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Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« on: March 04, 2016, 12:23:22 AM »
(OOC NOTE:  For Backstory on certain characters and what happened, view these threads.  You may have to copy and paste the whole url there to view it because...I dunno.  The Forum's weird.    29916    30083    30249 )

The bright light washed over him, momentarily blinding Gerry as it passed.  When his eyes had adjusted he stood...back on the very dock he had fought so hard to leave only few weeks earlier.  Ginny stood, her makeup run down her eyes, her hair askew and her pale skin dotted with bruises and minor scrapes.  She apparently had put up a fight when they'd banished her there.

Gerry felt suddenly very heavy.  Too heavy for his legs to support.  Those usually brilliant blue eyes were drained, crushed, heartbroken as he stared down at his cooing, wriggling baby girl.  Nasya made little noises of discomfort, blissfully unaware of what just happened.  Gerry dropped to his knees, clutching his daughter to him, big shoulders heaving as grief took him.

Ginny rushed to his side, wrapping her arms around him, holding her brother as he wept.  The two were stranded.  Stuck there with no way home.

One Month Later

Gerry woke to the sound of Nasya crying.  The haze of alcohol still heavy on his brain.  His bloodshot eyes blinked open as he slowly came to.  "Uggh...what the hell?" he muttered with a husky voice.

He peeled himself off his bed.  His parents had put him in his childhood room when they'd gotten home.  For the past month, he'd been looking for work.  Not an easy task for a 30 year old man whose work records literally didn't exist on his current planet of residence.   Even if he COULD forge documents, he'd have to find work out of town.  Gerry spent most of his nights and free time from his daughter in a drunken daze, putting away enough alcohol to kill lesser men.  Thank God for his sister and his parents because that kid would be screwed if it was just him.

He stood a little too fast, his hands going out to his side to keep balance.  God, his head hurt.  He stumbled over to the crib, a small smile coming to his face.  "Heeeey, Munchkin."  He reached down and scooped her up.  "What's the matter, huh?"  he asked her in a soothing voice, putting her against his chest.  Nasya made those little worried sounds when they weren't quite sure if they were done being uncomfortable yet.  He grinned, carefully making his way out of the room, quietly heading to the kitchen.  

"You hungry?"   he said to the still-fussing child as he readied her bottle.  Nasya took to the bottle greedily, those big blue eyes staring up at him.  A small laugh escaped him.  "'ve got your mama's appetite when it comes to bottles, you know that?"

His smile faded at that.  He took a seat at the kitchen table while his daughter fed.  He glanced around him, taking in that old kitchen.  A sigh left him as he slumped back.

"What are we gonna do, kid?"  He turned those blurry eyes down to the baby.  "What are we gonna do?"

Footsteps came from the hall, and Gerry knew immediately who it was.  "Hey...I heard the pipsqueak squallin'.  Everything okay?"  Bill asked, standing at the top of the small staircase.  

Gerry smiled up at his dad.  "Yeah.  Just hungry."

Bill stepped down,  in his bathrobe, old, almost-transparent T-shirt, and pj pants.  He pulled out a chair and lowered himself with a groan.  The old knees were not what they once were.  The eyes, though, they were still sharp.  He stared at his son.  "You drunk?"  He asked.

Shame fell over Gerry's face.  He didn't even need to answer.  The look of disappointment on his father's face didn't help.  Bill reached out for his grand daughter.  "What the hell's the matter with you?"  He asked  "Give her here."

Gerry carefully handled over the baby to Bill's waiting hands.  He curled her in his arm making sure she was comfy.  "Ohhhh, theeeere she is.  Pops's got ya, kiddo."  

Gerry watched his father, SO good with her.  It warmed his heart.  Made him a bit envious that he'd missed out being raised by this man.

Bill smiled down to her and tapped her nose lightly.  "You are a beauty, you know that, kid?"  

Nasya smiled around her bottle.  "Yes you are!"  Bill said to her in his playful voice.  "Yes, my little angel is!"  That got a giggle out of the girl.  Bill's chuckled and looked up to Gerry.

His son had been so distant since he'd returned.  And now he felt like things were getting worse.  "You can't keep doing this to yourself, kid."  Bill said with a shake of his head.

Gerry hung his head and nodded.  "I know."

"Look, Gerry...I know you're hurtin'.  I can't imagine what it would be like...separated from your mother, unable to tell her why I left and where one a' you kids were.   It's awful.  It's awful, it's *****y, and a husband and parent should never have to go through it on either side."  Bill adjusted the baby and put her up on his shoulder, little Nasya resting against him peacefully.  "But this little girl?  She's gonna need her daddy.  She's gonna need you."

Gerry looked from his father to his daughter.  There wasn't a thing in the world he wouldn't do for her.  And his father was right.  The pain he felt was unreal.  It all seemed like it should have been so simple.  He couldn't handle the fact that there was no way to contact Keirra, no way to get back to her.  She was the love of his life and she'd forever believe he'd forsaken her.  He'd give anything to see her smile, tell him she loved him one last time.

But those were fantasies.  This was reality.  Nothing would ever be the same.  And his dad was right, Nasya needed him.  "I'm going to be better, Dad.  I promise."

Bill smiled lightly.  "I know you are." he said as if it were a forgone conclusion.  "I've seen you when you're with her.  You're a good dad, kid."

Gerry's brow furrowed, sometimes he wasn't so sure.  "Am I?"

Bill's eyes, so similar to Gerry's turned up to him.  " been given some of the worst runs of luck I ever seen.  Life's handed you more 'n your share of sh-"  he glanced down.  "Bad luck.  You got this beautiful little girl here and when you're're great.   You dote on her.  But once you get alone..."  Bill shook his head.

Gerry nodded.  He knew he was getting out of control with the drinking.  It was irresponsible of him to be carting the baby around tonight while drunk.  Fortunately nothing happened, but something could have.  

"Look...I ain't gonna tell ya things are going to be easy.  They aren't.  You're a single dad now.  And it's gonna be a bitch.  But we're here.  Your  We're all here for ya, kiddo.  And I can promise you this.  This little girl is NEVER going to feel unloved.  Not here.  And you are NEVER alone."

Gerry could feel his chest tighten and the wetness in his eyes.  His brow furrowed as he wiped his eyes and ran a hand through his hair.  His cheeks puffed as he blew out a shuddering breath of air.  "Thank you, Dad."

Bill Finnegan smiled to his son.  "We're your family.  It's what we do."
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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2016, 12:29:23 AM »
Life had been dull for the bartender since her best friend had left for home.  The usual revolving door of regulars, newbies and underage kids trying to score a beer with a crappy fake ID.

