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Messages from the void.
« on: August 28, 2015, 07:29:45 PM »
[size=10]Beck moved into Emlen�s room to see him sitting on the bed with his face in his hands. She carefully moved to sit beside him and place a gloved hand on his back. �We�re going to get out of here, Emlen� and then I�m going to help you kill that bastard� But we have to keep our chins up, okay? This is what he wants� He wants to break us, and we can�t let him��

��Beck�� Emlen raised navy eyes up to her and took in a breath. �What are we going back to? We�ve been in here for years� Everyone we love has probably forgotten us by now�or worse� This was his plan, Beck. To break us, and leave us with nothing, and that�s exactly what he�s done.�

The girl smiled softly, �No he hasn�t... He didn�t leave us with nothing. We�ve still got one another, and you�re my best friend. You drive me insane most of the time, but you�re the only real friend I�ve ever had... and there�s too much to go back to, Emlen. Even if it�s gone, there�s time travel and a world of other possibilities� You know that. We can fix this.�

Emlen let out a sigh and rested his head on her shoulder, �You�re my best friend, too, Beck. Thank you,� he whispered and lifted his head. �Alright, get your butt to bed. I know you haven�t been sleeping.�

�Yeah, says the guy who never sleeps and forgets to eat,� Beck mumbled with a scoff and then stood up. �Alright, you know where to find me if you get hopelessly depressed again.� A wave was given over her shoulder, and then she was shutting the door behind herself.

Beck had skipped the other bedrooms and moved straight for the outdoors. She moved next to the lake and curled up. It had been a ritual to go for a swim, and then fall asleep outside, but the swim would be skipped that night. Her eyes had been closed for a full five minutes before she heard a rustling behind her. She didn�t jump up, but her eyes opened. �You�re not very stealthy,� she said aloud. �And if you make me get up, I promise you�ll regret it.�

An unknown voice in a strange accent rang out, �I wasn�t trying to be stealthy, Thalia. It�s imperative that I speak with you.�

It was the unknown that made Beck sit up and turn around. She looked to see a childlike figure, wearing a white sundress, with a mask wrapped around her messy-haired head. �Who are you?� Beck asked, and blinked up at her.

An arrogant click of the tongue later, and she was speaking, �It�s not important who I am� It�s important that I give you a message. I traveled many worlds to see you,�

Beck narrowed her eyes on the little girl, �You did�what? No. No-no,� she squeezed the bridge of her nose and shook her head. �We�re not going to play this cryptic game, you�re going to tell me who you are, and how you found me� and whether or not you can get us the hell out of here.�

��I am sorry, little one. I have not come to help you out of this. I�m here to deliver a message, and that is all I can do for you.�

�Did you just call me, Little One? What are you? Five?� Beck asked with a scoff. �Alright, just give me the damn message, so I can go to sleep. I�m really just not in the mood for a cocky little brat talking down to me.� The woman�s fists were tight balls, she wanted to rip the mask right off of the little girl�s face.

Given her body language, the child looked slightly discouraged, but nodded all the same. �Someone has taken the sword of Beynon,� she said softly. �And they�ve come to your world with it, Thalia.�

�Is that supposed to scare me? Swords break against my body,� Beck said with a roll of her eyes.

�You don�t understand... The sword of Beynon was made to kill people of your kind. If it touches you, you�re human for a short time, and if it pierces your heart, you die. There�s no going back, Thalia� You have to be careful.�

Beck stared at her for a good two minutes, then finally she spoke. �You know other people like me? Are you like me?�

The little girl threw up her arms and look defeated. �I have to go now� Be careful, Thalia. Or you�ll experience death in a way you�ve never before.� Two wary steps back were taken, and then she was gone.

�I hate this damn world�� Beck grumbled and then flopped over, curling back up.
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Promises from the Void
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2015, 06:25:49 PM »
[size=10]   Emlen?s eyes widened at the sight of her, he stood there frozen with a ridiculous amount of muddled emotions coursing through his body?the predominant feelings were that of anger and heartbreak. His knees wobbled like they might fall out from beneath himself, and then he did. His head smacked into the ground, causing little to no pain as his eyes rolled back. Thank goodness Katan hadn?t been there or he might not have lived down the fainting.

