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Her Complete Story
« on: February 10, 2006, 10:33:08 PM »
She was born in Rivendell, the daughter of nobility and peace.  Her father Elrohir Cu'thalion Lessien was a forthright and worldly man.  He had forgone most tradition of the solemn life of elves and traveled with men and others of his kind in hopes of finding a way to unite them all.  That was until the day that Haldiven came along, a man of evil means that none knew at that time.  Until then Uryviel and her brother Metwasuil led a wonderful life full of happiness in the lands growing rich in the ways of their people and learning much of the ways of nature.  As children the siblings closest friend was Legolas Greenleaf of Mirkwood, his father a friend of their families for generations.  He would make trips to the lands of Rivendell with his son on many occasions.  Life was peaceful and it was found, a budding love had started to occur between Uryviel and the prince Legolas.  Her brother saw this and encouraged it, he thought no one any better to be his sisters life long companion than Legolas.  

Her father... felt differently, he had taken Haldiven in as a correspondent to the realm and the evil elf had turned him seemingly overnight.  There was an argument spurred by him, between Ury's father and that of Legolas and the men parted ways, the visits ceased and she never saw Legolas again for many years.  In that time Haldiven expressed his interest in the lovely Uryviel Lessien and gained her father's permission to marry her.  Ury fought the decision and finally had no choice but to sit piously by as her life was dictated for her.  It was unknown at the time that Haldiven was in fact in leagues with Sauron and would attempt to destroy all elven realms with his debauchery.  Metwasuil found out what was taking place and he approached his father.  But it was too late, the man's mind had been taken and he would not see reason.  It was one morning while out in the forest that Uryviel was approached by Haldiven and almost raped until others heard her cries and came to find her.  He ran off and Ury told them her story only to receive a cold shoulder from her father, he believed she was making it all up just so she would not have to marry Haldiven.  

The only other person she could turn to was her brother Metwasuil and after telling him her story he flew in a rage heading for Haldiven's Keep after pleas for him not to go after the evil elf.  She followed but her horse was much slower and did not arrive in time to save her brothers life.  Haldiven overtook him in a confrontation at his home and she crouched behind a copse of trees only able to watch as her brother was murdered in front of her eyes.  She raced back to her father to let him know but once again to no avail.  He called her an irresponsible girl told her that she had led her brother to his doom with lies and whims and so, overrought she left the lands of Rivendell never to return.  It was then that she found friends in another land, they took her in, helped her leave her past behind and finally she opened a tavern of her own naming it Galadriel's Mirror after the great Lady of Lorien herself.  Many things befell her and her history is one that no one knows completely.  She finally found Legolas again only to lose him once more to Aragorn and the White City.  She took a lover not expecting Legolas ever to return, a Knight of Kapaal by the name of Lance Myst.  She became pregnant with twins and he too turned his back on her leaving her to have the children alone.  Other lovers came and went and she was even married to Sturm Silverblade, he too went off to war and she, being pregnant at the time had visions of his death and lost the child.  She left again, this time intending to go West and forever be rid of the world that did not seem to want her.  Only to turn back, not feeling she was cleansed enough to leave and feeling that her friends needed her.  

She stopped in Lothlorien and came into possession of Nenya, the ring of Galadriel.  Long thought this ring had traveled with the Great Lady to the undying lands it is now hers and she protects it vigorously.  She has now returned to her tavern and moved it to the lands of Solurius where she has found more friends and become an ambassador of the realm in hopes for a greater and hopeful future.
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