There were times she'd considered closing shop and moving on, but that would mean giving up the one familiar thing she had.  Besides, she was NOT a quitter, dammit!

Rag in her hand, she wiped down the counter top.  It was slow, as most afternoons were.  The most she'd get were construction workers and business men for a lunch-time drink and a burger.  Right now, there was no one.  Her back was to the door when it opened.  "Be right with ya."  She muttered over her shoulder.

"Excuse me...I'm looking for Kara Aimsley?  Short, kinda pudgy.  Ugly little spud?"

She recognized the voice , trying to disguise the excitement in her heart when she heard it.  "Yeah?"  She said, in an even tone.  "Who can I tell her is looking?  An over grown manchild with a tiny schwanz?"

She turned around with a smirk on her face.

"Hey, it's not the size of nail, it's the hammer you're throwin' at it."  Gerry stood there, hands in an old work-coat and grin on his face.  She dropped all pretense, climbing over the counter and running toward him.  Kara launched herself in the air and wrapped him in a big hug.  Thankfully, he caught her, holding her off the ground.

"Damn, Finnegan!  Why didn't you tell me you were in town!  What are you doin' here?"  She asked, being set down.

His smile faded.  "Ran into some trouble back home.  Short version is...I'm looking for work."

Kara's brow furrowed, confused.  "After all we went through to get you back?  You telling me we have to do that AGAIN?"  She asked.

Gerry's head shook.  "No.  There's no going back.  Not this time."

"Well...least I'll get to meet the wife, right?"  she said giving him a light punch on the arm trying to cheer up the mood.

Gerry swallowed hard, looking to her.  He just shook his head.

Kara's shoulders dropped, her heart breaking for him.  "Oh...God, G..."

"It's just my daughter and me now.  We're over at my parents' place."

Kara was distraught, her eyes flicking around trying to come up with something.  "There's...there's got to be a way."

"There isn't."


"Kara."  He said firmly.  Gerry's head shook slowly.

Silence hung heavily between them before she spoke again.  "I'm sorry, Gerry."

A deep breath left him as he nodded.  "Well...what do you think?  Got any openings I might fit?"

She smirked up at him, a snort escaping her.

It took him a couple seconds to realize what he just said.  "'re gross."

She laughed almost sinisterly.  "Yeah, I could use the help.  Plus you're pretty good behind the bar."


"Also, the nights you worked last time saw a rise in female attendance by like...100%.  So...You're eye candy, bro."  Kara grinned to him  "Welcome aboard."

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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2016, 01:24:50 AM »
"My god, she's beautiful."  Kara said looking down on the sleeping Nasya.  Her eyes turned to Gerry.  "Must look like her mom.  Lucky kid..."

Gerry smiled a little sadly, his voice wistful.  "You have no idea.  Just give her longer hair and a mouth like a sailor and you've got Ko."

A smile spread across his friends lips before she stepped away.  "Come on, let the little angel sleep."

Angel.  Not really a name for the sleeping scream-monster in that crib, if you asked him, but hey, whatever worked for her.  Gerry stepped out of the room and down into the kitchen.  They could hear his father and mother watching TV in the basement.  "You want a drink?"  he asked her,

"Sure.  Beer if you've got any."  she responded, taking a seat at the dinner table.

He scoffed.  As if Bill Finnegan wouldn't have beer in the house.  

Kara smiled and looked up at him, speaking quietly so they wouldn't hear.  "'s it living with them?  Bit of a pain in the ass?"  she inquired as he handed her a bottle.

Gerry took a seat at the head of table by her, twisting the cap off his bottle.  He shrugged. "Eh.  They're alright.  You know mom, she's quiet.  And Dad's...Dad."  He smirked.

Kara took a swig.  "They don't cramp your style?"

Oh, Gerry laughed at that.  "Yeah, I'm a single dad whose spent his days failing to get a job and drinking himself blind at night the past month."  The bottle tipped back, pouring the cold drink down his throat.  "They've been great.  Dad is crazy for her.  I mean, mom and Gin love her, but Dad's over the moon in love with that kid."  Thoughts of his parents brought a smile to his face.  He was so thankful that he'd gotten the chance to meet them and they turned out to be just amazing people.  Circumstances could have been better, but he was still glad.

Kara, however, wasn't smiling.  "That's good."  She nodded slowly.  

"So...Single?"  Kara shot him a pointed look.  "You're giving up?"

"I can't fight it, Kara."

"You didn't think you could before."  she noted.

"Well, this time I *know* I can't."  He shot back.

She looked disappointed in him.  "How do you know?"

"That was the deal.  My daughter in exchange for not being able to ever go back."

"So?  Screw 'em.  Go back."

Gerry was getting more and more frustrated "Jesus, don't you think I would if I could?  I mean, I physically CAN'T.  I take a ship into the Nexus like last time and the ship goes, but I don't."  He lowered his head and swallowed hard.  "So...I'm here.  I'm trying to make a life.  It's not what I chose, it's the hand I was dealt.  I love my wife, but I know her.  She'll hate me forever for this.  She'll think I stole our child and ran.  She'll think I betrayed her."

Kara frowned, listening to him, wanting desperately to help, but having no idea how to.

"And that kills me.  It absolutely kills me.  It keeps me up at night.  Every time I close my eyes I see her face.  And it breaks my heart.  But I can't do anything about it, so I'm making the best of a bad situation.  Not for me, but for Nasya.  Don't get it in your head that this is easy.  I'm BARELY holding on, Kara, and every day it seems like it's getting harder and harder to the point where I feel like I can't even breathe."

Kara lowered her eyes.  The pain in his eyes just broke her heart.  Gerry was a broken man struggling to survive something horrible and she felt like she just accused him of not caring enough about the woman he loved.  "I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to-"

"I know."

"I mean, I know how much you-"

"Yeah."  He nodded to her.

The two of them sat there in the kitchen, silent.  Kara's eyes shifted up to him.  "I know this is not an ideal situation, but...It's good to see you.  I missed having you around to talk to.  Guess I just kind of got used to it while you were here."

That brought a smile to Gerry's face.  "It's good to see you too."
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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2016, 01:06:19 AM »
Gerry was wiping down the bartop at the end of a long shift.  It had been a week since he'd taken the job.  Kara wasn't wrong about the women coming in there for him.  He would see them whispering or shooting glances over to him as they talked.  Part of him thought maybe they remembered him having disappeared when he was a kid, but in the back of his mind, his ego let him think he was just that appealing.  Not that he'd ever respond to their advances with anything more than a show of the ring on his finger, but still, it was nice to be wanted.

