a setting and a full cast of NPC's and a slew of locations which we call "Local Color". Our NPC's and Local Color has not been created to be cannon fodder but instead to lend an ambience of community to our shared setting.

As always - we welcome your participation as we move forward.  We invite you to add your own creations to any aspect of our shared setting. Be it locations or NPC's we offer the same safety to your creations as we do to ours. What you create belongs to you and no one has the right to destroy, remove, or otherwise tamper with your creations except you.  If you want to add local color, NPC's or locations of your own, please feel free to!  We will not lay any claim on anything we did not create.  Everything you create still belongs to you.  The goal behind the WestEnd has and always will be sharing our fun with others.  We want you to feel welcome and included on every level.

[size=14]All we ask is that we all play respectfully with one another and to the shared ambience of the setting that Sid's Player, Julie, created.  
Our first project is to offer a clear understanding of the WestEnd's setting to make it easier for anyone wanting to play here.

We will be separating the NPC, Local Color, Building and Sharing a World... thread into 3 distinct threads.  
    NPC's and Local Color
    Building and Sharing a World
    The WestEnd (Description.)

    Be Advised:
    NPCs and Local Color will be protected characters and locations.  These are not open for destruction without permission from the creator directly.  In fact, any global destruction called by any player or players' without the explicit permission of all the players participating in the WestEnd will be ignored.  No God Modding/Powergaming here, thanks.

    If you have any ideas, suggesting or questions, feel free to PM me!  Communication is the key to successful FFRP.  Julie and me are always open to talk!!!

    Looking forward to More Awesome WestEnd Adventures!!!

    (Edit:  Decided to put the NPCs and Local Color in one thread.  Less work trying to separate what has already been shared.)
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