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Romantic Picnic
« on: September 29, 2015, 09:28:50 PM »
Romantic Picnic

She came in from talking to Parker to find a fancy scripted note on her desk. It had one simple question.
“Have lunch with me?  ~Q”

Glancing out the window she spotted the majestic schooner belonging to one Quinton Crawford. An old pirate acquaintance from long ago.  Not that he himself was old, just that he was an old friend.

In recent months, he’d been stopping in on a semi-regular basis under the guise of resupplying, but Aja knew he was checking in on her.

Their long standing friendship had always flirted with the idea of more, but she had her missions and he had his business, not that time passing affected the way they felt about each other when they occupied the same space. When he came to Arcadia, there was a wooded area with a nice grassy patch near the beach, they would sit and talk for awhile. Take a break from their respective roles of Captains, and just be people enjoying an afternoon.

Aja departed the office and headed for that spot. She smiled seeing a tent and table set up.

She came upon a picnic scene in the forest, the music playing, the breeze catching the scent of the flowers from surrounding bushes and the ones on the table, sending it swirling around her.

"I sense a pirate ambush." she said with a smile as Quinton emerged from the nearby tent.

"Aye that ya do." He gave her that same boyishly handsome smile and brushed his unruly brown hair out of his eyes.

"This is lovely."

"No more so than you." he took her hand and twirled her around, they danced in the forest clearing, the sound of the surf sang along in harmony.  Into The Mystic had them both silent for a moment, letting the song carry them along.

We were born before the wind, Also younger than the sun, Every bonnie boat was one as we sailed into the mystic
Hark, now hear the sailors cry, Smell the sea and feel the sky, Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic

"That was nice." Aja smiled and laid her head on his shoulder as they swayed along to another soft tune.

"Ya deserved a break."

"I did? How do you know?" She looked at him with a slightly sly smile. "Ya"ve been gone a while. Not that you mind a bit when ya hijack my schedule, right""

"Hijack sounds so hostile." he grinned at her.

"Shanghai?" Aja laughed gently as he spun her around. "Creatively re appropriate""

"I am merely inserting a long, leisurely lunch." he winked at her and led her to the table. He waited until she sat down then took a seat across from her.  The lunchtime menu was simple, but then Aja always liked it that way. She was never one for those fancy dinners with sauces that looked suspicious. The Club sandwiches suited her just fine.

Quint put one on her plate with some chips then took one for himself. They ate while the music played quietly off to the side. She looked across the table at him, and smiled.

"This was a good idea." She said finally.

"I do have them on occasion."

"More than." she chuckled. "No one would expect that from ya.." She trailed off a moment. "which is what I think ya intended all along."

"Accusing me of being clever, luv?"

"Ya know I know better. Yer not always da court jester." the chip she held in her hand got eaten while she watched him smile slyly.

"Yer allowed ta know dat." He said lightly.

"And others?"

"Best they think differently, luv." he winked. "Let "em follow da leader," he motioned across the table to her. "And I can watch yer back fer knives."

"Yer always watchin my back when yer around now, aye?"

"Aye." he smirked then. "And it's a good view." he waggled his brows and she laughed.

They settled down and he looked across the table at her. She looked at him for a minute before asking.


"What, what?"

"Yer thinkin somethin. What?" she picked up a chip and popped it in her mouth.

"Where is he?"

"I know plenty of he people. Yer gonna have ta be a little more on point."

"Him. Kidd."

"Ooooh. That him." she chuckled. "Not around."

"All the better for me."

"Ya don't think that, Crawford. Ya never did like stealin women from anyone." she grinned. "Cause then ya never trust them."


"But. He is out." she informed him nonchalantly.



"And for what reason is this one not good enough?" Quinn grinned at her. "Too much back hair"" she laughed at that and shook her head.

"Too pushy." she started, pausing to come up with the rest. "Too..." she was searching for words. "wussy. He sort of whines."   

"When did we start thinking like this""

"A zombie horde came to the Inn one afternoon. He screamed like a girl." she looked at Quinton and just shook her head slowly. "I can't deal with that."

"I can't imagine that it"s anything that would please you."

"It doesn't." she sighed a little. "So. It’s better that he moves on." she smirked then. "Before I shoot him."

"Sell tickets if you do." he laughed.

"Wicked man." Aja grinned and picked up a chip. "Careful. Karma"s a wench."

"She doesn't scare me." he laughed. "You on the other hand." they both chuckled at that.

They spent a few moments in silence, the waves crashing to the beach, the sway of the branches overhead, the occasional cry of the sea birds being the only things to break that silence. It was comfortable.

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