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Captain's Log of the Odyssey
« on: December 28, 2015, 10:33:12 PM »
Captain?s Log May 8th, Commander Holmes reporting:

Today we landed on an island that we were directed to by a local chief A chief by the name of Nujabe.  Please see the report about the Rhineflau tribe for more information on their Chief and their tribe. He told us about an island that they used to inhabit that was they had to leave because of wild spirts that turned people to stone. Hochi of course told the chief he would check it out and try to get rid of the spirits.

After sending a few scouting missions for the afternoon they couldn?t find any ghosts or spirits. Every squad we sent out reported seeing multiple statues all around the island in total 56 were found.  Hochi had the idea that these spirits may only appear at night, so we should set up camp on the island.  Then he would lead a scouting mission into the forests to find these spirits.  I told him we should probably just leave and tell the tribe that the island is cursed and to never step foot.  But Hochi of course has to be the hero who saves the day.

Will have a new log recorded once we send out the next patrol.
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