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That Awkward Moment
« on: November 05, 2015, 03:01:48 PM »
[size=9].: Nov 1st - Midnight :.[/size]

Text to Katt: "Care to come by WonderPlex?"

Text to Race : do I need to bring anything?

Reply: An itchy trigger finger.

Text to Race : be there in five

Well that was an odd text to get clear out of the blue. But...she was done with what she had planned for the day so..why not? It was more like two when she arrived dressed in a half-suit with a pair of jeans that hugged a little low on her hips.

A night staff member directs her to the R&D building where there's a note for Katt: Elevator, 4th Floor. When she arrives it's an indoor firing range.

As long as the night staff didn't attempt to take the pack from her, all was golden. The jet black pack was slung over her shoulder as she made her way to the elevator. She...really didn't like those things. You know..Closed spaces. So it was likely the reason why she twitched all the way up to the fourth floor. And why she hurried on out! Tilting her head back she glanced around curiously. ....Why did she suddenly feel like she had to worry about being a target?

"Hey Katt!" Race calls from off to the side where he's cleaning an old school bolt-action rifle. Carefully reassembling it with practiced hands.

She blinked and tilted her head. She almost seemed to space out a bit but eventually started to move again, heading in Race's direction. "Hey. Long time no see. Missed you at Fright Night." Then again he likely wouldn't of appreciated one of the rooms...

"Sorry about that, got to working under Geists's hood and lost track of time." He looks at her in a genuine apologetic manner as he puts the rifle by the firing stand. :How have you been otherwise?"

"Geists' hood?" She had no idea what he was talking about. At the question her lips thinned, trying to kill the sourness. "I haven't slept in close to a month.." She shrugged a bit. "I've..been better. You?"

"My car. I was upgrading its engine." He clarified. "Been going blind looking at color palettes for the bed and breakfast."

She watched the gun he was messing with. Or rather where he had placed it. She never was big on guns but there was a good reason for that. "I heard about that. What made you decide on a bed and breakfast? Sounds a bit....slow...for you."

"Keeps things interesting, and it's a venture I haven't done before. Changing it up keeps things interesting, you know? Even a fast paced life gets old when every aspect of it is repetitive." He responds with a shrug, but is smiling none the less.

"True." Can't argue with that. Shifting the pack she gave a glance around before looking to him with a raised brow. Yep..she wanted to know what no good he was up to. "You aren't making people run around and taking pot shots at them are you?" It was..mostly a good natured tease.

"Oh no, that's only on Tuesdays." He teases right back with a wink. "No, you're going to help me test some durability."

Yep. Brow remained up. "Explain?" Because there was no way she was going to jump into something after hearing that. She was almost tempted to ask what the payment was too! Course that would of been joking as well. Moving closer she settled her fingers on the strap of the pack. Was she eyeing him? Maybe a little..

"You're going to fire rounds at me." He says with a grin, a little too perky about the idea.

She blinked once..twice.."I'm..whatnow?" She looked at him as if he may of lost it a little. "Race... Why the hell would you want me to do that?"

"Well, it's either this or that special skin of yours. Need to see what I can withstand is all." He shrugs and turns to look over the row of different weapons.

Ah that is right he didn't know about that. "I can try my Reevi but I don't think you would like the results." Just so he knew. "I also have.." she glanced over her shoulder to the pack and slowly grinned. "My new toy that Edward made for me."

He quirks a brow at that. "Well then...whip it out and show me your toy..."

She snickered quietly when he said that and she drew on the second strap. Without a word or motion, once the pack was against her back the armor flashed out from the pack to wrap her up. In a matter of seconds it had her encased in the Shadow Stealth Armor that her brother had made. Not bulky like his own suits this one only added a few inches to her own height but it was Edward's handiwork, no doubt.

"Thought you didn't like enclosed spaces..." comes as his first reaction then he's eyeing her in approval.

"Yeah kind of my reaction. But he made it to where the helmet is like an open field type thing."  She raised a hand and tapped it. "It is really kind of neat. Can't even tell I have it on until I" Cause yeah she could tell that the helmet distorted her voice a little. Which was fine. She was suppose to be all incognito right?

"Then shall we?" He put in his bluetooth. "Elsie, drop a funky fresh beat for me..." A moment later, Queen's Another One Bites the Dust starts playing through the building's P.A. system.

