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Rhy'dins Newest, Hottest Club: CLUB ERB
« on: May 12, 2015, 09:01:28 PM »
The night was far from still. A Beltane street festival can do a lot to an otherwise quiet town. And lemme tell you, the noise drew a certain crowd: Rowdy, free, wrapped up in the night's embrace and the spirit of the season.

It was this kind of energy a certain "superstar" pony thrived on. Bodies piled on top of each other, squeezed into a small area where you got plenty familiar with the folks you were next to. This is the type of crowd that needs to get fired up for more than just the occasional street festival.

This is the type of crowd that needs more than just a place to plop their flanks and get boozed up. This is the type of crowd that needs a place to shake their flanks and get boozed up. This is the type of crowd that needs a nightclub.

The idea really sprouted about a month ago when Tavi told Vinyl she has to get off of her lazy plot and try to contribute to the rent. But waiting tables is hardly a DJ's spiel, know what I mean? They need a place to be themselves, wild and energetic.

So Vinyl told her roommate: "Ye know what, filly? This place is beyond boring. But I'm gonna make it not boring! I'm gonna start a club and it's gonna be beyond awesome!"

So she got to work. This is not like a normal job where she would have slid her hooves and gone about it lackadaisically. This is her passion, her way of expressing her music and showing her stuff while also providing a service to her temporary new home. An empty building was found on the Marketplace, a deal arranged with the leaseholder, and a couple of donations made for some speakers, and viola! The birth of Club ERB.

But so much still needs done. Advertising, a staff, all sorts of boring business-type stuff that Vinyl is totally not cut out for. She's a musician, after all. But, she pursued it with gusto and before she knew it, she was handing out pamphlets printed on white brochure paper at the Beltane Street Festival.


Rhy'dins Newest and Hottest Club


Yo yo yo, Rhydinites! Dis is yer favorite famous pony Vinyl Scratch here and Imma make you shake yo flanks!

But Vinyl! There is no place to shake our flanks!

Well, now dere is! Imma opening a new club called CLUB ERB. Dat stands for Equestrian Rhy'din, know what I mean? It's gonna be da best club you ain't never seen and Imma show you what it means to party down.

GRAND OPENING: JUNE 1 ((10 p.m. Eastern ST))


But I can't do it alone. A DJ is nuttin without her staff, capeesh? Imma need lotsa people who know what it means to work at a club, havin' fun and yet bein' serious at da same time.

If'n ye need work, fill out da application on da back fer any one of dese awesome positions! Payment will be settled in da event ye get hired. Deadline to apply is listed.

-Finance Director: Work out all da boring business stuff. Deadline: May 22
-Floor Manager (2 positions): Do floor stuff. Make sure people do their jobs. Deadline: May 22
-Bar Manager: Main bartender, work out booze stock. Deadline: May 22
-Bartender (3 positions): Do I really need to explain? Deadline: May 28
-Dancer (No limit): Appear on stage on either side of the podium and perform. Deadline: May 28
-Groundskeeper (4 positions): Keep stuff clean and deal with issues in off-hours. Deadline: May 28
-Light Technician: Run sound and light show. Deadline: May 22
-Bouncer (3 positions): Monitor da crowd so we don't violate fire code and whatever. Also deal with drunks and troublemakers. Deadline: May 22

So whatcha waitin' for? Fill out da application and put it in Box 237 at the Red Dragon Inn by the dates listed. Interviews will be done on May 25 and May 30.

((Send a PM if you are interested in playing in this setting under any one of the positions the "pamphlet" lists. This is my first time trying out a forum play and I would really like to start off with a bang. Deadlines are non-negotiable because I want to host a live chat event on June 1, but we can do the interview at any time, preferably in live chat as well. I'm open to vapor play if that's what you prefer.))

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« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2015, 12:02:32 PM »
[Taken from a live chat interview with Bouncer Rose Winters]

Woohoo! First interviews! Of course, Vinyl would much rather be doing other things right now--getting flank, composing music, the usual stuff--but so much needs to be done before Club ERB will be ready for business on the 1st. Of course, this includes catering some deals to get in the lights, and to put in the floors, and install the bars, and all this other stuff. So at fairly non-descript building right on the Marketplace, there will be a lot of noise as well as a neon sign, currently unlit, being installed at the front of the single-story ex-warehouse. This would be where Vinyl Scratch, proprietor of Club ERB and primary DJ, will be found, leaning on her back hooves against the door and trying to look cool as she ignores the workmen grunting and banging away in there. Though it wouldn't be known behind the shades, she's been interviewing folks all day for dancers, groundskeepers, and floor managers, and it is starting to weigh on her. So she's really hoping that the sole Bouncer applicant is worth it, because she does not want to hire a temp for the position.

