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Yule Time in Arcadia
« on: December 28, 2015, 11:25:39 PM »
Christmas time in Arcadia wasn’t like other places. No snow, no snowmen. Just a lot of twinkle lights around palm trees, the town square fountain gets a Christmas tree topper and there’s garland on practically everything.

The store windows transform into magical displays of holiday cheer, smells from the local bakeries waft down the street beckoning you to come in and taste the many treats that await in the decorated cases.

People linger a little longer and talk, excited for the upcoming town feast. Booths start to go up the two days prior to the celebration. Each booth offers some form of beverages or food from that proprietors country or place of origin.

Cooking pits are dug, and meats of all types are prepared for the feast. Picnic tables start to take over the street. Traffic, while not usually heavy, is rerouted around the main street.

The wives of the crew run the whole show, making sure everything is on time and beautiful. Aja of course, arranges for a huge display of fireworks for the evening.

The merriment starts on Christmas eve with the fireworks going off at midnight so the wee ones can be hurried off to their beds so Santa can make his visit unseen by little eyes.

Wintertime in the tropical town of Arcadia is warm, in more ways than one. One and all are welcome to join.
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