Good lord he was really wanting her to go at him wasn't he? "Race? Is this because of your superman..thing?" Maybe the gun was a better idea? She wasn't sure how he'd handle a pulse cannon. For now she withdrew the pair of nano fiber energy-conducting blade from the fore-arm mounts. Well if anything it was a good way to release some of that...restlessness.

"Katt...I can breath in the vacuum of outer space.." he says point blank. "Time to put me through my paces. And this way is better than flat out field testing..." No preamble, no warning, he's taking a swing. Pretty direct, and quick, jab.

Did he just..swing at her? Shifting the blade so that it was resting back against her arm she met his fist head on with her armored one.  "Yeah well! Would make me feel better if you were wearing something to at least pretend like you were trying to protect yourself!" But! He wanted to pit his swings. Something he said not even a year ago had her adjusting her body and the other hand swing, drawing the nano-fiber blade in an arc for his upper thigh. A little too upper!

Knowing Batten's armors, and that this one was for Katt, Race didn't hold back in that punch one iota. The sound of his fist colliding with her armored one is insteresting to say the least. Race knows better than to stand still though, and twists with the swing, feeling her second blade cut along his thigh from mid to outer, rather than the heart-stopping inner!

At least she wasn't aiming for the between? That would of been a heart-stopper. And making Race sing high pitch might of been amusing! She pushed off from him long enough for her heels to make ground before pushing off, springing much like a cat landing on spot only to continue on to the next. The blades positioned she swung forward at him like she were trying to X a mark across his person. There...might of been a little more force there than what she intended. In fact he might of found her coming in like mack truck.

An idle thought if she remembered being on the receiving end of that attack years ago by Brian? It doesn't last long as Race literally drops onto his back, tucking his knees up to his jest like a judo roll. He watches her blades cross cut above him right as he kicks out with both feet for her mid-section.

He better be really glad she wasn't considering stomping his boys because he was in a position for her to do just that! Instead she took the blow to the middle but not without abandoning one of the blades to slap a grab at his thigh. Vice grip made to the muscle she made sure he didn't kick her away but rather remained attached at close range. The blade she had released hissed in the air before retracting and oddly enough zipping back to its place on the mount.

Grabbing the leg of someone trained in Capoierra? He lifts with one hand flat on the floor, the outside leg coming up hiigh and wide, with significant force. Though he is watching her, observing the movements of her armor. Every suit as a chink after all. Even one of Ed's.

There was a reason why she grabbed his leg, specfically the outer thigh muscle. The second blade was released and it returned to its mount much like the first just as the armor retracted. There was an amount of wet liquid against his jeans as the armor released what it had been holding. Namely her. Reevi claws had sunk down into his flesh as soon as the armor was released, the ink like flesh seemed to be not growing over her flesh but rather under it, causing a somewhat sickening display of veins branching out of her arm and into it. When the leg made contact with her she was, of course, slung across the way but with her grip on him that meant likely taking out a chunk of flesh along with her dislodging. She'd land with a thud some ways off.

Not so much a chunk, as he's pulled along for the ride! Whee! He lands and rolls with a thud not too far short of her own landing.  A glance to his leg shows red lines along the skin, jagged claw marks. Race nods to himself, knowing what that grab would have done at another point in time. He moves to one knee, eyes going directly to Katt.

Well since he was superman material now so it was apparent she could no longer hurt him even if she was going at him with more force than she would to a human let alone a human unprotected. She shifted slowly from her spot and counted up her side with a finger. Ow. ow. yep. ow. The other hand was working in and out of a fist as the reevi continued to tear at her flesh, spilling more and more blood to the floor as it tore up to her shouder. Lower her hand she flexed out her fingertips until a piece of reevi had reformed and detatched to thin bladed daggers which she would toss his way. If bullets could do no harm she suspected they would have the same effect just without the normal snapping of regular metals. See Race! She saved you money by not having to waste bullets!!

Not like he really spends a lot on himself.. though it's reflex that has him throw his arms up in front of his face at the incoming projectiles. Priorities after all. Protect the money-maker!

He might wish to watch where those daggers land. Slapped away they were but they'd land, embedded down into the ground. Stretched out across them were thin wires, barely visible, that netted over Race and tried to reel him down to the ground.

Race feels the daggers connect against his chest and arms then fall away. He also feels the red lines left behind. Certainly not invulnerable, he could still die from a million cuts, that's for sure. "You, doing okay over there?" Her Reevi skin not acting like he remembered it, at all.