Kara stepped out from the kitchen, a towel over her shoulder.  An olive drab tank top clung to her torso and tight jeans adorned her lower body.  Brown hair was gathered and pulled back in a pony tail as she passed him.  "Well.  That was, without a doubt, the best night we've had here in about 4 years.  You know that?"  She said with a smirk.  Kara crossed her arms and leaned a hip on the counter.

Blue eyes turned to her, the pride of a good night's work on Gerry's face.  "Yeah?  That's awesome."  He responded to her, setting a glass on the shelf.  He was glad to be out of the house and busy again.  Gerry thrived on work, and sitting around feeling sorry for himself at his parents left him feeling kind of pathetic.  

"So..." Kara said, pouring herself a drink in a newly cleaned glass.  Gerry gave her an exasperated look.  

"...Dude...come on."  he said in an annoyed tone.

"Shut up, I own them!  Anyway, how's the wee baby Nasya?"  She sipped her beer, blue eyes peering over the rim of the glass.

Gerry leaned over and fished around in the cooler, plucking up a bottle for himself.  "She's been doing a lot of late night screaming fits lately.  So, sleep's been a bit erratic.  I got a full 3 hours last night."

"Good God, man, how do you live?"  She asked, staring at the man as if he suddenly sprouted a third eye.

Gerry chuckled and sipped his beer.  He was hoping this whole screaming fit thing was a very brief phase, and it would go away as quickly as it came.  He really did miss sleep.  "You ever think about poppin' out a kid or two?"

Kara snorted into her drink and burst out laughing.  "Are you kidding?  Those kids would be so screwed!  They might as well be raised by wolves!"

Gerry smirked "You say that...but..."

"Dude, don't give me that line."  She shot him a withering look.

"What line?"

"The whole 'you'll change your mind' thing.  I don't want 'em, I don't need 'em."  She said firmly.

Gerry shrugged, "I'm not saying that.  I will tell you this, though...I didn't want a kid.  I had NO desire to be a father.  But the second I held that little girl in my arms...Man, I was hooked.  I was in.  I couldn't wait to see who she's going to become.  I realized I would do anything if it meant that she'd be happy."

Kara smiled at him.  He was sappy, but damned if he wasn't endearing about it.  "You're a good dad."  She said.  "That kid is gonna be SO lucky.  Every daughter should have a dad that loves them like you love her."  Kara nodded, thinking of her own father.  He was nothing of the sort, of course.  Drunk and pissed off most of the time.  Lot of violent tendencies.  She remembered one instance where she had gotten a black eye as a 9th birthday gift from the old man and Gerry tried to help cover it up with make-up.  Bill had caught them sitting in the darkened kitchen.  

Kara had expected him to yell or hit her.  Instead, he just looked at her eye, set her up in the guest room and let her stay the night.  The next day, Bill Finnegan piled her and Gerry in the car and drove her home.  They got out of the car and Bill just stared ahead.   "You go inside and get some of your things."  He said to Kara, his voice showing no signs that she should argue.

Kara's father got mouthy right off that bat.  "Where the hell you been?  Get in the house you little slut!"  he slurred, either already or still drunk.  He wound up his arm, ready to swat the girl.

Before he could put his hands on Kara, Bill had grabbed him and slammed him against the wall.  She and Gerry ducked inside quickly and listened.  

"Get your hands off me, Finnegan!  I'll kick the sh-"

"Shut up!  Shut the **** up!"  Bill shouted slamming him against the wall again.  "You're a real tough guy, huh?  You like hittin' little girls?  How about you take a swing at me?"

Kara's dad shoved him back and threw a wild punch but Bill leaned away and hit him once, hard in the stomach.   Her father doubled over, against the wall.  Kara peeked out from the window before going back to packing.  Bill pulled him up, grabbing him by the shirt.

"Lot different when you?re fighting someone who can hit back, ain?t it, you piece of s***?  You've lost the right to your daughter, you understand?  She?s coming to stay with my family.  You hear me?"  He said in a low, threatening tone.  Neither she nor Gerry had ever heard that sort of menace in his father's voice.

Her father glared angrily.  "You can't-"  He started.

"Shut your mouth, you son of a bitch.  Straighten yourself out. Sober your ass up and maybe you can have her back. But I swear to God, I send her back and she has a bruise, a scratch, a ****ing indian burn that looks like it came from you, and I swear to you, I will end you, I will ****ing end you!"

Gerry and Kara walke out with duffle bags over their shoulders.  Bill stood between the defeated drunk and the kids, still holding him by the shirt.  As soon as they got down the stairs he let go of him.  "Now.  Take your drunk ass inside.  Or do you have something you want to say to me?"

Bill stared a hole through him, but there was no response.  "Thought not."

Gerry and Kara slipped into the car as Bill approached.  Her father finally called out.  "You keep her.  You can keep the little bitch for all I care!  Doin' me a favor!"

Bill stopped in his tracks, turned back and clenched his fists tightly.  His voice was low, dangerous and shaky.  "Count yourself lucky those kids are here, Aimsley."

It only lasted a week before the cops showed up at the Finnegan household's front door, ordering him to return Kara home.  They'd been sympathetic, but they had a job to do.  

Kara never forgot that moment of kindness when Bill Finnegan had stuck up for her.  Never forgot the moment Bill had turned around in the car and said "You're coming to live with us for a bit.  Okay."

She'd looked up in that rearview mirror and nodded.

"That man doesn't deserve you, understand?"  He'd said.  "I'd be proud if you were my kid."

THAT was a father.  That was the kind of man Nasya would have in her life.  That was the kind of father Gerry would be.  And Kara found herself envious of an infant.

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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« Reply #4 on: March 24, 2016, 01:22:50 AM »
Ginny sat with Nasya in Gerry's room, the baby in her arms and her feet propped up on an ottoman.  She hummed the melody of  "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" to the little girl, rocking her gently.  

Her voice was soft and sweet as she sang in a half-whisper.  "Say nighty night and kiss me...Just hold me tight and tell me you miss me.  While I'm alone and blue as can be...Dream a little dream of me..."  

The Redhead planted a kiss at the top of her slumbering niece's increasingly raven-haired head.  A smile on her face as she looked down at her.  Gerry stepped in the room, being quiet as can be.  "Hey.  How was she?"  he whispered.

Ginny looked up to her brother happily.  "Perfect, as usual.  Unbelievable that YOU two made this little angel."  She said, shooting him a teasing look.  She really did love this kid.  Those big blue eyes, those pudgy cheeks.  She was a beauty, just like her mama.  

Keirra...Ginny often thought about her.  As tough as it was for Gerry, she couldn't fathom how Kierra was taking everything.  Did she knew what really happened?  Ginny supposed not.  How could she?  The thought depressed her, so she pushed it away.  

