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« on: December 23, 2015, 12:03:46 AM »
?Caia!? Clara called from inside the house, a warm look on those young features. She leaned outside the door and peered out at the young thing playing in the yard. ?Go get your brother! It?s time to wash up for dinner!?
The little girl, curly haired and with eyes as blue as the sky lit up. She nodded to her mother?s words, ?Okay, Mommy!? she yelled back, gathering the little stuffed bear in her arms. Then she was taking off towards the forest. She knew where Emlen was?where he always seemed to be. Through that forest, past the thick, overgrown brush. She squeezed past them, her tiny body fighting to get through it. ?Enlem!? that five-year-old tongue just couldn?t get his name right. ?Enlem is time for dinner!? she cried, looking to see the boy sitting out by the lake within the hidden clearing.

Emlen was close to being eleven years old, sitting out by himself at that lake. ?I know what time it is, Caia, just go away?? said the gloomy child, knees pulled up to his chest. His hair was a long mess nearly down to his bare shoulders as he took in a deep breath and let out an annoyed huff. Navy blue eyes trailed to the reflective surface of the water, and stuck there. Perhaps if he ignored the little girl long enough, she?d actually go away.

A pale hand went to Emlen?s tan shoulder. ?Enlem,? she said in a soft, shrill voice. ?What?sa matter? Did you fight with Nova again?? she asked, eyes wide as ever, too big for that face, even if she had kept slightly chubby cheeks.

?Shut up!? Emlen snapped and brushed her hand away. ?Why can?t you just leave me alone, Caia?!? he asked, before standing up and glowering down at her. ?You always have to be around! I wish you?d just go away!? he screamed, and then the moody child was running off into the forest.

?Wait! Enlem!? she shouted after him, the child almost completely disregarding the screaming. ?I love you!? she yelled out. She started after him, but a shadow seemed to climb in front of her stretching to engulf all the light in the little girl?s world. She stopped and turned, eyes widened, mouth dropped open and then a delayed scream rang out.

Emlen stopped in his tracks, ?Caia?? he whispered silently, and then turned back around, sprinting as fast as he could. ?Caia!? A hand moved out, chainsaw blades spinning wildly as he cut through the bushes with his bare hand and made it back. The clearing was empty, save for that little bear laying in the grass. ?Caia! Caia come back! I?m sorry!? Emlen said, grabbing the little animal and pulling it close. Eyes began to water as panic set in his chest, he looked around frantically before dropping the bear to his side. ?I?m sorry??
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