   When his eyes resurfaced moments later, she was still there, sitting at his side and running her fingers through his hair. ?N-n-novia?? Her name came out in a broken way that reminded him of Martyr, navy eyes still staring up with disbelief.

   ?It?s me, Emlen,? she whispered. ?I?m here, I?m right here.? Novia continued stroking his hair and staring down.

   ?I don?t understand?? The groggy immortal stated as he attempted to sit up and get away from her hand. The blood in his body still ran cold, and he fell back down. ?Why are you here?? he asked in a raspy voice like someone had taken all the air from his lungs; and they had.

   Novia smiled in a rare, gentle way and looked down at him. ?Solaris brought me back in this world,? the handler said softly, and stared down at him. ?He says we can be together as long as you stay here. All you have to do is stay, Emlen.?

   The immortal shook his head, ?No, no.  This isn?t real... You?re not real, Nova?? Emlen told her and again attempted to stand up, only to be slapped down by the rough palm of her hand.

   ?How dare you, Emlen?? she asked with that familiar fire in her eyes. ?I remember everything, I still love you. How can you dismissively tell me that I?m not real when I?m right here in front of your face? How??

   Emlen looked like he might cry, and then he smiled. ?Novia? Let?s entertain the idea that you?re not just one of his creations like everything else in this world. Do you think he brought you back for free? Do you really believe that? He was behind your death in the first place. Let?s say I wasn?t married already, which I am, by the way... We?d never get to be together, not really,? he shook his head. ?And I promise you, Novia? I?m going to make him pay for this, for everything he put us through?but I love my wife. I?ve moved on, you?ve been dead for a long time, Novia.?

   Staring down at him as if she of all people could see his soul, Novia swallowed hard. ?I know that I?m real, Emlen. I can feel it,? she whispered.

   ?Even if that?s true, Novia? Even if you?re in the flesh, and he did bring you back? It?s all just a sick plot to break me? This isn?t your village, Novia? Look around, and take it in. The only thing real about this village is Clara being dead. In the real world, Sava hasn?t won, my sisters aren?t evil, and Solaris isn?t some good charitable guy that would bring you back without benefiting from something.?

   ?I want to hit you again, Emlen? I don?t know why, but I want to hit you again,? she whispered.

   There was a smile on his end, ?Yeah, it sounds like it?s really you, Novia. And, I really hope it is?because if you are real, I promise with everything in me, I will get you back from Solaris, and you?ll live the life you deserved to have.?

   ?With you?? was quickly asked of him, her eyebrows raised up high and hopeful.

   A wince could not be helped, both eyes closed and one opened shortly after. ?I gave my heart to Minoko. You were gone, and I wasn?t. I love her, more than anything else in this world. I want to get back to her?the real Minoko.. But that doesn?t mean you don?t deserve a life?a lot more of one than you got.? Emlen went back to closing his eyes, waiting for the smack that he was absolutely sure was coming.

   Gentle fingers opted to run over his scalp once more, ?I understand, Emlen? I gave away my life for that exact reason?for you to have a life beyond what you would have had. It would be wrong of me to be mad at you for doing exactly as I wanted you to do, Emlen? I?m happy for you. It hurts, but I?m happy for you.?    

   Another easy smile came, and then the hurt and anger wiped it away. ?I hate you for doing that. I shouldn?t blame you, but I hate you for doing that to me.?

   ?I know, Emlen and I?

   ?No, Novia, you don?t know. When I became your weapon I made peace with the fact that someday I might have to die for you. I accepted it as my burden. It was your job to accept that, too?especially after we became intimate. You robbed me of that, and I am trying really hard to forgive it. I appreciate the life you gave me, but you had no right.?