Her expression brightened as she remembered the good news.  "Oh, so...I've been looking for someplace else.  You know...someplace not Mom and Dad's.  I found a pretty nice, cheap place not far from here."

"You wanna move out?"  Gerry asked running his fingers along his daughter's cheek.  

Ginny shrugged.  "Well...can't and don't want to stay with our parents forever.  Figured you and me could go out on our own for a bit.  Might be fun!"  She said excitedly.

Gerry had to admit that did sound pretty good, but there was one thing.  "Dad would be heartbroken."  He said with a chuckle.  "Us taking his best buddy away from him."

Ginny nodded, her body shaking with suppressed laughter.  "We'd still be close enough that could see her whenever." she reassured him.  "Besides...we barely get to hang out.  It'd be nice to get to do things together.  Go out, live a little.  Whatcha say?"

Gerry considered it a moment before nodding.  "Yeah.  Yeah, that sounds pretty good.  I'm in!"

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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« Reply #5 on: April 11, 2016, 05:14:36 PM »
It had been almost a month since Ginny and Gerry had moved into their apartment.  A nice, little 3 bedroom 2 bath.  It wasn't quite the penthouse he'd been living in with Keirra back home, but it was something.  The two of them took turns looking after Nasya, Gerry taking the day and Ginny taking the night.  Their parents were a constant presence coming by to visit and play with their granddaughter.  

Nasya was just starting towards learning to crawl, but she had such a cheery disposition (just about the only thing she got from her father.)   Sundays were almost always spent at his parents, watching TV, helping with yard work, having dinner or just sitting around and talking.  Kara was always invited and often a fixture there, as well.

It was a mundane life, in comparison to the constant drama that had been life in Rhydin, but it was good.

Tonight, Kara was over at the parents' house, Gerry was busy putting Nasya to bed in the room they'd kept for her.  He closed the door carefully before walking out to the kitchen where the other's sat, waiting.  Beers set out and open in front of them.  He threw a strong, jean-clad leg over the chair and lowered himself down as he grabbed his bottle.

"She good?"  Kara asked before taking a sip.

"Snorin' like a tiny saw mill."  Gerry said with a smile.  

"You know, for a little thing, she makes a lot of noise."  Ginny said with a grin.

"Takes after her mama that way.  At least she's not waking up denying her thievery yet."  Gerry tipped back his bottle, downing some of the cold drink.

Bill shook his head, that oh-so-Gerry grin on his face, "You know..there are times I feel like it's a good thing I never met your wife."

"Nah, you would have liked her.  Wicked sense of humor.  And she could be really sweet when she wanted to be."  Gerry allowed himself to miss her for a moment.  That had been the hardest thing.  If he dwelled too much on her, it would drive him crazy.  He always wanted to fix things, and this was just something he couldn't.  He would have loved to get all self destructive, but Nasya was there to remind him he had to think of her.  And for that, he would always be eternally grateful to her.

"Yeah, when she wasn't coming up with gross, demeaning nicknames that include some form of the word 'tits'."  Ginny said with a roll of the eyes.

The question was on all their minds, even Rose.  Kara's eyes shifted back and forth between the table.  "Wh...what was your nickname?"

Ginny's pale face turned bright red and she stared at her drink.  Gerry smirked and nudged his sister with his elbow.  "G'wan.  Tell 'em."

The redhead's face scrunched up.  "frsnch...." she mumbled.

Kara's face lit up, amusedly.  "What was that?"

Ginny sighed, her face turning somehow redder.  "Fire snatch."

Rose snorted as she drank her sangria.  Bill just flat out started belly-laughing right along with Kara.  

"Did I have a name?"  Kara asked, still laughing.  "When you guys told her about me, did I have a name?"

Gerry's grin faded then.  Ginny shot him a pointed look.

"Uh...yeah, we never did get around to that."  

Kara frowned a bit at that.  "You never told her about me?"

"Kara, if I told her about you, she would have come through here and killed you."  he said with a snorted laugh.

Bill smiled slightly, watching his son.  "What DID you tell her happened here?"

Gerry knew the answer and it wasn't something he was proud of.  "We never talked about it."  His brows raised as he stared at the brown bottle in his hand.  "Ko was going through severe postpartum depression after I got there.  We didn't really talk much about anything."  he said.

Well, that brought the mood down a bit.  "She was finally starting to come around when everything happened."  He said, his eyes distant.

Silence settled over them all.  It was something they never really spoke of after the night he returned and explained what happened.  Kara eyed him a moment and forced a smile.  "What was your's?"

Gerry turned those sad eyes to her.  "Huh?"

She quirked an eyebrow to him slyly.  "Your nickname. "

That brought a smile to his face.  "McTinyTool."  

Now it was Rose's turn to blush.  Bill snorted audibly, trying not to laugh too hard.  Ginny rolled her eyes remembering Keirra's reasoning for the ironic nickname.  

Gerry smiled to Kara appreciative.  At least everyone was laughing and not feeling sorry for him again.
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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« Reply #6 on: April 11, 2016, 08:58:12 PM »
The night ended eventually, Ginny getting a little loaded and passing out in her old bed.  His mom told him they would look after Nasya for the night while he dropped Kara off at her place.  The two sat in the car, mostly quiet but for the music on the radio.  An old song from the mid 90's started up.  A mellow track called "Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand".  It was Gerry's favorite.  Partially for its needlessly long name, partially because it was just a good song.

Kara was a little tipsy, having put down more than her fair share of beers.  "I love this song."  She said with a smile, leaning her forehead against the cold glass of the window.  Gerry glanced to her, his brows rising.

"Really?"  He asked.  "This is, like, my favorite song ever."

She screwed up her face, and looked at him.  "Shut up."

"No, seriously.  I love this song."  He said with a grin.

"Me too!" She replied.

In unison they spoke, "It's so mellow!"

Laughter erupted between the two of them.  Her hands went through her chestnut brown locks.  "It's too bad the rest of their discography sucks."

"It does?"  Gerry shot a quick glance over, keeping his attention mainly on the road.

"Oh dude.  It's like they made this one good song in 1996 and were like 'Alright, band.  Let's call it a day and go on to making generic crap for the rest of our careers.'"

Gerry laughed.  "That is SO disappointing."

Her head lolled back and turned to him, those bright blue eyes landing on him.  "I know, right?"

She just stared at him in silence, watching him drive, the street lights passing over his face in the night, the song playing on over the ride.  "G?"  She started.

He glanced over quickly.  "Hm?"

"I'm sorry."

Gerry's brow furrowed, confused.  "For what?"