The webbing and daggers melted down into puddles and began to ooze their way back to her. She'd hunch down with her shoulder, opposite of the Reevi rampant arm, to grasp the center of the puddle. It reformed, latching onto her wrist as a long polearm began to form. She was losing a lot of blood, that much was for sure, but she was still on the move. A rushing sound of metal kissed the air as a black blade formed from the end of the polearm making a rather wicked looking scythe. Pushing from her spot she moved the space between them quickly enough before swinging the bladed end full force across the front of her as if she were attempting to cleave him in two.

That awkward moment when the glaive connects with him solidly. Followed by the rush of air...the sound of shattering sheetrock, and Race becoming an unidentified flying object! Home-run Katt!

The silence that follows is as much a shock to his sailing form as anyone elses.

Oh s***. That is what she thought. Crap. Crap crap! When he went flying the first thing she thought to do? She worked up the Reevi full time to cover up as much of herself as she could. He was coming back and likely ready with a punch or two. Hopefully not to her face! Seeing that was one of the few body parts she didn't dare try to Reevi. know...reasons. Same with other said parts she avoided! hell. Who wouldn't!? She'd check the scythe's blade. No blood. That..was a good sign. "Don't go for the face!" She didn't go for his money maker! ....not that hers was a monkey maker..Still applies though!

He hasn't mastered flight. Yet. Not even sure if he can do it really. The elevator actually dings, and he steps out, brushing dust and plaster from him. Nevermind his shirt is in rags. The changes have certainly made him look more the part of some fantasy hero. Who needs a gym, right?

....okay lets face it. The elevator dinging and him stepping out? Was laughing material. If...she wasn't waiting for him to charge. "You've either been having sex twenty-four-seven or you've been working out." ...anyone else but Katt..that might of been a joke..right? Point blank observation here!

Can't have been both? Or at the same time?" Just giving her that mental visual of him with some "personal" trainer. Giggity.

Drain Bamage. She made a face at him and dipped her body just enough to be positioned for his next attac. "I wish to ask something now that you've made me think of it." Be afraid, Race. Be very..very afraid...

He rubs at his shoulders and loosens up a bit. "I'll answer as best I can, if I can." He said honestly. Race is smiling still at her chance in stance as he advances on her. Practically stalking towards her.

"A few weeks back I had texted you and you made some comment about having a crush on me when we first met. You were kidding..weren't you?" She slid a step to the side when he stalked towards her. She was oddly..watching his feet.

"When we first met, I thought you were cute, entertained the idea of asking you out. Opportunity never presented itself, but that was years ago. You're engaged to be married now. Things are following someone's plan it seems." Race smiles as if things are as they should be. A tensing comes with the bending of knees.

Oh man.. She was just staring at him. "You thought I was..." brain damage. Seriously! "Cute..." Her eyes slowly narrowed. "You just wanted to bang me." HA! And said straight faced as if it were..just..a matter of fact.

"That was in there somewhere. But not until like the third date. Be all traditional and whatnot. You strike me as that sort of woman. First date all talking over dinner, get to know each other. Maybe a goodnight kiss. Second date, is a movie, heavier flirting. Second base if lucky. Third date, see where the night goes. I could be completely wrong about that too." Race shrugs a bit. "As a friend, and someone who imagines himself to be fairly close to you, I'd be like if I didn't tell you banging your brains out hadn't crossed my mind a few times over the years."

"I ...didn't really think anyone thought of me like that. Hell I am surprised Clayton even did..does.." Yeah as in still continues to surprise her. Go figure right?

"You're always so quiet and aloof from everyone, it's hard to gauge how to approach you. Usualy the quiet and distant ones mean you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get to know them, get close. Most guys don't want to go through all of that just to get a first date that's either meeting for a drink, or a light dinner." Continuing to be honest here.

Now she was going to have to go ask Carter if their meetings for drinks were dates.... "That is because I tend to offend most people... I'm not normal and don't view things the same. I speak my mind and honestly so. People do not like that. Normal...people don't like that.. So it is better to do my job in silence..." Because truthfully she was all sure that if, one day, she went MIA, nobody would notice..nor care. Well..maybe a small handful would. Now she wanted to ask Clayton if he had to go through 'a lot of hoops'. Granted...before he asked her out they usually just sat around ..talked..drank. The hoop jumping seemed..after dating. Hmmm...