   Novia cupped a hand over his mouth before he could get out another sentence. ?I don?t regret it, and you can?t make me regret it, stupid. I realized in that moment, I couldn?t live on without you. I knew that I wasn?t strong enough, and I knew that you were. I?m sorry that it hurt you, and I?m sorry for what it put you through; but I would have died regardless. We both know that. I would have gone after him, and I wouldn?t have stood a chance. It would have been a waste. If one of us could get vengeance, it was you.? Emlen closed his eyes, and a hot breath moved over her hand. She removed it and smiled, ?I have to go back now. If I turn out to be real, I know you?ll save me. For now, I?m not in any danger. Good-bye, Emlen.? The handler said with a smile and stood up, she took a few steps backwards, and turned to run through the forest.

   After about thirty seconds of sky-staring, realization hit him. ?Novia? Hey!? he scrambled up to unwilling legs and began to give chase. ?We can protect you! Novia! Don?t go back!? The man shouted aloud as he began running through the blackened night. There was no sign of the girl, but he continued to frantically run. He?d run all night if he had to.
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Thievery from the void.
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2015, 08:20:03 PM »
[size=10]   It had been the middle of the night, and Emlen had been lost to dreams on Minoko. A twitching figure moved into the room, how she?d gotten past Beck was beyond anyone. A glowing jar sat in her trembling grasp as her feet dragged a tense body over the floorboards. Thin, unhealthy gasps filled the air with sharp whistles as she moved to set the jar down on the nightstand. When the figure finally stepped into the moonlight, it revealed itself to be ever-changing.  Familiar and unfamiliar faces alike took over the body as the unstable shifter. A hand came out to drag over Emlen?s bare chest, and his eyes shot open.

   The immortal immediately met eyes with her, and he was frozen. ?Don?t scream, don?t move,? was hissed out at the immortal. ?Have to take it? Have to fix it?? The shifter whispered, and Emlen collapsed down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling with deadened eyes.

   A dagger was pulled out from her cloak, and she traced it over his chest. A heartbeat was sought out, and a smile crept across shifting lips. ?Have to take it? Have to fix it? Sorry? Sorry!? The words frantically hissed out from her mouth.

   Swallowing hard and in a quiet voice, Emlen spoke, ?Why are you doing this?? What are you taking, Myles??

   The shifter twitched above him and ran a hand over his face. Her words sounded distorted, she spoke in barely a whisper; but the tone had been frantic. ?I?ve seen it! I can fix it? Have to take it? Have to fix it... I?ll?protect you??

   ?Myles you?re not making any sense? I thought you were done with th?

   Words were cut out as the dagger split his skin open. He closed his
mouth, obediently refusing to scream out. Gasps of air were taken in and hissed out as she began to carve into his chest. ?It hurts now. Yes, it hurts? I?ll fix it. I?ll fix it!? Myles assured him.  

   The procedure took all of ten minutes, and by the time it had been finished, Emlen was dead. Blood soaked the sheets, and dripped from her hand which held his barely beating heart. She dropped it gently into the waiting jar and sealed it up. ?I stole it? I?ll fix it? I stole it? I?ll fix it?? Clank! The sound of the dagger hitting the floor rang out loudly.

   Beck, like the guard dog she was, awake as ever, sat up from her position on the floor. She looked up at the ceiling and then was on the move.

   Myles twitched above the dead Emlen after collecting the jar in her arms. ?You?ll come back? You always come back? I?ll make you come back, because I fixed it. I stole it, but I fixed it. I stole your heart? I stole it! I stole it!? The girl?s hisses got louder and louder. ?Shh? Sleep for now. You?ll be back... You go away. You come back. I steal, I fix? Goodnight.? A kiss was pressed to his cheek.

   Beck shouldered her way into the door and it flew open at her will. The shifting shifter was gone, but not unheard. She pinched the tip of her glove and her eyes darted around the room. ?Emlen? Emlen! ****!? she shouted and moved over to him. Shaking him lightly before noticing the gaping hole within his chest. ?Oh?man?? There wasn?t much else to say to something like that. There wasn?t much else to do, but wait for him to wake, and collect his story.
[color=darkblue:62a9c25c0e]I alone am the one you don't know
You need, you don't know you need me
Make me blind when your eyes close
Tie me to the bed post[/color:62a9c25c0e]