"I know how bad you wanted to get back to her.  How hard you fought to do it.  I'm sorry it wasn't what you wanted it to be when you did. And I'm sorry that...if I made things difficult.  "  

Gerry turned to her, eyes off the road for a moment as they came to a stoplight.  " had nothing to do with you.  What happened was what it was.  I don't think any less of you for it, and I didn't keep it from her because I was ashamed of it."

Kara nodded, her eyes downcast.

"Ko was..."  He sighed.  "She was very sad.  And I tried to make it better, it's wasn't enough.  If I'm honest, I never felt like I *was* enough."

His friend watched him a moment.  She'd not heard that sentiment in regards to his wife before.  "Not enough?"

He instantly regretted saying it.  It felt like he was speaking ill of the dead or something.  "Before I came back last time...things weren't...great."

Kara's brow creased with concern and she sat up.  "How so?"

"She had these...friends... who were gypsies, by the way."

She stared and blinked, shaking her head before dead-panning "Of course they were.  Go on."

"Well...I never really got on with their group.  They were all kinda...I dunno.  Not my kind of people, you know?"  He said.  "And remember what I told you last time?  About the two guys?"

Kara nodded.  "...your wife was sleeping with other men?  Vaguely."

He laughed "It's not like that.  They were gay."

She let out a breath. "Yeah, well, still!  That's kinda ****ed up."  She thought a moment, then turned to him.  "If...if you felt like that, why did you fight so hard to get back?  I mean...if you felt like she didn't appreciate you, then...why work so much harder for her?"

Gerry turned his gaze on her.  "Because I love her.  Because when she smiles at you, you feel..."  He  paused, trying to find the right word.  "You feel like you matter.  Like you're blessed, I guess."

He stared out his wind shield as the light turned green.  "I fought for her because she was worth fighting for.  Even in her selfishness and thoughtlessness, there was still someone there that I needed in my life."

Kara looked at him, a twinge of sadness to her face.  She felt sorry for him.  "But you don't now?"

"What?  Need her?  I don't know.  But I do know that my daughter needs me, and she comes first.  She is the one thing that could have pulled me away.  She is why I'm here.  She's also the only reason I'm not somewhere, drunk in a gutter right now, wallowing in self pity."  He said, small smile spreading on his face.

Amazing, she thought.  The guy was in a crappy situation and still managed a smile.  It was doing nothing to alleviate her ongoing crush.

"Hey, G?"  she said quietly.  


Kara leaned her head on his shoulder.  "I love you, man.  Like...not in a weird way or anything."

Gerry chuckled and grinned down to her.  "Love you too, drunky."
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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« Reply #7 on: April 12, 2016, 02:36:11 AM »
Bill was still up when Gerry got back to collect his sister and his daughter.  Well...sort of.  He was "resting his eyes" as he liked to put it.  An old episode of the honeymooners was playing on the TV as Gerry came down the steps.  Last time, the two of them had spent a lot of time watching old episodes of The Twilight Zone and The Honeymooners and the Stooges late at night.  Gerry found that he really enjoyed the old TV shows.  Gerry smiled down at him, snoozing lightly in his recliner.  The second Gerry touched the remote, he heard him speak.  "I'm watching that."

Gerry laughed.  "You were snoring."

"I was resting-"

"Resting your eyes, yeah, I know."  He said with an amused shake of the head.  Bill grinned up at his son.  

"Sit down, kid, take a load off."  he hooked a thumb to the couch as he pulled the handle to sit upright with a groan.  Gerry made his way over and plopped down.  

"Which one is this?"  Gerry asked.

"The one where Ralph and Norton accidentally pick a fight with a big guy named Harvey."

"The Bensonhurst Bomber?"  Gerry asked, brightly.

In unison, the two of them quoted.  "I got a friend SHIRLEY that's bigger 'n you!"  The two of them laughed as Bill stood up and walked to the fridge.

"Want a beer?"

Gerry considered a moment and nodded.  "Yeah, what the hell."

"How'd it go?"  Bill asked, getting up to grab one himself.

Gerry's brow furrowed at his father.  "How'd what go?"

Bill shot him a knowing look as he popped the top off his bottle.  "You know.  Kara is a fine, FINE woman."

Gerry narrowed his eyes at his father suspiciously.  "Yeah..."

"And she loves your daughter."  He continued, obviously building to something as he handed Gerry his bottle.

"Yeah, dad.  I know."

"And she's pretty fond of you, too."  Bill said as he flopped down onto his chair.

Gerry frowned at him.  "Mom put you up to this?"

Bill just laughed.  "Just sayin', kid.  You got a good woman there.  Hope you don't take her for granted."

"Jesus, dad.  I'm married.  Kara's great.  I love her to death.  But...I have a wife."

"Who you can't ever see again."  Bill shot back at him.

"She's still my wife."  Gerry countered.

"Look kid...I'm not saying you go and get married right away or anything.  But it's been months.  How long are you gonna punish yourself?"  Bill asked.  

His son didn't have an answer to that.  He lowered his head and was just silent.

"You deserve something good.  Something that makes you happy."

Gerry peered up at his father.  "I'm just not ready, Dad.  I know there's no hope for Keirra and me, but...It's...hard to explain."

Bill nodded at that.  "I won't pretend to know what you're going through.  Your mother and I have barely ever been apart since we met.  I just hope you're looking out for yourself, too."

" I giving up too easily?"  He asked.

Bill frowned at the question, thinking now how to best phrase his response.  " much as it hurts to say...I haven't know you that long.  But the man I've seen wouldn't give up unless he knew the fight was over.  I don't understand all this...what was it?  Nextel stuff?"

Gerry chuckled.  "Nexus."

"Whatever.  I'm just saying...if you've stopped fighting, it's because you know there is no going back.  The fight is over.  I saw how hard you worked before to get back to her before.  I have to believe that you would be doing that all over again if it was an option."  Bill smiled at him, leaning forward on his knees.

The two Finnegan men just sat quietly for a time.  Bill glanced over to his son and watched him for a moment.  "Y'know, some days, I forget that we spent 19 years apart.  I just...I would give anything to get those years back.  See who you woulda become with your mom and sister and me."  Bill smiled at that.

"Me too."  Gerry smiled and took  a swig of his beer.  

"You turned out pretty damn good, though.  Whatever you do, I'm behind ya.  We're all behind ya.  And if you need us to pick up the slack here and there, you know we're here.  Gin, your mom, Me, Kara.  We're all here."

"I know.  I just...I think about Keirra.  The people back there that she surrounds herself with..."  Gerry shook his head.  "I just hope someone is taking care of her, wherever she is."

Bill gave his son a sympathetic smile and clapped a hand on his knee.  Nothing further was said as the two of them just sat and watched the black and white show together.  He was glad Gerry was here with family and not alone in that apartment or back wherever that place was he'd come from.  As much as he hated seeing him in pain, he was happy his son was home.