He just stares at her. "Am I most people?"

She leaned on her heels and barked out a single noted laugh. "Hardly. You know..I honestly don't ever remember you flirting with me. I..guess I am a little blind when it comes to people doing such..if at me. There is just one that I can remember..." And that was just..horrible.

"Well telling you to go out and eat a pack of hotdogs doesn't count...." He shrugs with a grin.

"I still cannot look at hotdogs to this day because of you.." she pointed out to him. She chuckled and shifted the scythe.

"And that, my dear Katt, is why we're such good friends. I've ruined a food group for you." He's laughing softly now.

"Plus you are one of the few who see past" Was that a good way of putting it. She kept her guard up as they talked. No getting the jump on her.

"In Rhydin, irregularity is normal. Unless we're talking personal health...then you really should eat more fiber." All sweet smiles.

"If it is so normal then why ..." she tilted a bit. Maybe it was time to call it quits. She forgot she was still calling on the Reevi...and spilling blood..everywhere. She swayed a little and ended up dropping the scythe. "Nhh.."

"And, I win..." Race says with a nod. "Lets get you some blood, shall we?" He figured out that secret some time ago.

"Sorry...I should of been paying attention..." she mumbled as the scythe liquefied and wrapped itself around her arm. When he spoke of getting her some blood she stiffened a bit. " you mean?"

"I know you have to be dipped in that synthetic bath at Ed's. When you collaped at my apartment the one time. Took you to Ed, I saw the tank he put you in." He thought she knew...

She didn't. She blinked at him and slowly shook her head. "N..No.. Not really dipped in." She chomped her teeth at him. "Though lately I've been doing it through IV." This..was not something she ever thought she'd talk with him about...

"Your heart might start slowing down soon with how much you've lost because of my stalling." Race could admit that to her. "I...had a room built here, for you. Just in case this happened and I couldn't get you to Ed."

"For a time I can use my Reevi to staunch my wounds." which she did on the battlefield more times than she'd like to admit. It wasn't heathly but in battle whatever Ace you have up your sleeve, right? She blinked at him and forced herself straight. "R-..really?" Yeah she was a little surprised.

"I'm smarter than people seem to think..." not really an answer to her question. "I like it that way, not being easy to predict." Race nods and taps his earpiece. "Elsie, Protocal..Lazarus."

Be cause it was her, Race chose this room specifically. A side door opens to another room, beyond is bathed in a green glow.

"It isn't exactly that..." He could of gotten her a bag of blood and she would of been just as surprised. "I guess I am just surprised that you went out of your way like that..for me.." Her head tilted to the door that slid open and she blinked at the green glow. She'd look back to him questioningly. "Lazarus..?"

"My world, there's a myth about a mystical pool that can bring someone back from the dead if their body is dipped into it. The name seemed fitting for a place that can rejuvenate someone. Plus, it's cool. "Lazarus.." he makes the name sound all mysterious with finger wiggling and jazz hands.

"Well I don't really need to be dipped." She chuckled and started her way to the pool because..yeah she was kind of curious now! She stopped a moment and glanced over her shoulder to him. "You really did this for me?"

"You're my friend Katt. If the sky comes falling down for you, there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do." Which could be scary indeed given it;s Race.

Her lips ticked ever so faintly before she looked away. There was something she wanted to confide into him but just..couldn't. It wasn't hers to talk about. A secret..she wasn't suppose to know. Couldn't talk about... She made her way into the room to sluggishly look over this Lazarus pool of his. was a neat word. "I'm sorry for making a mess.."

"Honestly, it's not the first time you've bled all over my floor. I'm kind of used to it now. Go recoup, Katt. I'll be around when you're better."

The green light did come from a pool within. Some aspect of the solution kept hemoglobin from coagulating. Black bubbles floated within it. No doubt pockets of blood that'd come together. Like standing over a large lava lamp. Only a pool!

"Do you happen to have a change of clothes for me too." She teased over to him and she'd go do as she was told. The tattered sneakers were tugged off and left at the side of the pool before she'd go in, clothes and all. Normally she intook blood via bite or IV so this..well...this was new for her. Once in the pool she did recall on the Reevi skin, flinching as it recoiled back under flesh. "Nhhh...Fuhk."

"I'll have Delphi bring you clothing. She might like getting clothes for a woman, for a change." Ha! Race is snickering at his own pun.
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