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"Is there one about him?" Lucas asked curiously. If there wasn't, he thought there should be. Back home, there were no superheroes, no magic, no anything that couldn't be explained by hard science. There had been a portal, however - a door to the world of Rhy'Din where everything you could possibly imagine was real. Where it wasn't so strange to see a boy with wings on his back or a girl who could control fire. "I wonder if we lived in your dad's world, would be we superheroes, too?"

"There are a couple about him," Fliss nodded with an almost proud smile. "Him and his sister, and her husband, and their friend. Together, they make up a team that was called the Fantastic Four." She chuckled, having seen those movies and heard all about what Johnny had been like just a few years ago. Lucas' question made her pause thoughtfully, though. "I never thought about that. Yeah, I guess we would be."

"Then we'd have to have superhero names, right? Like your dad. They call him Torch or something, don't they? And Captain America." He crossed his legs as he turned to face her. "What do you think our names would be?" he asked, with an impish gleam in his green eyes.

"The Human Torch, yeah," she nodded, grinning once again. "Oh, I'd be something like Sparky. Because, you know, female superheroes get silly names. My aunt Sue was the Invisible Girl for years before she finally convinced everyone to call her a woman. What would yours be?"

"Sparky," he chuckled. "I like that." He thought about it a minute, trying to come up with a name that didn't sound too silly or cliched. The obvious one was Angel, but he didn't really feel like an angel, and the name implied he could perform miracles, which as far as he knew, he could not. He had no talent for healing or teleporting or vanishing into thin air. If anything, he was more like a bird, though what kind of bird was the question. "I don't know. I don't really like Birdboy, do you?"

She snorted with laughter. "No, not Birdboy." Tilting her head to one side, she considered the possibilities, taking the opportunity to enjoy the view he presented without embarrassing him too much. She'd fancied him since almost the moment they'd met, after all. "Something like, I don't know ... The Eagle. Or the Albatross."

"Hmm, maybe," he mused, not really too fond of either of those. Not that it mattered, but he thought a superhero name should sound cool, not silly. "I guess I'll have to give it some thought," he said. Smirking, he added, "Maybe you should get a shirt with an S on the front."

She laughed, rolling her eyes. "I'm not Supergirl!" she protested, knowing he knew about Superman at least, or he would never have understood her comment about Krypton earlier. "If I was gonna have a logo, it'd be a spark, like this." She snapped her fingers, producing a large spark of flame that died almost as soon as it appeared. "Hey, if we were a duo, we could be the Flaming Feathers!"

"It's just a thought!" He leaned away from the spark she produced on her fingers, more out of instinct than anything else. "Flame and feathers don't really go well together, Fliss!" he pointed out with a chuckle, though he trusted her implicitly. He'd known her long enough now to know she would never intentionally hurt him, even though his gut instinct was to avoid her flame as much as he could.

Watching him lean away, her smile softened as she dropped her hand. "I'd never hurt you, you know," she reminded him quietly. "If I ever did, I wouldn't mean to. Merri says that the magic gets easier to handle when the whole puberty thing is over, like the teenage hormones make it all crazy and out of control."

"I know. I trust you, Fliss," he said, reaching to take her hand as if to reassure her that he wasn't afraid of her, even if he was wary of her flame. "I don't have any magic," he pointed out. At least, as far as he knew, he didn't. He'd just been cursed or gifted with a pair of wings on his back.

"You don't need magic." She met his gaze with a fondness in her expression as her fingers tangled with his. "I think you're pretty awesome as you are, even if you can't see it. I don't see the wings, not any more. I just see you."

"I don't see the fire anymore either," he told her, but then he chuckled as that was a bit of a lie, since it was hard not to notice sometimes. "At least, I don't think about it too much." He looked down at their linked fingers for a moment. "I think you're pretty awesome, too, Fliss," he told her a bit shyly.

She bit her lip, his shyness rubbing off on her as they talked quietly. "That's nice to know," she admitted in a low voice, glancing toward the door as though she expected her father to be standing there s******ing at her nerves. "Luc, um ... would you ... that is, I ... may I kiss you?"

Lucas lifted his gaze to meet hers, looking a little surprised at her question. He'd been ready to ask her the same thing in the garden earlier before her siblings had interrupted. He blushed a little, mostly because he thought he should have been the one asking that question, but she had beaten him to it. "Only if I can kiss you," he replied, though there wasn't much logic in that reply.

The amber glow in her eyes was back, but it wasn't a threat of flames to come. Shifting closer, she bit her lip again, fighting down a very inappropriate giggle. "I, um ... I've never kissed anyone before," she confessed, feeling butterflies bouncing around her stomach nervously.

"Me either," he replied, heart beating fast and hard. "Except my mom," he added, with a nervous laugh, thought that kiss hardly counted. He wondered if he should close his eyes or keep them open. What was the proper etiquette of kissing? Should he pause a moment to have a breath mint? He didn't even have a breath mint! How many times had he seen people kiss in the movies and on T.V. and even in real life? Why was he so nervous?

If Luc was nervous, then Fliss was doubly so. She knew she should really have waited for him to ask her for a kiss, but she had a feeling they were both as shy as each other. If they kept waiting for each other, they might never get past holding hands at all. Swallowing, she leaned closer, feeling her face light up in a blush as she felt his breath on her lips. "Moms don't count."

His insides were fluttering nervously and his palms were starting to sweat, but he leaned a little bit closer, terrified he'd do it wrong. What if she didn't like it? What if there were no sparks? What if he kissed her and it felt like she was kissing her brother? Should he pucker up? Should he wet his lips? Should he keep the kiss chaste, only touching his lips to hers or should he be more bold? Was there a right or wrong way? So many questions and so few answers. "Neither do dads and little brothers," he told her. In the end, he decided to close his eyes as he leaned in, just touching his lips very gently to hers at first with soft, tender pressure.

He didn't need to worry about there being no sparks - with Fliss, there were always sparks, literal and otherwise. How else would they have managed to have maintained their friendship throughout the school year? As his lips touched hers, she found her confidence again, reassured that he did want to kiss her after all, easing closer to press just a little deeper into that kiss. Nothing that crossed the line of innocent chastity, but definitely not the kind of kiss you gave your mom.

The kind of kiss you gave your mom was just a brief touch often to a cheek, rather than to lips. Though that first kiss was innocent, it was full of warmth and desire and longing, not only of physical desire, but that of the heart and the soul. Lucas found himself lifting a hand to touch her cheek as his lips explored hers, warm and gentle.

After a long moment, Lucas pulled very slowly and gently, and almost reluctantly, away, opening his eyes to the girl in front of him, wondering just how she had managed to set his heart on fire with one simple kiss. He touched his forehead to hers, his fingers trailing down her cheek. What was he supposed to say after something like that? Words didn't seem to suffice.

Words weren't necessary. It was just one kiss, but it set them both alight in ways they couldn't have predicted. First love was always the sweetest, the most memorable, even if it couldn't truly be called love. For Fliss, it felt like a beginning; not a new beginning, for she didn't need everything to start afresh. But the beginning of the path that would take her to adulthood. A path that she might not simply walk along ... with Lucas to guide her, there was every possibility that she would fly.

[size=9]((You know, this started out as another "little scene" to introduce Lucas ... and got epic! Lots of fun, though. Huge thanks to my partner in crime!))[/size]
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