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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« Reply #8 on: April 12, 2016, 05:42:21 PM »
It was a friday, and Gerry had a couple hours before work when he'd dropped Nasya off with his parents.  His dad was ecstatic, of course, and practically shooed him out of the house.  Gerry took this time to head on down to the docks. The sky was grey, cold, and windy as he parked his truck and stepped down, walking toward the dock where he had departed just a few months prior.  It felt like a lifetime ago.  

Some days, he wanted to just grab Nasya, steal a boat and travel the world looking for a tear.  As much as he loved his family, he missed Rhydin.  He missed the weird people, the excitement.  He missed her.  God only knew what she was getting herself into back home without him.  

Try as he might, Gerry couldn't quite get used to the fact that that entire world was lost to him.  The thought kept occurring to him...maybe he should let go.  Move on.  Stop dwelling.  Just say goodbye.

He heard footsteps behind him and glanced back to find Kara standing there, wrapped in hoodie, her arms hugging herself to keep the cool wind from getting to her.  "Hey."

Gerry smiled, but looked confused.  "What are you doing here?"  He asked.

She stepped toward him, slowly.  "I was trying to get a hold of you.  Your parents said you went somewhere before work.  I kinda figured you'd be here."

Kara stepped up beside him and stared out at the endless ocean.  Gerry glanced down to her, his beautiful friend's chestnut hair blowing in the breeze.  Those sharp, bright blue eyes squinting in the gusting winds.  

"Why'd you come here?"  He asked, still watching her.

"We're not opening tonight."  She said, turning those eyes to him.

"We aren't?"  Gerry's brow furrowed.  "Why not?  Did something h-"  His eyes widened.  "Oh ****!  Did I leave the coffee maker on again?  Was there a fire?"

Kara breathed out an amused laugh, before turning back to the water.  "No, bar's fine.  But we need to go out.  You need to go out, be stupid and have fun."

He tilted his head "I have fun.  Work's fun."

Kara shot him a weary look.

"Work is work.  You need to go out and get this out of your system, Gerry.  You put on a brave face, but're wound up so ****ing tight...I'm worried what happens when you break."  She said with a worried expression.  "I long can you keep this up?  How long can you keep burying this before it kills you?"

Gerry's eyes turned down to his feet, knowing she was right.  

"Alright.  So, what's the plan?"  he asked with a smile.

"You go home, get dressed, drop your truck off.  And then I'm gonna meet you there and we're going bar hopping, getting ****ed up."  she said it all business-like.  "Then, at the end of the night, you and I are going to grab a cab, go back to your place, order some 3 AM pizza, and fall asleep on your couch watching cartoons.  Is that acceptable to you?"

Gerry laughed and nodded "Yeah.  Yeah, that sounds awesome."

Kara's face lit up as she hugged his arm, leaning her cheek against his shoulder, the two of them silently staring out at the horizon.
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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« Reply #9 on: April 12, 2016, 07:41:01 PM »
Gerry was in the bathroom shaving when he heard the knock at his door.  Cupping his hands under the faucet, he washed away the remnants of his shaving cream from his neck.  A v-neck t-shirt under his navy sportcoat clung to his broad chest.  A pair of jeans that almost seemed made for him pulled over his polished black boots.

Gerry pulled open the door to greet Kara.  "Hel-ohhhh...."She said, trailing off mid sentence.  She blinked back to reality and shook her head.  "Wow. You, clean up nicely."

He was staring.  And it was hard not to.  She was dressed in low cut, black sleeveless top, and black leather jacket giving her a sort of tough, sexy look.  Her dark blue jeans skin tight, tucked into a heeled black boot.  Her chestnut hair cascaded down her shoulders and back in waves.  In short, she looked amazing.

"Yeah.  You, too."  He let out a slightly nervous laugh.  The two of them just stood there, awkwardly smiling before he stepped aside.  "Oh! Um...come in!  Come in."  

Kara smiled up at him as she passed into the apartment.  He took in a deep breath and let it go slowly.   "So!"  He said turning to her.  "What's the plan?"

Kara braced her arms on the back of the couch, leaning back against it.  "Well.  I'm thinking we hit up The Winchester first, make our way to Todd's, then move along the strip until we can't feel feelings.  Sound good?"  She shot him a mischievous little grin.

"Brilliant."  He agreed.  


The pair sat down at the first bar taking a spot at the end.  Country music was blaring, it suited the mostly redneck crowd at the bar.  The bartender, was a brawny, handsome man in a cowboy hat.

"Aimsley!"  He called out to Kara.  "What are you doin' out and about and lookin' so damn good?"  

Kara smiled sweetly to him.  "Evenin', Clyde."  She said.  "Just taking my friend out for a night on the town."

"Oh yeah?  And who's this friend here, you're out breakin' my heart with?"

"Have you met Gerry Finnegan?"  she hooked a finger to Gerry.

Clyde looked him over a moment.  "Gerry Finnegan?  Ain't you the kid that disappeared?"

Gerry clearly was uncomfortable with that.  He wasn't sure yet on how much to tell people without looking crazy.  "Um...yep.  But I got back."

Clyde sniffed a laugh.  "Welcome back.  Clyde Wesley."  The two men shook hands.  "What can I get ya?"

"Two beers and two shots of Tennessee Fire."  She said.  

Clyde moved off to get their drinks.  Kara turned to Gerry, speaking low and conspiratorially.  "I dated him for about a month in high school.  He acts like he's a ladies man...but that dude?  So far in the closet he's finding Christmas presents."  

Gerry chuckled and looked after Clyde noticing the him watching the demin-clad backside of a man across the room.

Their drinks were placed before them, and the pair raised their shots.  Kara considered him a moment.  "What should we toast to?"

Gerry thought a moment.  "To life.  I don't understand it, I can't control it, but it's never ****ing dull."  

She smirked and raised her glass.  "To life."
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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« Reply #10 on: April 13, 2016, 01:27:57 AM »
Two bars and 3 shots, 3 beers in and Kara and Gerry were both feeling the affects of the alcohol.  Kara sat at the table an order of onion rings between the two of them.  The current topic:  Music.

"Okay!  Okay!  Most embarrassing album you've ever owned!"  She pointed at him.  "Go!"

Gerry leaned his head back, "Uuuuugh!  Oh, I know this one.  First album I ever bought.  Bryan Adams:  So Far, So Good."

Kara immediately busted out laughing.  She started singing in a Bryan Adams-y voice.  "GOT MY FIRST REAL SIX STRING!"

Gerry joined in, putting on his best version "Bought it at the five and dime!"  He laughed.  "I.  ****ing.  LOVED that ****!  With the robin hood song?  Oh man!"

