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Sixteen Questions with Brian Ravenlock
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[size=9]Paige Connelly
Staff Reporter[/size]

Brian Ravenlock. Most people are aware of the man who goes with this name, but what do we really know about the leader of the 27th Precinct of the Watch? Grab that coffee cup and settle in to learn more about this community leader.

1> How long have you been in RhyDin? ?I?ve been here, since I was about seven years old or so, I was raised in the Valley of Marfa?now known as the Valley of Harborage. Before that, I lived in a small Kingdom known as Tyris.?

2> What is the one thing about life in RhyDin that you love? ?The variety of beings and culture we have here in RhyDin. It?s like no other place, I have ever lived in. This is a place where you can truly find just about anything and everything, if one were to look hard enough.?

3> Is there anything about RhyDin that you would change? ?Personally for me--- I?d like to see an end to Slavery, but that?s just me. I know it?s a tall order and it won?t really happen. But it?s something I?d like to see an end to. Aside from that, I?d like to see more tolerance?I mean we live in a place where anything and everything can happen. We?ve a place that sees new arrivals on a daily basis from all walks of life that spread far across more planes of existence that I can imagine and yet--- premature intolerance still runs rampant. I mean, if you don?t like someone, fine. That?s your given right--- but at least have a good reason and more so, a solid one. I don?t know?perhaps I could articulate myself better on it, but for the moment it is what it is.

4> What is your most memorable brawl or encounter in the Inn? ?The brawl I had with Jewell, when we first met. That?s one I?ll never forget, ever. It also set the stage for what became our family.?

5> In your eyes, can you name a person or family of note when it comes to RhyDin? ?Actually there are many families to take note of, when it comes to this realm of ours. But for me, there is a family that truly stands out and not only because they are a most impressive family with such a sincere longevity, but for other reasons as well?sentimental ones at that. That would be the Bloods, also known as the Blood House Onyx. In my eyes, if RhyDin carried a Royal Family so to speak or a Hierarchy or any kind, that family would be at the top of the food chain, or pretty damned close. Now, I?m not selling any other families short by any measure, especially my own. We have more than a few families that carry a great deal of longevity when it comes to this realm, when it comes to this city?but only so many can truly lay claim to having been here anywhere near the amount of time the Bloods have, or more so--- having been as active, or relevant as they have over the course of their time with us. They set the stage? the framework for so many other families, when it came to how things were conducted inside and outside of the family circles, so to speak. Their impact on the realm and its people, is without question, even if you don?t see them or hear of them as often as other folk. Also, I will say this here and now? I have personally learned a great deal of what it was to be a part of a much larger world than my own family wise, from their examples. I have heard folks speak of my family, of the Brambles or the Longdens as well as other families, such as the Maligns and Helstons. While I can?t speak for the others, I can speak in regards to my own. We wouldn?t be as we are now, had it not been for the influence of the Blood family.

6> What could be considered Brian Ravenlock?s most embarrassing moment? ?Not a one? Really. Well? Alright, there was this one time? I?d been drinking FAR too much, somehow I ended up under the skirt of a giantess?oh yeah, I lost my clothes somehow too. Don?t ask, cause I don?t remember how. All I know is that I fought tooth and nail to stay under that skirt, because there was an outdoor function in full swing and there I was butt naked trying to remain concealed? I failed so badly. Long story short, I was found out. Scrambled to get out of there, caused quite the scene and was rightly jailed for a night. Come to think of it, she never did call me? Oh well? embarrassing? I guess we can categorize it as that, especially when I woke up the following morning. Upside? It was immortalized in an epic poem, known as ?The Contessa De? Munchalotte?, true story.?

7> If you knew you were going to be stranded on a deserted island - what 5 things would you take with you? ?Jenai? sorry babes, till death?stranded an all that fun stuff. Um, lessee? Alright, we have Jenai? Oh yeah, a large cow, a fire pit with fire of course, seasonings, and--- butcher tools? Yeah, that?ll work. You say stranded, we say adventurous date!?

8> What is something most people don?t know about you? What do they miss when meeting you? ?That despite the larger than life tales that surround myself and my family, I?m just a regular kind of guy. I work a few jobs, I?m a family man, got the loving wife, the kids. Y?know, living the dream. I read a lot, have a huge love for terran comic books and a severe weakness for the lemon cake.?

9> Who do you think is fascinating to watch? ?My wife hands down? She is something I absolutely love to watch, it?s been that way since I?d first met her all those years ago. Especially when she?wait, this is ?PG? right? Alright, let?s keep that first part. We?re good.?

10> What do you admire most about your best friend? ?Her mind, her caring soul, her unwavering love and support of her family. Her strength and resolve, when it comes to not only herself, but what she does for others, not only within our family or friends, but for anyone else in need. I mean, it was also cool that she literally laid siege to a castle for the sake of getting me back? Well it was an Abbey, truth be told.. but she sacked the entire valley with the forces she put together. She also held the line till others showed up to assist, before the final push. Not bad at all for someone who had no real military experience. So yeah, there?s that? She?s easily the incredible person I have ever known, and not just cause she?s hot as all get out. So back to the question, I?d say everything about her.?

11> Who is your favorite bartender? ?Hmm, I need to take it back a bit? Fay & Dey, Branwyn, Grail, Katharine, Sylvia, Tera Destre?those are my personal faves. None are here anymore working, but their presence is always felt whenever I enter the Inn. Now currently, that Dex?thing? Guy? Whatever he is, I like him too, he?s good folk!?

12> Who is your favorite Politician(s)? ?Well, I?m not one for politics?alright, that?s a lie. I have two of them, actually. One is our current Governor, Ebon. He?s a dear friend and one helluva hard worker then it comes to this city and its people. He is in fact the real deal, no bones about it. The next one?now here me out here? Jesse. Now wait a sec, here me out. I say Jesse, because of a few reasons, the most important of which, is she says it like it is. If she?s gonna do something, she tells you. If she doesn?t like something, she tells you. I mean really? Has she lied? I know she?s in deep left field as they can come, but she doesn?t lie. She?s as up front as they come, and like or not--- you gotta respect that. Also her word for undead rights, is rather commendable.

13> Do you like sweets? What kinds of sweets are your favorites? ?Lemon Cake, Lemon Cake, Lemon Cake?and Jade?s Muffins. I know they?re baked goods, but they?re sweet to me.?

14> How do you feel about marshmallows? ?I never met an evil one yet, so that?s a good thing. I guess I?m in different? I mean if they don?t cross me or mine, or cause any issues in the city, I guess we?ll be oka?huh? Wait, what? Oh that Jet-Puffed, stuff! Yeah, they?re okay. I mean they are a part of the S?more, so they can?t be all that bad, right? Or are you guys talking about that dueling ball of fur? Mallow was it? No? Okay, then what I said before stands.?

15> How big is your tab at the Inn? ?Honestly, there is no tab for me. I pay as I go, always have and always will. Last thing I need is Dex hunting me down with those arms of his for a shake down. I mean have you seen how strong he is??

16> Have you ever fed the stew? ?The Stew and I--- we?ve had some moments. For the record, yes I have fed it. More than once. I have also read to it, engaged in a political discussion that completely de-railed into a ?Your Momma? contest? The Stew won. We wrote a poem once, together. Actually it?s fairly damned talented when it wants to be. I mean, finding a rhyme for ?sucking the marrow from your bones, while savoring your gristle?, that?s talent?cause he didn?t use the words thistle or whistle. Talent.?