Rose was wearing a clean cut, modern style business suit, meaning the jacket was more form fitting than you'd see in an office environment, it was a sleek dark grey that covered her and yet showed that she had a solid build for her size. Standing five foot nine inches might be a disadvantage in this town but her posture and her aura said she had things covered. Her long dark hair was pulled back in a queue at her neck, she wore very little makeup to hide that her flesh was pale against that dark hair and her blue eyes were startling in contrast. She had gotten information on Vinyl before she'd come for the interview so when she saw her she made for her immediately, pausing some six feet away before speaking. "Good evening. I believe you are the person I am looking for tonight. I'm Rose Winters, pleased to make your acquaintance." Her words were touched by a hint of a Southern accent.

The cartoon pony sighs a moment, clearly bored, before her attention immediately goes toward the approacher. "Rose, huh? You wanna be da bouncer, right?" The filly will proceed to hold out a hoof. "Git some proof you are who ye are? Had a couple of changelings try ta git in here and wreck tings, know what I mean? Apparently ponies aren't popular in some circles in this city."

She reached, without hesitating, to shake the proffered hoof. "I have papers of residency, and several letters of recommendation, a few that are here in town. I have specialized implants that are registered to me, a bit harder to fake that I would think." A quick, firm shake and she stepped back again, her posture, while relaxed, still looked as though she was prepared to move at a moments notice, a coiled type of energy surrounded her beneath the calm exterior. "In this town I figure live and let live. Find I don't have too much room for talking." She didn't elaborate on that, but sounded genuine.

Hand shakes hoof, but Vinyl remains staring at her, perhaps a bit suspiciously. "Be dat as it may, can I still see some identifica-shee-own? Believe me! Ye probably are Rose Winters, bouncer extraordinary, but I can't take de chance with another sa-bo-toor." She talk so good.

From an interior pocket she handed over an envelope. It had the relevant paperwork, her resume, and a USB stick, which had the same information in digital format plus a few extra references. She took a quick glance around the place before focusing on Vinyl again. "Have you gotten a video survellience system set up yet?"

"Tanks," she says, accepting the envelope with a hoof and opening it with her horn. The papers will be rifled through quickly enough as she talks. "Oh, buck no! We still busy gettin' da floors and bars and VIP rooms ready. Can't afford dat stuff yet. Besides, dats whachu are here fer, right, Rose?" Papers put back in, she'll take the envelope in her mouth and motion the blue-maned head inside. "Fawwow meh." And strut. Strut. Strut. Strut.

"I can do a lot, but I don't have eyes everywhere. A good system can solve a lot of problems before they start. Something to think about for later, I am pretty good with tech, multitalented kind of woman." The physical stuff had been recent, when things had changed for her two years ago, the tech stuff she'd been doing all her life and she was really quite effective wielded either force or computer science. She followed Vinyl, her gaze scanning the way and taking mental notes.

Nothing much to see right now. But she would definitely be able to make out that there is no proper entry hall. Rather, once you get past the door, there is nothing but this massive sprawling area at least 40000 square feet if not more. About halfway in would be the stage, which is already set up with an impressive sound setup as well as the turntable. Some lights are already mounted in the rigging above. The start of bar or three can be seen off to the left and right as Vinyl leads her past the stage into what would eventually be backstage. The framework for walls is already up. And yes. It is pretty loud. Fortunately, the office is already built, which is where Vinyl turns into naturally enough. It's a small area with a desk and a computer (though Vinyl herself doesn't know how to use. That's the Finance Manager's job!) as well as two office chairs and a water tub. She'll strut on in and leap onto the closest seat, placing the envelope on the table.

Rose follows her in, again taking the lay of the land before taking the other seat. "It's a nice space you have here." She meant it, it was a good site for a club and the space was more than she had thought would be available.

"Yeah! We got lucky with this spot. It used to be a furniture warehouse. Then one of the guys got crushed in an industrial accident. The owner was a supersticious guy, so he pulled all of his stuff out, moved his staff to another place, and we got this building for real cheap." This was said as the office door was closed to give them solace from the noise.

"Lucky indeed." If the noise bothered her she didn't show any sign, her hearing was good and she had an easy time filtering when she wanted. "Have you gotten most of the staff sorted already? I wasn't sure how long the advert had been up when I applied."