Kara shook her head, still laughing.  "How did you hide this from me?  Just picturing you jamming out to this. Kills me!"

"That's not even the most embarrassing part."

Kara looked to him with wide eyed excitement and rubbed her hands together.  "Okay, okay, go!"

Gerry laughed, but tried to contain himself.  "Favorite song on the album?  'Please Forgive Me.'  Big dumb, lame-ass ballad."

Kara's mouth made an O shape as she stared at him.  Slowly a smile crept on to her face.  "Do you remember all the words?"

Gerry started to protest and then a small grin formed.  He rocked his head, closing his eyes like he was totally FEELIN' it.  "Still feeeeeeels like...our first niiiight tah-gether!  Feels like the first kiss!   It's gettin' better, baby
No one can better this!"

Kara's laughter rang out over the bar, drawing more than a few glances.  "Okay!  Okay!  Stop!  I'm gonna pee my pants!"  It took a while, but she eventually stopped laughing.  

"Your turn." He said taking a sip off his beer.  

"Oh man."  She thought for a moment, those blue eyes squinting as she dug through her memory.  Suddenly they went wide.  "Have you heard that song by Donna Lewis?  'I Love You, Always Forever'?"

Gerry's eyes bulged as he almost choked on his beer.  "MM!  MM!"  He swallowed, slapping the table with an excited grin.  "Near and far!  Closer together!  Everywhere, I will be with you.."

Kara laughed and pointed  "YES!"  She belted out, her face contorting with exaggerated emotion.  "Say you love, love me forever!  Never stop!  Never whatever!"

The two of them both joined in together.  "Near and far and always and everywhere and everything..."

Kara shook her head, still belly laughing.  "Oh man, that **** was my JAM in 6th grade."  She said fondly.  It was rare that she had a fond memory of those years outside of Gerry.

"Oh!  I got another!"  Gerry said excitedly.   "Do you remember that Mariah Carey, Boys II Men duet?"

"One Sweet Day!"  She said loudly.

"YES!  LOVED that song!"

"Oh my god...My Russian Aunt thought that song was the ****ing coming!  I remember distinctly her making my grandmother listen to it.  And being like, 'What... The ****...'"

Gerry chuckled and took a drink.  "Mariah was HOT in that video."

Kara furrowed her brows and nodded in agreement.  "YEAH she was..."  She took a long drink from her bottle.  "Oh.  I got one more for ya!"

Gerry waited eagerly.

"Celine Dion.  Falling Into You."  She said with the seriousness of someone discussing a nuclear bomb.

Gerrys' eyes went wide as if he was afraid.  "What?"

She nodded as if she'd just told him she killed puppies for fun.

"I.  LOVED that album."  He said slowly.

She recoiled and looked at him in disbelief.  "Dude.  You were just secretly a big, sappy pussy back in 7th grade!  It's a wonder you survived that other place at all!"

"Hey, I was a romantic kid."

"Yeah, no ****.  You were like...ready for life-long love and ****.  Just gonna start busting out 'It's All Coming Back To Me' and I'm kicking your ass." Kara said with a smirk.

Gerry laughed  "Duly noted."

"So...when did you get to like Civilization and hear music again?"  She asked.

"I was about...17?"  He said, trying to recall exactly.  "I found out the mainland had actual modern amenities know...electricity."  Gerry smirked up to her.  

"Six years without music or TV?  Eesh.  That's brutal."  Kara said with a scrunched face.

"I was on a ship for most of it."  He shrugged.  "It wasn't so bad...for the most part."

Kara shook her head and looked at his empty bottle.  "Ready for bar number 4?"  She asked.

Gerry chuckled.  "Are you?  Light weight like you can't have much left in her."

"Oh, dude.  You are going down."  She said with a smirk, grabbing her purse.
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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« Reply #11 on: April 13, 2016, 02:54:27 AM »
3 bars later and Gerry and Kara were walking, arm in arm, singing drunkenly and quite loudly.  "ALLLLLLLLLLL BYYYYYYYYYY MYSELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLF!  DON'T WANNA BE ALL BY MYSELLLLLLLLLLLLLF!  ANYMO-OO-ORE!"  They got to her place, laughing like idiots.  She unlocked the door and held it open for him.  

"Thankyou, M'lady."  He said stepping in.  They stepped into the elevator, Gerry leaning against the hand rail, while Kara pressed the button for the 5th floor.  Earlier she had called in an order to the late night pizza place.  The pair of them made their way into her apartment.  It wasn't much, but then, she was on her own.  The living room/kitchen had an old beat up couch, and a flat screen on the wall along with her collection of DVD's.  Gerry slipped his jacket off and hung it over a chair making his way to her couch.

The tall man plopped on down.  "Hey.  Thank you for tonight."  He said, his eyes a little bloodshot from the alcohol.  Kara smiled down to him.

"You're welcome.  We need to do it again."  She stared down at him a moment.  She couldn't believe he was there, at her place.  She'd dreamed of this.  And tonight, he looked so damn good.  She glanced back toward.  "Hey...I'm gonna be right back.  Find something to watch."

He nodded and got to his knees, peering at her collection of DVD's.  "Oh, man.  You've got the Transformers movie?"  He called back to her.

"Yeah, but not the Michael Bay one."  She called from her room, digging through her dresser.  "That movie can eat a dick."

"Uh, YEAH.  It has 100% less Weird Al.  Of course it sucks."  He said, making a face.

"Right?!"  She yelled back.

"We're watching this."  He said.

"**** YES we are!"

Gerry put the movie in and waited for her.  

"Remember when we were kids and we saw this and my mom flipped out when they killed Prime?"

Kara laughed.  "Oh my God, yes!  Didn't she write an angry letter to Hasbro?"

That got a chuckle out of him.  "She DID!"

Kara rushed out and hopped over the back of the couch, her feet landing in his lap.  Her outfit changed into a pair of green PJ pants and a tanktop, her hair pulled back into a pony tail.  Gerry stared at her a moment, marveling that this was the same tomboyish girl he'd known so long ago.  How had she become THIS beautiful woman?  

"Hi."  She said with a bright smile at him.  Those pretty blue eyes taking all of him in.  If she died right now, she thought, she would at least go happy.

"Hey."  He said.  "I like your place."  

"Yeah?"  Kara responded, looking around.  "It's alright.  Little small."  Kara liked it well enough, but she'd wanted to upgrade for a long time now.  She just never had any real reason to.

"No, it's...nice."

She snorted and gave him a knowing look.  "Okay, you can drop it.  You don't need any more brownie points with me."  Kara smirked.  "You want something to drink?"  