"Oh, it was about for about a week," she says, motioning to the table, where a bunch of papers were sitting. "Most of 'em were fer the small positions. Dancers, groundskeepers, a couple of bar managers. No Finance Manager, yet, which is what I'm really hoping fer. I can't run a business very well. She needs to manage our bits, know what I mean?" Clop! "But! We're not talkin' bout me! We're talkin' boutchu."

"I could recite m'resume if you'd like." She grinned a bit. "Seriously though, I have a background in martial arts, black belt in aikido. I can use firearms, I am both licensed and qualified. I'm good at diffusing problems before they get to the point I need to use those skills, I feel that's important." Then almost as an afterthought. "And I'm a vampire, so it's hard to knock me down."

"Yeah, I noticed dat! Vampire, dat's very cool. So, mai first question, den, would be:" At this point, she leans forward, her face making it obvious she's squinting behind those rockin' shades. "Yer not gunna suck all mai guests dry, are ye?"

A smile played at the corners of her lips. "No, where I am from there are very strict rules about such things. I do not hunt where I live or where I work. Most times I do not hunt, there are plenty of people that enjoy... donating."

Here's the Vinyl we all know and love now, that rueful smirk appearing on her snout as she now leans back again, her hind legs crossing so she can stay decent. "I see. So, mai next question, den: If somepony... erm, somebody... was so drunk that they had ta be thrown out, how would you go about doin' dis?"

"Have to take every situation as a unique one. Most people can be politely ushered to a cab to take them home. Others can be lured out using charm, or the promise of reward... if more peaceful methods do not work, my special talent is short distance teleportation. Tends to disorient others long enough to get them the rest of the way to a door."

"You wouldn't go all Robocop and be all 'You have the right to remain silent' before throwing dem thru a window or wall?" She's just holding back a snicker. Clearly not a pro interviewer, but somepony's gotta do it.

Her head canted slightly. "If you wanted a show, I could do that. I tend to try for more subtle ways. I don't really like showing off all my tricks in public. Have to keep them wondering if I have more weapons than I have a need to use. At my last job it didn't take too long for the regulars to understand when I asked them to leave they should take the polite offer of an escort."

"Gotcha, gotcha. I know whatcha mean. I've had to get security members at concerts back home to take drunk old ruffians out. Can't havin' dose types ruin da show, know what I mean?" She'll think a moment as Rose answers.

"Most drunks don't mean to be a nusiance, they just have forgotten what they were really doing. Given a choice most will take the easy way out. Those that are there for a fight, well, best to just displace them and shake 'em up a bit before sending them on their way. They might be having a bad night, no need to make them pay for weeks for one night of poor judgement." Rose was pretty open, she said what she meant and anyone good at detecting that in people would see it in Rose in spades.

"Hrm. Yes, indeed. Okay! Next question: How would chu deal wit an underage changeling posing as somebody who is of age? How would chu detect 'em?"

"For one younglings give off a different aura." Then as if to explain that. "Vampire senses and all. Changelings do as well. And those kids would get an escort either out, if I thought they were just here on a lark, or an escort to the back where responsible adults would be contacted. Sometimes you have to put that scare in them to prevent them from trying again, or making it a challenge to be won."

"Hrm. Okay. Next one! You're doing great, by the way." Definitely making Vinyl's job easier! "How would chu deal with somebody tryin' ta rob da bar or da box office?" Cover charge. Of course.[/cover]

"Depends on how they were trying to rob it." She hated to be kind of vague but she meant that each situation had to be handled as a unique situation. "If there is a threat to the safety of the patrons, or the staff, then I would use swift and debilitating force. The action scaling back from that threat as appropriate."

"So, let's say we had... a pro vampire killer. Knew what chu were and was lookin' fer a couple bucks on the side. What den?"

"A pro vampire killer." She said thoughtfully. "Not sure, to be honest, I am good at thinking on m'feet and I am not afraid to enlist help if I am in over my head. Most vampires don't carry firearms, though, tends to be an equalizer when m'vampire skills are negated in some fashion."

"Hrm. I see." She'll rock in her chair a minute before a hoof waves. "Well, chu know. A bouncer always must be ready fer whatever, know what I mean? I has no doubt chur fast and strong. And dere is only one other entrance to dis place, but da service entry is locked up for employees only."

"Having just one entrance makes things easier, that is certain. I try to be ready for anything at all times. Living in this town, I am sure you must know what that is like. I approach everything as an opportunity and I think that means I come up with more solutions. I'm not afraid to switch up a strategy if it isn't working either." It was how she worked, going through variables until one fit the situation.