Gerry nodded "what you got?"

"Water, coke, Juice...Beer?" She said with a seductive eyebrow.

Gerry made a face.  "I think if I have another beer, I might throw up on you."

Her brow furrowed and she nodded, business-like.  "That sounds like a bad end to our night."  She said plainly.

"Yes, I agree."

"Water?"  She said, looking at him hopefully.

"Water's perfect."  Gerry said, grinning.

Within a half-hour the two were curled up on the couch watching cartoons and stuffing their faces with pizza.  As the night wore on she fell asleep against him.  Gerry began nodding off, himself.  Her arms wrapped around his waist, her head rested on his chest, and that was how they stayed until morning.  Close, comfortable and together.   Kara couldn't remember when she'd been so happy.

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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
« Reply #12 on: April 13, 2016, 11:41:27 AM »
Gerry's eyes fluttered open as the morning sun shone in through the her balcony window.  Slowly, the world filled in around him.  There was  a weight against his body and the sound of the DVD menu of Transformers playing.  He glanced down to find Kara, still asleep.  Apparently at some point, she'd pulled out her pony tail, as her hair was spread wide against his chest and hung over her face.  Her arms clutched tightly to him.  Gerry blinked a few times and then let out a quiet laugh.  She stirred but just latched tighter and snuggled against him.  He rested his head back against the pillow and looked up at the ceiling.

His head was pounding, he needed water.  OH LOOK!  WATER!  He reached over and snagged the half-drank glass and did his best not to spill on Kara as he chugged.  She muttered something against his chest.  He glanced down with a cocked eyebrow.  She muttered again.  "Isaidgoo mornimng..."  Her eyes still not open.

"Mornin'."  He said with a grin.  Those cool blue eyes opened and turned op at him, a hazy smile cast up to him.  Suddenly, the smile faded into panic.  "Uh oh."

"What?"  He asked, concerned.

"I think I might pee on you."  She pushed off him, crushing his chest a little.  Gerry let out a laughing groan before she scampered off.  

He sat up slowly, his body feeling stiff.  "Ugh..."  His face contorted into a long, loud yawn.   Oh, and look!  Cold Pizza!  He glanced around and grabbed a slice, shoving it in his mouth.
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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
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Bill and Rose were sitting in the kitchen of their house, Rose was cooking breakfast while Bill fed Nasya.  He put on a pilot's voice as he wavered the spoon.  "This is Applesauce actual to ground control, we're about to make our approach for landing."

He changed his voice as Nasya giggled.  "Ground control to Applesauce, you are go for landing!"  He made airplane noises as he brought the spoon to Nasya's open mouth.  

The front door clicked open and Bill looked up to see Ginny, her short red hair tied in two small ponytails at the back of her head.   'Hey, sweetheart!"  He called to her.  

Ginny smiled as she slipped her shoes off.  "Mornin' dad."  She walked into the kitchen and exchanged kisses on the cheek with her mom.  "Heya, mom."

Rose smiled to her.  "Breakfast is almost ready."

"Oooooh..."  Ginny said with a bright smile, moving to her father, hugging him over his shoulders.  

Bill clutched her forearm and leaned back, kissing her cheek.  "Good to see ya, kiddo."

"And how is ol' blue eyes doin'?"  Ginny asked crouching in front of Nasya.  "Hm?  How's my munchkin face?"

Nasya smiled brightly making little cooing noises.  Bill grinned, watching them.  "Just feeding the hungry beast is all."

Ginny made a surprised expression, gasping theatrically.  "...Is someone getting her noms?"  Her expression brightened, her voice changing to an excited giggle.  "Is someone getting her noms?!"  She leaned in, pretending like she was eating  "Nomnomnomnomnom!"

Nasya leaned away letting out a little squeal and one of those little baby laughs.  Ginny just grinned at her, then turned to Bill.  "Is Ger here?"

Bill and Rose exchanged a glance and a grin.  Ginny's smile faded.  "I'm missing something."

The front door opened and there they were.  Kara in a hoodie and jeans, while Gerry looked like he'd slept in his clothes.  

"Hey, guys!"  He called out, trying to sound like it wasn't a big deal.

A look of realization came over Ginny's face.  She looked to her father, her expression saying.  "Really?"

Bill just shrugged.

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Re: Chapter 1: Life On The Other Side (18+)
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All throughout breakfast, Gerry couldn't help but notice Ginny staring at him.  He ignored it and they went about the conversation.  A couple hours later, when they were saying their goodbyes, she hugged him and whispered in his ear.  "We are totally talking about this later."  She smiled sweetly to him and hugged Kara.  "See you later."  She said, before heading out the door.

Gerry drove Kara to her place and headed back home.  He took in a deep breath and opened the door, Nasya cooing away in his arms.  Ginny spun around in an office chair, her arms crossed and legs crossed.  Gerry froze where he stood.  "Well."  She said.  Ginny's head tilted to one side, her face cold and judgmental.  "Well, well, well..."  She opened her mouth and over pronounced the word one final time.  "Well-uh."

"Okay."  He said holding up a hand defensively.

"That's a nice outfit, big brother.  Little frumped up, though."

Gerry rolled his eyes and moved past her.  Ginny stood and followed.  "You have a *good* night, Ger Bear?"  She asked him antagonistically.  
"Nothing happened?"  He said, passing Nasya from arm to arm as he removed his jacket.

"Yeah?  And that drool stain on your t-shirt...that's nothin'?"  She asked with a smirk.  

"It's not what you think."  He said defensively.

Ginny leaned against the wall, her chin down as she suppressed a laugh.  Her eyes turned upward at him.  Oh, but she was loving this.  "Well, DO tell."  She said.

"We went out, had drinks, went back to her place, ordered pizza and feel asleep watching Transformers."

Ginny made a disgusted face.  "The Shia Lebouf movie?"

"...No, the animated one."

"Oh, good.  Because **** that movie."

"That's what I said!" Gerry said.

"So...nothing happened?"  Ginny asked him, dropping the interrogation routine.

Gerry shook his head.  "We're just friends."

Ginny frowned at that, but she understood and nodded slowly.  The two of them were quiet for a while before Gerry grinned to her.  " long were you sitting there waiting for me to come through the door?"

"Oh, about a half hour."  Ginny nodded matter-of-factly.  "Frankly, I was a bout to call to tell you to hurry your ass up."

Gerry nodded  "Well done."  He handed Nasya off to her.  "I'm taking a shower."

"Yeah, go try and wash away your sins, but Jesus knows what you did!"  She called after him, teasing.  She grinned and looked to Nasya.  "Daddy's a big gross man, isn't he?  Yes he is!"  She said to the giggling baby.
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