"Hrm. Cool, cool. Well, sounds like you'd make a great bouncer! But you know dere's more to club work den just bouncing, know what I mean? I mean, that is mostly what folks do when dey dance, but you get da picture, right?"

"I can imagine. If you give me the parameters of what you find acceptable in the club and what you don't, I can make sure that the lines are not crossed." Who was she to restrict behavior if the owner didn't mind?

"Well, I'm talkin' bout more den dat," she says, now jumping off of the chair and opening the door. "Come on out here and lemme show ye sumting."

She followed, smoothing down the suit after rising from the chair. "More than that?" Curious now.

She'll lead Rose back out to the future floor and stops in front of the massive stage setup. "Look at dis and tell me whacha see."

There was a ghost of a smile, a hint of sadness there. "I tend to see things differently than most. What I see is endless possibilities. A world waiting to be built, shaped and explored." Then she gave a soft laugh. "Not the answer you were looking for I expect."

Now she can't help but grin as the diminutive pony unicorn looks up at Rose. "Well, yeah. Dere's dat. But dis is da heart of Club ERB. See, here, is about da music, da emotion, da passion. Folks need ta shake der flanks round here. Dis town is way too stiff fer its own good. See, we here to have fun. Dat's da real perk of workin' fer me. You'll have fun. Now I must ask. Are you here ta work, to have fun, or work and have fun?"

She gave this some consideration. "This kind of work is fun for me." It was true, she enjoyed clubs, people, tech, music... but mix them all together and it was like a feast. "I can be socialable and enjoy myself in this work environment, but m'job here will always come first because it needs to so that everyone else can have fun."

"Now dat's what I'm talkin' about. See, dat's da kinda attitude I want in all my workers. Dey must have fun or dey won't like it here. So, whatcha tink? Is dis da right place fer ya?"

Rose took a moment to look around again, there was potential here and there were few things she liked more than to be able to feel the possibilities around. "I think I would be a good fit." She didn't want to come off as arrogant, but she was confident, she could make this work, not just work but prosper. "I suppose the question is do you think this place is right for me?"

There's the smirk. "If'n you tink yer good, dat's good enough fer me." She'll offer a cordial hoof out now. "Be here at 8 p.m. on da first fer yer orientation. Welcome aboard, Bounca!" Yep. Already has a nickname.

She shook the hoof again. "Looking forward to it. Think this will be the place to be in a few months time." That hint of a smile touching her lips again.

"I like yer style, filly." Shake shake shake and then she'll motion a head. "Don't ferget to show up. And show me yer swagga as ye leave!"

Her head canted slightly as she considered that. "Doesn't matter how I leave, I always have swagger, just sometimes I don't like to beat people over the head with it." Her smile quirked a bit wider. Still, when she turned to leave there was a slight exaggeration of the sway of hips. To be honest her physique was far nicer than she flaunted, somehow she managed to emphasize the fluid way she *could* move when she was in full vampire stalking mode. "Until m'first day then, boss."

At that, Vinyl can't help but whistle in her head. Yep. Good addition! "Until den, Bounca!"

(Change of plans: June 5, 10 PM EST is the grand opening with a live chat event in the Marketplace)

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« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2015, 08:17:15 PM »
Tonight, at long last, the grand opening of Club ERB! With the building finished, Vinyl stared out at the vast expanses of the dance floor, nodding to herself at what she had accomplished. Sure, this might have put her in debt, but at least she is doggedly pursuing her dream.

The vast multicolored light array was all set and hooked up over the wide floor. Arranged in front of the giant DJ podium, complete with massive sub-woofers and speakers to make sure the music will carry, if only dully, out into the streets. Oh, those feats of engineering will be working full speed tonight.

Her playlist was ready.

(( OOC: Go to this link to access the playlist. ))

The three bars were stocked, complete with surly bartenders who will be more than happy to give you what you want (and have no qualms about kicking your flank if you act up).

There was even a VIP area for those who couldn't stand being on the floor for longer!

The place was completely staffed, along with a couple of dancers that would be working away their shifts on raised platforms out of reach of the general population. These platforms were scattered at different areas around the main stage as well in the dance floor, though positioned in such way that people won't be worried about getting crushed against the walls.

"Oh yeah. This night is gunna rock." So, with a clap of her hooves, Vinyl speaks around to her gathered rock. "So let's have fun, huh?!" With a cheer, they all disperse to their various posts and Vinyl struts her way on up to the DJ podium and prepares for the greatest show Rhy'din will possibly ever see (every week).